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Found 9 results

  1. Hi ! I live in Seattle where the water is incredibly soft and I have a tap water pH of 6.7, GH of 0-1 and KH 2. My existing tank with plants already has buffered substrate. Would I have better chance of keeping CRS than RCS with my current water parameters ? Or would RCS do okay? I do have an RO system already, and I could remineralize my water with salty shrimp KH/GH+. Which would allow my GH and KH parameter to be okay for neocaridinas, but I already have a tank with active substrate. I’m 100% I don’t have space to set up another tank with inert substrate. Would do you recommend ? What are pH you have successfully kept neocaridinas and have them thriving ? Thanks ! I appreciate all the help as I am new to the hobby.
  2. Hey guyz, im cycling a 30l tank to get some rcs in it. The tank is almost cycled and im thinking of getting them next week. I have tested the water and the kH is at 9 and ph is 7 (i have yet to buy a gh test as i bought the jbl pack and didnt realise it does not include gh). I have read about parameter for neo carodina and they say that the hardier the water the better. But i have also read that the water can be too hard which will make it hard for them to molt. What would you recommend for the parameters ? And how much should i start as a basic colony?
  3. Hello, My name is Andrzej and I'm from Poland. If something is against the rules, please let me know. I will like to show you my tanks. A few of my aquariums :) Ok some information: Aquariums as you can see is 15 7 is 30x30x50 - the rest is different but mostly 35-45L Filtration Sponge: e-jet 104 or 103 and some u-jet 3 + several biological: such: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oWhr-uCYX6Y Pumps have three: 2x Sera 550R and 1x Hailea ACO 9620 And now some of my shrimp: Thank You. I will try to put some new foto and film every few days. If you have any questions, ask. https://www.youtube.com/user/szopen2004
  4. Hi all, Not sure which category this would fall under but, i am planning on doing an aquascape with seiryu/ryouh stone for CRS/CBS. I have read that these stones will raise pH levels. I have a tank already for FISH with seiryu/ryouh and the ph is 7.6+ Should i be safe and avoid using these stones overall and just stick to driftwoods and mosses? Thanks, Kevin. Also, If it helps.. i will be using cal aqua labs substrate.
  5. Hi All, Have prepared a small write up regarding the requirement of trace elements for shrimps. Ulli Bauer have helped me a lot in finalizing it. Please go through the document once you have time. If any one have any valid points to add please let me know, I will add it into the document and acknowledgment will be given to you. https://shrimpytrade.wordpress.com/2015/12/10/shrimps-their-trace-elements-requirement/
  6. How to farm the shrimps in industrial ponds? Welcome to my page: http://www.vietlinhjsc.com
  7. Yesterday evening, I put the rest of my tangerine tigers & blue velvet in a new tank. This tank has been cycled during 5 weeks, and after check, NO2 and NO3 are at 0 or not even noticeable by the API test. Other parameters are : PH: 6.8 KH: 4, GH: 6 TDS: 110 Water temp: 26°C I acclimatate the shrimps during 6 hours. Once I put them in their new tank, they start swimming all around, explore everywhere, and continue swimming all around, very actively. I check this morning, and I found them still swimming all around... They were very quiet in the old tank. Should I be worried about anything else?
  8. hey all, i'm just hoping to get some quick feedback/advice on what is the ideal temperature to keep bee shrimp aquariums to facilitate optimum health and frequency of bonking and baby survival :-) cheers :-) love n peace will
  9. Hi All, Posting images of some of the shrimps I have kept. Its very hard to get shrimps here and you can count how many shrimp keepers are there in our country Please ignore some of the bad image qualities Blue shrimp Orange Fire Red My own prl line - which due to my mistake only is now no more. They stopped breeding and are now no more with me. But again will try this time with CBS Cross of green and zebra babaulti Zebra Crs Yellow Indian Caridina white backed Shadow Panda in 2012. We got them in India at around 2012, hand carried. Have just joined job and these things were so costly that I had sleepless nights those times. Sold them off after some days Will be getting some soon Tiger shrimp Vampire Crab, built a paludrium for them. But lost interest after some days
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