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  2. Cheers thanks heaps if you know what it is found a very small amount in one location leaves are approximately 5 to 7 mil wide/round in aquarium fully emersed when found was half emmersed half out of water and leaves were 9 to 12 mil wide/round but I just love the clover like appearance having some Irish blood in me lol
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  4. Trying to get pics of the riffles feeding Ye old iPad doesn't take the best pics My planted nano will post progress pics to πŸ˜€ Me favourite male stud crs πŸ˜€β™₯οΈπŸ˜€β™₯οΈπŸ˜€β™₯️
  5. Beautiful shrimp.
  6. I didnt have any babies going through the fine mesh i used but i had adults and sub_adults who managed to go from one section to another even though i had a glass cover resting on the sides, the front and the dividers. The only small gap was at the back for the airline.
  7. You might find this topic an interesting read Sponge filters are great for shrimp tanks especially the ones with media chambers for reasons stated above from jayc and because the shrimp feed off of the sponge. I personally find them a bit of a pain to maintain and in future would probably stick to cannister. I also get really nervous shoving my hands in the tank to take out the sponges to clean as I'm afraid of losing shrimplets or introducing some nasty chemicals, from my hands, unintentionally.
  8. Thanks for the input@anthonyd ! I am very keen to use dividers for the sake of ease of transfer and reducing stress on the shrimp as they won't need to adjust to even the slightest change in WP. Bacterial infection wiping out multiple colonies is one reason I'm relieved that I'm forced to do smaller setups than not as I'll only have a single variety sharing one body of water. I like to keep a few high grade shrimps from established colonies in the lounge display tank so that I can't suffer a total 100% setback in the event of a catastrophe. One of my biggest concerns is that I'm yet to find someone who claims to have a 100% foolproof arrangement for preventing shrimplets from crossing the divider. Have you had this difficulty also? Youve got me thinking more outside the box though thanks. Perhaps I could use a mini sump for each divided tank. It would be a fair bit of additional cost and work to setup in the beginning but it might pay off in the long run as it would make top ups and adding new water after waterchanges heaps heaps easier too AND make changing expired substrate a breeze as I can utilise the sump for this purpose also. Still 12 sumps with pumps and associated plumbing is a whole lot of extra expense. Might be worth it though. Cheers [emoji173][emoji111][emoji445] will
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  10. They work like other air sponge filters, except they give the extra benefit of additional biological filtration. It will never replace a canister filter in efficiency and capacity to filter a tank. But small nano tanks can get away with them. Given a choice of a normal sponge filter and a Biospon filter for a nano tank, you would pick the Biospon any day for the extra biological filtration. But for any tank larger than a nano, canisters are still hard to beat. Like any air driven sponge filters, they clog quickly, at least a lot quicker than canisters. Which means more maintenance. If you like a tank that is free of clutter like cables, heaters, tubes, CO2 diffusers, etc, than adding a sponge filter of any sort is going to add to the clutter.
  11. He's red and has a strip = Racing shrimp!
  12. Pictures of one of my nicest red backline
  13. Interested in following this one. Please post your opinions and the outcome/conclusion.
  14. SKF Aquatics (Shrimp Keepers Forum) welcomes vestlaif. Please feel free to browse around and get to know others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. View Member regards, skfadmin
  15. I would keep the dividers sealed if i was you. When i started my first rack i built my divided tanks with a mesh insert in each divider and it became a real pain. Shrimps in one tank had bacterial infection and it spread to the 2 other sections and when it was time to change the active soil i had to net all the shrimps not just the ones in one section. I m redoing my shrimp room and eventually all the shrimp tanks will be 600 x 300 x 300 mm turned at a 90 degrees angle and with a step at the back for an undergravel filter with a powerhead. These tanks are easy to come by and cheap secondhand.
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    More arrived today :) Sooo beautiful!
  17. HI Thanks for your reply πŸ˜€ Yeah the kuhlui loach is going back to the LFS tomorrow Then it will be a shrimp only tank..I'll keep it that way in the future Regards Roscoe
  18. Thanks, l will pick one and let you know [emoji2] Sent from my SM-G920I using Tapatalk
  19. How about one or more of these: Shrimp life cycle, care, feeding, and breeding Troubleshooting common issues (molting problems, loss of color, high juvenile death rates, etc, diseases ... Various options for shrimp media and their pros and cons Apple snails Common Moss in shrimp tanks (fissiden, christmas, subwassertang etc..) fish profiles - take your pick Various tetras SAE Ottos Betta Guppies Endlers or Guppies vs Endlers Clown loach Khuli loach etc... Can't think of any other topics but that's probably a good list to start from
  20. Im not sure of every topic that been published. If you choose a subject for me that would be awesome :) PM if you like. Sent from my SM-T810 using Tapatalk
  21. Yeah that would be awesome, just pick a topic in this thread we haven't covered yet, do some research and type it up in a new topic. Or pick a brand new topic, anything is fair game if we haven't already published it. I can promote it to the articles database when ready. Be sure to include any references if you have any.
  22. Warning - bit of a waffle ahead. I am in the process of organising quotes to build some aquariums to my specification and plan to go with standalone setups of around 70-90 litres with a single glass divider in the middle with window cut out and fitted with mesh to prevent shrimplets crossing. I intend each tank to house a single species - low and mid grades will be moved to one side while keeping high grades in the other side. The tanks will be spaced out evenly around 3 walls of the room with an additional 3 cull / odd-bod tanks in the middle of the room for convenience. I'm thinking of getting them made to around 60l x 50w Γ—30h in size. I might post an update soon as more details come in from the places I'm getting quotes from here in Adelaide (aggies aquariums and elite fish). In any case I just thought I'd throw this out there as someone might either know another place/person who I should contact for a quote I'd really appreciate any tips or advice about what the potential pitfalls are when having tanks made and if there are any specific considerations relating to shrimp tanks with dividers that I should be aware of. [emoji173][emoji111][emoji445] will
  23. Hey skfa, I'm trying to get some tips and feedback on how people find these newer style of sponge filters are doing. I know there are at least a couple of types of them available in australia and I am planning to shut down my canister filters and replace them with this style of filtration. I'd love to know what are the potential negatives with these things. How reliable they are and ultimately i need to decide which model/make is the best quality one before I go ahead and purchase a bunch of them soon. TIA [emoji173][emoji111][emoji445] will
  24. Hi guys, if you need anymore helping hands, I'm putting mine up [emoji113] . I'm not experience like you guys though [emoji2] Sent from my SM-G920I using Tapatalk
  25. Last week
  26. Not sure of the species love the soldier style way they run around the tank there a funny creature and much more active than cute crs and the other "pretty shrimp" going around and yes i would say these ones are a common one as I wasn't up in the mountains where things get a bit more specialized like the beautiful blue freshwater crayfish from the goldcoast hinterland I will try get some pics for you soon the misses is just getting the Nikon D5100 in action atm πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
  27. journal

    DAS crawling up the tub walls as the tank water slowly drips in, cute as.
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