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Found 11 results

  1. Ive done alot of research but let me explain my set up for you. I have a 6 gal tank that is approx 12 inch tall. It is a fertilized and currently has a DIY co2 on it, i did this by taking a 2 liter bottle and adding sugar and yeast, it is connected to a special co2 bubble (whatever they are called). The tank also has high lighting and is completely planted carpeted and bigger plants. Im about to be adding in my cherry shrimp and know that gassing them with co2 is possible at night. And im wanting to avoid this of course. Yet i dont want to spend alot of money upgrading my co2 system. The co2 bubblier is only 8-9 inchs from the water line. The majority of the bubbles reach the surface meaning not all the co2 is dissolving or there are other gasses present. Im wondering if I can get away with this co2 delivery system. Or what simple upgrades could be made so that it doesn't run at night? from what i understand it would be at night i would gas the shrimp? Also I do a 50% water change 1 if not 2 times a week. Options ive thought of- 1. Instead of a 2 liter bottle maybe like a 12 oz bottle, scale back the yeast and sugar so there is less co2 being produced 2. Releasing the pressure in the DIY bubblier before bed. so it would take maybe 4-6 hour for the pressure to build up again and start bubbling 3. Upgrading system (Dont want to do this really, but i though of it)
  2. Hi ! I have a ton of extra Java moss that I got from a lfs near me. I covered all of my driftwood already and made some stainless steal mesh carpets with them. What else should I do with them ? Can I just leave them free floating in my tank ? Thanks for any suggestions !
  3. Hello, Ive noticed I had some equipment laying around that needed to be put to better use, and after settling in my half a dozen or so new shrimp colonies and other tanks, I figure I'll get to scaling it. Ive cleaned up an old 50cm Long tank and cut a glass brace for this light to sit on, Was a standard 3ft tropical PL compact flouro light, one ballast stopped working ages back so I cut it out and halved the unit, and the other has powered along for over a year now with a new globe. I've Got that light 36w, my 1L Ista co2 bottle just behind it, Aquaone 650 canister filter- which I'm putting a glass skimmer on, a standard glass heater, and drop checker.- That's about it for equipment, I'm contemplating adding a sotching oxydator I bought from newbreed aquatics closing down sale. Looking for some nice lava rock as I want to keep the kh quite low in this one, most of my other tanks have had seiryu or something else reactive, and I find plants like anubias and buce grip much better into light pourous stone like lava rock. I've got a fresh bag of Black earth to go in there when I do find the lava rock, till then.
  4. Hi everyone, I installed a Co2 system in my shrimp tank (you can see it on the left, although not activate at that time). Plants really grow more after I installed. However, I heard that you shouldn't leave the Co2 running when there is no light, because there is no photosynthesis happening and something toxic from the Co2 might kill the shrimp. So, I heard that you can either turn it off every night (pain, because I have to take out the tubes and turn the bottles around so that Co2 is not passing through), or add an air stone which provides oxygen and is safe when you have Co2 in the dark. Do you agree with that? Is it safe to leave Co2 open (though very small amount) overnight, when you have an air stone? Thanks, Dimos
  5. Hi guys, I got some plants for my shrimp aquarium and I noticed some tiny snails on them. I didn't pay attention but now I see they grew a lot and they are quite many. Do you think they could be a threat for the shrimp? Attached see a picture of two of them (Not sure what they are doing, the one of them is too small to mate I guess. But if they do I'm gonna have even more snails). Thanks, Dimos
  6. newbreed

    Tissue Culture Planting

    A bit of a late night planting frenzy!! The new tanks needed some colour so decided to get out some tissue culture plants and do some work! For the four 30cm cubes I used the following: 2 x Cups of Monte Carlo 1 x Cup of Crypt lutea 1 x Cup of Crypt lucens 1 x Cup of Bacopa monnieri 2 x Cups of Bacopa carolininia 1 x Cup of Alternanthera reineckii mini 2 x Cups of Rotala colorata 2 x Cups of Green Pennywort Full list of available plants and details can be found here: http://newbreedaquatics.com.au/planted-tanks/plants These tanks will be used for guppy strains (maybe shrimp later on!) and I want them heavily planted. Below are just some step by step images of how to use your tissue culture plants, for those of you who haven't used them before. Step 1. Select the plants you wish to use. Determine layout based on plant growth habits and how you want it to look. Step 2. Break the hermetic seal by opening the lid of your plants. Some may take a bit more work than others. Step 3. Remove all excess gel from plant roots. I used a bucket of tank water and swished them about vigorously. Some plants will come away from the gel easily, some need some more effort. Step 4. Separate your plants into planting group sizes. I prefer to plant smaller amounts per lot, spreading them over a larger area. At this stage, I also trim the roots of any plants that have really long roots. It makes them easier to plant in. Step 5. Using fine tooth tweezers (bent) hold plants by roots and push into soil until covered. Step 6. You may need to push some soil back onto roots for a neater finish. Step 7. Repeat steps 2-6 until all planting is done. Below are the four cubes. All tanks have same filtration, heaters and Shirakura Red Bee Sand substrate. The shirakura is a shrimp substrate, not a plant substrate, I wanted to test how these plants will fair in a shrimp friendly environment. Only the lights are different, so will be interesting to see how they develop. Hope this has been helpful!! ??
  7. layfishies


    Hi all,I'm relatively recent to fish and shrimp keeping. I'm a freshwater ecologist in my day job, but only got around to keeping the fish and shrimp In the last 12 months.And now I've got 4 tanks and I'm wondering if my wife will notice if I add another!I've got a 215L Aquaone 980 heavily planted (DIY CO2) community tank in our living area (pearl gourami, kribensis, ottos, hengeli raspboras, Cardinal tetras and Cory sterbai).I kitted out the walls of our garage a few years back with about 10m of floor to ceiling storage racks to keep things tidy. Only now it's being converted to a fish den. In the garage I've got 2x 2ft tanks and a 40L quarantine tank.One of the 2ft tanks is heavily planted with DIY CO2 and 22W LEDS. It's got RCS in it at the moment and some Neon Tetras. The other 2ft tank is being prepared for CRS.And finally the 40L quarantine tank currently has 5 native long arm shrimp in it (Macrobrachium australiense). But they are absolute assassins (the victims so far include 4 neon tetras, 2 barbs, and one black widow tetra) and are about to be sold off to a good home. CheersPaul
  8. Z-Aquatics

    A Nano Shrimp Scape

    I had a 45cm tank lying around so might as well make a little home for some shrimps :D I'm using Benibachi Shrimp Soil, assortment of low light plants, HOB filter, and fair bit of lava rock. The rocks will provide heaps of surface area for the beneficial bacteria to colonise.
  9. GotCrabs

    Small Aquarium Plants

    I'm after a list of small aquarium plants, besides the ones I know of such as HC, Glosso, Dwarf Hairgrass, whatelse is there? Are there small Crypts? Other carpeting plants?
  10. OzShrimp

    Anubias growers

    I am starting to really get into anubias plants and in the process of trying to acquire the different varieties. So far coffeefolia seems to be my favourite just waiting for it to arrive. So wondering if anyone else is into anubias and if so what are you keeping? I would like to see photos as well if willing to share so I can see what they look like when their big. Another thing I am curious to know is what the values are on the different varieties so I know what to pay? I have read on a couple of sites that coffeefolia is supposedly one of the rarer ones? Not sure if this is still the case.
  11. A mate and I just returned from East Gippsland after a couple of days running around hunting various things. As is normal for us we left Melbourne about 10pm thursday and drove until about 4am - that way we maximise our time out there and don't spend a potentially good day sitting in the car. We had a few objectives for the trip and as normal only fulfilled some of those. Our primary goal to check the last possible location in Victoria for a generally NSW Utricularia species (uniflora) had to be aborted for the second time, this time due to track closures and an approaching severe thunderstorm. The site is so remote it's no wonder that nobody gets out there. Next time we'll need a chainsaw in the car to get through. BTW I intend to bore you all with this non-aquarium stuff before moving on. Deal with it! A secondary goal was to photograph an orchid species in the same general area, which we did achieve: Dipodium variegatum, near Mallacoota Another secondary goal was to see a couple of tree frog species in the rainforest pockets out there. Litora citropa (Blue Mountains Tree Frog) is known from Victoria these days but we couldn't find any adult frogs, a shame as neither of us has seen this species in the wild. Litoria nudidigita was the other target and we found them in abundance. I have seen these before when they were still called L. phyllochroa but my mate had never seen them. Hunting frogs around rivers at night is not something I carry my camera for, so fortunately we also found one during the day: Litoria nudidigita, near Cann River We saw some interesting things walking around the rainforests. Unfortunately it was very dark and I discovered the tripod mount had fallen off my camera somewhere (doh), so the shots are all handheld and pretty average. For the flowers below (and frog above) I was standing on tip toes and just couldn't set the focal plane where I wanted. Asclepiad species (something like a Hoya) another nice tiny flower Thurra river tributary - typical sandy bottom and tannic water Forest floor We bumped into a young German bloke traveling alone and for his benefit I grabbed a nice male Water Dragon for him to photograph. That made his day, so a minute later my mate saw a White-lipped snake and I grabbed it too as it raced off the path. As I picked it up I saw the Tiger stripes on it and realised the mistake. We all got an uneasy laugh out of that but I think the young tourist will remember that walk for some time. Sorry but my hands were too full to get photos. Something I've only seen a couple of times before is the larvae of a butterfly - Jalmenus evagoras, the Imperial Blue Hairstreak, with its attendant ants. In the same way that terrestrial orchids fascinate me because of their reliance on a symbiotic relationship with mycorrhizal fungus, the butterfly family Lycaenidae (blues) fascinate me due to their symbiotic relationships with ants. The ants protect the caterpillars and pupae and are rewarded with a sugary secretion from the butterfly larvae. Nature is wonderful. At another site I was able to photograph a pretty amazing dragonfly, despite having the wrong lens on the camera. Eventually he allowed me to sneak close enough to get this heavily cropped pic: I'll wind up "part 1" here because of time constraints and prepare myself for part 2, which will mainly cover mosses, shrimp and their habitats.
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