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Found 4 results

  1. So a sneaky preview from my new biotope tank for keeping zebras. Here is a video of them munching on some Boss Aquaria snow.
  2. Barney Springs is a pretty special place Ever since I first visited Barney Springs I've wanted to do a biotope tank. Here are a few shots and a video of the shrimp from Barney Springs. I believe they could be the same species as Caridina sp. 'Malanda' but time will tell. Here is a shot of the tank as I set it up when I got the shrimp home. I actually brought the red rocks back with me from Cairns. Extra 15kg of luggage! Anyway the layout of the tank has been changed since then and is under constant tweaking. I'll post a full build of the tank once I'm happy with its layout. Also I'm swapping the filter from a Fluval 106 to an Eden 511 because the Fluval is just too powerful for the tank. I have to have the pipes closed at least 60% to stop the shrimp being blown around. Here are some shots of the shrimp a couple of days after they were first added to the tank. You'll notice some of the shrimp seem to have a disease - their bodies are white indicating tissue necrosis. This was probably related to stress during transport. I culled a couple of the worst ones but the others came good after a week or so. A handful of losses out of the 50 or so that I packed is not bad. The shrimp like Boss Aquaria's Snow Here is a video of them chowing down
  3. I came across this Japanese website that shows the biotope of Sulawesi shrimps. Thought you guys with Sulas would be interested. (Need Google translate to English). http://equator.web.fc2.com/indonesia-sulawesi-danao.htm http://equator.web.fc2.com/indonesia-sulawesi-danaomatano.htm http://equator.web.fc2.com/indonesia-sulawesi-danaoposo.htm
  4. Hi all, just looking into to doing an all Chameleon Shrimp only tank set up, I have a 27l tank which I had planned to do but decided against it, so now looking to perhaps do the same tank but with no plant life, except mosses, driftwood, just after some information for a I guess you could call a Chameleon Biotope tank. Substrate? Flora? Water Parameters? The tank will be some time off from being started as I want to look into everything first. Mosses I have in mind are Native Weeping Moss, mini Pellia, any others I could perhaps consider? Driftwood will be a piece of Gold Vine. Thoughts?
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