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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, Just wanted to share a build I've been working on. I bought this small 2ft beta tank divided into 5, and figured for the price of doing each one individually I'd have a go at plumbing my first sump. I got an old tank I had lying around that fits under a 3ft stand perfectly, and a 3ft stand. I cut down the stand but haven't taken a router to the one plain edge yet, meh. Drilled a 1" hole in each section and just siliconed in a mixture of pvc and poly pipe fittings cause it was like $20 instead of 5 bulkheads for like $50. Im just using 13mm poly irrigation pipe and droppers as the return back into the tanks, there's a ball valve on the return so Majority of the flow just recirculates through the sump keeping the water pristine for the shrimp. ? Waiting on a proper return pump and stainless steel shrimp guards that just slip straight over the poly fittings inside the tank. Still a work in progress, I have to figure out the best design for the sump, I'm thinking something that will help cool down the whole system etc, need to design it all before I find some 2nd hand glass to get my DIY on lol. Any ideas welcome. cheers
  2. What clever ways have you come up with for jump-proofing a shrimp tank, to protect from losses of jumpy species like Darwin Red-nose Shrimp? The tricky part is that I want a glass-free method for the Summer time, because my cooling system relies on evaporation using fans across the water surface. It also needs to look neat, and not cost an arm and a leg. Easy, right?! This is what my tank rim looks like. Usually the water level is a little higher.
  3. For the past year, but not before, my shrimp tank has been suffering from a major excess of what I call 'fur algae'. It coats every broad leaf and surface in light green fuzz. There is also hair algae. What can be done to control this safely, with CRS and Cherry Shrimp in the tank? I already have one 7cm Otocinclus. The tank is 60cm. Water quality is excellent, with Nitrate and all of its friends reliably at 0. KH 1.5. GH 5. I should point out that two things changed before this problem began: - I changed the lights from fluorescent to LED (white with a dash of red and blue in both cases). The LEDs are visually so much better. - I added a moss ball that was sent to me as an unauthorised freebie from a UK aquarium supplier. I wonder whether it seeded the fur algae? Any recommendations for resolving this please, based on successful experience rather than conjecture? Thanks :)
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