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  1. Yesterday
  2. Amateur hour selective breeding...

    I am sure folks are just ignoring my long winded posts now, but for future folks having my problems, especially with CAL BEP. My tank had not cycled. It is now 44 days, with several large water changes. Constant NH3 and TDS leach, although TDS appears to have finally stopped. Last week (after signs of NO3, but still showing NH3) I tested PH, it was at 5.5. No further BB could grow. (I had added tap previously to bring it up, but the substrate buffered it straight back under 6. With no other advice to go off, I have now added in a small amount of coral to bring PH up to 6.5 and cycle has resumed instantly. More water changes, now I have stock in there I am concerned for their survival (my other tanks are nano's which the rising BNE heat is not ideal for). Hoping I can complete the cycle soon. I have kept daily logs of the water params and all the labour in this one tank. Definitely will not be using CAL BEP next time.
  3. Mating Shrimp - 3 males on 1 female

    All 4 of them, 10 minutes, if not longer cause that's when I started watching them. Was worried about the female but she seems fine, she's the largest of a group of 15. Sent from my LG-K425 using Tapatalk *3 of them that is. Smaller tank, 4 gallons. Sent from my LG-K425 using Tapatalk
  4. Last week
  5. My pond shrimp

    I don't seem to have many mossie larvae in the pond - perhaps the frogbit is a deterrent ?
  6. Properly defining Neo lineage

    Yes exactly. I am aware that they are Var Blue - Brown Lineage, but I know people will ask me in future for the "fancy" name and I would like to have some idea because for a lot of people that's all they care to know.
  7. Shrimp Rack time!

    No kids to worry about mate, although I do have Pugs! That like to try to climb the rack and chew dangly things like power cables! I will definitely upload progress pics as I go with the plants. Might give one a Flame moss Mohawk!
  8. Earlier
  9. Breeding room build.. finally ..

    Really good to see the planning unfold.
  10. Caught in brackish water, and installed it in a full freshwater tank with no problem. The little guy is less shy now and is showing more and more. It doesn't really swim, it rather "flies" in the tank. I'd post a video if I can catch it when it does.
  11. Home of a new shrimp species - Caridina sp. 'Malanda'

    We are currently in the process of writing the paper that will describe these as a new species. DNA and morphology confirm it's definitely a new species.
  12. Dead shrimp

    Sorry to hear you have a loss (or 2). Dont worry to much about it yet as RCS, although really hardy, do tend to cull themselves out when you first get them. Especially if they are older as the juvies are better at coping with a change compared to adults. Have you noticed any saddled shrimp or berried ones yet? Make sure your new tank is as cycled and mature as possible before you move them and then a close as possible to the old tank in WP's. Good luck and post a pic up when you can.
  13. A Journey Into Blue

    Something I worked out recently and was confirmed by 2 or 3 other shrimpers is that blues from black/choc can change colour (one way or the other) as they mature and also when they are stressed. [emoji173][emoji111][emoji445] will
  14. Keeping Macrobrachium in Aquariums

    the spinipes are growing rapidly reached 5cm in as many weeks, the tolmerum females are berried again waiting to see if any bubs survive as they drop larvae, the jardini and bullatum are growing still and the Aus are grumpy as normal lol.
  15. It took all day

    I've never been 100% successful in eradicating a full colony humanely from my previous setups.
  16. CRS not breeding yet

    Wow they're lovely shrimp
  17. Hi guys, Thank you for all of the help, I really appreciate it. I have a few updates. Purchased dual sponge filter, will place sponges in the tank for the next month or so to mature. Purchased Almond Leaves Dropped the temp slowly to 26 Degrees C PH Has been 6.0 consistently for a number of days (Is there any way I can increase it to 6.5?) Ordered some Bacter AE to start introducing on it's arrival. Decided to purchase a bigger tank so I can add moss balls and some better plants (Undecided on the best way to switch the tanks around) Removed any C02 or Fert for the tank - I'm not going to try and carpet it, instead finder some bushier plants for the tank. I think this is everything. Like you guys said, i'm so excited to actually see some baby shrimp! I forgot to mention that the shrimp are in a tank completely on their own but once the population starts to increase, they will slowly start being introduced to my larger tank. Thanks guys!
  18. Some of my Black cherry's

    Ok it looks like if I am quick at locating the pictures that I want to post the site will merge the pictures from two posts into one, which is better than having to post one pic at a time. Can the top broken photo bucket links be edited out?
  19. And so it begins.... Unleashing the Beast

    Cheers jayc!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. Mr Aqua 12G CRS Tank

    Looks amazing 😍
  21. What kind of red shrimp?

    Here are a few more photos
  22. 60lt Shrimp haven

    Cool will give it a shot, Sent from my VKY-L29 using Tapatalk
  23. Breeding Australian red claw in tanks

    Nice setup, thanks for the updates! I hope you get a chance to revamp your breeding program some time!
  24. Japan Trip - Aqua Forest

    If we are talking about Dwarf Puffers they are very interesting creatures... (One main fact that they can eat all snails from your aquarium, hahaha). Dwarf Puffer fish is my favourite fish. They are smart and very playful, love them!
  25. Princess Abby

    Interesting. How long has she been in there? also, can't quite tell from pic, what species?
  26. *Update* Not long now, there is nothing else to do except for scape, flood & stock :D New Keg King 2.6kg Co2 Tank & Reg/Solenoid acquired, it won't fit in this stand, but will fit in my next one ;)
  27. Mg+ and Ca+ together will be reflected in the TDS measurement, and to some degree the GH measurement. (TDS and GH measurements will pick up other minerals as well and those will effect the reading) While you can measure them individually it doesn't give you the whole picture. So you need to get a TDS meter and a GH test kit. The TDS and GH readings will give you an indication of what you should aim for with your specific type of shrimp. For example... Freshwater shrimps like, CBS, CRS (Caridina) - TDS around 130-150 and GH3-4. Cherry shrimps (NeoCaridina) - TDS 140-180 and GH 4-6. Marine prawns and shrimp are a different matter since seawater contains a LOT more Mg and Ca.
  28. Thank you both for your replies!! I didn't see these messages as I didnt receive an email for some reason.. Anyhow, sadly the snail I was talking about has died and I have just received 3 new ones. Two are moving around (1 is a lot more active) and the third one has a big pit in its shell like the one before ): I will try my best to take care of them and I am sure that the most active one is the neritina violacea kind. Definitely looks like it. I've supplied the guys with some cuttle bone I stuck in the filter and hopefully it wont bother my betta! I sent Dave an email about the snails and hopefully I hear a reply. They are very rare here! I'm planning to purchase two more for my sorority and two will stay in Pluto's (my betta) tank. Are they bothered by a neutral pH? I've heard that can deteriorate their shells and I do have the fluval stratum substrate in there which does lower the pH. I tested it the other day and it's a little over neutral so should that be okay?
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