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Found 6 results

  1. So a sneaky preview from my new biotope tank for keeping zebras. Here is a video of them munching on some Boss Aquaria snow.
  2. I got some nice specimen from my mix-aquarium with TB's, pinto's, taitibees etc, etc, The first 2 photos (I think) must be a mix from a pinto zebra and a kingkong, The red one is probably a red tiger and the same father? I've got 2 of the blacks and about 10 of the red ones, I have put them apart from the rest and see what the next genereation will be. Sorry for the quality of the photo's, they're just from my iPhone, the macrolens I ordered hasn't arrived yet :-( Greetings from the Netherlands
  3. Not a very sophisticated tank - just 3 granite pebbles on a thin layer of inert sand. Eucalypt leaves and sticks (aged in the bottom of a pond) with some Indian Almond and Mulberry added for variety. ~ 30% rainwater changes 1-2x per week (water at room temperature from supply in fishroom). Lighting is strong because the tank is sharing the light with some algae cultures = green rocks and side walls. Tank is small 45cm tank (~20 litres) oriented end-on. Just waiting to move some fish around and will upgrade them to a 40l tank. Room temp is ~23C GH<1 KH<1. The light is over the front part of the tank. most of the zebras hang out more on the filter sponges or under leaves during the day but always a few visible. Seems to be more action at night. I've noticed lots of activity when adding fresh rainwater - they really seem to like the current and fresh water. This is perhaps not surprising given they are found in flowing streams. There are a few juveniles that arrived as eggs on berried females - but no breeding evident in this tank yet.
  4. Hi All Im new to this Forum so thought I would put up my new Zebra Tank for Opinions criticisms etc. I see a few familiar names from another Forum Im a member of. Tank Size - 90 x 45 x 45 Filtration - Sump with Bean animal overflow (marine Pure & mat) Tank is heated to 22 deg, will add a chiller prior to next summer. Tank is open top and the sump has a float valve connected to me 200lt RO tank. TDS - 35 PH - ? GH/KH - ? I have 22 Zebra's which are being fed shrimp cuisine, snow and Almond Leaves. Looking for a supply of Mulberry leaves to add to this. Thanks for looking, please offer you advise, as I want to give this a real good go. Thanks Mark
  5. Hi, does anyone have any information on Australian Zebra Shrimp? I got a free one in a fish order and don't know anything about their care or size or anything! ? It'd an awesome looking shrimp. I have popped her in with my cherry shrimp, hope that's ok?!
  6. kizshrimp

    Caridina zebra pics

    I was one of the lucky people who set up a tank for our amazing native zebra shrimp recently, thanks to our forum hero Northboy who made some available. These are an amazing little shrimp that look very different to a CBS, despite the conflicting perception often voiced by those who haven't seen one yet. They have a reputation for being very difficult to keep going in captivity. Like anyone, I spent a great deal of time reading about the habitat and water parameters, previous experiences of those who have kept them and so on. Unfortunately there's little to read and no long-term success stories. You just have to hope for the best really. The tank was running for some time before I added the shrimp so had a healthy biofilm going and plenty of brown diatoms. I added some leaves from an outdoor container which had collected rainwater and autumn leaves over the last few months. I added a mixture of rainwater and tapwater which is pretty normal for me, both are processed through a carbon filter before reaching my tanks anyway. The tank has a thin layer, perhaps 3mm of fine white silica sand as a substrate and decaying leaves as the only real structure. I have one inert river rock in the tank, positioned to break the return from a HOB filter. Probably my least favorite style of filter yet I'm running 2 on this tank plus an air stone. The temperature is 22 +/- 1 degree C, pH essentially neutral, GH an KH undetectable, EC around 60uS (about 30ppm TDS). I have never felt any need to use RO water for any shrimp I keep, including Taiwan/Shadow Bees. However for these shrimp, it is just impossible to keep the TDS that low. I've already grabbed 20L of RO from a mate (thanks shrimply!) because the EC had gotten to around mid 70s (uS) and I felt that the shrimp were less happy then. I'll be buying an RO unit, the ability to remineralise with correct salts from virtually 0 will be a real advantage with these - as Fishmosy is already doing with his. The zebras are constantly picking away at the biofilm layer but do not seem to take any offered food. This is in contrast to what others have reported - snowflake, Boss Shrimp Crack, Mulberry leaves and Dandelion leaves have all been completely ignored in my tank. I can't explain this as yet - do they prefer biofilm and only accept other food when it's in short supply? Perhaps snails are taking the food in other tanks and actually nobody's zebras take prepared foods? There's surely other alternative explanations that haven't occurred to me yet. One thing is certain, mine are doing ok with just biofilm - the female in the pic above is clearly developing a saddle. In the shot of 2 shrimp above you can clearly see a hydra too, so it seems like they're doing ok without added food too. BTW I have been removing the leaves just before they really start to disintegrate to help keep the water clean. When the shrimp were sent down there was a couple of berried females as well as some small shrimp. These are growing well but the nice surprise was to find a new one the other day. I would say it's about a week or so old, definitely from one of the berried females and born in my tank: I don't know if there's more that made it - I saw this shrimp one day for about an hour and then it was gone. I perform a daily head count on the tank and while they're mostly out and I count to within 10% of the known population, there's plenty of places to hide in the leaves. They're also quite well camouflaged even on a plain white sand.
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