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Found 4 results

  1. Not sure what happened! Is this a parasite? Failed molt? Water parameters (all ppm): Nitrates 5 Ammonia 0 Nitrite 0 Hardness 150 Chlorine 0 Alkalinity 20 Ph 7.8
  2. Hey Guys, I'm hoping someone will be able to help me out. I am a first-time shrimp owner. Four days ago I came home to find that one of my poor ghost shrimp ladies has this weird blue/white moldy looking coloration on her head, primarily on her rostum. She is otherwise still moving around, eating normally, and not hiding. I've done some internet sleuthing (I was leaning towards possible vorticella or bacterial infection), but haven't yet found anything that fits the description and was hoping someone may have run into this before. Link to pictures Tank: - 5 gallon, long. Fully cycled, 2.5 months old - Houses 4 ghost shrimp (all female), 1 betta, and approx 9 baby shrimp in a breeding net. - Filter (sponge) + Heater. Shrimp have been in the tank with no problem for about a month Water Params (as of November 8, 2020) - PH 8.2 - Amm: 0-0.25 - NI: 0 - NA: 5 ppm - Temp: 78 Treatment so far: Day 1: 50% WC, and dosed 6ml of 3% hydrogen peroxide (with filter removed). Day 2: Did the same hydrogen treatment, with no change in the shrimp. Day 3: Removed all of the plants from tank and dosed 4.5tbsp aquarium salt, with plans to do a PWC later in the week to slowly phase out the salt. Day 4: 60 second salt dip (ratio of 1tbsp/cup) for all my shrimp and the above hydrogen peroxide treatment. I fear that whatever the white-ness is has spread to at least one other shrimp due to a noticeable color change in her legs and pleopods Anyone have any idea what this is? I'm not sure if I should quarantine the sick shrimp or just treat the whole tank at this point, as I'm not sure if it's contagious. Thank you in advance!
  3. New to shrimp keeping and trying my best! I think water parameters are OK, have live plants, filter, light on a timer, heater and RO water with weekly water changes and testing. Fed 2x a week 1 ball per shrimp of 'shrimp enhancer ' supplement (calcium and magnesium in etc) but 2 shrimpies have an issue... sort of discoloured/opaque orangey bit on their backs. Can't find anything similar in pics so hoping for diagnosis and way to fix please!! ps. Apologies for crap picture, phone won't focus!
  4. Maltese25

    Shrimp Acting Strange?

    I currently have a 10g set up with 3 shrimp in it. I have a cherry, blue dream, and a ghost shrimp. I plan on adding my neon and glowlight tetras soon who are recovering from a bad case of ick. My cherry shrimp has been acting off lately. The shrimp were moved from my 5g (now my quarantine) into my new 10g about 3 weeks ago. My cherry shrimp is usually very active and extremely friendly. Usually, I walk up to the tank and the cherry shrimp will come out of hiding immediately and literally stare at me through the glass. Lately, the shrimp seems very sluggish and is losing its color. The shrimp has been flapping its swimmerets a lot lately and is not berried. The flapping shrimp looks like it is trying to clear something out. I have not noticed this behavior until recently. The shrimp is not as active and has been losing its bright color. I see a dark line running through the body but I'm assuming this is just part of the intestines. I did notice that 2 molts ago the saddle became prominent and there was no saddle before. Overall, this shrimp just seems uncomfortable. The other shrimp seem a little more on the shy side but they are shy in general. I am thinking that this shrimp has a bacterial infection? I spend a lot of time with my shrimp and I know when something is off or their normal behavior changes. Here is some info about my tank: Size: 10g Lighting: Natural light (near window) and 8 hrs of LED Plants: Micro sword, 2 marimo moss balls, and some stemmed plant (can't remember) Substrate/Deco: Estes gravel and 1 large piece of driftwood Filter: Aqueon Quietflow. I replaced the media it came with. My current media is filter floss and Seachem bio gravel Water Parameters: (these are according to my API test strips) Nitrates: 0 Ph: 7-7.5 KH: 80-120 GH: 60-120 My water here is on the harder side but I treat it with Seachem Prime. I don't currently have a heater and I have some plants coming in that like colder temps and I don't plan to get one. The water is more in the 60-75 range depending on the temps outside. The shrimp don't seem to mind. Any suggestions or information is much appreciated! Below is a picture of my beloved "Cherry"! Very worried about her
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