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Found 20 results

  1. Hi ! I live in Seattle where the water is incredibly soft and I have a tap water pH of 6.7, GH of 0-1 and KH 2. My existing tank with plants already has buffered substrate. Would I have better chance of keeping CRS than RCS with my current water parameters ? Or would RCS do okay? I do have an RO system already, and I could remineralize my water with salty shrimp KH/GH+. Which would allow my GH and KH parameter to be okay for neocaridinas, but I already have a tank with active substrate. I’m 100% I don’t have space to set up another tank with inert substrate. Would do you recommend ? What are pH you have successfully kept neocaridinas and have them thriving ? Thanks ! I appreciate all the help as I am new to the hobby.
  2. Hey guys! I've had my CRS for close to a month now (bought about 20 juvies and adults on 30th June) and they seem to be really happy and healthy in their tank with the painted fire reds. So far the PFRs have been berrying and breeding like crazy but I've yet to see any berried CRS ? Tank Parameters: Size: 14 Gallon Long Ammonia , Nitrite 0ppm Nitrate 20ppm pH 6.3 dKH 2 dGH 7 TDS 170 Temp 23-25c Diet: Bacter AE (1 scoop once a week-mainly for the PFR babies), Bornoewild Frenzy (once a week), Indian Almond leaves and aldercones for when they get the late night hunger pangs ? So my question would be, do my CRS require some additional protein in their diet? I've been told breeding is quite a energy intensive activity for shrimp. And if so, would feeding some frozen blood-worms help to supplement this? Thanks for reading!!
  3. Hi everyone, I have been having a slow die off of my CRS over the last few of months. I am fairly new to this so I am not sure how to deal with this. Tank: 28L Substrate: Fluval shrimp stratum (buffered to ~6.5) Current GH: 5 KH: 0 Temperature: 22 C Ammonia, nitrates, nitrites: ~0 ppm Bit of background: I started with 12 juvenile shrimp that I bought off a breeder in February this year. I started off using tap water (treated) with no problems. I got my first two berried females at the beginning of May. To this point I had had no deaths. At the beginning of June I had a couple (2) of deaths that I am still not sure the cause of. GH was low (2) at this time as I hadn't been testing for it, so that may have been the cause. Following those deaths I got some shrimp specific gh booster (saltyshrimp mineral GH+) and things seemed to recover. Berried females' eggs hatched at the beginning of June. One female became berried again in July. Now the tank was a bit overgrown at this stage so it was hard to keep tabs on the shrimp. I didn't notice any more deaths until a recent move. Before moving the tank I removed a lot of the overgrown plants. Once getting it to the new place I only saw 6 shrimp (2 females, 4 male) so it seems there were a few lost between June and August. There was one small shrimp in there as well (seems the only baby who survived). Since the move there was one death shortly after getting the tank set up. I chalked this one up to stress from the move. I haven't seen the baby shrimp since the second or so day after the move so I suspect that it has died as well. More recently I had a female die (at least I think it asa female). See the first picture below. I noticed one day that she was behaving strangely. My shrimp haven't gone up to ride the floating frogbit since the first month I had them but a few days ago I noticed one up there. I went and had a look and she was just standing there. I also noticed that she seemed to be missing her long antennae. I snapped the below photo and went to work. When I got home, she was still there in the exact same spot. A few hours later, she was on the ground lying on her side. I poked at her and it was clear she was almost dead. Once I was sure she was dead, I removed her immediately. I did a test of the water and all parameters were good except pH which was high (around 7.2). Seems my buffered substrate had run out of buffering capacity due to the use of high PH tap water. I added some fresh substrate and did a water change with RO water and the pH is back to 6.5. Water change was done over the course of the day 1 litre at a time to avoid rapid swings in parameters. My berried female was still doing well and her eggs hatched two days ago. She was active and seemed healthy the next day. Today I noticed her in the corner tipped over and not moving much. I snapped the below photo. I know the colour of the internal organs are meant to be a sign of bacterial infection, but I don't know what to really look for in a CRS. The colour in the second photo below looks odd to me. All limbs and antennae intact. EDIT: Just checked and the shrimp is dead. Anything I can do to try to determine the cause before I dispose of it? I am just at a loss at this stage. I feel like a bad shrimp keeper and I don't know what else to do. Does this look/sound like a bacterial infection to you? What can I do to fix this? Thanks for your help and let me know if you need any more info!
  4. Marine Life Drew

    CRS Potential issue (Help needed)

    So I recently looked at my tank and saw that one of my Crystal Red Shrimp has a weird deformity on her head. All of the other shrimp have been doing fine. I'm worried it may be the water parameters at my college in Florida. I don't know what kind Ph, Kh, or hardness I'm getting right now. I did recently see a new red crystal baby so some of them must be doing decent enough. Any ideas?
  5. larrymull

    ADA Journey

    So I took the plunge and went out and bought a 60L ADA Cube Garden aquarium off a shop in Melbourne who was doing a sale on ADA aquariums and equipment. I thought it was about time I started advancing my skills as a shrimp keeper. After keeping RCS, YCS etc for the past 6 months and having a successful breeding colony, I ventured in to the CRS/CBS a couple of weeks ago in an already established 30cm cube tank - they all seem to be doing just fine. So over the course of the next 4-6 weeks whilst my new tank is cycling I am going to learn all I can about CRS/CBS to make sure I limit the amount of stuff ups. Once everything is established and I feel the tank is ready to rock and roll, I will look at adding a TB or 2 to existing selected stock. My ideal kind of set up for the new tank is to be an excellent visual tank along with a breeding ground for many shrimplets. I am unsure of what plants I am going to use if any, besides some mosses and perhaps some anubias on some driftwood. My main concern at the moment is what filter I will be using. As I have limited space and I don't want to clog the counter up too much (I cannot put for example a canister filter hidden underneath the tank), I am conscious of the tank and area around the tank having minimal items hanging around. Tank Setup Tank: ADA Cube Garden Superior - W60×D30×H36 (60 litres) Substrate: ADA Power Sand, ADA Amazonian Normal and ADA Amazonia Fine Heater: TBD Filter: TBD - Can just a sponge filter work Lights: TBD most likely UP Aqua 60cm LED My plan is to follow exactly what the ADA substrate tells me to do in terms of cycling the tank and water changes. Before I get started I will need to find a filter that meets my needs. I know I can always add plants later but I am sure it is best to get them in there and settled ASAP. Any design ideas and/or filter suggestions would be great. I will keep you updated as I go along......
  6. Hi to all, I am setting up a tank for crs shrimp. At the moment I have a clearseal 18x12x15 tank, 100w fluval heater, 45 cm arcadia stretch led, 2x4kg of shirakura bee sand, a jbl crystal profi m with extra module and also 2 x dennerle dosators and v30 and v7 plant food. I also have a dried Bonsai tree eg. https://www.shrimpcorner.co.uk/aquarium-bonsai-driftwood/ which I hope to hang off weeping moss. I have other bits; like almond leaves, bee max and bee+ additive to to recondition my RO/DI. Will the lights be low enough not to require CO2? or should I account for that? Also, which rock will be suitable? I rather like the black and white agate but will this leach anything into the water? I did fancy Seiryu rock but have read that it hardens the water, not a good thing with crs so I believe. Any help would be gratefully received. Thanks. Mark.
  7. LaxLogic

    Very Active CRS Video

    Here is another video of my old CRS tank. Sadly this one did crash in the end. I am reasonably certain it was because I started dosing with CO2. The driftwood I used to make the "tree" was also found. I did boil it but I am willing to be this also caused the tank some problems. Either way enjoy my old CRS tank! I kind of want to get CRS again and give it another try but I also really want Tibees... So hard to choose! (I might get both and aim for red tibees/pinto) Sorry for the music. It synced up so I couldn't resist.
  8. Hi all, Not sure which category this would fall under but, i am planning on doing an aquascape with seiryu/ryouh stone for CRS/CBS. I have read that these stones will raise pH levels. I have a tank already for FISH with seiryu/ryouh and the ph is 7.6+ Should i be safe and avoid using these stones overall and just stick to driftwoods and mosses? Thanks, Kevin. Also, If it helps.. i will be using cal aqua labs substrate.
  9. Mitch91

    crs new tank set up

    hi all im going to make a tank up just for my crs shrimp i am thinking of this: 1. Tank 4ft x18 x1. 2. Filtration Aqua One Canister filter aquis 1000 model, while also adding 2 sponge filters 3. substrate i am planning on going with ADA Aquasoil amazon now with this is the 9l bag big enough to cover the tank? 4. a few bits of cholla wood and a medium sized piece of Malaysian drift wood 5. Heater 300w 6. plants/mosses so thats what i have in mind i know ill need to invest in a chiller later on since winter is coming ill hold off on that for now currently my tank sits at 23.5-24.5 degrees thats in a room with aircon. but does this sound okay for crs ?
  10. thai3


    Hi all. I am new to this hobby and have been keeping cherries and crs for a few months now. Each species have their own tank, from 20L to 35L. They are breeding well so far and I am going to move them into 55L tanks. The new tanks were added with RO and old aquarium water, which read TDS of 120-150ppm, minimally planted, 240-litre rated sponge filter, black earth premium substrate, temperature maintain about 24-26 degree Celcius. Tank cycle was surprisingly quick with another matured external filter, almost no ammonia till date, I am guessing BEP doesn't leach ammonia like other subtrates. On day 3 after setting up, I put one feeder goldfish in each tank to ensure the water is right. After another 3 days, TDS now reads 230ppm, other parameters stay the same. The goldfish were fed only once with 2-3 pellets. I do add liquid CO2 every other day. I am trying to keep the TDS down to 150ppm for cars, they never breed for me anywhere above 180ppm. My questions are, Why TDS rose by almost 100ppm within 3 days? In terms of breeding, would cherries do fine in 200-250ppm? Managing the parameters is easy in smaller tanks but I am not ready to move them until I can manage the new tanks parameters.
  11. Z-Aquatics

    A Nano Shrimp Scape

    I had a 45cm tank lying around so might as well make a little home for some shrimps :D I'm using Benibachi Shrimp Soil, assortment of low light plants, HOB filter, and fair bit of lava rock. The rocks will provide heaps of surface area for the beneficial bacteria to colonise.
  12. hey all, i'm just hoping to get some quick feedback/advice on what is the ideal temperature to keep bee shrimp aquariums to facilitate optimum health and frequency of bonking and baby survival :-) cheers :-) love n peace will
  13. chatony111


    Hey guys, I'm Chatwin and i am relatively new to this forum! Just wanted to share a few photos of my new tank. I currently own 10 CRS in a 40L tank. My aim is to breed them and hopefully keep up the relatively high grade! I had previously Grade A CRS however the colony died after a year due to poor maintenance. This will not happen again! My current water parameters are: pH(6.8), NH3/NH4(0), NO2(0), NO3(10), PO3(0), i am waiting to buy a KH and GH test. Water top ups are done with tap water dechlorinated with Prime however i bought a RO system yesterday, pondering if i should do all WC's now with RO water... I am feeding them RAC N-1 shrimp food Sorry about the poor quality photos, they were taken on a phone attached to a cheap macro lens
  14. larrymull

    TDS question

    Hi Guys, At the start of the week my TDS was around 130 now at the end of the week it is around the 115 mark - I will be doing a water change on the weekend with RO water and GH+ with a TDS of 130. My question is should I be worried about it dropping 15 points during the week?
  15. Here's my best photos from my three foot Chameleon and CRS community tank. There's mini pellia and Pearl Moss in the pics, and I took the photos with my four year old HTC Incredible S. Hope you like them. Thanks Rob.
  16. Hey guys~ I am new to this forum, but I am not new to shrimps. Well amateur at the least I can call myself.. I had successfully kept Neos before like Yellow neo, PFR, Rilis, Blue pearl. Did terrible with OEBT & TT none survived I had ups and down with Crs/Cbs with tons of babies. However, when Hydra hit I wasn't prepared and I have no tank to hold them with a low ph tank, which it was running on 5.8ph. And that was the end of story, started 2011- ended on 2013. I stopped for a whole year, and now i am back into business again. researching and running from the old equips I have. Trust me I been spending too much, over $3000 worth, and I dont want to make the same mistakes again. I have some questions & I did some modifications not really the tradition way of keeping shrimps, which I can post pictures later on Some say if you do it right you are able to use the gravel for a long time? so how to make it last longer? Some people say use Ro Water to neutralize the water to make it easy, but currently is there another way to lower GH without any chemicals because my gh is skyrocket high? Do You think I overdo it too much with the equips I set up for the tank. 1 aquaclear hob, 1 canister, 2 sponge filters? Planning to keep Taiwan bee or crs again? how to prevent Hydra?
  17. Hey guys, So a couple days back I bought two CRS in hopes of starting a colony of shrimp. I added them into my tank of 5 Red cherries. All has been well, apart from the fact that I do not know the gender of both my CRS. One of them is significantly bigger than the other, but I still have no idea. Occasionally, I will see the little one chase the bigger one around the tank, but I don't know if that means anything. It would be helpful if someone could tell me the gender of both of my shrimp, or give me some tips to observe myself. I have a photo of both of them, but it's not the best quality. Also, if my CRS are both males, would it be possible from them to cross-breed with my RCS? Help would be greatly appreciated! NEW PICTURES: http://i.imgur.com/ioghYSG.jpg http://i.imgur.com/IrMcil3.jpg
  18. I went away up north for a few weeks and the shrimp were very busy while I was gone. Pics taken on my phone so are not super clear.
  19. Now is the time to cast your votes for this months Photo Competition Winner! REMEMBER - Every member has TWO votes to cast. So please vote for your top two CRS pics! You have until **10pm Sunday 15th June** to cast your votes. And following are the entries: Entrant 1 Entrant 2 Entrant 3 Entrant 4 Entrant 5 Entrant 6 https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1404517506502672&l=48530a90de Entrant 7 Entrant 8 Entrant 9 Entrant 10 Entrant 11 So the rest is in your hands everyone. Vote for your favourite TWO photos. Thanks and good luck to all entrants!!!
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