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Found 4 results

  1. Hi there! I'm new to this forum and gave a little bit of my background in another thread and explained a few issues that I'm having. http://shrimpkeepersforum.com/forum/topic/11300-you-got-me-hooked/ Basically, I started a new colony to get from red cherry shrimps to Fire Red as a way to understand more about how to selectively breed shrimps. The problem is that all my new shrimps are getting a more orangy color than red even though the initial 4/5 shrimps were vivid red. Today, I decided to separate all those orange-looking shrimps and only keep the ones closest to sakura grade. I then added a few more from my community tank (about 3) just to have a bigger colony, since by the end of the culling process I only had 3 better looking shrimps. In my opinion, the lack of color is not related to stress or water parameters since if that was the case, the older shrimps would have dull colors as well. So, I'm thinking it's either genetic or diet related (even though I'm using a food rich in minerals, from Exobyo). What do you guys think? P.s.: While searching for shrimps in my community tank, I found this little guy/girl. What is it?? (sorry about the quality, If needed, maybe later I can try to take a better photo) Thank you for your time :D
  2. Hey guyz, im cycling a 30l tank to get some rcs in it. The tank is almost cycled and im thinking of getting them next week. I have tested the water and the kH is at 9 and ph is 7 (i have yet to buy a gh test as i bought the jbl pack and didnt realise it does not include gh). I have read about parameter for neo carodina and they say that the hardier the water the better. But i have also read that the water can be too hard which will make it hard for them to molt. What would you recommend for the parameters ? And how much should i start as a basic colony?
  3. Hi everyone, Take a look at the videos I uploaded. I was trying the macro adapters for my camera but its pretty hard to get sharp images, especially when subject is moving. The second video with the Neon Yellow looks sharper. By the way, does the yellow seem like a male? I thought its a female because of the saddle, but now I see the belly is straight. Dimos
  4. Hey all, Just a question about Red Cheery shrimp. I f i put Yellow's or Blues's with them. Will the cross breed? and if they do. What would the colouration of the babies be? Thanks, Ludo
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