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Found 20 results

  1. fishmosy

    "Bloody Mary" tank

    Finally gotten around to setting up a tank just for my red cherries (from chocolate parents, also known as Bloody Mary). I think the red colouration of these guys is much better/deeper than standard cherries. I've also added some Stenomelania cf. aspirans cone snails. I want the tank to be mostly black and green to contrast with the red of the shrimp. The tank is an Aqua One 1ft cube which was sold as a 'tadpole' set up, complete with lid, air pump and small sponge filter. I picked it up from my LFS for $45 at 'mates rates'. I added a 'garbage bag' to the back of the tank for a black background. Added Pisces Iron Sand as substrate. Its a black sand from New Zealand, supposedly made from lava rock (basalt?) so should be relatively inert. I'm using tap water for the shrimp boosted with Benibachi minerals to boost TDS to 180-200. I added a cycled sponge filter from another set-up and added the shrimp and snails after 24hrs when the temperature had equilibrated. I performed a cull when introducing the shrimp so I now have four females and one male in the tank, along with 6 snails. Here are some of the females the afternoon after they went into the tank, the male wouldn't pose. I'm not really happy with the rock. I plan on exchanging it out for a large piece of black lava rock. I also plan on adding more filtration, possibly a hang-on filter, but its not a necessity yet given there is only 5 shrimp in the tank so far.
  2. ErinF

    Mysterious deaths

    Hi! I know this has probably been asked a million times before but my shrimp keep dying and it's truely a mystery and being very new to shrimp keeping I'm hoping someone can help. Sorry this is long, tia! I cycled my 21L tank for 2 months with plants (anubias on driftwood and hair grass with some floating rotala) I use Seachem Prime and Stability. I tested everything and all was fine (we keep fish so I'm not new to water parameters just shrimp) I put in 3 large natives (pictured) and a pack of 10 glass shrimp I ordered from livefish. All of the glass died within the week but the natives (transferred over from my housemates tank) are still thriving and have even shed the other week and grew a little. I feed algae wafers every 3 days and Hikari shrimp cuisine every second. Did a small water change last week (10-15%) and on the weekend put in 2 cherries and 3 glass from an aquarium shop in. One of the cherries is dead and the others except 2 are hiding and I havnt seen them since the first day. I've noticed a few detritus worms on my glass, could it be an oxygen issue? Temp is at 23°c same as housemates tank but the aquarium shop didn't seem to have a heater and livefish sent the glass in bags that arrived cold I floated the bags and let a little of my water in for about 40 mins before setting them free.
  3. Hey all I am new to the shrimp thing and am a bit confused by a few things. But first a bit about what I have and want to achieve. I am looking at keeping Crystal Reds and Blacks and as my confidence increases trying for a few different types like Hulks and Blue Bolts and maybe a selective breeding program. I have a cycled rack with 5 tanks ( 4 x 3ft and 1 x 5ft) a common sump (3ft with normal media and a 10000 l/h pump with return so pressure isn't through the roof) and sponge filters for each of the 5 tanks. It has a 300w heater but I am thinking of adding a second 200w just in case of a problem. Will this be ok for the above shrimp or stop the sump and just use the sponges? And now for my newbie questions and things I would like clarified. - Pinto's are a hybrid shrimp of tigers and bees bred for specific patterns or is there something more complicated happening? - Can you have mishlings and end up with a few different bee type shrimp after breeding. ie 2 x mishlings bred and offspring could be KK or Hulk or Panda (or any others) depending on genes? - Can you ever breed true bees from mishlings? - When doing water changes do you gravel vac the substrate or just top up water? - I was planning to have the tanks bare with mosses and plants in pots to help with cleaning will this be ok? - I am using rain water it has a 6.8 PH, 0 KH and I don't have a test kit for TDS and GH is it necessary to have these tests and will I need something to buffer the water and keep the PH lower like ADA soil? - (I have read if KH and PH are low you cannot have a high TDS????) - Can you get Crystal Blues, Greens or Oranges and what is the difference between Pandas and Crystal Black is it just a slight colour difference? Please forgive any obviously silly questions as I have searched a lot on the net and confused myself with different information. I am also wanting to minimise any deaths so have not bought any shrimp yet until I am satisfied I know enough and can achieve what I would like to. Any extra advise would be appreciated thanks for the help and if you need any more information about my setup or anything let me know sorry again if anything seems obvious. Cheers :)
  4. HelloUnderwaterWorld

    Unknown Shrimp??

    Hi, and thanks in advance for helping! Very much appreciated. Anyways, about three weeks ago I purchased this shrimp from my LFS. At the time, I guess the employee (and I) thought it was a ghost shrimp. Over the past few weeks I have realized that it's definitely not a ghost shrimp. Can anyone help me identify this shrimp?
  5. Hey there, and thanks for helping. I have a 1.5 gallon that currently has 1 ghost shrimp, 1 cherry shrimp and a solitary male guppy. The guppy leaves the shrimp alone, and the shrimp get along fine. I was wondering how many shrimp I could keep in this tank? It is filled with plants and rocks (water wisteria and 3 Marimo algae balls). The shrimp seem to enjoy it, as they swim around and clean the plants. I do water changes about every two days, not becuase my levels are high, but because I enjoy it. The tank has a filter and air pump. pH is constantly 7.8 and Tempurature is always about 70.
  6. Hi all! Just registered to this forum and I've been hovering some threads trying to learn as much as I can. So, a little background... I'm a 23 years old Portuguese fish keeping fanatic for the last 13 years and I recently became fascinated with shrimps so I decided to get some from a friend that I met back in college. I bought 10 red cherry shrimps as I knew they were the guppy equivalent to shrimps and my friend threw in a couple of red rillies in the bag. After keeping the small colony in my community tank with some tetras and similar small sized fish for some months, it grew in numbers until, last February I decided to go a little bit deeper. I started researching shrimp grades and came across some really confusing terms... I prepared a tank and separated about 5 red cherries with some ok-ish solid color. By this time I knew that those 2 red rillies were going to cause me trouble, since my goal at this point was to go from red cherries to Fire Red or Painted Fire Red(a bit confused in this part yet, so I appologize for that). Even though I knew that going from lower quality shrimps to higher quality was way more time consuming and more work needed to be done than starting with already a good batch, I thought that since I started with shrimps to learn, I might as well start from the bottom and understand how is the process of having good quality shrimps step-by-step. Mid-February I had my first shrimplets from those 5 that I had previously separated, and surprise surprise, about 5 red rillies mixed in there. What started bugging me, was the color of the new shrimps. Even in my community tank, where I've left the majority of the initial colony, just in case, the color was nothing like this! My red cherries (maybe low "grade" Sakura) were orange! I started thinking how did that happen, and in the meanwhile I just let the small shrimps grew and waited for the next eggs to hatch (since by this time I already had 2 more female carrying eggs [is this the "berried" term that everyone talks about? Female with eggs??]). I started to give my shrimps more vegetables thinking that maybe it was the food that was causing the color change. And then again, more oranged-colored shrimps hatched.... I was getting really worried I was doing something wrong and so I reached one of my colleagues from college who is a serious shrimp breeder. He told me that I should separate those orange cherries, as they were low graded ones, and gave me a shrimp food from the company he works at. While I try to solve the color problem, I'm selecting the shrimps that have more similarities with sakuras, even though the color is definetly not there, but atleast I'm trying to get rid of the rilly patern in this colony. And here I am! Finally founded a nice place on the web to learn more about how to keep shrimps, and dear lord I have a lot to learn after looking some of the topics that exist here! Sorry about my long monologue and for my english, and I hope that my experience doesn't make you want to throw a brick at me! hehe Take care! :D
  7. hey folks! I've been figuring out what might be the most productive cherry breeding project for a beginning like me, and I've got a few Qs to see if I'm understanding this right. I really appreciate the info in this subforum so far, especially the family trees! 1. I have some yellows of varying quality. If I'm right, the possibilities are deeper yellows (neon and sakura), yellow rilli, and green, correct? Has anyone had success getting greens? 2. Crossing colour forms that originate from different wild-type strains will tend to throw wild-type culls a lot, correct? So if I were to breed my yellows with some reds, I'd get a ton of culls and it wouldn't be very productive? 3. I quite like chocs, bloody marys, and deep blue - so would getting some chocs be a good way to explore these varieties? Thanks!!
  8. thai3


    Hi all. I am new to this hobby and have been keeping cherries and crs for a few months now. Each species have their own tank, from 20L to 35L. They are breeding well so far and I am going to move them into 55L tanks. The new tanks were added with RO and old aquarium water, which read TDS of 120-150ppm, minimally planted, 240-litre rated sponge filter, black earth premium substrate, temperature maintain about 24-26 degree Celcius. Tank cycle was surprisingly quick with another matured external filter, almost no ammonia till date, I am guessing BEP doesn't leach ammonia like other subtrates. On day 3 after setting up, I put one feeder goldfish in each tank to ensure the water is right. After another 3 days, TDS now reads 230ppm, other parameters stay the same. The goldfish were fed only once with 2-3 pellets. I do add liquid CO2 every other day. I am trying to keep the TDS down to 150ppm for cars, they never breed for me anywhere above 180ppm. My questions are, Why TDS rose by almost 100ppm within 3 days? In terms of breeding, would cherries do fine in 200-250ppm? Managing the parameters is easy in smaller tanks but I am not ready to move them until I can manage the new tanks parameters.
  9. Hey all, I am both new to the forum and Shrimp tanks. I have done my research and thought I could easily now sex both male and female Cherries but I have a unique individual that has me confused. I thought it was a female because of size and colouration but it did not form a 'saddle' at the size the other females did. It also continued growing when the other females became berry and is now the largest shrimp in the tank. I'm wondering if it is just a very late developing female or a male of a slightly darker breeding line. Apologies again for the Noob question. It also has an awesome serrated rostrum!
  10. will cherry shrimp eat the brown algae that builds up on the sides of the glass, or should I wipe it off? It's also growing on some of my plants and I can't get rid of it!
  11. cathiienguyen

    Will my RCS be okay?

    I bought 7 RCS for my 2.5 gal tank yesterday (no filter/heater). I also have a marimo ball as well as some java moss. I was wondering if this no filter set up is okay for my RCS? This morning they were acting less active than yesterday. They weren't picking at the marimo ball or anything, and were all just standing still..
  12. Can anyone recommend somewhere to get a dark, inert gravel for cherry shrimp? I've got various coloured cherries and rilli's and have had a few deaths. I'm current using fluval stratum, but after discussions with a very competent shrimp keeper I think it could be the substrate that is not agreeing with them. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  13. revolutionhope

    What's your favourite cherry ?

    I'd like people to share what their personal favourite neo variety is. New or old, regardless of whether you have kept them before or not.I'm going to start it off - Orange is my favourite, both the old sunkist and the new orange rili as seen at the inaugural aussie shrimp comp in melbourne this year. olve n peace will
  14. Hi guys, Can you please ID the first two photos - are they native (chameleon) shrimps? Or they are just cherry? I just notice they are a bit bigger than usual, with different eyes and visible strips on their spine area. What are distinguish features of native shrimp say chameleon and darwin algae? When I compared eggs shown in the Aquagreen website, they are black colour - is native shrimps have black colour eggs? Mine (ones I suspect native shrimps) have milky/white colour colour egg. http://postimg.org/image/plzg6iup5/ http://postimg.org/image/yh20nx8t5/ Lastly, I want to showcase the carbon rili I recently bought from Gbang through auction last week - they just arrived and they look fantastic. Nice colour though. http://postimg.org/image/mcw0f0lp9/
  15. So i just bought 30 red cherries and they just arrived, the problem is that they are babies and i dont know if i should release them into the tank so i put them inside the tank in a plastic recipient so they start getting used to it, my tank is 100 gallon and is planted btw at the moment i only have 2 plecos and 4 tricogaster cobra that are also small, do you guys think i should free them in the tank right now or that i should wait more time til they grow a litle bit?? Thx for the atention
  16. Hey guys Im new to shrimp and very excited about getting my tank up and ready! But I am having a bit of trouble deciding what to do about my gH, kH and pH My tanks been going just over a week and currently my parameters sit at the following- Temp:24 pH:6.2 gH:3 kH:0 Ammonia: .5 (will cycle/water change this down to 0 hopefully) and I am using Fluval Stratum I am wanting to get the ph to 6.6-6.8 and was wondering what I should do to achieve this? I have heard Airstones can help raise pH a bit, is this true? I am wanting to get my gH to 6 (not too much higher for I may eventually add crsytals to the tank and want to practise keeping the parameters in a safe zone for them as well as the cherrys). And I don't know what to do about my kH?? Some people say kH of 0 is fine for Cherry shrimp, others say it should be higher. Has anyone had any adverse effects from a kH of 0? My thought was that if its fine to keep the kH at 0 then I would use Salty Shrimp Bee gH+ to bring up the gH Really appreciate your help guys! This shrimp thing has a lot in it! Cheers, Snewls
  17. Different Grades Cherry - Clear legs with body covered in a little colour. Sakura - Legs and bottom half covered in a little colour, top half has more colour coverage. Fire - Full coverage of colour including the legs. Saddle and eggs on the female still visible under regular lighting. Painted Fire - Same as Fire except the saddle and eggs on the female only visible under special lighting conditions. Different Patterns Rilli - Solid portions of the shrimp are transparent. The more transparency, the higher the grade.
  18. Different Grades Cherry - Clear legs with body covered in a little colour. Sakura - Legs and bottom half covered in a little colour, top half has more colour coverage. Fire - Full coverage of colour including the legs. Saddle and eggs on the female still visible under regular lighting. Painted Fire - Same as Fire except the saddle and eggs on the female only visible under special lighting conditions. Different Patterns Rilli - Solid portions of the shrimp are transparent. The more transparency, the higher the grade. View full article
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