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Found 3 results

  1. Guys can I help dispel some myths about differences in the guppy female and the Endler's female . I see a lot of people claiming that their female Endler' s have a coloured tail and dorsal fin, This is not true, The true Endler female has no colour in these regions. A so called Endler female with colour has had some sort of hybridation occurred in it's linage, A lot of people buy Endlers from some breeders when the fish are young, after a month or so the female starts showing colour on its tail and dorsal fins, naturally the person thinks the fish is a real Endler because the guy who sold it to them said so. when in fact it's classification is a Hybrid "K" Class. However there are some subtle differences between the two, I must admit it is difficult when the fish are young (Please refer to the pictures below) Guys I am not down on hybrids, however i feel sorry for people who think they have one thing but have another, There are many Endler Types out there and few true Endlers do your checks before you buy

    PRL female

    Here is my main PRL female. Old picture, she was looking see through for some reason. Now she looks great. When I cull the generation currently growing I will be focusing on white.
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