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Found 2 results

  1. SonoranStorm

    Pale Otos

    Hi All, Question my LFS is going curbside pick up RN with the Rona so i dont get a chance to go pick out the fish myself I got two otos and 5 Neon Tetras. They were drip-acclimated over a 2 hour period but since i picked them up I saw they were noticably paler than my other 3 otos. Upon closer inspection it looks like their tails are a little beat up and their gills are working overtime. I would like to give them a fighting chance. Any advice? Thoughts?
  2. I'm keen to hear from anyone who has first hand experience of keeping correctly identified Otocinclus catfish with shrimp. There's a widespread belief, often repeated, that Otocinclus leave shrimp alone and are safe to keep in the same tank. There are also stories of Otocinclus chowing down on shrimplets, and even in one case on adults, so now that belief is also being repeated. There are many cases of Otocinclus being confused with Siamese Algae Eaters and other similar looking fish. I want to get to the truth. Can anyone who has ever kept definite Otocinclus with shrimp please tell me your experiences and observations? BTW, for ID... These are Otocinclus, with the sucker mouth and spot on the tail root: These are not:
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