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Tibee, Taitibee, Pinto, Mischling, F1, F2 terms explained


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I didn't know what else to call them - I'm interested in finding out what they should be called because I have soooooo many of them :)

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Do you guys ever post pictures of your shrimps? 


Since it's all hybrids it's hard to guess what they look like.

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These are a few TaiTibee and TIBEE/ Mischling types I have. I also have some spotted head white body with black skirt - also in red, I still need to get some pictures of them. 









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They are some pretty good looking shrimp Ineke and Thank you a lot jayc all this info is extremely helpful, like i was having a fair bit of trouble finding out what pintos were. I never new that they were those specific variations and they are amazing, they are definitely on my list.

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You're welcome LC. And welcome to SKF. There are a lot more gems like this on the forum. 

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I know this topic has been quiet for a while, but I have a question re Tibees and Taitibees.  I had a Tibee in my tank with my TB for about 6 months before it passed away.  I thought that was that until I started seeing the previous few sets of juvies get big enough to have visible markings, and so I think I have a Taitibee as a result of the Tibee x shadow panda.  (Crappy photo under poor light sorry).


Ok, so far, so (kind of) simple.  Since the original Tibee is no longer in the tank, the Taitibee in the picture above matured, turned out to be female and had offspring by another TB (could have been a BB, shadow panda or KK).  Now I have her offspring in the tank with very similar markings, but I can't tell what I should call them.  Is it a Taitaitibee?  Or is a Taitibee x TB still just a Taitibee?  Or, is it just a TB with am interesting pattern?


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ok, finally I read it again, don't know how much I back to read again till now, but I think for now, will read it again with carefully and when I'm in relax condition, So I can keep it in My mind, thanks again Jayc

ok, Friends, is that true, Taiwan bee crossed with Tiger, the all shrimplets will always become Taitibee ?

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I got 20 CBS A/S grade in less than 5 months I got 3 black king kong and 2 pandas, should I consider lucky that i got TWB of CBS or probably I got mischilling instead of CBS , but i read that mischilling X mischilling does not produce TWBs,  very confusing .

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41 minutes ago, Michel.ca said:

should I consider lucky that i got TWB of CBS or probably I got mischilling instead of CBS

That would depend on what you wanted in the first place. If I already had mischlings and really wanted pure CBS, then yes, I would be unhappy. What you got are not CBS and you could never sell them as CBS. If you don't have an issue with that, then that's no problem. 

The principal of the sale however is a different story. Deception is never ok. 


41 minutes ago, Michel.ca said:

mischilling X mischilling does not produce TWBs

It's rare, that mischling x mischling produces TWB, unless the TWB genes are strong in the mischling - which means they are several generations old, and have been mixed back with pure TWBs. 

So yeah, the original seller cannot plead ignorance in this case.

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Wish I found this earlier, very useful and interesting to read!!! Loved the explanation of filial numbering, since I have heard and used the term before but never had such a clear definition of it. Thanks Jayc!

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17 hours ago, mmoner said:

Is there a Tibee chart we can refer?

No, not that I know of.

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      By sky99
      Hello everyone!
      I bought some pintos, and i did put them with my other bees (some panda, some king kong, some blue bolts).
      However, i can't seem to find if pintos do breed true (in that case, should i separate them? or will those mix with the others
      to make cool new paterns, colors, etc?)
      I have a hard time figuring what bee breed true if any.
      I've read that bee are a mutation of CRS/CBS, but do they produce  similar offsprings or is it more random as an interaction of
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      Hello guys.
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      I got some nice specimen from my mix-aquarium with TB's, pinto's, taitibees etc, etc, The first 2 photos (I think) must be a mix from a pinto zebra and a kingkong, The red one is probably a red tiger and the same father? I've got 2 of the  blacks and about 10 of the red ones, I have put them apart from the rest and see what the next genereation will be. Sorry for the quality of the photo's, they're just from my iPhone, the macrolens I ordered hasn't arrived yet :-(
      Greetings from the Netherlands

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      Hey all I am new to the shrimp thing and am a bit confused by a few things. But first a bit about what I have and want to achieve.
      I am looking at keeping Crystal Reds and Blacks and as my confidence increases trying for a few different types like Hulks and Blue Bolts and maybe a selective breeding program. I have a cycled rack with 5 tanks ( 4 x 3ft and 1 x 5ft) a common sump (3ft with normal media and a 10000 l/h pump with return so pressure isn't through the roof) and sponge filters for each of the 5 tanks. It has a 300w heater but I am thinking of adding a second 200w just in case of a problem. Will this be ok for the above shrimp or stop the sump and just use the sponges? And now for my newbie questions and things I would like clarified.
      - Pinto's are a hybrid shrimp of tigers and bees bred for specific patterns or is there something more complicated happening?
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      - Can you ever breed true bees from mishlings?
      - When doing water changes do you gravel vac the substrate or just top up water?
      - I was planning to have the tanks bare with mosses and plants in pots to help with cleaning will this be ok?
      - I am using rain water it has a 6.8 PH, 0 KH and I don't have a test kit for TDS and GH is it necessary to have these tests and will I need something to buffer the water and keep the PH lower like ADA soil? - (I have read if KH and PH are low you cannot have a high TDS????)
      - Can you get Crystal Blues, Greens or Oranges and what is the difference between Pandas and Crystal Black is it just a slight colour difference?
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    • larrymull
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      A rookie mistake on a hot melbourne day (it was above 40 degrees yesterday). My tanks got a little too hot yesterday as I closed the door to where I keep them and thus prevented the air conditioning hitting that room. As a result a couple of TB female shrimp deaths and to make matters worse when I got home I left the lid off my breeding external box to give the water more air/oxygen. This morning I woke up and found 2 TB's had tried to make a run for it and had jumped out of the breeding box and were dead on the floor.
      Great thing about keeping shrimp is that you learn the lessons the hard way!
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    • JarryPatyson
      My parents have an aquarium, so I don't know if this will help, but still want to leave a suggestion. They also liked the idea of installing a light strip in it, so they started looking on amazon. I don't know what went wrong, but it broke on the fifth day of use. I think it was a cheap Chinese thing (although the website told me it was waterproof and durable). They asked me for help finding a better option, and I advised them of the smart LED multi-color light strips I used in my car. Being pretty skeptical, my dad still decided to try them. They have been working fine for a month now and don't even flicker. Mom says the fish are happy, lol. I hope my comment was helpful
    • jayc
      It's not looking good. Quarantine any shrimp showing Necrosis, as it can be infectious. Tell us what your water parameters are, and do a heavy water change after that. Increase surface agitation to get more oxygen into the water. A bit of H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) into the water to increase oxygen might also help the shrimps that have not yet contracted this.
    • sdlTBfanUK
      Sorry to see you have a problem. Try reading the section on 'muscular necrosis' in the below section. You will need to scroll down through it until you see the bold red heading of that description (it is quite a large article covering many problems etc, it is about the 5th item on the first page);   I don't have any personal experience of this but do ask any questions as someone may be able to help. A bit more general info may also  help, your setup, number of shrimps, how long you have had the shrimps, any water parameters you may have etc?
    • supershrimpme
      Hello, I was wondering if anyone here had any first-hand information on these particular pictures. It describes exactly what a few of my shrimp have. The second picture is spot on and most accurate. Thanks
    • Crabby
      #4 looks almost like a juvenile female to me, just looking at the abdomen in the top left image, but definitely looks more male in the other two images. The colour suggests it is an adult though, and it’s lacking a clear  so Simon is probably right in thinking it is male, that top left image is just confusing me a bit. If you’re going to get a female, to be sure, make sure it’s got an obvious yellow saddle. That’ll help you know it’s mature as well.
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