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Shrimps,Inverts I have kept till date

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Hi All,

Posting images of some of the shrimps I have kept.

Its very hard to get shrimps here and you can count how many shrimp keepers are there in our country smile.png

Please ignore some of the bad image qualities smile.png

Blue shrimp




Fire Red


My own prl line - which due to my mistake only is now no more. They stopped breeding and are now no more with me. But again will try this time with CBS smile.png


Cross of green and zebra babaulti








Indian Caridina white backed


Shadow Panda in 2012. We got them in India at around 2012, hand carried. Have just joined job and these things were so costly that I had sleepless nights those times. Sold them off after some days smile.png

Will be getting some soon


Tiger shrimp


Vampire Crab, built a paludrium for them. But lost interest after some days


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Wow that is a amazing collection

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I really like the orange and the zebra. Well done. 

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Very nice pictures !

And not a bad one in that group at all.

Edited by jayc
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Thank you so much @Disciple, @fishmosy, @jayc for the lovely words :)

@raukem86 I will convey him your love ;)

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awesome looking shrimp @Abhishek ! I didnt see any poor quality photos though! 

Those crabs are pretty cool lookin to!

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Cool list. How did you get the panda into Australia from India?

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Cool list. How did you get the panda into Australia from India?

He didn't, he lives in India. 8-)

Nice photo's too btw @Abhishek

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Thanks @Ozshrimp :D
Thanks M4k0 :)

Thanks @NoGi, and yes I am from India, got them from Singapore.

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