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Great job Dean. This will definitely be inspirational thread for me and many more.

Keep up the good work and waiting for the next update...

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I just went thru this thread and the whole time i was just like :O ...this is just amazing this really is BOSS!! lol

Muss Likes This :encouragement:

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What are the sieves/caps called and where did you get them? also do they have various sized screens in them.

TA Bob

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  • 2 weeks later...

so i have now automated the system and added a UV sterilizer and thought i would share how i did this.

what i have done is made it so that the tanks are doing a constant water change every hour of every day constantly.

each side of the room has its own 1050ltr water tank.

the cherry side of the room runs RO water with the saltyshrimp Sulawesi Mineral 7.5 and the other side of the room for crystals etc runs

RO water with Saltyshrimp bee shrimp mineral GH+

both sides are producing crazy amounts of shrimp.

first thing i did was to add another 6 bags of noodles to the sump just to help with the higher flow rates

of the automated system & i think there can never be to much media in the sumps.




this is them in the sump with the other stuff already in there




the RO unit


the 1050ltr tanks on blocks to save adding a pump.


to be continued




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LOL.....all my tanks combine is equivalent to 50% of one of your water tank ! Awesome setup, awesome system.....

Northboy, I think Aquotix's online store sells those sieves/caps.....remember bumping into it a few days ago.

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I bet it feels like a kid in Disneyland being in that room ha ha!

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Great to see the update Dean.

There are some articles in one of the issues of Amazonas magazine describing how the Indonesians are growing shrimp in large tanks with either constant inflow of water or large exchanges of water. As in any situation growing animals under high densities, more water exchange equals reduced accumulation of wastes, hormones ect, which means better growth, higher survival, more production, ect ect.

As a tip for our newer/ less experienced members, look closely at what guys like Dean are doing and you'll realise the things they do are advantageous, arising out of experience, and are solutions to problems that you might not even have considered. There are at least three great tips in Deans last post, 1) water changes are key 2) gravity is your friend 3) more filter media is good. Shrimp literally live and die by the bacteria on media.

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a constantly changing water source is actually as close to the shrimps home as you could get considering they come from rivers/creeks etc where the water is always changing. love this idea... Dean maybe you could get into aquaculture with the waste water!

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How cool is this setup? Dean, do your shrimp know what a good life they have?

They must be really hard to catch for sales: "I don't want to leave here!"

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So your moving away from top up only Dean?

only on the system tanks mate, my 6x2x2 KK RW Panda tank is still topup only.

thanks everyone, i enjoy reading all the comments from you guys.

yes the idea behind the constant water change came about when earlier this year i lost between 1500-2000 shrimp.

it got me thinking about best possible way to reduce chances or bacteria and nitrate problems as the system is all running off sumps

so if there is a problem in one tank it soon spreads to every tank.

with the constant water change of 1050ltr every 30 days which is a little under half the volume of water for each side of the room, the nitrates which were at a constant 10-15 have been reduced to <5 which is perfect. It also saves me a lot of time having to do top ups etc as there is approximately 15-20 ltr a day evaporation.

@ HeavyD

i dont think they know any better mate, but im sure they are not happy when they leave :)

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  • 1 month later...

So the following is about the automated water system and UV i added,

from the 2 separate water tanks i have hard plumbed each to its own sump, as 1 sump is used for each side of the room.

on the water tanks there are ball valves (see last pic in previous post) and then another ball valve just before entering each sump.


this means i can turn the flow off at the water tank or just before the sump.

The reason for this is that the white irrigation line above the ball valve is connected to the float switch inside the sump which controls the water level to keep the sump always full.


and also if i decide to flush through some larger volumes of water i can just open the ball valve to let if flow faster.

i also have a irrigation line connected to the main water line that pumps water into the room/tanks. this line is what continually pumps water out of the sump which completes the top up and removal of water, creating a constant water change.

low water before float switch turned on


full water after float turn on


i also hard plumbed a line to each sump for fast large volume water changes if it is needed for some reason.

these are the 2 pipes on the left. they also have a ball valve on them. the water is always pressurized to them so i just need to open the valve and the water goes to the drain.


after all of this was done i added a large UV filter to each sump just for the added protection against bacterial outbreaks as i already lost many many shrimp at the start of the year to this..

all the needed parts


i started by connecting the fittings to make it work with conduit, and reducers to bring it back to 25mm fittings which is the size of all my plumbing.


i then had to try and find somewhere to put it as there is very little space under the floor and each section

with out a sump is only 40cmx40cm wide so placement is important.

didnt fit here...


perfect fit


i then had to work out where to cut into the existing plumbing.



cut off


reconfigured to new direction


all finished


after letting it run for a week i tested the water parameters to make sure everything is running smooth

and it was perfect.

EC reading


As the water is always changing, new for old. i no longer need to test for anything in the water.

the only thing i monitor is the EC but only when i fill up the water tanks and ad the SaltyShrimp minerals.

there is never ammonia, nitrite, nitrate or PH problems because the water is always changing.

after 14 months now of using the Benibachi soil i am still getting PH readings of 5.7-5.9. using RO water and saltyshrimp minerals only...

no other soil comes close :)

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Every time you update this mate it blows my mind. Well done. I think everyone on this forum dreams of having a setup like this one day. I sure as hell know that I do.

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Did you extend the room or stick a rack up the middle? Damn, can't wait to see the next update :) I you need a hand just ask, can be paid in TB's :p

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@sprae. not much to see mate :) i prefer to show pics of a nice shrimp than a tank of shrimp....

@Trav, yes 2 more rows up the middle with another 24 tanks if i get a break over xmas to build it..

paid in TB's??? dont under sell your worth mate :) aim high lol will let you know if i do mate, but most of my shrimp room work is middle of the night to early morning.

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Nice work, night/morning is the best time to do that kind of thing. No one bugging you and your free to take your time :) if you need a hand you just gotta call ;)

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    • sdlTBfanUK
      I have just done the planned weekly maintenance and 10% water change and everything 'seems' to be going very well, I saw 12 blue and 9 panda shrimps so am very happy about that as there are always some hiding (and they are small) so there must be more than that at this point. Early days yet (especially with the off parameters) with the blues only been in the tank for a week and the pandas for 2 weeks. Not seen any dead ones yet and the shrimp seem happy enough and beautiful colour and pattern, all small so must be young! Parameters were TDS 159, GH 7-8, KH 1-2, PH 7 yesterday so still a bit off the usual ideal! Hopefully these figures come down slowly in time, I used pure RO water for the water change so Tds should drop 10. I will get a different PH test kit with a narrower range/increments as the one I have measures in .5 increments over a wide range which is probably a bit much. I bought these shrimp because the sellers parameters (PH 6.8) were the closest to mine so hopefully it will work out long term. I changed my zerowater filter as well, as the old one was measuring TDS 6 so passed its best. I will definitely overnight drip acclimate shrimp in the future, not that I plan any more in the forseeable future. I will add/edit photo when available, hopefully later today.
    • sdlTBfanUK
      All done now, I drip acclimated 11 blue bolts and 6 blue steel overnight and they are now in the tank so now is just wait and see if this works. 28 shrimps have now been put in and I have yet to SEE a dead one so fingers crossed! A couple of pictures of some below; I don't plan on buying any more shrimp so plan this to be a blue shrimp tank, though if it doesn't work out I have seen some female bettas I would like, but hopefully the shrimps will work out. The water parameters are still the same as before, so a bit off! I need to sort out what foods and shrimp stuff I have in the drawers and cupboard tomorrow as it's been a while, hopefully I find a shrimp lolly so I can give them one/part of those tomorrow, and it may bring as many of the shrimps out as possible.  Fingers crossed everyone...........  
    • NoGi
    • jayc
      LoL. Just look back at old posts on the forum.  
    • NoGi
      New, when i left i shut down everything. This is my first tank back. I've forgotten so much lol
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