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Found 3 results

  1. This is a bit of a condensed version of several articles and videos below. Just wondering if there may be any additional info that may be beneficial on this journey. I have two berried females, the first one which already hatched out a handful of zoes? (didn't find hundreds of babies... only what could maybe be counted on one hand... only fish are kuhli loaches) Grabbed them last night and transferred to saltwater, this morning the female is already berried again. (can't seem to find a molt, so a little surprised there...) Second should be hatching in about two weeks, and hopefully there will be more. ~5 weeks from berried to hatch Do not need to be fed while in freshwater (at least the first 3-4 days?) Transfer to saltwater within 8 days of hatching (no acclimation required) Zoes are attracted to light Salinity between 30 and 35 ppt (1.022 to 1.026 sg) Air stone with reduced flow Temperature 68° F to 84° F? Diet Diatoms? Phytoplankton Tetraselmis Dunalliela Salina Nannochloropsis Rotifers? (zooplankton) Isochrysis sp. Tahaitian? Liquizell Golden Pearls (5-50 Microns - larger may work) Spirulina Powder (mixed with water) Mosura Shrimpton Light on for 16-24 hrs a day Morph into adults around 3-6 weeks of age Acclimate morphed babies (post larvae form) to fresh water within a few days over a period of 3 days, changing 50% of saltwater to fresh once a day - 4th day, move to freshwater Side Note: Adults survive salinity up to 17-18 ppt (for hatching in brackish water) - Adults cannot survive full concentration of marine water, eggs will not hatch in saltwater Resources; https://gabhar.wordpress.com/2009/11/11/breeding-amano/ http://aquariuminfo.org/amanoshrimp.html http://caridina.japonica.online.fr/English/Elevage.htm http://www.caridinajaponica.de/zuchtbericht.htm (German) http://www.shrimpnow.com/content.php/129-Amano-Yamato-Shrimp-Breeding (English version of above article) http://www.shrimpnow.com/content.php/288-Caridina-Japonica-breeding Video;
  2. HelloUnderwaterWorld

    Unknown Shrimp??

    Hi, and thanks in advance for helping! Very much appreciated. Anyways, about three weeks ago I purchased this shrimp from my LFS. At the time, I guess the employee (and I) thought it was a ghost shrimp. Over the past few weeks I have realized that it's definitely not a ghost shrimp. Can anyone help me identify this shrimp?
  3. Hi there, I'm brand new to this forum and basically I just want to ask a question about Amano shrimp if anyone would like to have a chat? My main question is, how long in everyone's experience do they live for in captivity? I keep seeing in articles and other written pieces on these shrimp that they live for 2-3 years. The thing is, I've had mine for 10 years!! Is this normal? I'm 99.9% sure he is Amano, he looks like one and I got him from just a regular pet store, nothing fancy or specialist. It was so long ago I don't remember what he was labelled when I bought him, I just thought he was cute! (I've learnt a lot since those days and I know make much more informed decisions before buying fish or crustaceans!) I bought two shrimp way back in 2005, possibly 2006 at the very latest. I named them Jacques and Cousteau and while Cousteau unfortunately didn't live much longer than a year or so, Jacques is still going strong living in his little tank. He's all by himself now as he has outlived everything else! He moults every few months and I find a beautiful exoskeleton sitting on his driftwood waiting to be tidied away. I'll be completely honest with you - I don't keep on top of water changes as much as I should do, I aim for once a week but it usually goes to 2 weeks. Hes in a 10 gallon tank with under-gravel filtration. I used to not feed him anything specific when there were other fish in there, he cleaned up the mess, now I feed him algae flakes though as he's on his own and there are no other fish to clean up after. I've had him so long Im reluctant to change anything Im currently doing for fear of upsetting his lifestyle which he seems to be pretty happy with! Does anyone else have such an old Amano? Any advise on how to keep him happy in his old age? Or am I completely in the wrong and these shrimp usually live for 30-40 years?!? Im interested in anyone's thoughts on the topic as I cant ever seem to find anything interesting or enlightening on the internet about these little guys. Many thanks! DawnyB
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