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  2. WhySoCRS Journal

    Also have a heavily pregnant female sitting close to food and fanning like crazy, I'd say ready to drop the eggs any day now.
  3. Sump or No Sump system is better?

    if you want to use a chiller get stainless steel pipes IN your tank. This is pretty common in Asia. I dont see how your design can be made in a way that the water flows enough the tanks after the first to get any benefit from this design.
  4. Yesterday
  5. No Planaria shrimp deaths

    Not sure if you have resolved this already? Sounds like you had a lot of unseen planaria that have died in the substrate. The bacteria will eventually take care of them but in the meantime, they will continue to fuel a mini cycle of your tank. Nitrates are quite high despite the water changes which kinda backs that up. There is definitely a lag with shrimp deaths after a pollution event. After watching a commercial documentary from DPI on yabby breeding I learned that invertebrates can get crap in their gills and if it's not flushed asap they go on to slowly die (lack of oxygen I think).I have had this happen before as well....... so this leads me to following suggestions ...... 1.Just a one-off big water change 60-80% (do some light surface gravel vacuuming if possible) 2. Increase aeration. Put the top of the internal filter at the water surface so that it breaks the water. Alternatively, add a couple of airstones to achieve the same effect or add an sochting oxydiser ( you could temporarily add hydrogen peroxide which will also increase oxygen levels) 3. Dont stress :) Its too late for that and you can always rebuild. I hope these tips help .....lets us know how it goes.
  6. Pure Tigers

    I keep a tank of pure tigers as well. I think most people keep them separate. Caridina Mariae like serrata are a good foundation for cross projects so always useful.
  7. Last week
  8. Worm in tank

    Still a mystery. I don't think anyone has confirmed for sure where they come into the the tank from.
  9. What is this guy?

    Still not certain of just what this guy is but I am leaning more towards wild type cherry with blue gene.
  10. Water Help!

    Get GH / KH for cherry shrimp. And mix salty shrimp into your tank until you get about 180 TDS.
  11. You know there is always one... the prize of the tank, if you are fortunate you have more than one but for most of us, the prize of our tank is clearly the reason we obsess over water parameters, food and thinking about all the off spring that will fill future tanks... So, grab a camera or phone and snap the best picture you can of your favorite shrimp in the tank and upload the picture to this thread! Ready, set, go! ;)
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  13. Get in quick NQ Algae Shrimp super buy.....

    Wow Great deal! Too bad I'm not anywhere near Tech Den. When are you opening up a store in Sydney?
  14. We have a bunch of gear going super cheap - just $3 - caves, feeders, sponges and a heap of other items too....
  15. New Shrimp Problems

    All dead.
  16. Red cherry with green shrimp

    Yes you can mix crystal shrimp with cherry shrimp ( Crystal are Caridina while cherry are neocaridina), however you will generally find one species will thrive while the other will struggle. This is because while cherry shrimp are not overly fussy about the gH, pH and temp ( but do better with warmish water), Crystals especially the high end top grade ones are very fussy and really like and do best in cooler water. I know in England there are quite a few shrimp species on offer, but it would all depend on if you wanted to source them through local pet shops (LFS), local private breeders or online through the mail. Since you already have Amano shrimp have you looked at perhaps Fan shrimp I think one of the other names is Flower or Bamboo Shrimp. These are very similar in looks and habits to Australian Riffle Shrimp. I believe vampire shrimp from Africa may also be available to you in England. Just keep in mind anything neocaridina will interbreed and many caridina will interbreed. That said I believe Rednosed shrimp from India may also be available in England and all though they are caridina they do not breed in fresh water and have a brackish/ marine larval stage in their development and are safe to keep with other caridina species.
  17. Snail Issue

    What type of food are you using to bait the trap with? I usually bait my snail traps with either algae wafers, catfish wafers or sinking catfish pellets. All things the snail can not resist. But the traps I have are better suited to nabbing MTS, which are the bane of my tanks. For Ramshorn and bladder snails the best method to manually remove them I have used has been chunks of carrot. Some people use lettuce leaves but I find carrot lasts longer and you get more uses out of it before needing a new piece. Put the carrot in the tank (preferably cut length ways) and sit back and wait till the snails swarm all over it. Then you can either carefully just lift it out of the tank and scrape the snails off (being aware one or two snails will most likely let go during the ride and fall back in the tank), or scoop a net under the carrot and pick up the carrot with snails in one fell swoop. Using the net any snails that decide to drop off get caught rather than living another day and laying more eggs. As for eggs I found a length of air hose very handy to scrape the eggs and suck them up and dump into a bucket of water to go out on the garden. I use the same technique with hydra and it works a dream if time consuming. I know people say you will "only have snail issues if you over feed your tank" but I find shrimp tanks with lots of live plants, organic matter like timber and the need to add food to keep the shrimp well feed and enough food for the offspring is a prime habitat for snails. And you cant use any chemicals to get rid of them without also killing your shrimp. Therefore thinking slightly outside of the conventional box for snail control here are some other ideas. I have heard and seen Macrobrachium species eat snails, mind you I have also watched them hunt and eat fish. I usually find them in same place as glass shrimp, so don't know if the Macrobrachium would be considered entirely "shrimp safe". Although I did have a species a friend sent me from Cairns that lived happily with fish and cherry shrimp but would hunt snails. She had very long spindly front nippers and was a fascinating shrimp to watch since she often seemed to watch you in return. Once near complete removal of the pest snails is underway perhaps add a desired snail that will fill the niche and remove some of the excess food source that the pest snails are partying on. In my tanks I have Nerites (great snails and can not successfully breed in fresh water, although they will lay eggs) these will mainly only eat algae but would also eat biofilm. I also have notopala species these can breed in fresh water but they have live birth young (cute little tackers too), and are mainly going to be eating decaying organic matter like old leaves, while leaving healthy plants alone. Then I also have a nice (sorry don't know its name) black shelled snail that gets really long and spends the vast majority of its time in the substrate. This black shelled snail that looks similar to MTS but smoother shell and much larger also does not seem to breed in fresh water fish tanks. I know you said no fish to eat the snails but I have found khuli loaches and Dwarf Chain loaches to be shrimp safe. and the tanks that house these guys are so snail free I add snails from other tanks as a treat for the loaches. I suspect the Khuli loaches might mainly eat tiny baby snails or the eggs, while I have watched the Dwarf Chain loaches tackle full grown Ramshorn snails and even manage the odd MTS. Even when a highly desired food has been fed I have watched both khuli loaches and Dwarf Chain loaches scramble all over the food but totally ignore the cherry shrimp that have also beelined for the treat. Hope some of these suggestions help you out.
  18. Filter media.

    We have a rain water tank but I had always thought the water wouldn't be suitable. I am always used it for water changes on the marine tanks, the turtle tank & the tropical fish tanks, but for some reason I got it into my head that it wouldn't be ok for the shrimp. RO would be best I aggree. If i could find one like you mentioned at around $100 that my budget could handle. I have one fairly new tank, started 3months ago, with active shrimp soil that I intend to house my mischlings in, but have yet to put any shrimp in it as I was waiting for levels to stabilise. It's only been the last few weeks that the ammonia has dropped away, took ages. I have a couple of endler guppies in it now, eating micro pests. I used distilled water demineralized with salty shrimp GH to set it up. The TDS in that is higher now than it's ever been too. I was testing levels every few weeks at the start & tds was always around 100 but it's up to 338 when i tested it today 'sigh'. It's like I have this sneaky leprechaun bouncing around at night sprinkling stuff in the tanks. I will do that test with all three substrates & the filter media & see if the levels change. I'll do it in the rain water, it's TDS is 22, GH1, KH0, PH 6.6 Sent from my Elephone P8000 using Shrimp Keepers Forum mobile app
  19. PetWorx Nano 45

    Well this set up is still sitting in it's box, still undecided what to do with it, don't really have a spot for it at the moment in the home so just going to hang on to it for awhile.
  20. Green with envy

    I'm so happy I made you smile. I too 'shrimp-gaze' instead of TV [emoji16]. You have quite the menagerie by the sounds of it. What I like to think of as the 'right' menagerie, pets that needed a loving home. It must get mighty noisy at your place with 23 parrots, wow. We have 2 & that gets noisy enough. Both hand-raised, a blue quaker & an olive budgie. Love how you call the shrimp jellybeans, very cute nickname, puts images in my head if them bouncing around the tanks. Sent from my Elephone P8000 using Tapatalk
  21. 10 years of breeding

    Some of the culls from the breeding program. The little pink looking male actually has when zoomed in on his tail what looks like 3 peacock feather tail eyes. Or perhaps little opals. Most of the males in these pictures are only still young, when they mature a bit more they will have tails like the old blue boy in the last pic.
  22. I had noticed this guppy in the tank for a while, originally I thought it was a male when younger, then perhaps a female due to its size and the other males trying to mate with it and now I am thinking its a hermaphrodite. If it is and it is pregnant as it appears to be in the photos are its young likely to survive? Have congentical defects? Be more likely to carry the trait? Has any one else had a similar guppy? The main points for guessing its an hermaphrodite excluding colour (we have very colourful females with broad tails and long dorsal fins) * Size and body shape, has female body in shape and size * Appears to have a gonopodium instead of a squared off anal fin like a female.
  23. New cycling tank pests

    That's what I was concerned with, if the leeches hurt or killed the shrimp. I suspect they came in on plants too. I scrutinised the new shrimp under a magnifying glass before adding them to my tank, so am pretty confident they didn't hitch a ride on the shrimp. I seem to only find them on the glass at substrate level so far not on the shrimp. It'd be half my luck if they eat snails, it is a constant battle removing them from my tanks.
  24. Black Pandas death in 2 hours

    I would agree with what you guys said in terms of temperature being the likely culprit. If your floating the bag inside the tank their going into then the only benefit of the drip is to acclimatize them to the differing water parameters as they bag will be heated by the ambient water surrounding the bag. I would suggest using an external breeder box in which you can filter tank water through to acclimate them to avoid issues. Place it on the side of your tank empty and fill it with the water from the bag with the shrimp inside. Then when you turn it on you can acclimate them over a number of hours and eventually the water becomes 100% tank water at matching conditions. I used to use the Sudo Satellite breeding boxes but there are lots that are practically identical.
  25. Some of my Shrimp Buddies - Pic Heavy

    I've been stalking my shrimpy dudes with me phone :) My tank is beginning to look like a large tank of jelly beans! I think this blue one may be berried but not entirely sure ..... heaven only knows what colours they will be as have sotted some of the tiny ones starting to surface more regularly and there are some right strange colour combinations going on ... quite puzzled as to what they will turn out to be in the end
  26. BossAquaria How to plumb A rack 101

    Hi Gavin, unfortunately @Dean has not been visiting SKFA for a long while now. So it is unlikely he will get this message. But you never know, we hope he is well and will return one day and can extract the pictures from photobucket. We have many broken links to pictures hosted on photobucket, after they changed their business model to a paid system. Lesson learnt - host your pictures on SKFA.
  27. Ameno with cherry shrimp

    The cherry shrimp and Amano shrimp are not able to cross breed since they are very different species with entirely different requirements for young survival and growth. Namely cherry shrimp give birth/ hatch miniature fully functioning replicas of themselves, while Amano shrimp have larval offspring which require brackish conditions and very specific micro food sources before growing and returning to fresh water. I would think that either you have a male and a female Amano shrimp without knowing it, or the Amano shrimp is doing something one of my single species shrimp used to do. A few years ago I had a single female shrimp of an uncertain family but most likely Palaemonidae family she was the only shrimp in the tank and every so often used to get berried with no other shrimp of any species at all present.
  28. Need to now go read up on these too. They look fascinating. I am way too impulsive and I would want to grow a tank of them if I could and attach one of those sheets that you can get errr not entirely sure what they call them but they are like a square magnifying glass but in plastic sheet format on the side of the tank - my step-dad he's 80 and has one for map reading. I have borrowed it once or twice to view some of my smaller members of my tank. If you narrow it down or figure out how you came by it please do let me know :)
  29. For once they sat still

    Thanks for the tip.
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