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Found 4 results

  1. Hi there! I'm new to this forum and gave a little bit of my background in another thread and explained a few issues that I'm having. http://shrimpkeepersforum.com/forum/topic/11300-you-got-me-hooked/ Basically, I started a new colony to get from red cherry shrimps to Fire Red as a way to understand more about how to selectively breed shrimps. The problem is that all my new shrimps are getting a more orangy color than red even though the initial 4/5 shrimps were vivid red. Today, I decided to separate all those orange-looking shrimps and only keep the ones closest to sakura grade. I then added a few more from my community tank (about 3) just to have a bigger colony, since by the end of the culling process I only had 3 better looking shrimps. In my opinion, the lack of color is not related to stress or water parameters since if that was the case, the older shrimps would have dull colors as well. So, I'm thinking it's either genetic or diet related (even though I'm using a food rich in minerals, from Exobyo). What do you guys think? P.s.: While searching for shrimps in my community tank, I found this little guy/girl. What is it?? (sorry about the quality, If needed, maybe later I can try to take a better photo) Thank you for your time :D
  2. I currently have a Fluval Spec V which is my shrimp tank, stocked with 20~ Cherry Shrimp, 1 Orange Rili (berring when I bought her and successfully birthed fry), and 2 Crystal Blacks. Last week I ordered 20 Assorted Rili Neo Davidi Male Shrimp (I thought I was ordering a mix of Males & Females, sadly mistaken). I also ordered the Dennerle/Shrimp King 10g (Shrimp King Tank) to put them in seperate from my Cherry Shrimp tank. My question is this… I want to interbreed these Rili shrimp and in order to do that I will need to purchase a “Breeder Combo Pack” (10 female & 5 male) but I do not know what would be the best option to go with to breed with the 20 Assorted Rili Neo Davidi Male Shrimp that I already have coming. Only options that guarantee females: — Neon Yellow (Neocaridia Davidi) — Orange Sakura (Neocaridia Davidi) — Sky Blue Velvet (Neocaridia Davidi) — Golden Back Yellow (Neocaridia Davidi) ((Other Freshwater Shrimp from AquaticArts)) I am looking to buy from AquaticArts because they have reasonable prices and I trusted shipping methods, but if anyone knows another source to purchase from that would have better options for what I am trying to do I would be grateful for that information Ive been doing my own research to see how interbreeding will turn out but is such a very in depth and situational topic, and I know if I get the wrong type of Neocaridia davidi then it would be possible that one gene is more dominate and would possibly just end up being all one color. Can I please have your opinions? Thank you
  3. LaxLogic

    Blue mystery Rili Macro

    Dug out my real camera and extension tubes to get you some pictures of those random rili shrimp I am using to test the waters for my Caridina on the way! Some day I will get myself a real macro lens :( Messing with tubes, tripods, remote shutters, and needing to tweak the exposure after is just not worth it! What do you think the parentage of these shrimp was? or what even are they haha.
  4. LaxLogic

    Help IDing this shrimp!

    Hello everyone! I am new to the fourm, and returning to the hobby! I recently setup a new tank and believe it is cycled but wanted to be sure, before I put in my more expensive shrimp order so I got three of these guys to try and see how they would fair. I paid about 3 dollars each for them. The pet-store is clueless and said they are pinokio shrimp but that couldn't be farther from the truth. It is some kind of Neo, but I can't tell what exactly. My guess is perhaps a cherry got busy with a blue velvet of some kind. Otherwise this is actually a very low grade carbon rili. You be the judge!
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