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  2. ShrimpNewb

    I thought I was doing so well...

    I just use an air line and a valve to set the drops and let it run. It requires zero supervision.
  3. I have a reply from them on the cost, there is no minimum order. Message me if you are interested, the cost is very reasonable, in fact cheap compare to the cost in Hong Kong, and they send worldwide, I don't want to post on this forum, without there permission.
  4. sdlTBfanUK

    TAP WATER-Taiwan Bee-UK-(zerowater)

    I have noticed that the PH on my tank has been rising and was quite happy about that as it was then getting into the perfect parameters. I set up the tank June 2018 and the Ph was 5.5, then end september it had got to Ph6, then by end december it had got to 6.5, the last 2 weeks it is registering 7. Mathematically if I up the water changes each week from 2L to 4L, that should reduce the Ph from 7 to 6.7 so I will probably do that as I should be able to manage that! The PH tests of coarse only register at half a PH intervals so I can never be 100% sure what it is beyond that. The zerowater, even after 10 days in a bottle is Ph5 as I tested that today. I haven't seen any evidence of any problems in the tank, other than there are too many shrimps in there (that maybe part of the problem). No weird behaviour or deaths that I have seen so far. The only unknown is there are a few geodes in the tank and I will 'consider' taking them out but I do like them in there............ 1) Is it safe to drop the Ph by that much in a day, over 8 hours using a dripper? 2) Is there anything else I should do, but bear in mind my health is seriously crap so anything big like changing the substrate etc is completely out of the question, but all thoughts will be gratefully received? I am not over bothered at this stage as all is fine with the shrimps but I would rather keep on top of it rather than wait until some disaster happens. You never know, there may even be a plus side to it being Ph7, ie it might reduce breeding? Simon
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  6. jayc


    List all the water parameters for whatever test kit you have. pH, Temp, TDS, GH, KH. It will be GH and TDS parameters that impact water hardness and the shrimp's ability to moult properly.
  7. Weirdly enough I was watching videos on culling the other day and they warned that shrimps that have molted recently will have less colour after a molt and then colour up more. The video obviously was saying that as you can easily cull a shrimp recently molted because it looks like the colour isn't good, but it may be a really colourful shrimp given a few extra days. I have been using the 5 in 1 mix (smashed up and mixed together) for over a year with 100+ shrimps and still have about 75% of it left, though I only use it tuesday and thursday, very sparingly, as I use many different foods to give them variety, and weekends I use, saturday spinach and sunday shrimp lolly! The bacter ae I use the same as the feeding, dip an old shrimp lolly stick (or toothpick or other similar) about 1-2 mm in water then in bacter ae quickly, tap excess off then put it in the tank - I do this twice each time I use it (30L tank) and twice a week. Probably a lot less than they recommend on the packaging. It may seem to be a bit extravagant to use so many food and other packages but I actually think it is silly not to use the right things as most of the products will probably last for years and aren't very expensive anyway......... ie if you alternate 2 foods the food will last twice as long obviously. Hope it all continues to work well with these beautiful blue blue shrimp. Simon
  8. sdlTBfanUK

    SPINACH Fresh or Frozen

    You could try to introduce the co2 very very gradually to the yellow tank, it may even reduce the breeding which will be helpful in keeping numbers manageable? As long as the carpet plants don't die off completely then slowing them down (ie no Co2) may mean a lot less maintenance not to mention cost etc so may work in your favour? I don't think I have ever heard of anyone using Co2 as a good thing for shrimps though, so there may be a compromise needed? Simon
  9. sdlTBfanUK

    My tanks

    Always enjoy watching your videos. Simon
  10. sdlTBfanUK

    Looking for handy tips and tricks

    Thanks for that advice zoidburg. I have resigned myself to the fact it is beyond doing anything with that tank as it would mean too much upheaval, removing the plants etc to get as many shrimps as possible and even the red ones may have further brown type shrimplets. I don't really want another tank either for shrimps I don't want, but am well happy with the taiwan bee tanks phenomenal success and am currently working on my latest 'project' of a betta tank. I will stick some of the browns in that tank though in the future, when it is ready, and they can be either food or cleaning crew! Thanks for thought though! Simon
  11. Photo fish

    DIY Remineralisation for RO or Rain Water

    Will see how it goes for a few weeks and let you know.
  12. jayc

    palmata vs davidi confusion

    Agree with Zoidburg. I have never kept Palamatas, but I'm pretty sure it is possbile for these two to breed.
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  14. roscoeb

    Hikari foods...

    Hi Thanks for the advice 🙂 Roscoeb
  15. jayc

    Crooked antennae means what?

    It might be a good idea to separate it and avoid it breeding, just in case it is a genetic problem.
  16. Update: The "fast acclimation" shrimp was more active and grew faster. What's been happening is that every time it molts, the colors go a bit clear the next few days, but eventually becomes opaque red again a few days later. The amount of "going clear" has been slowly decreasing with each molt, so the colors are becoming "more stable" so to speak. It still has a big pink stripe along its top, though.
  17. ShrimpNewb

    Shrimp Food Reviews

    Name - Sera Shrimps Natural Price - $7.49 Net WT - 55g Type of Shrimp fed - Neocaridina Shrimp Acceptance - (terrible, poor, average, Good, excellent) - excellent, shrimp swarming the food within 2 minutes of dropping it in the tank Rating - 4/5 Comment - I have had shrimp for all of two days, so perhaps take this with a grain of salt. It just seems that Sera may have made this particular food more palatable since 5-6 years ago when the last review appears to have been made. We shall see if they do well on it. I plan to feed it in combination with Bacter AE and I don't know what else at this point.
  18. Zoidburg

    Shrimp died, no idea why.

    Probably best to do nothing at all then and wait it out. If you see another issue, then it could be muscle necrosis/bacterial infection.
  19. Nothing to get worried about. Shrimp eggs do change colour, and can be development of the larvae within.
  20. Noted, thanks for the feedback @Zoidburg !
  21. Photo fish

    wary of cholla wood due to fungus issues

    Thanks for all the info Jojo I will buy some today and try it. The cost of the cholla wood on the internet sellers is around 3 dollars. The cholla wood will last about 12 to18 months. Users of the cholla wood said if you heat in the oven for 5 minutes or microwave for 1 minute it must kill the spores that cause the fungus that seems to grow for some of the users. I have not had that problem.
  22. Good question.... I've heard of shrimp being shipped in freezing cold weather. Not cold enough for the water to freeze, but cold enough for the shrimp to basically freeze but not die.... and after warming back up, resumed normal activities. So...... I guess 50-60's might be low end? I have heard of people keeping shrimp in mid to high end 60's without concern.
  23. JayC seems to have this covered but just thought I would join in. I did my weekly maintenance yesterday (only do 8% each week) and took out 2 litres at TDS of 163 and as I like to aim for 160 I added new water of 128, this took the tank down to 161. So I always make the new water lower tds to compensate for any slight increase - increase in my case is due to evaporation mainly. As regards the altering of the GH and KH, if you are using the kits with drops they only register in whole units which means your never getting an exact reading anyway to a decimal point. I use double the water in the test tube for GH so each drop added is then half a GH. All I am trying to say here is that your readings may not change for GH/KH or they might. ie if KH is really 2 and then goes down to 1.8, that will most likely only record as KH1? Hope this makes sense, but basically over all you aren't talking about much of a change so I would just concentrate on the TDS as that is a more accurate test anyway and easier to alter slowly and measurably! Simon
  24. Have question: Checked the ingredients on CSM+b and gla's micromix both have small amounts of copper CSM+b is .096% and micromix is1% is this amount going to be a problem? Thanks
  25. jayc

    Questions about Blue Bolts and Pintos

    LoL! Every time I set up a quarantine tank, I have have used it to permanently house something. I do that too !
  26. jojowhisky

    Red markings under rostrum of caridinas.

    Hi simon! Love what you wrote "Long may it last." I am hoping for that! Yep the yellows are doing so great! Earlier i wrote that one got pregnant? Well, She delivered those in her tummy and it seems i got 2 more berried?! One could be her again im not very sure! Lots of yellow tiny shrimps hopping around in the tank right now. I am so very happy to see progression and results! All thanks to everyone guiding me here, it was quite the learning journey. I have recently bought a hang on breeding box meant to cull some of the bloody mary babies that are chocolate, dark brown or black in colour.( in the main tank with the crystals) Still figuring out how that thing works as it comes with an attachment for an airline hose?? It will filter in and out the same water as the tank? Regards, Jo Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk Thanks jayc!! They are so fun to watch and beautiful to look at. They really do seem more fiesty than neo caridinas when it comes to feeding? Haha just thought its weird but they dont seem to like sharing their food. Regards, Jo Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
  27. jayc

    RO remineralizer for Neocaridina

    A premixed remineraliser solution has HEAPS of salts in it, in the form of magnesium sulfates (epsom salts). It's so concentrated that bacteria can't live in those conditions. I don't think there is a shelf life on premixed remineraliser solutions.
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