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Found 5 results

  1. newbreed

    Newbreed Rack 2.0

    So, it's been a long time coming but Rack 2.0 is almost ready to roll. The original eight 40cm cubes were picked up in April this year. Made by Justin at Subscape Aquarium. Each cube came with cover glass and one hole pre-drilled. So I once again went with the Rack-it system from Bunnings. 900mm beams, three 40cm uprights. Also spent my time gathering the plumbing fittings and accessories. Was easier getting small amounts staggered over weeks than at one time. Was easier to stretch the dollars this way. I used 20mm PVC as a return, and then T-pieces with a 20mm Tap attached. 20mm Hose was used from here. As Squiggle has suggested many times, I replaced the mdf shelves suggested with a 18mm Marine Ply. I had the pre-cut at Bunnings as I am rubbish at measuring and cutting. Underneath each shelf I used structural pine 90x35mm pieces cut to length. They slot into the brackets relatively easily (with the help of a rubber mallet) and provide direct support for the tanks, as well as providing a space to attached hooks for lights, hoses, cords, etc. Again, staggered picking up different essentials along the way. Foam (and structural pine) Hoses
  2. Gavin_EuphonyG

    Sump or No Sump system is better?

    Hi Guys and Shrimperts! Having owned 3, 5 & 10G tanks (All Neocaridina shrimps), I've taken the plunge and decided to build a shrimp rack and with new tanks. Size of the tank is 2.5ft(W) x 1.5ft(L) x 1.5ft(H) and will be divided to 3 columns. The upper most tank will house my Cardina and the middle tank will be the Neo's and the lowest is either a sump or just going to leave the rack space with the chiller only (I am from Malaysia). Basically in total, my plan is to have 6 divided tanks (3 each divided from the 2.5ft tank) and that is the max. amount of tanks, I may start a new rack next time should I decided to expand. 2 different local shrimp stores has given me separate suggestions for the shrimp tank water system and need your expertise and advice to see what's best. I am not restricted by their suggestion since I did told them that I want to have a simple water flow without having to drill holes to the tanks, but I don't mind getting my hands on plumbing and DIY Overflow stuff. The drafts are below for your suggestions, I'm all ears. Thank you in advance!
  3. Hi all shrimp freaks, I have been convinced by Disciple to start a shrimp rack build journal.....so, here goes!!!   I was an 'ol salty for a few years, but money put the mockers on that...after a hiatus I decided to resurrect my old 900mm cube and turn it into a planted tank......I love moss, so I decided to begin some propagation of a few types, whilst on my search for moss, I came across shrimp...BANG!!!!!!......I was hooked, dunno why, just am.....I bought a small tank with some Rillis of Gumtree, now its on for young and old....so, my thinking....   Basic design:   3 tiers of 900mm x 450 x 350 tanks with 2 Divs - a total of 9 tanks.....well!!!.... more is good right??? housed on a shelf rack I built for a clients shop some years ago..!!! A sump with matrix, noodles and some filter mat. each breed bay will have a sponge filter which I have modified to turn some K1 style media(H1 or something, from Aquotix). lighting - not sure, probably some 5w cool white flood lights!! I am pretty handy, being a trade,  but do have some heavy financial constraints from the 'social secretary' so, I'm having to experiment alternative products, buying overseas and eBay, so let me know where you find the margins please boys.......     I would welcome some feed back, so, let me know your thoughts on the set up      The Twisted Fishy....  
  4. So the other day i scored some dexion pallet racking for cheap cheap. So now all my tanks in my house are being moved into my garage. It will be a long and slow process as i'm also planning a wedding and just got a new fulltime job and still working 2 casual jobs. The racking is 45cm deep and almost 3 meters long. My plan is to have a 4ft tank and my normal 2 2ft tanks on the bottom shelf then the top shelf i will have 4 2ftx18inchx18inch tanks. Hoping to get at least 2 divided but still deciding on what to do. At the moment i only have Cherries but yellow, red, red rillis and blues. I'm not dipping my toes in CRS just yet as much as i want to the garage will just get too hot in summer in Canberra. With lighting my top 4 tanks will have the Up aqua pro led Z hanging from the roof. So all up it shall cost me a bit but i will do it slowly. So this is the shelving unit Any advice at all for planning and figuring out what i need would be a real help.
  5. Disciple

    Opinions on Rack Design

    Hi All, I have been keeping shrimp for a few months now and I have decided I am now quite addicted to the hobby. I decided a couple of weeks ago that I now want a rack so I can add more variety shrimps to my collection. I will wait a few more month before I pull the trigger as I want to make sure I have thought about as much as I can plus I would rather have it ready as summer goes into Autumn. I have been spending a lot of time looking at the journals in these forums over the last couple of weeks and I have tried to pick what I think is the best parts from each rack. Now I am trying to everything on to paper so I can get quotes from various aquarium stores in Perth. I do not have any experience at all with maintaining a rack before and I also have no idea about the plumbing of a rack (I will have to reply on the builder for this). Could you give me your thoughts on and flaws in what I have thought up. I know there are many ppl here that have hands on experience that could help improve my design. I have decided to go with 3 x 48" long 14" high and 24" wide tanks that will be divided into different sections. I was thinking of either 4 for the bottom 2 and 2 for the top or 3 sections for each tank. The reasoning for these dimension is I will have a good water volume and maximise the floor area. Also it seems 48" is quite economical compared to 60". I also have decided I was going to go with a sump for the filtration of the system. Again after thinking about the pros and cons I just like the thought of having a larger water volume to help keep the water parameters constant. I plan to run a couple of canister filters, chiller and heaters through the sump. I will also want either a sponge filter or Undergravel filter for each section. I want to be able to isolate tanks if there are any issues. I am currently thinking the partitions will be stainless steel mesh but I am not a 100% on it yet. What are your experience with it over time? As for the engineering of the cabinets and plumbing I will have to rely on the ppl I choose to build the rack for me. Is there anything I should ask for? I know I want to insulate it from the heat and cold as much as possible and reduce the noise too. Sorry for the long post and thanks in advance for reading. Cheers
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