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Otocinclus and shrimp babies - truth or rumour?

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I'm keen to hear from anyone who has first hand experience of keeping correctly identified Otocinclus catfish with shrimp. 

There's a widespread belief, often repeated, that Otocinclus leave shrimp alone and are safe to keep in the same tank.

There are also stories of Otocinclus chowing down on shrimplets, and even in one case on adults, so now that belief is also being repeated.

There are many cases of Otocinclus being confused with Siamese Algae Eaters and other similar looking fish.

I want to get to the truth. Can anyone who has ever kept definite Otocinclus with shrimp please tell me your experiences and observations?

BTW, for ID...

These are Otocinclus, with the sucker mouth and spot on the tail root: 

These are not:



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I always had otocinclus in my shrimp tanks and I never seen them eat any shrimp or shrimplet. They eat the shrimp foods and the dried blackworms. I also have l397s with my crs and I still see growth in the crs population. 

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I used to have otocinclus (no idea which exact species but probably a common one since they came from a local petshop) and the shrimp numbers never seemed to decrease. The otos may have snacked on the occasional dead shrimp or even a shed shell but I never saw them ever so much as look at snacking on a shrimp or shrimplet. I also have a whiptail (possibly L06) who doesn't seem to care one bit about eating shrimp. Even more surprising it appears so far that even my Dwarf Chain loaches are shrimp safe, and my Khuli loaches have already proved they are shrimp safe.

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Similar experiences with my Otos and shrimp here.

The Otos show no sign of eating shrimplets or the adults.

I have seen shrimplets crawling on the head of one of my Oto, and the fish just sat there without moving.

I moved to get a camera, but my movement spooked the Oto, and the photo opportunity was missed.

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Never had problem keeping shrimps and otos together

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      So I currently have a 6 gallon planted tank that has been set up and running for 3 weeks. Im about to purchase my red cherry shrimp to put in this tank. There is plenty of algae in the tank for them to eat, so food should be fine for the beginning correct? Plus it is heavily planted meaning there is plenty of organic matter to be consumed at all times, so they shouldn't really need to be fed ever? Also i see that drip acclimation is best for getting them used to there new home. If i did this till the tank is half empty for provided them with as close conditions as possible without emptying the tank. Am i good to just refill the tank afterward or from now on when i do water changes do they all need to be dripped in? Also is it true that adding calcium to the tank is beneficial for the shrimp to molt?
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    • jayc
      It must have been an aluminium heatsink. The Indium in Liquid metal will eat through aluminium. Only copper or nickel plated heatsinks can be used with liquid metal. It says so on the packet, at least my pack of Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut does.
    • jayc
    • kms
      I will try to add all the old tank's shrimps at the end of August to the new tank, had a problem with my chiller this morning, try to make it more efficient by adding a better heat sink grease, I added a liquid metal grease, apparently you can't add liquid metal, when heating up, the heat sink turning to dust, along with part of the cooler inlet and outlet. So far the shrimps are ok.    
    • sdlTBfanUK
      I have had the new shrimps a week and have ordered some new ones(10) for delivery friday. There are probably at least 6 of the 8 alive (they may even all be alive still) but as the tank is so densely planted it is difficult to tell, but I saw 2 black and 2 red this morning, as yesterday, but I'm sure 1 red and  1 black weren't the same as the ones I saw yesterday so there are probably at least 6, if that makes any sense??? Anyway that will be it for now and I will just let the tank and shrimps do there thing once this batch are in there in a couple of days, and I can get back to the usual routine as was, before this unfortunate event wiped out the last lot. All parameters are good, including the nitrates now, but there are a lot of brown patches on the plants and moss balls still......... It all looks a bit drab and uninspiring and brown!!! I probably just need to be a bit more patient? I will do some maintenance tomorrow and a small 2L water change, then the new shrimps will go in on friday after acclimatising. The shrimps were totally uninterested in the spinach or shrimp lolly I put in at the weekend but I am assuming they have so much biofilm at this stage that that is keeping them busy and well fed and they are staying under cover until they get used to their new environment and this strange ugly monster that keeps peering in at them through the glass from time to time? I guess if some 100ft tall bloke kept peering through my window a few times a day I would be a bit nervous/reserved shall we say? I removed the spinach and the shrimp lolly and put the shrimp lolly in the betta tank and within minutes there were 10 shrimp on it so there was definitely nothing wrong with that shrimp lolly! Simon
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      Traps don't work on hydra. Even with planaria, it is slow and it doesn't catch them all.