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  2. RO - DIY mix to include KH rise

    TDS, KH an GH is almost perfect. But pH is high. Is your pH pen calibrated? Did you test pH of the water before adding the mix? How much water did you add to the bottle with the mix in it? 500ml? Try adding more pure RO into the bottle to dilute it. The white cloudy liquid is normal and won't be an issue in a tank.
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  4. My mulberry tree currently has a glut of fruit, so much so all the wild birds, fruit bats and even my dogs have no hope of eating all the fruit. So I was wondering if anyone had given mulberry fruit to their shrimp/ fish. If so was it better to give them fresh or has anyone tried drying them? I have no idea which exact breed of mulberry I have but the fruit starts off white but gets gradually pink to dark purple when overripe. Before anyone says its a standard mulberry the fruit even when very dark does not stain. I also have a true white mulberry where the fruit starts off white and when ripe goes a solid deep white. I often give my shrimp leaves from both mulberrys but have never tried them on the actual fruit before.
  5. Last week
  6. Great article!! @fishmosy, I was wondering, how long do the offspring tend to stay in the floating larval stage after hatching?
  7. Unfortunately those are not eggs. Put her in quarantine immediately however, as this is Ellobiopsidae, and is contagious. Here are a couple of posts that might be helpful. Firstly our SKFA Shrimp diseases database, and another post on Elliosiopsidae. However, there are no confirmed cures but there are some you can try.
  8. Platinum DAS

    Hey @Grubs, any update on these guys?
  9. Breeding towards blues

    Just a quick update, still getting alot of mixed results of the chocs mainly blues, blacks, and browns (still no reds, but is probably only a matter of time). I do however have a hypothesis that i plan to test, that i hope will result in something a bit more stable. At this stage i only have about two shrimp that match my criteria, so hopefully i will get a few more soon, and then start selective breeding from there. I plan to keep you all informed as i progress, hopefully my hypothesis pans out.
  10. Great New Specie of Pinto, with beautiful color on the back and head, please visit our website at www.aj-aqua.com. View full article
  11. Beautiful Taiwan Pinto

    Great New Specie of Pinto, with beautiful color on the back and head, please visit our website at www.aj-aqua.com.
  12. Flow and impact on algae

    Thanks for the input ! What I'm really keen to find out is does anyone know how/ if flow can affect the proliferation of hair/string algae ? I can't figure out how to stop it growing lately it's overwhelming many of my alkaline tanks and I just wondered if the very high flow rate of my sponge filters was the cause somehow. Love and peace Will
  13. Princess Abby

    Please welcome into the world :-) These are the cutest little baby critters I've seen. Already bigger than some shrimp I've purchased too :-) Love and peace Will
  14. Long Haired Hippie Snail

    I think yours might be a little more Punk Rocker LOL
  15. shrimp size

    Hi Nicpapa, Consider this product - Calcium Montmorillonite (bentonite) Clay is a “living” smectite clay that has been used in hobby and farm ponds for many years. It’s packed with upwards of 60 bio-available minerals and trace elements, plus anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-parasite properties. https://www.exoaquaristic.com.au/collections/fish-food/products/calcium-montmorillonite-bentonite-clay-buy-online clays constitute a large part of sediment in oceans and other bodies of water. It’s a critical part of the natural habitat and ecosystem of fish that has been lacking in captivity.
  16. Fish Lice? Weird small bugs

    Try again @Tyler345 because that's a terrible video. Brace the camera on something solid. Tape a magnifying glass to the front of your phone of you have to and move in closer.
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  18. A small Field Trip planned

    One of my colleges at work (who knows I am pretty interested in well pretty much all things nature) mentioned the other day that he was very surprised to see Triops in a drainage/ storm water drain not terribly far out of town. I too was surprised by this tid bit of information since as far as I was aware most triops and fairy shrimp are further west of me out towards Longreach and the like. Since we have fairly recently had rain I am hoping to go to the place he mentioned and see if I can locate any triops, or my other real desire fairy shrimp. If I can snag some triops I have an old bath tub that I used to use as a pond that is nice and manky full of rotting vegetation, some left over tank weeds and generally nicely aged with lots of micro organisms in residence. Which I am sure would make a good home for Triops since they can't be trusted with other shrimp (or even themselves) thanks to their voracious appetites. If I can find some Triops and or fairy shrimp, I will be sure to get pictures and keep this post updated. Hope to go out some time tomorrow for a looks see.
  19. Hi everyone I was wondering if someone could recommend a link that describes what is good quality flower head and poor quality. I’m embarking on a new project to breed PBL flower head, I recently acquired some PBL shrimp to start this process. I wasn’t even sure if I could breed cbs to begin with so purchased some BB, KKP before hand and they have bred with sightings of babies just the other day. So excited with recent successes and eager to gain more knowledge of what to aim for, thanks for all your input. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. Forktail Blue Eyes

    I know a few people that say the secret to forktails is to have harder water and a teaspoon or two of salt. I have a pair but get very few eggs and even then most are infertile - I dont think its the water - the male just doesn't seem to love the ladies. I'm looking for more to breed from. Cyanodorsalis can live in freshwater but most people say they really need a slightly brackish tank for breeding. I got some recently from Aquagreen in salty water ~20+ ppt I transitioned them down to ~5ppt and lost a few in the process. They are now happy but no breeding yet. I'm hoping to transition some plants up to the same salt levels - I have a native val and a myriophillum that came from pools in the Wimmera River in Victoria that were ~8ppt salt but I've been growing them in rainwater.
  21. https://australianmuseum.net.au/red-tailed-black-cockatoo-calyptorhynchus-banksii
  22. those will level up ur gh and kh so its not recomended
  23. journal My tanks

    hi there video of my tanks... :)
  24. Mulberry Madness

    Thanks to the guys at Shrimp Love Mulberry i recently received a pack of the new Mulberry based shrimp food. The pack contained 4 syringes of mulberry shrimp food and an instruction card for storage and feeding. Nothing to complicated there, just store the syringe you are using in the fridge and the spare ones in the freezer. Great being able to freeze the syringe and all as you know it is not going to go off so you can order enough for 6 months or more and that will save on shipping costs. So like with any new aquarium product i headed straight to the shrimp tank to give it a go. My thinking at the time was that the product would be a bit like Repashy but softer so it could be easily syringed. My tank has a good flow in it so it is always a bit hit and miss dropping food from the surface to the feeding bowl, like wafers or crack, but i'm getting pretty good at hitting the mark. I held the syringe at about the right point to get the bowl and gave it a little squeeze. This is not how you do it...Lol The product came out in a nice tube about 2-3mm wide, like a soft bit of crack, and then hit the flow of water. It then turned into a snow of mulberry goodness as it fell through the water column and was evenly distributed throughout the entire tank. This is not a problem for giving the shrimp a general feed, providing you dont over feed, but there was now no way i could see if the shrimp were attracted to it specifically so i could give it a subjective review. The shrimp got excited as they knew there was food somewhere in the tank but i think it took 10sec for every shrimp in the tank to find some of it and settle down for a munch. A few days later it went a lot better. Getting the hands wet i put a bit into the feeding bowl and sat back with the camera ready. My display tank has a mix of RCS, Native WA Glassies and a few Pygmy Cories. I have found that the Palamonties Australis are more of a carnivore than RCS and will rather eat live black worms than actual shrimp food. Fortunately, or unfortunately for a review, the much larger glass shrimp got into the food bowl first and the RCS were kept at bay until it had it's fill. I had put in about enough food for a normal 3-4 day feed and it was gone in about 2 hours. My normal harder food last about 6-8 hours for the same amount. Future feeds will be done from the surface again as i dont over feed and the distribution in the tank ensures all the shrimp, even the new ones, dont get muscled out.
  25. Sorry to hear this @NoGi. You have made amazing improvements to this site and kept a fantastic resource available to all of us shrimp keepers, a Massive Thanks for keeping it running and developing. I can appreciate the need for time for other parts of life, I hope you get time soon to spend with the family and to recharge those batteries. Hopefully one of the current members is looking to take on a new challenge. Such a great site that has taught so many of us how to keep these little critters thriving.
  26. Breeding room build.. finally ..

    Hey sorry I missed this post. They have been a little stubborn to be sure. But not impossible. I'm still experimenting I have a few in bee WP and a few in with neos. I have had no problems with them mating but very limited juvenile survival; in fact none at all as yet in the neo tank and only a handful in the tank with crs. I wouldn't read into my experiences too much I haven't been very consistent with my shrimp maintenance and tank conditions at times this year. The person I got them from said they were keeping them with bee shrimps but their colony got wiped out not much later. From what I know there aren't many people having success with them in Australia (if any anymore !) Must be the genetics that was brought in because the babaulti lines in the U.S. seem to be very prolific and quite hardy. Love and peace Will Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
  27. Rock or wood as hardscape

    Hi @Don Welcome to SKFA. As @jayc was saying different shrimp require different water conditions. As a general rule the ornamental shrimp we keep in aquariums Prefer a neutral or lower PH. That is a PH of around 7 (neutral) and down to 5.5 (acidic). Most rocks, especially in Australia, are alkaline and will raise the waters natural PH, over time. This can be a problem if your shrimp require a low PH environment. There are still plenty of shrimp that will tolerate and even do well in a higher PH. Australian natives and cherrie shrimp are a couple that come to mind but i really depends on what water parameters they were raised in to start with. If you get a bit more specific and say what type of shrimp you are talking about then i'm sure somebody can give you clear advise on what will and will not be good as a hardscape.
  28. I am going to be heading down to Maroochydore just for the day and was wanting to find out if there where any must visit fish shops and or Bird specialist shops in the area. Fishwise I would be looking for some of the out of the normal fish species possibly Pseudomugil species aside from Pacific Blue eyes, possibly shrimp and maybe corydoras species aside from bronze, peppered, albino. In birds I was hoping for some where that doesn't just carry budgies and canaries but more unusual finches and doves.
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