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  2. Macks

    Keeping CRS with others?

    Thank you both so much for your responses, I think you covered everything I needed to hear. I really appreciate your help! I have a tank cycling as we speak. Unfortunately what I had available to be was the Fluval Spectrum substrate that was leftover from my planted tank. From what I’ve read, I’ll have to replace this and when I do, I’ll get ADA Aquasoil.
  3. Last week
  4. sdlTBfanUK

    Shrimp problem

    Great news. Hope it continues! What sort of tank do you have? How many Litres? What substrate? Anything else in the tank? Filter? Heater? How many shrimps do you have? What water do you use? Do you use dechlorinator? What do you feed them? Tell us some more??? I think they moult when you change some/all water and PH 7.6 should be ok for rili shrimp, so follow Zoidburg advice and don't try and alter it with the Ph down any more! Simon
  5. Wild neocaradina in my opinion. Sent from my iPhone using Shrimp Keepers Forum
  6. Hello David, I think that if nonody answers here because everything is well explained in the forum. Check the sticky’posts and youll find it. Sent from my iPhone using Shrimp Keepers Forum
  7. Thanks Zoidburg for that info. My wife is coming home with what hopefully will be ceylon. If it's the stuff I'll boil it for 20 minutes (and make myself a cup of tea) and then put it in the tank after it cools a bit.
  8. VLad22

    Odd deformity?

    Cheers. I assume JayC also notice the carapace which is another reason this looks like a deformity (so the internet tells me). In any case I haven't seen ol' snubby nose the shrimp since about two weeks after this post. I finally got a cull tank set up but haven't seen it. It's not died hidden away, and I've pulled out three dead shrimps which didn't look like above. So it's either moulted and become happy or perished and I didn't notice it was this one I removed.
  9. sdlTBfanUK

    RCS / TIGER Query???

    You are most likely right. I have only ever put red cherries in the tank from one source so assume one had different genes and now they are cross breeding. I got the shrimp off ebay many years ago, so you never really know what you may be getting, but they were all red to start with. I have little interest in that tank anyway, as I have the Taiwan Bee tank now, so can't be bothered to try and fish out all the brown ones as it is pretty densely planted! Simon
  10. sdlTBfanUK

    New tank setup for yellow shrimps.

    Great news, the others will be hiding in there somewhere as would be their instinct, but always good to see one occasionally popping out! Simon
  11. They could be "wild type" Neos. You can confirm this if you put two shrimp together of opposite sex - one red one brown/clear. If the female gets pregnant by the lone male, then you know it's Neocaridina. As per another post elsewhere, you say it came from a blue shrimp... so "wild type" from mixing two different types of Neos together that were not "compatible" and offspring reverted to "wild type".
  12. The standard "dancing" red Sulawesi shrimp (red with white fore-arms and white dots) also come in blue... (i think?) but I don't know how hard it would be to get a hold of them. Sky Fish has them.觀賞蝦-en/sulawesi-shrimp/?lang=en
  13. Zoidburg

    Shrimp death & belly fanning???

    If GH is confirmed at 2, then TDS should be a minimum of ~35 ppm. 1 German Degree in hardness is 17.86ppm Tap water generally runs higher though when it comes to TDS. My tap is, on average, 3 GH and 3 KH. The TDS usually ran around 56-67ish? Which honestly isn't that high! If a TDS of 28 is accurate, then the GH may be around 1.5 rather than 2.
  14. Zoidburg

    Shrimp changes color and dies

    Duckweed doesn't mean you have low levels of ammonia or nitrate. Fish stress shrimp out, too.
  15. Did you ever get pictures of the other shrimp?
  16. Mrnst7

    Possible tank invader?

    I had something similar in my shrimp tank that looked like a green shrimp but whipped its tail in an almost snake like motion to move. Im guessing you bought aquatic plants from a pet store? That is what happened to me and I didn't do a salt rinse to clean the plant before I put it in my tank. I called the store and they said they get random bugs on their plants since they are imported and I chose to just flush him down the drain. You can also end up with larva or random insects in your tank if you have an open ended tank in say a basement, I get stink bugs and other insects occasionally finding their way in one of my tanks. I would remove anything in your tank you do not specifically want in there.
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  18. Rare Aqua

    Caridina Zebra

    Cool topic, i breed Amarinus Lacustris
  19. Very cool, i Breed Amarinus Lacustris a small freshwater crab
  20. Rare Aqua

    Platinum DAS

    Cool looking shrimp, i Breed Amarinus Lacustris
  21. jayc

    GH level way too high and need to fix it

    There are other options of feeding your shrimp or fish, if you go on another trip. For 5 days only, you might as well have overfed them the day you left and not feed anything until you returned. Fish and, especially shrimps, can go a few days without food.
  22. I went to petco to get some ghost shrimp but I can tell these are not ghost shrimp. Any idea what species of shrimp this is?
  23. Thank you. Hopefully I get time to update this thread once I have moved this rack to a new location in the house. Build a new rack... or modify the current one. 😊
  24. sdlTBfanUK

    TAP WATER-Taiwan Bee-UK-(zerowater)

    I have been using the camera and thought I would post some update pictures as the original item was done about 3 months ago. I have tried to take similar photos to the originals so that a comparison can be made and everything is working well still with the zerowater jug tap water (as alternative to RO water), in fact too well as you can see from the photos (sorry about the flash in the first one). All the water parameters have stayed steady (and good) through out and the only thing I have had to start doing is cleaning the filter sponges twice a week due to explosion in the number of shrimps, and culling a few each week for same reason, but may need to increase that!!!! Simon
  25. nicpapa

    My tanks

    There are more than those in video ... 🙂
  26. TotalNewb

    Moving a rack/ bay - tips needed

    @sdlTBfanUK Thanks! I'm so excited but also really nervous!
  27. jayc

    What am I doing wrong?

    The $20 ones will be fine to start with. The more expensive ones are more accurate. But the cheap ones are good enough for now. We just need to track TDS consistently, even if it is a few ppm off.
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