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Pictures of Sulawesi Biotope

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I came across this Japanese website that shows the biotope of Sulawesi shrimps.

Thought you guys with Sulas would be interested. (Need Google translate to English).






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Ooooh that clear with green saddle shrimp looked interesting.

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And it had green neon eggs too!

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    • bluestarfish
      By bluestarfish
      Before I get to the main purpose of this thread, I've had a burning question for a while, how do you tell a Red (brown Heritage) apart from just a normal Red? (same for blues). Is that something you can only know by knowing the breeding line, or is there some tell in the shrimps coloration?
      So I ordered a second batch to mix with the 10 I started with, they came sooner than I expected. I'm not quite done adjusting the TDS, but it's close enough. (man shaving the last 60ppm or so off is hard though, I think I'm going to have to do a fairly large change to get bellow 200). 
      The bag(s) were very mixed, and many are lower grade than advertised. I'm not sure if I feel a little annoyed or not, I don't intend to breed them, but I know that they will eventually breed and dilute the brighter red ones I already have. On the other hand, there are some interesting shrimps in there. A couple of bluish ones, several that are a dark brownish red, and one that is fairly brown with a long white stripe down its back. If nothing else, if I ever do get into breeding them I guess I'll have genetic variety on my side...
      Anyway, I'm trying to nab pictures of them to get help identifying their colors? 

    • KeenShrimp
      By KeenShrimp
      I just want to give a big thank you to @JPN07: it has been -4 degrees Celcius in Canberra the last 2 mornings. He posted Sulawesi Cardinals 2 days ago from the West Coast. With his ingenious double-heat pack-sandwich insulation packaging, the shrimp were at least 24 degrees Celcius in the esky when I got them. I went to check on them just now and they are all happy and foraging a few hours after arrival. Thank you so much for the generous extra ?
    • KeenShrimp
      By KeenShrimp
      Guys, I will be the first to admit that I should have bought those Cardinals at the auction last night. My tank is not yet ready.
      If a guy on Gumtree raises them in tap water and @JPN07 has bred and adapted them for easier keeping here in Australia,  is there anything else that interested potential keepers should know apart from adding Sulawesi shrimp salt and off we go?
      Do you need special rocks or substrate, or specific types of blankets of algae? Do they eat normal shrimp food? They are classified as a very hard shrimp to keep and I would just like to find out why. Do they kick the bucket for the slightest change in water parameters like small water changes? I have looked at their habitat and taken a mental note that they like to hang out on the underside of hanging rocks, but can it really be that easy?
      I have seen photos of setups that look like they were staged for National Geographic, and then I have seen For Sale ads where the tanks look more like swamps with a phosphate problem there is so much algae in it, but it is filled to the brim with babies. What works?
    • Mark49
      By Mark49
    • BRISSY
      By BRISSY
      One of my females

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    • Chels
      Thank you Simon!! L Bretz does ship to the lower USA so that's exciting. He has a ton of neos! I may add another blue velvet or 2. Aquahun's website is currently down so I wasn't able to check them out. Hope they're doing ok. Flip Aquatics by far has the best caridina selection.  We definitely keep the AC running, and always keep it about 68-70 room temp so that shouldn't be a problem. Right now here in the mountains it's in the 30s or less (we may get snow this week) but I haven't had to use the heater I bought. It's just an expensive algae collector at this point.  Just in case anyone else is looking, here are other breeders who ship in/to the US that I found: The Shrimp Farm Planet Inverts Elite Inverts AZ Gardens Lucky Aquatics Shrimp Envy Joe's Shrimp Shack  Shrimpery & Aquatics  So Shrimp
    • Chels
      Thank you so much, Simon!! I think I just spotted the 5th and newly hatched teeny tiny Malaysian Trumpet Snail in my tank this week. They are a Godsend honestly, because they dive down into the substrate and get every little piece of food, and there is plenty for them even after suctioning the substrate.  I had to start feeding every other day based on the frenzy, I think they have consumed most of the biofilm. My filter sponge was thick with algae and it looks nearly brand new. I have a ton of food and botanicals coming next week, til then it will have to be a tricky dance on the line of overfeeding.  I believe any freshwater shrimp would be a good meal for Tortuga the turtle. I've been able to give him fresh plants (except duckweed, I'm just not going there as I read it's a plague), fresh fish, fresh mealworms, and shrimp are really the only fresh food missing. I'll wait until I have over 20 to add to his tank, so hopefully he won't eat them all and they can propagate. I have mollies and platys in their now, the guppies never last long enough to breed. And a bn pleco but it's just a baby so it won't be eaten. Those little suckers move fast when they're babies!! I really shot myself in the foot though, since I now have a 10g and am looking at galaxy pintos. I am head over heels for shrimp!! It's super addictive. I will be asking a ton of questions the next couple months while that tank cycles. Sorry in advance. 😁
    • piste
      I can only speak to the short moves i have done...which I think would apply to anything up to a day's travel.  I just drained the tanks down to about 20% of capacity....more if needed to lower the weight so I could carry them....then just unhook...move...hook back up at destination and that's about it.  I mean it all depends on specifics....so long as them temps are allowed to stay in what a human would typically be comfortable at....good to go.   Good luck!  Oh...and just try and minimize agitation of the tank and water as much as possible when carrying.
    • Crabby
      Yeah I think betta mating, however beautiful, always ends of with some aggression and damaged fins.   That's so cute! I'll have to try peas. We have some growing in the garden, so there isn't the worry about it having pesticides or anything.    Thankyou! He just arrived today, looking splendid. I'll send some photos when he's settled in. Just double checking right now that I've got similar parameters to the ones jayc recommended to you. 
    • sdlTBfanUK
      We get that a lot thaat snails are introduced with plants, they may have been eggs on the plant etc. Still, snails aren't a bad thing ad as long as you keep on top of the numbers they are another dimension to an aquarium. The majority of snails need a saltwater/brackish stage for reproduction so depending on what the black one is you may never get babies with that one, this means they never become a problem but you need to restock every now and again! I use assassin snails which are much slower at reproducing than the Malaysian Trumpet snails but occassionally I have to give some away to friends. Overfeeding is such a common problem. Really, shrimp feeding is a top up and treat as the shrimp eat biofilm most of the day, though obviously there needs to be enough biofilm in the tank to sustain the shrimp and with 15 shrimps in a 2g tank they will need some extra food over the biofilm probably! It sounds as though you are doing everything right! Keep it up! When you get boring/wild type shrimps they will make a nice treat for your turtle? Simon
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