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  2. This is why we end up with MTS (Multi Tank Syndrome). One tank is never enough. You need one for Pure Lines, cause you need to keep some pure genetics. You need another tank for experimenting with hybrids. One for culls. Then one tank again for each variety of shrimp ...
  3. I will post .... in some months the progress of the tibees....
  4. Good I look forward to seeing how you go. I love my hybrids but the really good pure lines are best left alone - there are plenty of culls to play with ☺️
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  6. Linden

    I found the snails I was looking for!

    I'm on the search for snails now. Everything listed here. Very excited. I love snails.
  7. @ineke nice pics an shrimps... I made like you said above... Move all females crs and tigers and leave alone pinto in the tank. Now it was easy because i dont have babies... 🙂
  8. Baccus

    Has any body else seen?

    Im guessing some creeks around Vic could stay cool enough in summer for even the fussiest of crystal and tiger shrimp to survive. Of course there is always the possibility that there is a local chameleon type species to be found down that way. Not enough is known about our natives, nor bred commercially enough with dedicated colour morphs being stabalised.
  9. Jbio

    Has any body else seen?

    Hi I been wondering the same about the blue "paratya" from an online store. I can semi confirm the red ones just need to find the orbital spine on them. I also have black that seem to go from red to black at will. I find it amazing if they are paratya and not escapees that we have such brightly coloured critters down in our stupid vic cold waters. Cheers Sent from my TA-1012 using Shrimp Keepers Forum mobile app
  10. fishmosy

    Caridina babaulti ?

    The shape of the rostrum looks different to babs, I’d say it was something else. You can not rely on colour when trying to ID shrimp.
  11. fishmosy

    Caridina typus?

    Could be. Could you provide a few more details about where they came from?
  12. the red ones are F3 the others are F1 and F2. I used to breed mostly taitibees -hybrids of Taiwan Bee and Tiger shrimp. Now we have better genetics to use - aura and Galaxy shrimp so there isn't so much interest in the ordinary taitibees. With early hybrids it was hard to establish a line that bred true and once I got to F10 I was getting more shrimp that looked either like Taiwan Bees or Tigers. After 6 years i never established a true breeding line. My opinion now is to keep pure lines pure and use culls from your pure line to experiment with the hybrids. we seem to be losing pure Tb and even the pintos were originally a hybrid that generally breeds fairly true although we seem to be losing the good patterns. people no longer seem to be culling out the irregular patterns so you usually see all types of patterns in tanks. When we had our pure lines they had distinct patterns rather than the random patterns you see now. Since we are getting more variety entering Australia - please remember it is still illegal to import shrimp but they are getting here - we have more opportunity to breed exciting patterns that were not available in the early days of shrimp keeping here. At the end of the day it is what ever interests you - if you want to experiment then do so - after all it is a hobby that we all enjoy. As long as people let buyers know their shrimp are hybrids then there is no harm. Unfortunately you need lots of tanks to breed hybrids and have tanks for pure lines too. I have resorted to putting my culls outside in ponds where they still breed despite no heating in winter and no cooling in summer. In the last picture you can see the random patterns I'm talking about these are in fact Taitibees some have pinto genes butthey don't have the nice crisp bands that good Taiwan Bee should have
  13. jayc

    My tank

    Since you have no shrimp yet, then straight into the tank up to the level you want is fine.
  14. Mivckw10

    My tank

    Just an additional questions should I my gh and kh is zero ive ordered salty shrimp gh + kh seeing as i have no shrimp yet can i just add the powder straight to the tank or should i do it slowly with water changes have also got a tds meter
  15. nicpapa

    My tanks

    my shrimproom.. 🙂
  16. Thanks for reply. .. Those photos are f3-f4? what is your opinion for faster breeding pinto taiwan. Wiht making hybrids or wait and stay without hybrids? I can make a tank to put all the hybrids in there, and keep biger f.. female with pinto .
  17. F1 are usually fairly plain but things get interesting by F3-4. I have bred many of them it just depends on where you want to go and what you like. Hybrids are interesting in that you never really know what you might get. As Pintos turned up in hybrid breeding initially you have a bit of a head start but you may end up with a lot of plain shrimp too.
  18. Stripy versions of what ever it bred with. 😅
  19. Hi there... I started with pintos shrimps , and i start to make mischlings. Now i have 2 females pintos wiht eggs, 6 crs with eggs for making f1 hybrid and two tangerine with eggs. What can i expect from tangerine tigers? Did anyone try this crossbreeding ?
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  21. jayc

    My tank

    Nice tank! I'm like Cesar as well when it comes to shrimp tanks. You have to strike a balance of a natural look, without too many plants and driftwood that will let the shrimps hide all the time. i like to be able to see the shrimp instead of searching for them.
  22. Cesar

    My tank

    That’s looks great! I tend to be in the less is more side of things, like Amano tanks... Sent from my iPhone using Shrimp Keepers Forum
  23. Betbet1992

    Cherry red shrimp

    Hi guys. One of my cherry red girls is carrying light blue eggs? Never experienced this before and when I look on google people seem to have only experienced green eggs being carried. Help, please. Working on getting a photo of I can but proving difficult These are the photos I could get off her. But hopefully, it shows. Very blue in real life. Camera isn’t good Sent from my iPhone using Shrimp Keepers Forum
  24. Mivckw10

    My tank

    Hello new to shrimp still setting up my tank still going to add a few more plants let me know what you think.
  25. I've seen baby shrimplets 6mm big eat Shrimp Kandy Feast. Any shrimplets smaller than that usually only eat biofilm. If you already have powdered spirulina, mixed a bit of it with tank water and spray it with a pipette (pic below) over your mosses for the babies.
  26. Thanks for the warning JayC! Never knew that about the FD bloodworms. Whatever it was luckily it was just sneezing that I suffered and it stopped after I popped a Zyrtec. I fed the red cherry tank again today and the bristlenose in there swarm the food before the shrimp can get to it lol. But in my albino bristlenose tank they ignore it, go figure. The tangerine tigers love it but keep alternating between the candy feast and the mulberry leaf in there. Thanks for the recipe! Sure beats the store bought foods. All I need now is a baby food mix to go with it.
  27. Wait until the second feeding, when they now realise what that lump of green jelly was from the first feeding. They will most likely have developed a taste for it at subsequent feedings. I'm not doubting pollen stirred up in the air would make anyone sneeze. BUT!! Be very careful with freeze dried bloodworms and pounding it into powder form. FD bloodworms are highly allergenic !! To the point that, most have warnings on the packaging. Powdering them up will have a high chance of inhaling some in, that's bad news if you are highly allergic. If you're not, you might sneeze or just have running eyes/nose. Symptoms could include (but not limited to) rashes and welts, difficulty breathing and various other respiratory problems, itching, sneezing, running eyes and nose. Never rub your eyes, or nose after touching Freeze dried or frozen bloodworms without washing your hands first. Just google "allergies to bloodworm" for many examples. Just be warned, some of the pictures of people's allergies with red and swollen eyes, are not the most pleasant. A LOT of people are going to say "Well, that's something I have never heard of before". - Well, now you know. JayC just told you! I myself am allergic to those little buggers, but only if I'm not careful. Found out by accident ... rubbed my eye once after a feeding without washing my hands. My eye swelled up and went red and itchy. Zyrtec (antihistamine) helped.
  28. I tried this recipe out today after finally making it to the health food store. I did replace one teaspoon of cholerra with a teaspoon of spirulina and added some powdered up freeze dried bloodworms. One thing I would mention is anyone who has hayfever, beware when you're powdering up the pollen. I was sneezing up a storm! They went crazy for it in my red cherry/ninja shrimp tank as that one has a ton of shrimp and bristlenose in there. It's also been well received in the taitibee tank but they didn't swarm quite as much as it's a big tank with few shrimp so lots of biofilm available.
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