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  2. Frosty

    A Little Competition ( Australia Only)

    YAY! When you turn the lights on I’d love to see some photos!
  3. jayc

    A Little Competition ( Australia Only)

    Received the Blue Star Endlers today, and just finished acclimating them for the last 9+ hours. Moved them into their own tank. Lights are off for them to get used to it. Thanks again Wayne.
  4. jayc


    That's good idea. Smaller sized portions make it a lot easier to handle and the remainder can be kept in an airtight container/bag in the fridge or freezer.
  5. chiapetbermuda


    Thanks so much for this! I think I'm going to try putting it into my gummy bear candy molds for tiny amounts ready toss in.
  6. chiapetbermuda

    Welcome chiapetbermuda

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  8. Psionic001

    Welcome Psionic001

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  9. Crabby

    A Little Competition ( Australia Only)

    Haha fair enough. I'll be dripping mine in. All of my tanks are fit for (or stocked with) endlers already, with enough acclimatisation. Even the one with a pH of 5-5.5 😄
  10. Last week
  11. wayne6442

    A Little Competition ( Australia Only)

    Hi Jayc, The parameters are fairly broad: Temperature between 22-27c P.H 6.7-8.5 Ammonia Low-0ppm nitrate under 20ppm general hardness 100-300ppm Personally I am a minimalistic fish keeper, I don't have any idea of my own tanks parameters. I have been practicing this min approach for around 20 years now and find that the least i play with the tanks the less trouble I get ,so I only do evaporation top ups, Temperatures are usually around 27c, I only change or clean filters when they stop working, I keep plenty of plants in the tanks and have real good surface flow, I also have native shrimp ( local caught) as a clean up crew and some nitrate snails . I have found that Endlers are a fairly hardy bunch and get along fine if you leave them to it Cheers Wayne
  12. clippergear

    Nerite Snails and Snello

    Hey, I know nerite snails are picky eaters and wanted to know if anyone had experience with their nerite snails eating homemade snello? Thanks in advance
  13. jayc

    A Little Competition ( Australia Only)

    Wayne, Thank you for the fun competition. That was the most fun I have had on SKFA for a long time. I have done more research on Endlers than I would have cared to a couple of weeks ago. And I can gladly go away saying I know a little bit more than when this competition was started. Can I ask what water parameters you keep these Blue Stars in? I have cleared out a 2ft tank ready for these fellas. Its already an established tank, so it's fully cycled. Just wanted to get the parameters right. Thanks again Wayne. Appreciate the generosity.
  14. jayc

    Help! What's killing my CRS?

    Boil anything that can stand the heat. Like rocks and sponge. Throw out the plants. Plastic parts of the filter and the glass of the tank should be washed in 5 parts water: 1 part bleach. And rinsed thoroughly and let dry in the sun.
  15. Frosty

    A Little Competition ( Australia Only)

    Oops sorry autocorrect I have a friend named Walter in my contacts. *Wayne
  16. WaldoDude

    Shrimp ID

    Hey! no I did not. I got it from one of my lfs. But yeah it does look like those Caridina Malanda hey? Just a little lighter in colour. Never heard of them before till now.
  17. wayne6442

    A Little Competition ( Australia Only)

    Well Guys the time we have been waiting for, The above competition has now ended. Thank you to all who entered. The winning numbers were: 1,3,4,5&9 Congratulations to our winners: Crabby, Jayc Frosty & BlastedPorpoise Sorry guys I don't know your names: the Blue Stars will be sent tomorrow Thanks again hope you all enjoyed this little competition Cheers Wayne
  18. Myola

    Help! What's killing my CRS?

    I don't have the chemistry knowledge that you seem to have Beanbag, but I can read the results of a pH test. I've used both the Fluval wide range kit and the previously mentioned Sera pH kit, and both gave the same the result - 5.5. I use a liquid GH remineralizer now, but have used Salty Shrimp in the past. I have never been able to get my pH above 5.5 for any length of time so I have no idea what I could possibly be doing wrong. I am simply telling you my experience with my water. Since reading your post some weeks ago now, I've again tried to lift my pH using bi-carb and again it dropped back to 5.5 over night. I've since bought some potash from the hardware store and this is working so I'll stick to that. But now for an update on the chitinolytic disease. I read up on the disease and treatment and did the best I could to follow all the steps but unfortunately it was all in vain. The last of the colony died yesterday. We fought hard but lost the battle. If nothing else it has taught me to pay attention to unexpected deaths and not to take short cuts when setting up a tank. I've also learnt how (finally) to raise my pH after battling with acidic water for several years. My question now is how do I sterilise everything in the tank so that I can start again? I'm guessing the substrate needs to go in the bin but what about the sponge filter, rocks, plants, glass etc...?
  19. Crabby

    A Little Competition ( Australia Only)

    I mean, personally I would PM Wayne instead... dunno what you’re gonna get from sending a PM to Walter, but each to their own 😄 Also, I don’t get how, but it seems Wayne sent jayc a public, private message. I’m totally stumped at how that happened, but whatever. Maybe if the forum hosts any more comps, we could work out a general way to go about it so there aren’t any unfair advantages? Such as ppl guessing in the same chat, etc. Just an idea. I know that I might like to host some sort of comp to give away some of my apisto juvies, once they’re grown up, just to get a few off my hands.
  20. sdlTBfanUK

    What shrimp would fit my parameters?

    With number 1 you should be ok with cherry shrimp, but none of the other parameters are suitable for either in real terms, though you could try neocaridina with 4? There is a small chance caridina may take to 4 but they are much more difficult to keep, even in the right parameters. Could you ask the LFS to order you some remineraliser, or test kits, or order some online? I know someone on here from Hong Kong bought stuff from ProShrimp here in the UK, though that was before the world went COVID-19 crazy? Amazon or ebay maybe if not? What shrimps are available where you are, or will they be through the mail? Simon
  21. Frosty

    A Little Competition ( Australia Only)

    Please if you have a guess from now on PM Walter so it’s still fair for others and it isn’t just free fish. That being said I hope everyone wins! -G
  22. Blastedporpoise

    A Little Competition ( Australia Only)

    Ooh a competition! I have some endlers myself but I don't even know if mine are hybrids or pure haha but looking at the pictures I think im going to guess 1, 5, 3, 9 and 4!
  23. Blastedporpoise

    Shrimp ID

    Did you get it from Abquatics? Because I also have ordered their NQ algae shrimp on a whim and one of mine looked just like the one you received. I keep mine with my neos and they honestly look identical but they haven't hybridised yet so I'm thinking they're perhaps not the same species. I don't know where abquatics gets their livestock from but the shrimp I have and yours too also highly resembles the Caridina Malanda species someone posted here a good while ago but other than that I am also stumped!
  24. Hey all, I'm new to Skf here but not that new to keeping native Aussie shrimp, and was wondering what the lifespan of some of our natives were? I have some Caridina typus and was wondering if they were as long lived as their amano cousins (considering that they can live up to a decade) and same goes for riffle shrimps too. From my experiences most of the smaller natives like DAEs and the like only live a few years at most.
  25. Blastedporpoise

    Welcome Blastedporpoise

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  26. wayne6442

    A Little Competition ( Australia Only)

    Come On Guys, This comp has had around 120 views I don't know why a lot more of you have not entered, it's not that hard , read the replies and check out on your computer I'm sure you will see the answer Closes 3pm Sunday Hurry!!! Cheers Wayne
  27. wayne6442

    • wayne6442
    • jayc

    well done Jayc send me your details please you can pay postage of %15.00 through paypal 

    email wayne6442@gmail.com




    1. jayc


      Holy S*** !

      Does that mean I got them right ?!!

      Damn ... that means I need another tank. 



      I assume you mean $15 for postage, rather than %15.

      Has anyone else managed to guess the  correct answer?


    2. sdlTBfanUK


      Well done jayC.

      I see Blastedporpois has the same answers as you as well........


  28. frogger17

    Welcome frogger17

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