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  2. jojowhisky

    "Rocky" issues

    Hello everyone! So recently i got down to scape my 2nd tank. This time for hardscape i decided i was going to use rocks instead of driftwood. As i had already a small inventory of rocks of different kinds from too many trips to the fish store(hands up people), i could not decide which ones to use! I learnt a lesson in the end to just stick with what you know to be safe and inert. Especially if the intended livestock for the tank are soft water lovers. Because the local fish stores that i patronize do not have correct labels of the rocks they sell, i had to experiment and research on them as much as i could. Most of the rocks look so similar and matching them to pictures on the internet proved to be more frustrating. So to use or not to use? Rule of thumb, if you are not too sure, dunk the rocks intended to use in a pail of water and test its ph, if it changes, dont use that. The vinegar test is a hit or miss. I got too carried away looking at the beautiful scapes from ADA and went out to buy the same light grey coloured rocks only to find out that they can alter the ph by a ton. A fish store owner told me to ask for an exchange of those seiryu rocks i purchased from another store as he said his friend had the ph climbed to 9.4 in his 10gallon, just half a day with just one of that rock. Got my exchange thankfully but store ower was very displeased to do that:( Sign... Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
  3. jojowhisky

    New tank setup for yellow shrimps.

    Hi simon! Alot had happened on the week i was supposed to do the tank. Things did not go according to plan! Had plans to finish 2 tanks, one for the yellow neos another for the tetras. However just as i was starting to get things going, i noticed that the tetras were down with something! Looked to be fungal. Anyways that will be another thread in the correct department, better not rattle off here and go off topic again. Anyways back to the subject of this tank for the yellow neos. Yep i did manage to measure the amount of water in this tank. I topped it up to exactly 9litres, erm, it got to be really full, thankfully weather here was very warm so evaporation brought it down to a more comfortable level so im gonna say it can hold 7 to 8litres well. 9litres being too full. The glass contraption is a co2 diffuser. Im using neo co2, product is made in korea and its basically running like a diy co2 setup. Just that this comes with the solution mix, bottle, tubing and diffuser. All you need to do is to just mix warm water to the mix as per instruction and it will do the rest of the job for you. Yep this tank came with a glass lid, only thing it is not a full covering lid. The lid is only half the size of the top of the tank. So you would only be able to cover half the tank. Now the technical bit. You beat me to it because i was going to ask if i can assume my tank HAS already started the process of cycling? Here the parameters. Tds: 159 NH4: <0.05 No3: 25 No2: 2 Gh: 4 Kh: 4 Ph: 6.4 (test strip reading, ph pen coming in the mail, the pen HAD to spoil when i started the project of course.) This is week 2, 1st water change of 2litres with pure distilled water tds 004 Above readings were taken 3hours after water change. Pail parameters Tds: 268 Nh4: <0.05 No3: 10 No2: 0 Gh: 5 Kh: 4 Ph: 6.4 This reading was done 3 days after water change. Yep on the issue of the identity of these shrimps. I think we can just assume they are yellow neos, precisely what you said, they are so hardy!
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  5. Rare Aqua

    Baby Amarinus Lacustris

    For anyone wanting to know about baby Amarinus Lacustris care, development etc I hope I answer your questions below, Once a female crab has shed her skin a male crab with copulate, 'hug' belly to belly for about 10 mins to 1 hour, after 24hours eggs should be visible in the females abdominal egg flap, females can carry anywhere from 10 - 40 (possibly 50) eggs at a single time, depending on water temperature eggs hatch in 3-6 weeks, in cold water hatching speed will decrease (4-6 weeks) and tropical (3 weeks Minimum), young are fully formed transparent replicas of their parents after 2 moults they achieve their sandy brown colouring. the young feed on bacterial, decaying organic matter and infusoria. it takes about 2.5 months to reach sexual maturity (faster in warmer water). It is best to separate baby crabs from adults as they may predate on the offspring if food is scarce. I cannot add images due to file size restrictions, email me if you would like photos or to talk via email at View full article
  6. Thanks for the detailed reply. I had already done these things earlier: approx 15% water change. My main water is RO + salty shrimp, and as I mentioned earlier, I used to have a slowly rising TDS and GH problem, so I always add in slightly diluted water. However, I think the rising TDS issue recently stopped, so in the last few days, I "accidentally" dropped my GH from 6-7 into 5-6, and my TDS from 150's into 130's. 1/5th dose of Melafix (being very conservative here) added more IAL + most of the tannic boil water added a dried but non-boiled mulberry leaf I'll try to get some kind of dripper set up to do a bigger water change. In the meantime, I'm concerned about my other CRS (singular), which became inactive at around the same time as the deceased one. (So probably they got zapped by the same thing) It's not totally inactive, but usually moves from one spot to another every minute or so. It often waves its front claws around and seems to rub or groom something on it's face or front legs, but I haven't seen it pick at anything (i.e. eat) in the last few days. Didn't respond the Bacter AE dosing, and didn't respond to food placed elsewhere in the tank. Have you seen this kind of behavior before? I attach a picture here. It's hard to tell if it is pink or not on the inside due to the lighting. Sometimes the insides look like clear-gray, but if there is strong light from above, I think it goes thru the red part of their shell and reddens the internals. Anyway, I am fairly sure that earlier today I saw gray-clear parts on the inside. Edit: just now looked at the shrimp from the underside and it doesn't seem pink, at least in the tail section. Edit2: no, wait maybe it is a little pink after all. Dang, hard to tell. Edit 3: Here's another picture with different lighting, and now the insides look like that clear-grey color Regarding the oregano oil, I looked at the gill discoloration thread, and didn't see any recommendation for water column dosing, only food dipping. But I am not sure this guy is going to eat if I put him in quarantine. Looking back at my shrimp keeping notebook, the only two things that could of "zapped' the two CRS are me adding a few tablespoons more substrate, or when I trimmed some plants and stirred things up a lot.
  7. Fishlover

    Low grade Cherry shrimp

    Nice thanks for the reply i will try get some high grades if they ever coming here where l live
  8. beanbag

    "Vacation food" didn't work as expected

    Next time I will just drop in a non-heated, dried mulberry leaf and see what happens.
  9. jayc

    What am I doing wrong?

    What plants do you have? You only mentioned Java moss. What lights are you using? It might not be enough for the plants you have in the tank. Is this tap water? And what are you using to raise GH? It a constant adjustment that is required as part of your weekly water change. GH being mainly made up of Calcium and Magnesium, fluctuates due to evaporation of water, or it's used up by Shrimps for their carapace, or the plants use some up. So this is where a weekly discipline of water changes is required. Measure the tank's GH. Adjust your new water to the suitable level to bring GH up or down to the ideal levels for your type of shrimp, in this case Cherries - so GH6-8. Especially if your new water has low GH/KH as found in RO or rain water or even Melbourne tap water. <-- these types of water need added "salts" ie Calcium Sulfate & Magnesium Sulfate. If you invest in a TDS meter, this job of measurements can be made a lot easier. Rather than measuring GH/KH each time. You use the TDS meter to measure TDS to determine when a water change is required. Don't add it. Shrimps cannot handle too much phosphates, but phosphate is also one of the know causes for algae growth. If you are experiencing algae growth, particularly hair algae, check your Nitrates too.
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  11. Hello, I have recently started working towards keeping shrimp. We keep other terrestrial invertebrates (isopods, mantises, and cockroaches) and thought that shrimp would pose an interesting new challenge. With our mantises, we have focused on bioactive vivariums that include a cleanup crew, microfauna, and plants. That isn't the norm for mantises, but it is almost a necessity in the shrimp-keeping hobby from what I have seen. We intend to take the same approach, including heavily planted tanks, shrimp, snails, and possibly some mosquito rasboras if we are able to establish our shrimp well. I have some experience with aquariums through helping my dad, who has had several freshwater and saltwater aquariums. That said, shrimp are completely new to us. My goal is to establish two shrimp tanks, a 7 gallon and a 1 gallon. I understand that smaller is harder. 7-Gallon Tank Started with the Imagitarium 6.8g rimless tank from Petco. Modified the filter system to include more biomedia and a more powerful water pump. Using Eco-Complete for substrate since it is widely recommended for planted tanks and shrimp look better on dark substrate from what I read. Using Mopani wood as our primary hardscape. We soaked it for several days prior to adding to the tank, but it continues to leech some tannins. We are trying to stay fairly focused on plants, especially in the beginning. No CO2, but we are dosing ferts and Excel. Our plants include: Bacopa as a background plant. S. repens as a mid-ground sort of plant. I plan on letting it create bushes more than creating a carpet. Micro-sword for a foreground carpeting plant. Anubias nana for mid-ground/background. I would like to add a little dwarf water lettuce but haven't yet found a source. Our plants are notably lacking moss, which I read is preferred for shrimp. We may end up adding a little java moss but I am hoping the micro-sword will give them enough surface area to be happy. Once cycled, we will be adding shrimp. We are likely going to get blue velvets, starting with 10-15. Once the shrimp are added, the fish will be moving out. To start out, we are working on cycling the tank. We used some stuff from an established aquarium and added Safestart+ to kickstart the bacteria. Keeping the tank at about 78F with a few Zebra Danios and two mystery snails to keep ammonia going while the bacteria gets established. We are dosing Prime and doing daily water changes to keep the temporary inhabitants happy. It was started about a week and a half ago, and while we aren't seeing ammonia dissipate like we want, it is steadily working. We don't plan to add shrimp until we have 0 Ammonia and 0 Nitrite. Here are some photos of the process and where we are now: First setup, keeping plants in as we get the hardscape ready After setting up wood and the rest of the plants 1-Gallon Tank Started with a one gallon vivarium style container from Michael's Originally planned on it being a no-tech tank, but decided I would be happier with some water movement and filtration. I designed a custom water pump sponge filter. Used Eco-Complete for Substrate Using Malasian driftwood for hardscape. Sticking to fewer plants for this build to stay more organized. Monte carlo planted in substrate for carpet, and a monte carlo mat to cover up the filter. A little bush of s. repens. A small bit of anubias nana. Would like to add a floating plant, but havent been able to source any. Once cycled, I will be adding shrimp. Planning on 5 RCS or orange rili to start. Cycling this tank has been much harder so far. We added some Safestart+, but have not seen any real progress yet. I am keeping two small nerite snails in here to create the ammonia, feeding them since algae hasn't established. This tank will be much more of a custom project for us. I designed and built a 1"x2"x3" large water pump sponge filter to help the water stay a little more clear and give the bacteria some flow to process the ammonia. For the lid, we are also going completely custom, designing an acrylic and wood lid with built in lighting and containment for floating plants. We have a laser cutter and CNC so it is fun to have the lid be a separate design project. My goal with the lights is to have too much light available, and the ability to dim. That way we can grow the plants but turn down to reduce algae problems as needed. This tank will eventually go on my desk at work. Since it is a pretty professional environment, it is important that this tank isn't noisy or technical looking, and is attractive for client meetings in my office. There is a rather small available footprint which is why we went with the 1-gallon, even though it will be more challenging. So far, it looks like we are getting a little nitrite, but its slow going. Doing daily water changes and dosing Prime so we don't kill off the snails. Here is the custom filter. The sponge media goes in the acrylic cage, and water is pushed out the grated hole. It fits neatly behind the driftwood and is not visible except from directly in the back. The top is covered in a monte carlo mat to hide it better. Here it is set-up and slowly cycling. We are temporarily using a CFL hood for the light to keep the plants going well. It also raises the water temperature to about 75F, not very high for establishing bacteria. I already received some good advice from @jayc regarding how the temperature needed for Zebra Danios is lower than the recommended temperature to get bacteria growing quickly. I am hopeful that with some patience and careful monitoring, the danios will stay healthy and the bacteria will get going. I have read many articles about fish/fishless cycling and do not plan to change to fishless for this build. Any comments or advice appreciated. We are taking it slow, but are getting excited for cycling to complete so we can start adding shrimp.
  12. That should be ok. But try keeping it below 25.
  13. nicpapa

    Crystal red shrimp keep dying. help please

    gh kh is for neocaridina shrimps!!!! Test your water, Nh4 no3 ph kh gh . i prefere for those shrimps those water parameters. Tds 120-150 gh4-5 kh0 ph 6.2-6.4 no3 >10 Water change i do 20% in tanks with big population and 10% with small population Some times for drop the no3 i do biger water changes to 50%. I keep 2x 30 gallons shrimp tank with hundrends crs in there only with sponge filtres. I have a problem wiht over population with those. Shrimp dont like high flow ...
  14. Bluevelvets

    What is this fuzz?!

    Oops, my bad 😊. Thank you!
  15. jojowhisky

    Rip Mr Diamond

    Nope, that was a good suggestion actually, it gets messy when all of us actually began talking more in depth. I as well think it is a good idea to put on a specific title and file it appropriately, less confusing. But well, i guess when learning new things, one gets carried away! Update on the oranges in the pail: Everyone is still alive!!! I dripped the prepared solution in very slowly(found the mysterious "dripper") and i as well used distilled water WITHOUT prime. EVERYBODY IS STILL ALIVE. They sure look more active now. Wish me luck on setting up new tanks for the Oranges and tetras. I feel a wave of late nights and more over thinking blowing over. You have been a joy to speak with and your patience to explain deep technical details to a slow person like me is nothing short of amazing. To more learning threads and endless joy in this hobby, Jo Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk Yes! Hopefully i will get there! Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
  16. Aqua Jai

    My Crystal Reds Tank Video

    Hey guys! I'm new to the forum and also to shrimpkeeping. Started with the hobby about 3 months ago and really enjoying it! Really wanted to make a shrimp series of the progress of my tanks. I'm not an advanced shrimpkeeper so bare with me, this is just an adventure of my shrimpkeeping journey ;) I do have other tanks for breeding purpose only, but this is just one of my living room tanks that I love to stare at everyday! Hope you guys enjoy the video!
  17. Yes those parameters look reasonable. pH is on the upper limits for CRS, however. I only know of three commercial products ... Lowkeys B18 protein, SL-Aqua More Meat and Dennerle Shrimp King Protein. Alternatively, any fish meat. Or Freeze dried blackworms. BTW, with regards to frozen bloodworms, maybe your batch is no longer fresh or too much was fed. Don't drop a whole cube in, only enough for each shrimp to get one bloodworm. There should be no excess. I would use plant tweezers to feed each shrimp one bloodworm. But I admit, that can be a lot of work. So drop into the tank only as many bloodworms as you have shrimps and no more than once a week. What RO system do you use? Mine never shows any ammonia. <edit>- i'd better check the water from my RO before proclaiming that
  18. Zoidburg

    Fresh water of sorts

    Copepods and seed shrimp are pretty common within planted tanks, especially ones without much in the way of fish. Can you drag the image you want to share into the message box to see if it'll upload that way?
  19. greysmithy

    Galaxy pinto with TB crossbreed?

    I have the opportunity to get some culls from a friend which are low/middle-grade galaxies. I would love to get them but I only have a TB tank and sadly not enough money to get another tank, so I was wanting to get to breed them and if I would get some TB-Galaxy mix I would know what to suspect.
  20. jayc

    How do you feed powdered food

    No problem. Totally understandable. It was just a suggestion. Uh ... no. Once it's eaten, that's it. It not going to grow again.
  21. jayc

    How to fix my CO2 diffuser

    Maybe return the unit for a replacement. It would be difficult repairing something like this.
  22. sdlTBfanUK

    BASICS for Shrimp keeping video

    Watched this again last night, definitely the best I have ever seen, even if his spelling may be a bit dodgy, parameters was spelt wrong as well. I expect it is one of those I will keep watching when I am bored (that's quite a lot). I have watched hundreds of videos on youtube over the years about shrimps and this is by far the best. I get so fed up with so many people 'apologising' because they say something wrong and have to correct themselves or get off the subject and say 'I am tired' but I guess I am from a generation where you were told 'if you are going to do something, do it well and prepare', alas we are a dying, soon to extinct breed I fear??? Many of the hundreds I have started watching I can't even bear to watch until the end............. Simon
  23. From what I read about Carvacrol and how portent it is on bacteria, I would say either the oregano oil in the food and in the water. I will try it the next time I have sick shrimp. If we have more confirmation from everyone, that would really help.
  24. Freddie

    Strange female

    Finally got a decent photo of the baby that looks like her mom.
  25. Freddie

    Once a male red cherry, now a blue cherry?

    Blue and red. She's looked like this since I got her. Here's one of her offspring that is also blue and red. Other offspring of the same girl. They have super random markings.
  26. I have a few toranas both restored and in the process of restoring , not even the clowns i work with know my address, my 3 english staffordshires make sure no one comes on my property,and if they do good luck getting over the fence without waking them ,the male is nt the best at the job but the 2 girls are scarily good at hearing things then he wakes up and hes crazy fast across 100 m he would probably lick you to death but i wouldnt chance it if i didnt know him,the old female is more protective of my family.than a fat kid is over his tub of ice cream But i have motion sensor lights that have sd card recoring capabilities as well as cc tv and btb securlty my cars are in garage attatched to the house and the lowest windows are 2.7 off the ground and my fish room is attatched to them all made out of 8 inch besser blocks core filled so theres no way in from around the back and if all that fails see if you can outrun a 338 lapau its a sad sign of the times when you cant even let people see what you got,low life scum out there are starting to outnumber the decent clean living folk and its getting worse oh yeh and all my fish dealings are either done at my brother inlaws or sisters house and the only thing they know about fish is theyre better crumbed than battered
  27. jayc

    Ghost Shrimp Turned White... help!

    Safe for fish directly, but I cannot guarantee it is safe for the beneficial bacteria in your tank and filter media. Afterall, this is supposed to kill the bacteria that is infecting your shrimp. Sooooo, treat the patient in a hospital tank But if you cannot do that, then you need to weigh up the risks. <edit> - Oregano oil is probably more likely stocked in health food / vitamin shops. Where are you from? SKF is very international now, I cannot assume everyone is from Aus anymore.
  28. Zoidburg

    Birth control for CRS colony?

    Having all males and one female accidentally gets into the tank is much different than having all females and a male accidentally gets into the tank. If there's only one female, then only one could get knocked up. If it's one male, well... he could get all the girls preggo!
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