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Found 3 results

  1. Here is a video of my little shrimp room. Still work in progress, i have added 3 more tanks since then, fingers crossed i will have 2 full racks up and running by the end of the year.... Hope you enjoy
  2. every now and then I find a shrimp climbing airlines or heater cables and have lost the odd one from climbing out. I found that the little plastic tabs from the end of a plastic bag of bread fits nicely over the tubing and acts as a barrier to the shrimp stopping their little escapade! The tags are also handy to number and put onto electric cables so you know which tank they come from when you have multiple heaters and lights. Saves me ages with having to follow cables back to tanks before switching them on and off. As I have 12 tanks that equates to 12 of everything so it saves quite a bit of time to have the cables numbered
  3. fishmosy

    Little Mulgrave

    These are some shots from Little Mulgrave, a tributary of the Mulgrave River (near Cairns Australia). Enjoy. Water parameters were: pH 7.0 - 7.1 GH: < 20 ppm KH: < 20ppm Temp 22.5 TDS 29 Crystal clear water. 'Red' Vallisneria - It's a deeper red in other places further downstream in the Mulgrave, and I'll post those shots soon. Here is the natural habitat of a submerse growing fern which we believe is identical to one which was being sold on another forum for serious money. Bob and I will be putting some up for sale soon, if not into the August auction. Finally a couple of pictures of an interesting organism that totally fooled me into thinking it was a snail. Bob knew better and correctly pointed out it was the home of an insect larvae. Amazing engineering to create the snail shape using grains of sand.
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