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  2. sdlTBfanUK

    Finally set up the 30L Shrimp Tank

    Time for another update! The PH this morning is 6 and KH 0-1 (you can't measure zero obviously). I plan to check everything tomorrow and then a water change on satuday. At the moment the TDS is 190 which should drop to 170 after a water change and then 150ish after the following/next weeks water change. Last time I checked GH it was 6, but again I will do ALL the tests tomorrow. I had to resort to using a PH/KH- product (AQUACID) to get to where these parameters are now but as the water I use has PH6, GH0 and KH0 I assume/hope I won't need to use that from here on, but will see if the parameters stay stable for the next week and have a PH alert disc in the tank which should indicate any significant change. I don't like using these sort of products as a general rule and wouldn't if there were any shrimps in situ and that product has raised the TDS at about .5TDS per drop. I may well order some blue bolts towards the end of next week (the road to the house will be closed for a month from 3rd June so it is next week or wait another 6 weeks) and see how that goes. I plan to drip acclimate them overnight this time so as to not rush that as it shouldn't get cold indoors overnight anyway this time of year. This all depends on the tank parameters staying stable for the next week (aside from the mentioned TDS adjustments with the water changes), though the GH may drop a tiny bit with using just RO to reduce the TDS but that is fine, and even could be a bonus. I did manage to find some nice floating plant that I had before (good old ebay), and will try and get a photo of that at some point to attach, Azolla red I think it is called? Anyway, keeping my fingers crossed for now but all appears to be going well at this point! Snails seem to be doing well at least.
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  4. beanbag

    Shrimp molting before eggs are hatched

    That shrimp itself survived the molt just fine, but left about half dozen eggs still in the shell. I haven't measured KH in a really long time, but assume it is zero since I don't have any rocks besides a few small pieces of lava rock. Maybe you have unwanted rocks in your tank? My tank is the "long" style which I really like because I have a HMF on one end, and a pump outlet spout that shoots water all the way to the other end. I have no idea how many shimp it can support because I don't really understand waste management in a tank. Shrimp poop eventually turns into mulm, but then what?
  5. sdlTBfanUK


    As at time of this post the SL Aqua is available from this UK website, https://gbeeshrimp.co.uk/product/z1/
  6. sdlTBfanUK

    Hydra & Planaria shrimp safe removal.

    Just in case someone may be looking for the SL Aqua it is available from this UK website at time of this post, https://gbeeshrimp.co.uk/product/z1/
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  8. sdlTBfanUK

    Shrimp molting before eggs are hatched

    Thats a great photo, beautiful blue bolt, I hope it survived the molt without dropping the eggs! I think I can just about see some black dots (eyes) on the central egg but can't be 100% sure. I used to (and plan to again) do weekly water change of 10-15% but if you do too large or quick (not drip in new water) that would likely trigger a molt. What KH are they in, my new setup is sitting at (and refusing to budge) KH 3 and PH 7.5 so I may have to settle for neocaridina shrimp this time as opposed to the caridina I want, though not looking/deciding just yet, give the tank a bit more of a run in! Tap water here starts at kH 14, tds 320, when filtered goes to KH 0 and PH 6 but when put in the tank keeps going to KH3 and PH 7.5 despite 3 x 50% water changes???? You may be at 'maximum capacity' with only 20L tank especially if the tank is a cube type rather than shallow type?
  9. beanbag

    Shrimp molting before eggs are hatched

    Right now this tank only has blue bolts and golden bee (red bolts?). The eggs start off all brown, but at the end, I notice that some are kind of a clear pink-ish color. So I don't know if that is the egg color of dud or golden bee. Picture of shrimp only about half hour before molting. The water is always RO + remineralizer, so it should be ok. The tank seems to still be on a "good streak" ever since I started the regimen of weekly water change, monthly gravel vac and plant trim. The point being to keep the amount of waste low and removing moss / floating plants so that the nitrates go towards growing algae. At one point, I had three berried females, but only netted about half dozen babies by the end, due to this early molting problem. There might be about 30-40 shrimp total in 5 gallons, but still very few full-sized adults.
  10. Alright, I've done a bit more research on gentian violet's cancer-causing potential but I haven't yet done research on malachite green's to compare. But from reading the California propositon 65 document about GV (North Americans incl. some Canadians will recognize this as the law that causes some products they buy to be labelled with "known to the state of California to cause cancer", including the exact product I bought) it seems that the risk of cancer is related to internal use, either injection or ingestion. Speaking of ingestion, I think GV bans mainly relate to its use in treating fish/shrimp/etc. which are intended for human consumption, because of the above. And in countries where GV isn't banned for this purpose, it does seem to get used on various species of shrimp without causing any issue for the shrimp themselves (at least enough so for shrimp farming purposes). See the following: In February, the FDA Began Rejecting Imported Shrimp for Gentian Violet and Chloramphenicol (2022 article by Southern Shrimp Alliance) FDA Starts New Calendar Year by Refusing Antibiotic-Contaminated Shrimp from Three BAP-Certified Indian Processors and Adding a BAP-Certified Vietnamese Processor to Import Alert (2024 article by Southern Shrimp Alliance) Southern Shrimp Alliance and some other organizations have tons of other articles in this vein, but I'd be here for a while and would end up writing an absolutely massive post if I were to link every instance I found of articles mentioning shrimp shipments with gentian violet and/or leucogentian violet registering as contaminants. That being said, I know shrimp farmed for consumption and dwarf shrimp are often somewhat distantly related (in fact, the one time a shrimp's species name is listed that I can see, it's the prawn sp. Macrobrachium rosenbergii, who at best occupies the same infraorder as Neocaridina davidi but nothing nearer), but this at least gives a slightly better way of guessing whether it will be safe for aquarium dwarf shrimp or not than my bladder snail anecdote from the OP.
  11. sdlTBfanUK

    Shrimp molting before eggs are hatched

    I would hazard a guess that perhaps those eggs were unfertilized and thereby unviable? Did the eggs change colour, usually yellow to grey as the yolks used up, or any eyes in the eggs. Is your water ok, using RO remineralised and the parameters in range, as I have heard others say that if the water isn't good it can 'force' a molt? How is it going overall, do you have a good size colony in the tank, you may have reached 'maximum occupancy' as a tank can only support so many occupants.
  12. Hello folks, The current problem I am having is that my Taiwan bee shrimp are molting before all their eggs have hatched. Often the shrimp keep the eggs for 40+ days. During that time, they lose about half or so, either due to dropping or duds or whatever. Shortly before molting they look to have about a dozen left, and then they molt with about half a dozen eggs still on the shell. Then the other shirmp will come and eat the shell. These last few times, I have been getting around 0-3 surviving babies per batch. I figure I can make the eggs hatch faster by raising the water temperature more (currently around 68F, which is already a few degrees higher than I used to keep it) or make the shrimp grow slower by feeding them less (protein). Currently I feed Shrimp King complete every other day, and also a small dab of Shrimp Fit alternating days. Maybe I can start alternating with more vegetable food like mulberry? or just decrease the amount of food?
  13. Yeah, cancer risk was a thing I'd seen mentioned a lot when looking into gentian violet briefly. I kinda just figured it might only be as bad as the cancer risk of malachite green as well, but maybe I should look into it more. I've been doing a pretty good job of not getting it on my skin and also avoiding dunking my unprotected hands into the tank water while treating my fish at least, though. Maybe I'll just not use it once I'm done this course of medication anyways, because I know a store I can sometimes get to that's pretty distant carries both malachite green and methylene blue, and in pretty large quantities.
  14. Can't help you with Gentian Violet, sorry. It is banned in Australia violet for potential toxicity, and even possible cancer risks. I thought it was banned in Canada as well. At least, you now know why there isn't much info on gentian violet medication and it's use. But keep an eye on the snails after a week. If it affects the snails, it might not kill them immediately. So keep checking for up to a week. Much safer options out there. No point risking your own life over unsafe products.
  15. Hello! I have a tank that currently does not contain shrimp, but does contain neon tetras which I am currently treating for Ich, as well as some bladder snails. Shrimp will be a later addition, likely cherry shrimp but I'm still doing research just to be sure. Initially I'd intended to buy some sort of Ich-fighting product that contains malachite green after doing a decent bit of research on it, most of which indicated that it should be shrimp-safe so I'd be good if I ever needed to use it again once shrimp were actually introduced (though I should note I'm aware shrimp can't get Ich, I'm more wondering in case the tetras could get Ich again, or something else that responds to similar medication). I ended up not being able to find any MG-containing products without either having to travel quite far or wait multiple days for delivery (which I was worried could lead the Ich to be fatal), and ended up picking up 'Top Fin Ick Remedy', a product that contains gentian violet which is a triarylmethane dye like malachite green. The bottle has two slightly differently worded warnings about its use with invertebrates ("not recommended for" and "not safe for" respectively), but when I'd been researching malachite green, I'd also heard of products that contain MG but not any other ingredients that would be harmful to inverts still being branded with warnings that they could be harmful, just as a "just-in-case" since the manufacturer didn't test it on any inverts, and I'm wondering if maybe it could be a similar situation here. I'm having a very very hard time finding information about gentian violet's use in fishkeeping at all though, it seems currently extremely uncommon. What I will say though is that I'm on day 2 of treating my tetras with it, and the bladder snails seem just fine -- in fact today I noticed what looked to be a bladder snail that appeared to be newly hatched (because of its size) that I hadn't seen before that was zipping around the tank without issue. But obviously, shrimp are not snails, and bladder snails are also notoriously hardy little guys, so what I'm seeing right now could easily be totally inapplicable to cherry shrimp. It might even be inapplicable to other species of snails, for all I know. Has anyone else here ever used anything that contains gentian violet in a tank that actually does contain shrimp? Were they okay, or should I make sure to not use it once shrimp are added?
  16. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=58BrDSEY8KE
  17. beanbag

    Good video by Chris Lukhaup!

    One interesting thing he mentioned was "Bacteria pressure", which I guess just means number of bacteria around. Yet I see all these other videos from shrimpkeepers bragging about how much bacteria their filtering system holds. Also interesting is no mention of using anti-biotics to treat bacterial infection. I think that has fallen out of favor recently.
  18. sdlTBfanUK

    Finally set up the 30L Shrimp Tank

    It has been a few weeks now and I have done a couple of large water changes. I tested the water parameters this morning, GH6 and KH2, TDS 140 and PH 7.5. Obviously the PH is off but there isn't anything in the tank that should cause the PH to rise to this figure so I will just run the tank for another month with 10% weekly water changes (probably just with RO water) and see where we are at that point. The RO water tests at PH6, and the KH and GH in the tank could come down as they are at the upper limits for Caridina shrimps! There are only about 10 very small snails in there at this point, but they seem to be doing well enough.
  19. I believe these to be very rare in Australia so you may even consider making it a longer term plan and produce your own by starting with the best CRS you can get as that is where the pure lines started! Depends how patient and interested in the project you are, but would save money as well? If I recall correctly it takes from 8 generations of selective breeding? They sell them at micro aquatic shop but do not ship to Western Australia, but that means they are available in Australia. https://microaquaticshop.com.au/products/pure-red-line-grade-ss-shrimp Good luck and just maybe smeone on here may point you in the right direction or be able to supply you with some.
  20. Hi Guys, Does anyone know where to buy PRL shrimps in WA, not the CRS please. Thanks Regards
  21. Yes it’s super accurate to position where I want now and stay there- I am satisfied. All the fish and shrimpers are doing excellent! Coming up on 4 years running!
  22. You must be pleased with that, it looks better and is much more robust and less likely to damage or leaks! The tank looks very natural now it has been running for a time. I see the ember tetras, how are the blue shrimp doing, I see a few? The cat and dog look very content and unimpressed, lol.
  23. https://youtu.be/IzMSYm14CCU done!
  24. I would do it to get the Lily pipe sitting straight, instead of flopping over to one side.
  25. Do you think you would risk using it? Otherwise I will just use the short bit of stainless I found
  26. It would be interesting to see what you come up with using that pipe + Lily pipe ends.
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