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  2. pastu

    Breeding and culling process

    Going back to culling , i would like to point out that removing too large a proportion of the colony you wish to improve , gets your there faster , but you reach a point of no further progress for lack of genetic variability. I tend to cull the worst 20% of my colony once a month and observe a slow steady improvement. Hopefully my colony will continue to improve Long into the future. I have learnt about population genetics when i was interested in breeding fancy fowl, and kept up to date now that i am interested in shrimps and horses. The laws are the same.the greater the breeding population and the lower the percentage that is removed from reproducción, the healtier and more prolific will remain and the further the progress in recombining desirable caracters. A severe rate of culling makes your population very homogenous early on and improvement stops
  3. Wolf92s

    Shrimp ID???

    I'm still new to the hobby but they kinda look like other post (could be wrong, but he called them glass shrimp) For the last pic it looks like a pinocchio shrimp (Caridina gracilirostris). Maybe someone will correct me. Sorry couldn't help anymore. Sent from my 2PZC5 using Tapatalk
  4. jayc

    Dealing with warm water

    Newer A/C units now have auto on/off features. Maybe it's time for an upgrade @Zoidburg 😁 The things we do for our shrimp!
  5. jayc

    Shrimp ID???

    @Zoidburg, happy to do that for you. Moved.
  6. Zoidburg

    Shrimp ID???

    @jayc Would it help at all to move this thread to General Questions/Discussions? Still looking for ideas on what these guys may be.
  7. Last week
  8. pastu

    No3 rising very quickly

    I really enjoy cycling a tank from zero. Find fascínating the invisible process seemingly Out of the blue , where ammonia rises, leaching from the substrate ( always use Ada amazonia or help shrimp substratos) then ammonia turns into nitrite and those two dissapear and you are left with nitrate, al i had to do was wait, i also use seachem matrix or pondguru,s ultimate and that ends Taking Care of nitrate too.
  9. Zoidburg

    Good or Bad Idea?

    I think it might help to understand what water parameters you already have and what substrate. As far as the bird mineral blocks go? They should, in theory, be okay, however I'd be concerned about the metal that's in many of them. The metal that's meant to be tied to the bird cages. Wouldn't personally use it, because if extra calcium was required, I'd just add it from a remineralizer or get some form of calcium in another form to add to the tank.
  10. Zoidburg

    Dealing with warm water

    Yeah, I don't get it... it gets pretty cold in the winter and if no one is home, the heater is off. Then when people are home, the heater gets blasted on! If I can, I do try to leave the heater on at a lower temp, but one of the other people living here prefers to keep it off when not at home... basically, the opposite of summer! Except that the A/C doesn't have an auto on/off switch when desired temp is reached like the heater does. Somehow though, the tanks seem to do okay.
  11. jayc

    Good or Bad Idea?

    They can be useful but it depends on what you are using them for? To remedy a low pH? - I use crushed coral or shells for that, much cheaper. To add calcium? - it is uncontrolled, and there are better ways of adding calcium. As food? - shrimps won't eat it. If your snail's shells are getting brittle, than try a handful of shell grit or crushed coral pieces in the tank. It will maintain a higher pH and dissolve slowly to release calcium.
  12. jayc

    Dealing with warm water

    In Australia we are all too well aware of what the heat does to shrimp. We get hot summers here. And the only effective way of keeping a constant cool temp is an aquarium chiller.
  13. jayc

    No3 rising very quickly

    @pastu, thank you. Certainly interesting. I'll keep an eye out for these reports, but good to know. I don't use bottled bacteria either, as I have many established tanks that I can use to seed new tanks.
  14. OGtree

    Welcome OGtree

    Shrimp Keepers Forum welcomes OGtree. Please feel free to browse around and get to know others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. View Member regards, skfadmin
  15. So I was at the pet shop earlier (went in for one thing walked out with 4 including a pair of ruddy finches LOL), but while checking through their aquatic pet supplies I saw Turtle Health Blocks and it got me wondering if these would be good for nerite snails and nonharmful to shrimp. Generally I don't have any moulting issues in my shrimp but I do notice that my nerites and notopalas tend to suffer in the shell department over time A shame the MTS don't suffer the same fate but apparently they are the cockroaches of the aquatic world and would survive a nuclear holocaust. The turtle blocks are made by Blue Planet/ Serenity Aquatics (made in Australia too), and boasts that it "releases calcium with vitamin D and other minerals slowly into the water. The minerals are ideal for preventing shell softening". They also state that it "has pH buffering ingredients to prevent acid and neutralise ammonia". I am also wondering would these blocks be a safe idea for certain aquatic plants that are calcium or iron hungry? I know some people add ground up cuttlefish shell to their tanks for shrimp, which I have always been dubious about. I also got to thinking what about the iodine or charcoal calcium blocks people give birds would they also be good for shrimp and snails or harmful? I already have mineral balls in my tanks and aside from when they first went into the tanks and the shrimp and snails where all over them now the shrimp and snails tend to ignore the mineral blocks.
  16. BigDaddyAdo

    Welcome BigDaddyAdo

    Shrimp Keepers Forum welcomes BigDaddyAdo. Please feel free to browse around and get to know others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. View Member regards, skfadmin
  17. regormang

    Dealing with warm water

    Man count your blessings. I've been in the high 80s here and my tanks are suffering greatly. Been running fans day and night on them. The shrimp tank is my biggest concern due to the tiger shrimp that's in there. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  18. Zoidburg

    Dealing with warm water

    Oddly, despite the heat (temps into triple digits, F) my tanks haven't been getting hot. I haven't kept track of how warm they are getting but I haven't measured above 74°, and it's been 80+ inside when the A/C isn't on.
  19. regormang

    Dealing with warm water

    How is everyone dealing with the summer heat? I lost one of my super tiger shrimp do to tank running around 80 degrees all day. So far I've used frozen bottle water and fans. But haven't gotten it down lower than 76 degrees. Just wondering if anyone else is having shrimp losses too? Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  20. pastu

    No3 rising very quickly

    I dont have links and i have never used bottled bacteria , nor do i think i ever will. But do a search in Google about bottled bacteria and you will find Several reports of them raising nitrogen compounds. Either their dead bodies rise nitrogen or they have ammonia added to supply them with food. Once the beneficial bacteria population is established in a cycled acuarium, adding bottled ones can do no good in my humble opiniom
  21. nicpapa

    My tanks

    update Taiwan and pinto tank go very well, i have 80+ babies... But they are grow very slow. Crs are over polulation on two 100lt tanks Cbs are 200+ from 4 shrimps that i start. f1 tibee x pinto , tibee x crs, tibee x cbs There is bad thing i have 20 tanks , and i dont have a space for shrimps.
  22. Thornbird

    Welcome Thornbird

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  23. Cesar

    No3 rising very quickly

    @pastu do you have a link, pdf, research paper? or is this more of your personal experience?
  24. pastu

    No3 rising very quickly

    Is not a theory. Stop adding them and continúe testing, you will likely see That nitrates stop raising
  25. Kingo

    Shrimp Diseases and Diagnosis

    They don’t appear to be lethargic, and are still grazing. The symptoms are the discolouration and two deaths. Shrimps have been in this tank for 25 days.
  26. soryn20

    Welcome soryn20

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  27. aquaristicexotic

    Welcome aquaristicexotic

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