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  1. Subtlefly

    72 litre 90 F shallow build

    Hi Team, So here is the list of what has been purchased 900x400x200 PPG starphire glass rimless tank (custom build) 10mm glass Flat one ONF+ warm white 60 cm pendant light (rated for 17 to 20 gallons - so hopefully can put it high and it will be bright enough! - the 90cm is rated for 40 to 48 gallons) Eheim ecco 130 filter Seachem Matrix (for the filter) DOOA Stream Pipe ARC P-2 (13mm) DOOA Stream Pipe V-1 (13, H15mm) ADA power sand advance 2 kg ADA amazonia fine granules 9L ADA amazonia II (with extras) 9L ADA cube garden mat 8mm 900x450 ( will have to trim it) Seachem flourishm liquid fertiliser I think other than some tweezers and curved scissors that is it so far.. I will start to post pics when the tank arrives! Thanks and have a great day sub
  2. This is reserved for my shrimp rack thread. and should remind me to do it :)
  3. I have been a long time lurker on this forum and have learnt a lot from past and present members who have contributed to this forum. Thank you. This is my first 'real' post and I hope this would help anyone who might be considering building a rack themselves. As requested by @Disciple, hope this helps you too. Just a bit of background on my experience. My only previous build attempt was for a stand and sump for a 4x2x2. It was my first build dabbling with staining wood and using silicon for sump baffles, etc. As you can see from the photos below, they are pretty amateurish but I am happy for how it turned out as a first attempt. Next step is to fit some doors to it. The stand was built following this video by King of DIY. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jN4Y9AYuwcQ Anyway, this gives you an idea of the level of experience I have before I embark on my ambitious attempt to build a rack. Below are some photos of my 4x2x2, sump and stand build, and some of its inhabitants. Sorry they are not shrimp related and not of great quality taken using my phone. Stand and sump Filled up and planted. Display tank front view. Display tank side view. With background in place and tank inhabitants added consisting of altum flora discus, german blue rams, panda corydoras, cardinal tetras, otocinclus, red cherry shrimps, darwin algae shrimps and darwin red nose shrimps. Altum flora discus. Panda corydoras. German blue rams with their fry. I have browsed many build threads including some from here and have built on my ideas collectively from different sources. The specific post from @BlueBolts here: http://shrimpkeepersforum.com/forum/topic/1415-breeding-rack-no2/ has inspired me greatly and I would like to acknowledge that. I followed the DIY rack build as outlined here: http://shrimpkeepersforum.com/forum/topic/7063-diy-rack-for-under-50-in-under-2hrs/ The plan, materials, and costs This rack will be located in the lounge room so it has to be 'display-ish' quality and light from it must not interfere with the TV or be too blinding to people sitting around the lounge room. Also, no unsightly hoses/pipes are to be seen. I managed to convince the Minister for Home Affairs that a canister filter and chiller by definition, is not categorised as hoses or pipes, and would be in no way unsightly. The LED display from the chiller would provide subtle mood lighting, and the gentle humming of the filter and soft soothe whirling of the chiller fan would be therapeutic for lounge surfers, and would also greatly enhance movie watching experience with enriched sound depth and effects. Hence I received approval to have a canister filter and chiller located next to the rack. I used 5 x 5.4m long 90x45mm MGP10 untreated structural pine bought and cut to size from Masters for $83.75. I find Masters generally sells timber cheaper than Bunnings. Since I have both of them close to where I live, I selectively buy what I need from where it is cheaper. The frame is held together by 10-8 x 75mm zinc plated countersunk screws. I bought a box of 250 screws from Bunnings for $27.50. The rack measures 1390 x 420 x 2200 mm (L x W x H). The plan is to hold 2 x 2'x15"x15" tanks on the top and middle tier each, and a 4'x15"x15" hospital/quarantine/grow out/sump tank on the bottom tier. Each tank would be insulated by 20mm foam around the sides, back and base as I plan to run both tropical (28-30 degrees C) and chilled (22-24 degrees C) tanks on this rack. Plumbing for air and sump would be hidden within the frame. Please disregard the mess in the background. Still sorting out stuff in the garage after the move. From this: To this:
  4. Week 19 Equipment Mr Aqua 12G (3ft Bookshelf - 90 x 21 x 24cm - 45litres~) UP Aqua Pro Z LED Eheim 2217 Hydor ETH 200w DICI Professional 2-Stage Regulator KegKing 2.6kg Cylinder Max Mix CO2 Reactor (Medium) Cal Aqua Labs Lily-pipes (F2 Outflow and X1 Nano Inflow) Plants ADA New Amazonia (Full 9 litres) HC (Hemianthus Callitrichoides "Cuba") UG (Utricularia Graminifolia) Hydrocotyle Japonica Glossostigma Elatinoides Fish and Shrimp 5 x Danio Margaritatus (CPD/Galaxies) 5 x Boraras Brigittae (Chilli Rasboras) 3 x Corydoras pygmaeus (Pygmy Cory) 2 x Otocinclus Affinis ∞ x RCS 3 x CBS 2 x DAS Notes Light Period 6 hours Ferts ADA Brighty K (Daily) ADA Step 2 (3 days) ADA Special Lights (3 days) Excel (Daily)
  5. nicpapa

    My tanks

    Hi there.... I read some interest topic here. I am a plant and shrimp keeper. Im running 12 tanks now. I keep Snowball Crs neocaridina ( yellow, red, orange, blue) Sulawesi dennerli I saw a lot photos. :) My 180lt dutch tank. :) Red cherry , rummynose and bnp. A 10lt with red chery , without filter and heat. Just growing plants. 90lt Sullawesi cardinals 30 lt topaz blue 30 lt crs tank1 30lt crs tank2 30 lt neo Yellows 30lt snowballs 30 lt orange neo And a some videos... Thats all ... :)
  6. newbreed

    Newbreed Rack 2.0

    So, it's been a long time coming but Rack 2.0 is almost ready to roll. The original eight 40cm cubes were picked up in April this year. Made by Justin at Subscape Aquarium. Each cube came with cover glass and one hole pre-drilled. So I once again went with the Rack-it system from Bunnings. 900mm beams, three 40cm uprights. Also spent my time gathering the plumbing fittings and accessories. Was easier getting small amounts staggered over weeks than at one time. Was easier to stretch the dollars this way. I used 20mm PVC as a return, and then T-pieces with a 20mm Tap attached. 20mm Hose was used from here. As Squiggle has suggested many times, I replaced the mdf shelves suggested with a 18mm Marine Ply. I had the pre-cut at Bunnings as I am rubbish at measuring and cutting. Underneath each shelf I used structural pine 90x35mm pieces cut to length. They slot into the brackets relatively easily (with the help of a rubber mallet) and provide direct support for the tanks, as well as providing a space to attached hooks for lights, hoses, cords, etc. Again, staggered picking up different essentials along the way. Foam (and structural pine) Hoses
  7. I was browsing for this section, and when I read the description (Shrimp Tank Journals: This area is for people wanting to show their tanks progress from start to finish), I figured it was perfect for me... This is my tank as of this morning. It started as a 6X2X2, I just bought it, but then... It cracked. Two of the 6ft panels gave way in the heat. What you see in the first picture is what was the front pane, and will be my bottom. I'm having panels cut, I should have them tomorrow. But I need to build a wooden stand before assembling the tank, as I'm building everything in place. Here are my current tanks. 60L hex cherry tank. 30+ low grades stock. And custom 38g 3ft. Stock: one single 3½ months old female guppy.
  8. Hello, I have recently started working towards keeping shrimp. We keep other terrestrial invertebrates (isopods, mantises, and cockroaches) and thought that shrimp would pose an interesting new challenge. With our mantises, we have focused on bioactive vivariums that include a cleanup crew, microfauna, and plants. That isn't the norm for mantises, but it is almost a necessity in the shrimp-keeping hobby from what I have seen. We intend to take the same approach, including heavily planted tanks, shrimp, snails, and possibly some mosquito rasboras if we are able to establish our shrimp well. I have some experience with aquariums through helping my dad, who has had several freshwater and saltwater aquariums. That said, shrimp are completely new to us. My goal is to establish two shrimp tanks, a 7 gallon and a 1 gallon. I understand that smaller is harder. 7-Gallon Tank Started with the Imagitarium 6.8g rimless tank from Petco. Modified the filter system to include more biomedia and a more powerful water pump. Using Eco-Complete for substrate since it is widely recommended for planted tanks and shrimp look better on dark substrate from what I read. Using Mopani wood as our primary hardscape. We soaked it for several days prior to adding to the tank, but it continues to leech some tannins. We are trying to stay fairly focused on plants, especially in the beginning. No CO2, but we are dosing ferts and Excel. Our plants include: Bacopa as a background plant. S. repens as a mid-ground sort of plant. I plan on letting it create bushes more than creating a carpet. Micro-sword for a foreground carpeting plant. Anubias nana for mid-ground/background. I would like to add a little dwarf water lettuce but haven't yet found a source. Our plants are notably lacking moss, which I read is preferred for shrimp. We may end up adding a little java moss but I am hoping the micro-sword will give them enough surface area to be happy. Once cycled, we will be adding shrimp. We are likely going to get blue velvets, starting with 10-15. Once the shrimp are added, the fish will be moving out. To start out, we are working on cycling the tank. We used some stuff from an established aquarium and added Safestart+ to kickstart the bacteria. Keeping the tank at about 78F with a few Zebra Danios and two mystery snails to keep ammonia going while the bacteria gets established. We are dosing Prime and doing daily water changes to keep the temporary inhabitants happy. It was started about a week and a half ago, and while we aren't seeing ammonia dissipate like we want, it is steadily working. We don't plan to add shrimp until we have 0 Ammonia and 0 Nitrite. Here are some photos of the process and where we are now: First setup, keeping plants in as we get the hardscape ready After setting up wood and the rest of the plants 1-Gallon Tank Started with a one gallon vivarium style container from Michael's Originally planned on it being a no-tech tank, but decided I would be happier with some water movement and filtration. I designed a custom water pump sponge filter. Used Eco-Complete for Substrate Using Malasian driftwood for hardscape. Sticking to fewer plants for this build to stay more organized. Monte carlo planted in substrate for carpet, and a monte carlo mat to cover up the filter. A little bush of s. repens. A small bit of anubias nana. Would like to add a floating plant, but havent been able to source any. Once cycled, I will be adding shrimp. Planning on 5 RCS or orange rili to start. Cycling this tank has been much harder so far. We added some Safestart+, but have not seen any real progress yet. I am keeping two small nerite snails in here to create the ammonia, feeding them since algae hasn't established. This tank will be much more of a custom project for us. I designed and built a 1"x2"x3" large water pump sponge filter to help the water stay a little more clear and give the bacteria some flow to process the ammonia. For the lid, we are also going completely custom, designing an acrylic and wood lid with built in lighting and containment for floating plants. We have a laser cutter and CNC so it is fun to have the lid be a separate design project. My goal with the lights is to have too much light available, and the ability to dim. That way we can grow the plants but turn down to reduce algae problems as needed. This tank will eventually go on my desk at work. Since it is a pretty professional environment, it is important that this tank isn't noisy or technical looking, and is attractive for client meetings in my office. There is a rather small available footprint which is why we went with the 1-gallon, even though it will be more challenging. So far, it looks like we are getting a little nitrite, but its slow going. Doing daily water changes and dosing Prime so we don't kill off the snails. Here is the custom filter. The sponge media goes in the acrylic cage, and water is pushed out the grated hole. It fits neatly behind the driftwood and is not visible except from directly in the back. The top is covered in a monte carlo mat to hide it better. Here it is set-up and slowly cycling. We are temporarily using a CFL hood for the light to keep the plants going well. It also raises the water temperature to about 75F, not very high for establishing bacteria. I already received some good advice from @jayc regarding how the temperature needed for Zebra Danios is lower than the recommended temperature to get bacteria growing quickly. I am hopeful that with some patience and careful monitoring, the danios will stay healthy and the bacteria will get going. I have read many articles about fish/fishless cycling and do not plan to change to fishless for this build. Any comments or advice appreciated. We are taking it slow, but are getting excited for cycling to complete so we can start adding shrimp.
  9. A journal of my tank that's been through many stages of life thus far! Equipment, Plants etc as of September, 2016 Tank: 3 foot. 36 x 14 x 18 inch, 90 x 35 x 45 cm (length x width x height). Roughly 150 litres, 40 gallon. Filter: Eheim 2215 Canister Light: 3ft makemyled LED tube/panel combo-thing. Substrate: 16l of Kaito Plants: Needle Leaf and normal Java Ferns, Java Moss, Bolbitis heudelotii, Hemianthus Micranthemoides, Vals, Chain Sword, Amazon Sword Stock: 60+ Red Cherry Shrimp, 8 White Clouds, 17 Neons CO2: No injection. Aim to keep low tech. Day 1 - 5th Aug, 2015 Jan, 2016: March, 2016: May, 2016: September, 2016: January 2017
  10. Hello SKF readers! To save me starting multiple threads and also so I know here to find answers I am doing a journal/question thread. If I put this in the wrong spot JayC/mods then feel free to move it or tell me to re-make :D Sorry.... this WILL be long probably and I appreciate any time you take to read and answer my questions! So, on Thursday (edit: tomorrow now according to an email from AU Post) I have a package coming from The Tech Den with a Aquael Shrimp Set Smart 30 and a few other goodies. My plans so far are: Iron sand (found posts saying shrimp when ok with it).... May need more than the 2kg I initially got...? An amazing piece of Gold Vine that I found at my local pet store The light and filter (modified) from the kit with the heater only being used in winter if needed Filtered water (RO maybe? It is a 2 canister counter top carbon and sediment drinking water filter gifted by my mum a few months ago. Unsure brand etc) with JayC’s DIY remineraliser IAL and alder cones Some ceramic hidey holes API GH/KH and Master kits TSD pen - Xiaomi Professional TDS Meter from eBay Still need: TDS pen as I forget to check the pet store and Tech Den were out – Recommendations? Plants Shrimp – Would like blue dreams and maybe glass shrimp Fish – Big IF! I am worried about eating all the baby shrimp. Spotted rasbora since they are sooo tiny if any. So, according to the local store the light from the kit is pretty good and I have seen quite a few good things about the filter around YT and such. I was thinking of modifying it like this with a single though: https://youtu.be/I_ckQpO8GBo My old 16L (does not fit in spot and wary of using for fish since it housed mice) has been a bit of a dummy test on water temps and for the last week has been in a safe range. None of these have been 40+ days though so I will probably need to air-con or get a cooler for coming into next summer.... or something (nowhere near planned this part since should be cooling off by time cycled). So... to break up some questions that relate to the ‘still need’ list: - I was thinking plant wise Anubias nana petite, Java fern narrow (still need to source somewhere to get... not sure local store has anything other than plain) and.... a moss... I was hoping for something less stringy than Java moss. It is just so..... wild lol Fissiden sp. ‘Vietnam’ and Mini Pellia are calling to me but are slow growers and needs med-high light and I think Co2... filter has a Co2 option if needed.... but NO clue what a 6w, 8000K LED translates to on a nano tank... and I guess that would depend on other planting... Also pondering about Peacock and Phoenix? But probably similar problem.... Maybe I should just wait for if I get a bigger tank.... for anything other than Java lol *sighs* - Sourcing blue dream shrimp! Your trade section does not seem to get many responses lol My local has glass shrimp (Australian... soooo Paratya australiensis?) who looked blue tinged at least, cherry red and cherry yello but no source of cherry blue. Would appreciate sources to get from Newcastle or Sydney! Gumtree makes me hesitate though I have found people with them up on there. One seems a safer bet but maybe not as easy to get to. A second one has potential and very easy for me to get to for Newcastle (no car). - Now... going with plants that don’t need a planted substrate.... should I still actually go with an actual buffering/planted substrate for bacterial reasons...? Should I add hidden biomedia sock or anything like that since the bacteria won’t really colonise in a thin layer of sand, unlike a planted tank. Starting to get into the excited but freaking out I am doing something to mess it up bad stage. Blue dreams are more expensive than I was wanting to be learning on... but if I get red cherries that would just mean another tank later lol
  11. I have been using UP Aqua Shrimp Sand 1mm size for years with great success. Perfect product for me. However... I recently bought some from Tech Den (Australia). It was a larger size, about 2-3mm, and looked a little different. It came in a vacuum-packed bag, instead of loose in a regular bag. I figured it's just the larger size that I have heard about, but that it would be basically the same. Not! Within 90 days most of it has disintegrated to dust. Stirring up the substrate produces dense, heavy clouds of 'smoke' - the disintegrated material. It's a disaster. Also the water chemistry is not quite the same. OK, but not perfect like before. Has anyone else experienced a change in this product, or know whether there is a fake version around? Do any Australians here know where to buy the good 1mm UP Aqua Shrimp Sand, in the ordinary (non-vacuum) bag? Thanks.
  12. Hey hey hey, Hows things everyone? Ive been getting right back into shrimp in a major way now, Had a few days spare so I got around to re-sealing an old tank I had laying around and building a quick stand for it. This is being setup as a shrimp/ low tech planted mostly somewhere for all my anubias to live I have some rather large varieties now, just some lava rock as the main hardscape, then course white sand, lots of ferns etc. standard aquaone heater, and the filter I'm running is an aquaone 1050 series ii. It's quite new I got it on the cheap ages ago and it's sat there lol. The tank was already drilled through the bottom panel from an older project, so I decided to run a closed plumbing system which seems to have stopped the notorious dead spots you sometimes get in tanks bigger then 4ft. And it's working great with only a relatively small filter. Probably Going to end up being for my chameleons and or something else. Loving life right now, even though I didn't sleep and it's water change day today haha peace ✌️
  13. Hey everyone how's things? So I was on and off with shrimp the last 6 months or so while I was doing other things and getting into nano softwater fish, building tanks and saving money, now I've got a bit more free time again I just bought a ton of new tanks, equipment and shrimp in the last few months, it's all coming together now. This is what my lounge room/fish room looks like ATM lol
  14. Darren_crawford

    Need help with dividing a tank

    Hi everyone im new to this site. I was looking for some advice. I have a 5ft tank i was looking to divide into 4 sections for shrimp. I dont want to run a canister filter if possible and i have sponge filters ready to go but does anybody think glass dividers are a bad option?
  15. Hi SKFer's, I finally got approval for my next shrimp tank (currently a divided 4 footer trying to push it to a 5 footer). So I thought I would keep track of the creation of the tank here from design to the finish product with the shrimp I end up with. See below my design and first set of drawings. Tank Design.pdf Since it is my first real design for a tank with a sump. Please feel free to critique. I would like to as many idea's from the ppl here as possible before I get it built. Cheers, Baz
  16. I have recently rescaped my two footer which i started this wonderful hobby with almost a year ago. It started as a iwagumi scape with shrimp but quickly became a shrimp tank lol. Due to this I decide to redo the tank over the last couple of months. Currently i have my Oebt colony, blue gene red rili culls and some chamleons. I will be dropping and posting the last of the rili's this weekend and bringing home some additional chamleon. Shout-outs to @Ronskitz for this awesome driftwood. @OzShrimp for some of the nice plants. @newbreed for the moss ledges really like them. I plan on adding a few more plants and mosses but pretty happy with it now. As always please feel free to give me pointers, advise and critique. Cheers.
  17. larrymull

    ADA Journey

    So I took the plunge and went out and bought a 60L ADA Cube Garden aquarium off a shop in Melbourne who was doing a sale on ADA aquariums and equipment. I thought it was about time I started advancing my skills as a shrimp keeper. After keeping RCS, YCS etc for the past 6 months and having a successful breeding colony, I ventured in to the CRS/CBS a couple of weeks ago in an already established 30cm cube tank - they all seem to be doing just fine. So over the course of the next 4-6 weeks whilst my new tank is cycling I am going to learn all I can about CRS/CBS to make sure I limit the amount of stuff ups. Once everything is established and I feel the tank is ready to rock and roll, I will look at adding a TB or 2 to existing selected stock. My ideal kind of set up for the new tank is to be an excellent visual tank along with a breeding ground for many shrimplets. I am unsure of what plants I am going to use if any, besides some mosses and perhaps some anubias on some driftwood. My main concern at the moment is what filter I will be using. As I have limited space and I don't want to clog the counter up too much (I cannot put for example a canister filter hidden underneath the tank), I am conscious of the tank and area around the tank having minimal items hanging around. Tank Setup Tank: ADA Cube Garden Superior - W60×D30×H36 (60 litres) Substrate: ADA Power Sand, ADA Amazonian Normal and ADA Amazonia Fine Heater: TBD Filter: TBD - Can just a sponge filter work Lights: TBD most likely UP Aqua 60cm LED My plan is to follow exactly what the ADA substrate tells me to do in terms of cycling the tank and water changes. Before I get started I will need to find a filter that meets my needs. I know I can always add plants later but I am sure it is best to get them in there and settled ASAP. Any design ideas and/or filter suggestions would be great. I will keep you updated as I go along......
  18. Hello, My name is Andrzej and I'm from Poland. If something is against the rules, please let me know. I will like to show you my tanks. A few of my aquariums :) Ok some information: Aquariums as you can see is 15 7 is 30x30x50 - the rest is different but mostly 35-45L Filtration Sponge: e-jet 104 or 103 and some u-jet 3 + several biological: such: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oWhr-uCYX6Y Pumps have three: 2x Sera 550R and 1x Hailea ACO 9620 And now some of my shrimp: Thank You. I will try to put some new foto and film every few days. If you have any questions, ask. https://www.youtube.com/user/szopen2004
  19. Hello, Just wanted to share a build I've been working on. I bought this small 2ft beta tank divided into 5, and figured for the price of doing each one individually I'd have a go at plumbing my first sump. I got an old tank I had lying around that fits under a 3ft stand perfectly, and a 3ft stand. I cut down the stand but haven't taken a router to the one plain edge yet, meh. Drilled a 1" hole in each section and just siliconed in a mixture of pvc and poly pipe fittings cause it was like $20 instead of 5 bulkheads for like $50. Im just using 13mm poly irrigation pipe and droppers as the return back into the tanks, there's a ball valve on the return so Majority of the flow just recirculates through the sump keeping the water pristine for the shrimp. ? Waiting on a proper return pump and stainless steel shrimp guards that just slip straight over the poly fittings inside the tank. Still a work in progress, I have to figure out the best design for the sump, I'm thinking something that will help cool down the whole system etc, need to design it all before I find some 2nd hand glass to get my DIY on lol. Any ideas welcome. cheers
  20. neo-2FX

    Neo Strikes Back

    After my first, somewhat successful tank, I decided to do a basic, shrimp dedicated tank. I think I will go with CRS but I'm yet to decide. Tank - 45cm Light - Flexi Mini Substrate - ADA Amazonia Powder Heater - 50W AquaEl Filter - Dual Sponge I'm not convinced with the Dual Sponge, may swap over to a hang on filter. The outflow tends to splash water everywhere with bubbles popping. Happy with the heating compared with my last experience. Heater set to 23 and it's maintaining that temperature perfectly unlike my original tank with the Jager. The ADA substrate is great, but lots of air pockets atm which I'm sure will dissipate over the coming days. Extremely happy with the Flexi Mini, great light. Does anyone know if the part that clips onto the tank can be covered with water? Will it rust? A few things coming soon: 1. Cholla Wood 2. Some goldvine 3. Mineral balls 4. IAL 5. Java moss Stay tuned...
  21. Hey guys and girls just wanted to show my setup. Firstly i want to say a massive thanks to Baz (disciple) for holding onto this tank for me so i could sort myself out. The setup didnt come with a stand so i started with this Then after a bit of reinforcing, some 12mm ply for the shelf, fronts and sides, a tin of stain i was ready to pickup the tank. Now coz the tank was running and had shrimp in that were coming with it i was crapping myself about getting them here alive and well anyhoo i got it here along with 90% of the water and started to setup Then once all shrimp mosses and driftwood were in place i added the light and panels and this is the end result So all in all im absolutely stoked with how it came up and the move was much easier than i thought ( although i pondered how i was gonna do it for weeks lol) so stay tuned and over the next week or so I'll show you guys each division and whats in there cheers for taking the time to have a look
  22. inkevnito

    The Tank of Inkevnito

    Hi all and welcome to the journey of my shrimp tank. Decided i would start up another shrimp tank so i purchased a 70L rimless. ? Setup Details: Tank: 70 Litre. 61x30.5x38. (2 foot) Filtration: 1 Sponge Filter and 1 HOB (Marina S20) Lighting: eBay Light Substrate: CAL AQUA LABS - Fine Hardscape: Gold Vine Driftwood, Cholla Wood Plants: Needle Leaf Java Fern, Java Moss, Blyxa Japonica Also added: Mineral Balls, IAL, Alder cones. Hope thats all for setups? Initially was not going to scape the tank in any particular way but i have quite some bit of driftwood laying around so why not! Will be housing CRS. and keeping it low tech if possible with blyxa. So i got a new shelf. those two empty cubes will have a bonsai and a terrarium for display. Does anyone sell ADA stickers so i can stick it onto my tank? ? Added some mineral powders and bacteria. Set up hardscape. (no rocks as i am keeping it simple) I left a large open space on the left only because itll be easier to see shrimp and not take up too much with the scaping. So i kept it to a minimum. And then comes the plants. Needle Leaf Java Fern Blyxa Japonixa Java Moss. Also added gravel because i have them in my other tanks and i love the look. Once everything is set, i will make the gravel look less organised.. AANNNNDDD now the wait for the cycle to finish... ? Added bio balls from old tank into HOB. Using sponge filter i have prepped for three weeks. Added some old filter floss also into the HOB along with fresh floss. Slowly removing air bubbles from subsrate also. Will upload tank photo once everything is setlled. Maybe later today.
  23. so my new rack is at a point where I’m going to start a journal for it. as it sits atm its 6X 30cmx60cmx45cm tanks set up as 3 on top 3 at the bottom ( :mad:I went for 6x 1foot tanks rather then 2 3 foot tanks the extra few mm of tank edging means I can’t put the 6 on the same level its legit like 3 mm and is doing my head in) All the tanks are drilled in the base and will have stand pipes, so i can have the plumbing under the rack rather than at the back and have the rack hard up against the wall. The return water will be run at the front for access and flow. Sliding lids and only enough gap to get air lines and return hose will help prevent escapees and they look great! They were built by a Brisbane tank builder as was the sump. The sump is a 120cmx45x45 , it’s going to have filter socks then a chamber of noodles and clay balls, k1 chamber, then a chamber for things I might want to add to the sump at different times like carbon, Macropore, purigen and that kind of thing. I’ll probably put a some Marine Pure in there too as permanent fixture. The return pump is going to be an aqua medic dc runner 6000. I’ll be using my current chiller until I expand the rack then I’ll be upgrading to a teco 1000. Each tank will also have a sponge filter in it. im using ADA AS amazonia for the sub 10 bags should hit the spot.
  24. millz

    millz new 20l

    hi all. i have just got my hands on a plain rectangle 20l tank which i am looking at making into a shrimp tank. i am planning on a heater and filter but i would like advice on substrate plants plant additives as i wont be using co2 any advice would be great
  25. Here is a video of my little shrimp room. Still work in progress, i have added 3 more tanks since then, fingers crossed i will have 2 full racks up and running by the end of the year.... Hope you enjoy
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