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Found 5 results

  1. Hi there! I'm new to this forum and gave a little bit of my background in another thread and explained a few issues that I'm having. http://shrimpkeepersforum.com/forum/topic/11300-you-got-me-hooked/ Basically, I started a new colony to get from red cherry shrimps to Fire Red as a way to understand more about how to selectively breed shrimps. The problem is that all my new shrimps are getting a more orangy color than red even though the initial 4/5 shrimps were vivid red. Today, I decided to separate all those orange-looking shrimps and only keep the ones closest to sakura grade. I then added a few more from my community tank (about 3) just to have a bigger colony, since by the end of the culling process I only had 3 better looking shrimps. In my opinion, the lack of color is not related to stress or water parameters since if that was the case, the older shrimps would have dull colors as well. So, I'm thinking it's either genetic or diet related (even though I'm using a food rich in minerals, from Exobyo). What do you guys think? P.s.: While searching for shrimps in my community tank, I found this little guy/girl. What is it?? (sorry about the quality, If needed, maybe later I can try to take a better photo) Thank you for your time :D
  2. Astaxanthin is a carotenoid pigment family, it is contained in some types of microalgae in salmon and shrimp, lobster. Of these, he was first identified in 1938. Interestingly, before application in pharmacology, Astaxanthin was used (and is used) as an additive to fish food on farms. This gives a "noble" red shade to the meat of cheap fish since it is a natural RED pigment. Idea: Astaxanthin can be found in its pure form. Dilute in water and soak in it a leaf of almonds or oak. Then feeds your Cherrys, Sakuras and Fires. Again and again. Will pigmentation become more intense? If anyone did so, please share your experience Sorry for my English😄
  3. Kaylenna

    ID on red spiky stuff

    I noticed recently that some of my java moss seems to have very bright red spiky things growing from some main stems. Most of it is near the top of the tank (and therefore, the light). Is it an algae of some sort? Should I leave it be or pluck it all out?
  4. Hey all I am new to the shrimp thing and am a bit confused by a few things. But first a bit about what I have and want to achieve. I am looking at keeping Crystal Reds and Blacks and as my confidence increases trying for a few different types like Hulks and Blue Bolts and maybe a selective breeding program. I have a cycled rack with 5 tanks ( 4 x 3ft and 1 x 5ft) a common sump (3ft with normal media and a 10000 l/h pump with return so pressure isn't through the roof) and sponge filters for each of the 5 tanks. It has a 300w heater but I am thinking of adding a second 200w just in case of a problem. Will this be ok for the above shrimp or stop the sump and just use the sponges? And now for my newbie questions and things I would like clarified. - Pinto's are a hybrid shrimp of tigers and bees bred for specific patterns or is there something more complicated happening? - Can you have mishlings and end up with a few different bee type shrimp after breeding. ie 2 x mishlings bred and offspring could be KK or Hulk or Panda (or any others) depending on genes? - Can you ever breed true bees from mishlings? - When doing water changes do you gravel vac the substrate or just top up water? - I was planning to have the tanks bare with mosses and plants in pots to help with cleaning will this be ok? - I am using rain water it has a 6.8 PH, 0 KH and I don't have a test kit for TDS and GH is it necessary to have these tests and will I need something to buffer the water and keep the PH lower like ADA soil? - (I have read if KH and PH are low you cannot have a high TDS????) - Can you get Crystal Blues, Greens or Oranges and what is the difference between Pandas and Crystal Black is it just a slight colour difference? Please forgive any obviously silly questions as I have searched a lot on the net and confused myself with different information. I am also wanting to minimise any deaths so have not bought any shrimp yet until I am satisfied I know enough and can achieve what I would like to. Any extra advise would be appreciated thanks for the help and if you need any more information about my setup or anything let me know sorry again if anything seems obvious. Cheers :)
  5. cathiienguyen

    Will my RCS be okay?

    I bought 7 RCS for my 2.5 gal tank yesterday (no filter/heater). I also have a marimo ball as well as some java moss. I was wondering if this no filter set up is okay for my RCS? This morning they were acting less active than yesterday. They weren't picking at the marimo ball or anything, and were all just standing still..
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