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  2. richiep

    rust spot

    hi to all a friend of mine as had a load of shrimp die and didnt know why he sent me photoes and said these red spots appear and a few days later they are dead, all water perameters have been checkek and are fine.before they die they lie on their side an just move theis swimmers also the red patches go clear like an ulsar ive looked at these shrimp and believe it is rust spot but would like a second oppinion third or fourth, i thank you in advance Richie
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  4. beanbag

    underground tunnel network

    No, because you would never be able to clean it out.
  5. I don't think most people measure GH or KH in parts per million, I think your results would be KH 0-1 and GH 3-4. You don't need to remember the colour the drops should change too, as, as you say the colour in the test tube should match the original drops colour to get your reading. You may need to get some GH/KH+ for cherry/neocaridina shrimp, as your results are nearer caridina shrimp parameters. Cherry shrimp though are a lot tougher than bee shrimps so they may even survive in the parameters you have but not do as well? Anyway, if you are still cycling you can come back to that nearer the time that is done. The best shrimps to get are juveniles as you know you will have them longer (you can't tell how old an adult is) and they are better suited to adapting to new water parameters etc. You may find the below video interesting and useful as it covers virtually all you need to know at the start:- Simon
  6. Karen

    Welcome Karen

    Shrimp Keepers Forum welcomes Karen. Please feel free to browse around and get to know others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. View Member regards, skfadmin
  7. jayc

    shrimp food covered in slime or mold

    HI Welcome to SKFA. Are your shrimps eating the crab cuisine at all? I don't blame them if they are not eating it. There are much better alternatives out there. Crabs will eat any junk, but shrimps are a lot pickier in their choice of food. Have a read of the numerous choices in the "Food & Nutrition" subforum. And remember, you don't have to limit yourself (and the shrimps) to processed foods. Look at leaves, flowers, vegetable off cuts or even frozen bloodworms.
  8. Why oh why do you disagree with me? 😄
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  10. Brian Flowers

    shrimp food covered in slime or mold

    hi all , new member , been raising self cloning crayfish , new to shrimp , picked up some " culls " different colors , not sure type , blue , light blue , red , orange , black , red clear , orange clear , quite a mix . new 5 g tank , new sponge filter , cholla wood , feeding Hikari crab cuisine , after a day its covered in some weird clear slime , or mold . im at a loss . never experienced this in my Marmokreb tanks . Thanks , Brian
  11. Brian Flowers

    Welcome Brian Flowers

    sorry , I was a bit worried about my new shrimp . forgot the intro . my name is Brian , new to shrimp , been keeping Marmokrebs ( self cloning crayfish ) I live in Nebraska , U.S.
  12. Brian Flowers

    Welcome Brian Flowers

    Thanks for admission to this group. been keeping Marmokrebs a few years , self cloners . ( I know , not shrimp ) , But , just got into aquarium shrimp so , Im in the right place now , again , Thanks . i picked up some tiny shrimp from my local fish store , not sure of their type , they were different colors , orange , red , blue , red and clear , orange and clear , black , light blue . they were from their breeder tanks that did not come out quite the right colors . call them culls , either way i ended up with a bunch of different color shrimp . trying to ease into shrimp first , so this works , for now . I have them in a 5 gallon with sponge filter and small plants and cholla wood , they love it btw . here in is my question . im feeding " Hikari " Crab Cuisine , suggested by the 18 yr old shrimp expert , not saying that age is , well , nuff of that . i only put about 3 or 4 pieces , really small pellets . it sits on the bottom , in the open so i can see them feed , they dont , about a day later it is covered in some kind of white clear substance , im really not sure whats going on. am i using the wrong food , water issues , temp issues . water is 70 degrees , water has been tested , perfect , with a little extra lead , hence the plants . been a long rant , hey . any and all help appreciated . Thanks Brian
  13. Brian Flowers

    Welcome Brian Flowers

    Shrimp Keepers Forum welcomes Brian Flowers. Please feel free to browse around and get to know others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. View Member regards, skfadmin
  14. Only got the GH and KH testing kit a few days back. It’s the API version. Read the instructions for KH and it said count the drops from when it turns from blue to orange. Welp...the liquid in the bottle is orange to start with. And with the first drop, the test tube fluid stays orange. I guess it’s close to a lot less than 50ppm?! Or less than 17ppm??? Or do I have a defective test solution?? the GH requires 4 drops to change to green so I guess it’s over 50ppm. Assuming each drop counts for approximately 17ppm, I guess my GH is 68ppm?? Going to start with basic RCS from the local fish shop. I should get the smallest ones huh? Will only put them in when I can’t detect ammonia or nitrites. Maybe ten at the start.
  15. sdlTBfanUK

    White tiny substance in Shrimp aquarium bed

    My photos were below 500kb so you may still be a bit large???? Thats only a guess though!!! A real stab in the dark but if it is a recently set up tank, it may be fungus, that isnt a rare occurance with new tanks. There is a photo on this recent post if that helps?
  16. I'll disagree with jayc here... Your Amazonia substrate is likely causing the pH to go lower as well as releasing ammonia. If the water you are putting in the tank has KH in it, then you are increasing the speed at which it looses it's buffering capacities, aka how long it can keep the pH lower. If you want your substrate to last for as long as possible, switch to using RO/distilled or rain water that has 0 KH. It may result in a longer cycle, but that's okay. The substrate will last longer in turn. You could turn it up to a max 29°. What GH and KH? Do water changes to keep the ammonia around 3-4. Best to use RO/distilled/rain with some GH remineralizer to about 5 GH. (or whatever GH required for the shrimp you want to keep) Keeping the ammonia low will help the tank cycle better, although it should still easily take 4-6 weeks at least with that substrate.
  17. Zoidburg

    White tiny substance in Shrimp aquarium bed

    You can use a program like Paint (click) to reduce the size of the image. Otherwise, you can upload the image to an image hosting website, make sure image is public, and share the link.
  18. Oman Azmat

    White tiny substance in Shrimp aquarium bed

    I have reduced the picture quality still it shows error to upload file less then 1000kb 😞
  19. sdlTBfanUK

    White tiny substance in Shrimp aquarium bed

    I have had the same with my pictures. I use my computer to edit them to get them to a smaller KB size by reducing the size of the photos etc. I don't have a mobile (yes we do exist), but can you change the settings on that to a lesser setting? Simon
  20. Oman Azmat

    White tiny substance in Shrimp aquarium bed

    Yes but due to high pixels unable to upload it although I took it from my phone
  21. Yep, it's fine adding plants at the start of the cycle. The Alder cone is causing the pH to drop more than needed. pH is getting sub optimal for fast bacteria growth with pH getting lower. Bacteria grows optimally at higher pH - 7 or above, along with warm temps and plenty of ammonia. Remove the alder, add in some dechlorinated tap water to raise pH. After the tank has been cycled, you can add in alder cones and reduce the pH.
  22. This may be a total newbie question. Should I put plants in when I start cycling a new tank? After reading and thinking for a while, I finally decided to start a tank. 60x45x30cm.Used aquarium gravel, driftwood pieces from Pisces, one sponge filter and one hang out the back filter with a mesh intake to protect tiny critters. Aged water from an outside pool. No living animals then but put in a few sprigs of Elodea and Marsilea from my outside pond. Stuck in some alder cones shed from my tree. Temp was 22. WP then was pH 6.8, ammonia 0, nitrite 0, nitrate 0. Fed with flake fish food. After 5 days, all the above stayed the same except ammonia maybe got to 0.25. I was wondering if the testing kit was defective. On Day 6, my ADA Power Sand and Amazonia II substrate arrived so I added them on top of the thin layer of gravel in situ. Replaced the water with the pond water (tested and parameters were the same as above). I turned the temperature up to 28 degrees to try and get BB to grow faster. By next day, WP changed dramatically. pH 6.4 Ammonia maxed at 8 Nitrite at 5 Nitrate at 160 at the same time, I got my TDS meter and it read 149. i thought I should add bacteria so put more elodea from outside pond and got Seachem Stability and followed the instructions. After four days TDS went to 160. I know patience is a virtue. Should I be seeing any difference in four days doing the above? When (if) my plants arrive, should I plant the landscape in this water and will it help reduce the ammonia and nitrites and nitrates? Is there anything more I should do......or just sit...and wait....and wait....sigh.
  23. Do you have a picture?
  24. Zoidburg

    Parasite ID

    Might not be a parasite. See this thread.
  25. Please help I need to know about this substance that is covering my shrimp aquarium bed into white... I have yellow, red shrimps in it with water plants.
  26. Oman Azmat

    Welcome Oman Azmat

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  27. Jules Van

    Welcome Jules Van

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