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What freshwater fish can I use to kill copepods?

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I picked up a school of ember tetras and I’d see them hunting pods all the time. Although I don’t have shrimp babies to see whether or not they eat those

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16 minutes ago, Makaroni007 said:

ember tetras

Ember Tetras should do the work. They might not be as effective as larger fish, but ember tetras are safer for shrimp. 

The ember tetras will probably target smaller copepods first. So the next generation of copepods will be drastically reduced.


BTW, welcome to SKF Aquatics.

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I got them just in time, too. My detritus worms population has exploded, and I see flatworms in my moss ledges. I've watched the rasboras suck worms up like spaghetti. So thrilled with them, and they're so darn cute!!

I wish my embers or neons ate detritus worms! I started vacuuming the substrate to suck them out because they have been free swimming and it’s soo gross!

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Ember Tetras should do the work. They might not be as effective as larger fish, but ember tetras are safer for shrimp. 
The ember tetras will probably target smaller copepods first. So the next generation of copepods will be drastically reduced.
BTW, welcome to SKF Aquatics.

Thanks! I was actually sad to see the tetras eating the pods, I like the little buggers lol

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    • Chels
      By Chels
      Hello all! I've only been keeping shrimp for a few weeks now, but I am already an overfeeding expert.
      Apparently in my zeal to give my shrimp the best life, I have grown a giant colony of copepods which I am worried may harm my first ever newborn shrimplets (which could hatch at any time). I've read that copepods are opportunists who will eat weaker shrimplets if given the chance. And with the amount I have in my tank rn, I foresee my first newborn babies hatching & being instantly swarmed. I also have 3 or so saddled females, soon to be berried females so I want to protect their future babies also. 
      I cannot for the life of me find any recommendations on freshwater fish who won't eat shrimplets. The recommendations are always with the caveat of "but I have total ground cover/top cover so most of my shrimplets survive." I have a ton of plants & hidey holes, but I also have some grazing areas where it's just a small patch of substrate since my shrimp love to be fed in those areas. I just started with 15 shrimp, so I don't have a huge colony and can't afford for any babies to be eaten rn. 
      I do have an albino bristlenose pleco who is very tiny, but she is a lazy betch and hasn't impacted the copepod population. I should also note I am using a 2g nanotank at the moment. It's a mixed tank with cherries, yellows & blue rilli so I can get a lot of different offspring to separate out and form colonies from in bigger 30g tanks. 
      Here are the fish I have heard work great, but may eat *some* shrimplets:
      Endlers (males or fry)
      Ruby tetras
      Pygmy corys
      Rocket killifish (clownfish)
      Ember tetras
      Neon green tetras
      Gold ring danios
      Lowlight danios
    • Crabby
      By Crabby
      Hey guys, I thought I’d just make a single topic for my community tank, so I stop running around in other chats asking the same questions 😁. I’m going thru a big change in the tank at the moment, so will likely update in the morning with photos once the cloudiness is gone. Be prepared for a possibly very long message about a 10 hour process 😂.
    • Crabby
      By Crabby
      Hey all.
      So, I'm getting some cory cats in the near future, and I want to know if I need to quarantine them. I know a guy at my lfs really well, and I trust the store, so I might be able to get them to hold and quarantine them for me for a week. I'd prefer to just add them straight to the tank if it's possible though. If not, then I can sort a qt tank soon.
      Thanks in advance
    • TheKeeper
      By TheKeeper
      So I currently have a 6 gallon planted tank that has been set up and running for 3 weeks. Im about to purchase my red cherry shrimp to put in this tank. There is plenty of algae in the tank for them to eat, so food should be fine for the beginning correct? Plus it is heavily planted meaning there is plenty of organic matter to be consumed at all times, so they shouldn't really need to be fed ever? Also i see that drip acclimation is best for getting them used to there new home. If i did this till the tank is half empty for provided them with as close conditions as possible without emptying the tank. Am i good to just refill the tank afterward or from now on when i do water changes do they all need to be dripped in? Also is it true that adding calcium to the tank is beneficial for the shrimp to molt?
      Im a pretty experienced fish keeper, just haven't ever had with shrimp so I dont want to kill all these expensive shrimps due to lack on knowledge. Any more knowledge or advice that can be given to me is high encouraged, even if it seems simple. 
      Some specs of the tank, tanks does have a filter, that has small openings that could suck up baby shrimp. Its a small filter and has algae growth on the openings so it really does reduce the flow a bit, where i dont see it becoming a  huge issue. The tank is co2 injected, but thats pretty nailed down so nuking them with co2 is highly unlikely. The tank has a soil bottom capped with coarse sand. The vast majority of the bottom of the tank is carpeted with plants but they still have a way to go. There is no lid on the top of the tank. The tank does have some natural river stones in it with the brown algae growth on them. And a lot of the plants have the white "bugger" algae growing on them or around them. The tank receives about 10 hours of light a day. I know i put a lot of un-important information here, but maybe a pro will see a problem here and be able to inform me so I can correct it. Thanks for your time and consideration in advance!!!!
      -The Keeper
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    • sdlTBfanUK
      The clear patch on the head isn't something I have never seen before, it may be to do with the problem you had? Hopefully you will be sorted now but there may still be deaths if the shrimp are weakened. If the black one iss the only one with that clear patch I would remove it as it shouldnt look like that, but the blue jelly (and others) in the other picture from thee earlier post look fine. That is one beautiful JADE GREEN shrimp with the racing stripe down the back! Simon
    • beanbag
      looks like the antibiotics killed off the filter bacteria. U should dose something that treats ammonia, like Seachem Prime. Also add filter bacteria like Seachem Stability.  Or just wait for your own bacteria to come back.
    • abepaniagua
      Also, I forgot to say and ask. Very few of my neos are 1 color. Most have a clear area where organs are, then circled by its color. Let me share a picture.  This shrimp seems like it's black but head area is clear. Most of my blue neos were like that.  Now this one is one of the few that grew up 1 colored, and I have no idea what freaking color it is. I didn't buy it, so I'm sure it's one of my first babies from last September/October. But parents were both blue neos, and it doesn't have a clear area where you can see organs. Is that normal?
    • abepaniagua
      Thank you for all the help. I believe the issue was a bacteria. Deaths have stopped so far. Shrimps are very active, they keep molting and there's still 1 berried female. I keep doing water changes until it cycles, and half the tank doesn't have the fuzzy white thing anymore. The other part does still.
    • Crystal Jade
      I haven't been able to find an ammonia test kit so maybe that was my problem but I woke up to no dead shrimp. Before I do a water change I want to make sure my water I have is correct with water parameters and GH and KH  especially. I did cycle my tank and it should be fully cycled by now.    Thank you all!
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