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  2. sdlTBfanUK

    Question about shrimp tank set up

    Sorry to hear that putting your shrimps with the betta didn't go well. My first betta couldn't have shrimps either as he would go after them. My current betta is ok though, he gets very close and watches them but nothing else? It would be best to have a filter if you can get one small enough, and if it is adjustable have it on low flow because it is a small tank, the shrimps are fine in flowing slow water,! Are you planning to keep them in this tank long-term or is this tank temporary until you decide where to go next with them? It is possible that some may die from injuries/stress/shock etc, but hopefully they will be ok. Simon
  3. Yesterday
  4. sdlTBfanUK

    Disaster has struck

    Thanks for the heads up! I left the tank a month without shrimps even though they 'say' you can safely use with shrimps immediately. I'm not all that happy with it in all honesty, I would use the JBL pro scape again in future as it just isn't going as well this time and although the plants are showing a bit of growth it all looks a bit drab and brown compared to Bertie (the betta) tank which is so lush and green and gets WOW from most visitors. The JBL required 50% water changes twice a week for the first 2 weeks but that extra work was well worth it for the better end result! Simon
  5. Last week
  6. Blue Ridge

    Shrimp Dying, No Idea why

    Can confirm. I keep TTS in both Neo and Caridina set ups.
  7. sdlTBfanUK

    Breeders n Keepers back issues

    I have ordered the above book I wanted, woohoo!!! Simon
  8. jayc

    Oak leaves and how I use them in shrimp tanks

    That might be it. I collect my oak leaves in autumn, and they are not curled either.
  9. Blue Ridge

    Settings disabled?

    Thank you so much! I was trying to go through the standard settings menu, which is disabled. Fixed now!
  10. sdlTBfanUK


    Interesting to get a different perspective from someone who has sold them in the past! I think we are very lucky in that we are a small country and there are always about 20 people (hobbyists mainly) selling on ebay and when I used to buy that way I never had a single death but they would always arrive in less than 24 hours so barely had time to get too stressed. The 2 recent orders for my new setup bees was from an online specialist and with that I got 1 DOA of the 18 so that's 'acceptable' to me, I think some have died when in the tank subsequently but there is no way of me knowing whether that was the shrimps or the tank as the tank is being a real pain in the ar*e this time for some bizarre reason. Thanks for your views. Simon
  11. Yes that will work. https://www.keg-king.com.au/calcium-sulphate-caso4-300g.html.html is another alternative if you want to purchase a smaller quantity. Keg King is selling it 300g for $4.95 plus $8.95 for shipping.
  12. Earlier
  13. Goshio22

    Is this male or female shrimp?

    Its about 1 cm its definitely of breeding age.. i would be happy if its male, but my eyes is untrained when it comes to fully colored males.
  14. Yes simon i think 4 tank setup 🤤🎉
  15. sdlTBfanUK

    bee shrimps with eggs

    I would say 'room for some new shrimps' but it is probably best to hold off until after the trip to Taiwan at this point. Something to look forward too when you get back and see how the tanks did whilst you are/were away? Simon
  16. Crabclaw

    Amarinus Laevis Care and Breeding

    Ooh yes that's good news! I have apistogrammas in my tank though, and jayc said that they would likely predate upon the crabs, picking at the legs and such bc apistos have a fetish for crustaceans... Do you agree with this, or think it would work? How on earth do you keep eels with shrimp?! Very impressive. If you believe that they would be fine with my semi-aggressive apistos (the male of which is being considered as a suspect for the murder of 5 rocket killies who have gone missing) would you consider selling me some A. Laevis? I also sent u a pm regarding most of this a couple of days ago. Cheers! Crabclaw
  17. jayc

    Help sexing my shrimp

    me too. A good quality male will improve the quality of the whole tank.
  18. sdlTBfanUK

    Here we go again!

    Thought it about time I did an update just in case anyone be interested? I had the second delivery of shrimps where 1 was DOA so put the other 9 in the tank. That is 17 that went in in total and I am sure I have 10 still even after the hot day and the fact that the tank isn't going as well as before. I have stopped using the nitrateminus now as last time I checked all the parameters were perfect and nitrates were lowest on the test kit but I will keep an eye on that for a while longer. I still have a lot of stringy algae but I don't think it is growing as quickly as before. I found that it was quite easy to get majority of it out just using an old shrimp lolly stick and swirling that through the algae and it seems to stick to the stick. Hopefully given a bit more time the agae will sudside so the tank will be as green and lush as the others? I am sure there is at least 10 shrimps in the tank but there could be more as it has lots of hiding places but the surviving shrimps are settling in and getting braver and coming out more even when I go to the tank. I put spinach in today and they are still not interested in that? It will probably get transferred to the betta tank later if they don't show any interest in the next few hours. I think it will all be ok but just take longer than it did last time. I won't buy anything else at this stage until it definitely picks up but then may get another batch of about 10 different shrimps (that will be all the shrimps then) and a cooler fan (just as a precaution for exceptionally hot days of 30 plus, very rare here) so it will be in a cupboard 99% of the time I expect but will give me peace of mind that I am prepared should I need it! Simon
  19. hi idk what to type here
  20. jayc

    Seeding a New Filter

    Ahh I see. Well yes, keep the new filter in the old tank for at least a couple of weeks before moving it. Also, you can squeeze the gunk from the old filter into the new tank to seed it. And you get cleaned filters for the old tank at the same time.
  21. sdlTBfanUK

    Constant red cherry shrimp deaths

    I hope it goes well and you may loose a few more shrimps in the first week or two as they adjust back to the old tank water parameters. In the long term though, it was working in that tank before so it should settle quite quickly and it isn't newly set up so I wouldn't expect there to be too much of a problem. Once all is settled they will soon reproduce to the numbers you had before! Being so densely planted there will still be some shrimps in the new tank as well ? Have you put the breeding zebra tetras into the new tank now as originally planned? Simon
  22. bristlenose

    Co2 in a planted shrimp tank

    why don't you remove the co2 diffuser at night? and just put it back in the morning. Sure it'll be a slight hassle but its better than gassing your shrimp, there's no need to release all of the pressure from your diy co2 kit. Alternatively you can leave it in and just purchase an air pump($10-$15 for the cheapest ones) and turn it on at night, I believe it'll be very difficult to produce enough co2 from a diy kit to gas your tank as long as their is an air pump running aswell.
  23. nicpapa

    My tanks

    adding 3 new tanks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ffo6aGbkP1o&feature=youtu.be
  24. sdlTBfanUK

    How to get long-term tank stability?

    I use strips rather than drops and the lowest reading is 10 (so it could actually be less) as the pad starts off at that colour anyway. I checked mine at the weekend and it is finally at the 10 so I am happy with that, going in the right direction at least and all other parameters are fine. I will need to spend a lot of time on this weeks maintenance to get rid if as much stringy algae as possible and I have to cut back the frogbit/water lettuce roots. I seem to have got duckweed in the tank from somewhere as well and will get rid of that at some stage as it is a nuisance and the frogbit/water lettuce is a lot easier to deal with due to its size! I would keep it under control though, and personally would try and get rid of the duckweed! I have the frogbit/water lettuce in the betta tank and that grows much bigger, quicker and longer roots whilst the rest of the tank is lush and green so I don't think it is removing too much nitrates in that established tank, and I had nitrate readings in the newly set up shrimp tank until recently with the frogbit/water lettuce so it can't be using too much nitrates in there either I assume? Not sure if any of this is really of any help to you though? Are the other plants growing at all, new leaves etc. I went to remove one of my grass pad things last week as it looked to be dying just to find there were actually lots of quite long new roots , so I put it back, hopefully it will survive the trauma/disturbance, my bad? Simon
  25. BruSHogG

    hello everyone

    thanks, they do pretty well in here. only thing I've noticed is that they are not as big as the previous cherry shrimp that I have had, not sure why but they cont. to breed like crazy so I'm good with that lol Sent from my SM-G965U using Shrimp Keepers Forum mobile app
  26. sdlTBfanUK

    CRS Tank Log

    More great photos! You must have the full set of RCS patterns now? It is more interesting when they aren't all the same grade/pattern. Simon
  27. waffle

    Mud Crab Aquarium Care

    AWESOME. Re 'tiny fish' as suitable tank mates, this is so they are too small for it to catch, right? I'm thinking maybe neon blue eyes since they are tiny and also prefer brackish water for breeding and the crazy mess the crab makes while eating might provide nice particulate food for the fry (http://rainbowfish.angfaqld.org.au/Cyano.htm, https://www.aquagreen.com.au/plant_data/Pseudomugil_cyanodorsalis.html). Finally: via Imgflip Meme Generator
  28. My leaves don't break down, I just keep it in the tank, it help to stabilize the water.
  29. jayc

    Is a substrate really required?

    Oh boy, where do I start? Anything you add into the tank can potentially cause pH to rise and fall. Anything organic, like rocks (can cause ph to rise), wood or leaves (can cause ph to fall). Even some filter media have been known to change pH, like certain ceramic filter noodles. But even if you added nothing or did anything ... the natural cycle of bacteria breaking down ammonia into nitrite and nitrates causes a reduction in hydrogen (H) atoms, and thus pH will fall. But since this cannot be helped, regular monitoring is needed and water change to bring, the pH and other parameters, back into a suitable range for Caridinas. Don't let it scare you off however. You have already been doing a great job with the Neos. It's just an extension of that, with a slight tweak in the water parameters.
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