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  2. white bloom ?

    White bloom is usually bacterial bloom. I'm especially enclined to diagnose that, considering this happened just after you added some Bacter AE. I don't think this is something crtical, but I understand it can be annoying. Try again a partial water change. If you can, vaccuum the substrate, add Mosura BT-9 if you can find some, or live bacterias such as Bio Nitrivec. This problem can clear itself after a more or less long time. In my case, it took 2 weeks in one of my tanks. In another tank, I had to use an UV filter. my .02
  3. Yesterday
  4. Hi, I am a newbie to shrimp keeping and I have come here for some stability in information as to looking around the information of various fish forums vary so much. Some say RCS are easy and will thrive in the same parameters as community fish others will say a great deal more care and closer parameter adjustment. All confusing. So I am hoping to get advice that I can work with. I have on order and should hopefully be delivered this week a custom 25cm cube tank (about 10 gal). I have a sponge filter and air pump as well as a heater. My plan is for a planted tank for my red cherries and hopefully some tank mates but I would like them to breed. My water is classed as ‘Moderately Hard’ GHd 9.84 pH7.25 as per suppler analysis. Talk of using a TDS pen. I can easily order one, but should we not be aware of what constitutes the dissolved solids or does not that matter? Light for the new tank, 6500K or 8000K which would be best for my shrimp to stand out. I keep going on line to order one or the other and end up not ordering anything. Substrate for both shrimp and plants. All I am sure of is I would like it as close to black as possible. The plants I intend would be Java Moss, Java Fern and Anubias nana petite possible water sprite as that can float and go in the substrate. I welcome any suggestions and I will probably have more myself. I am in no hurry to add livestock . Thanks Robert….
  5. Last week
  6. Hate to barge in on you two... ;) Your welcome JC, anytime bro :) That rack sure has come along but i got one thing to say: BOOOOOOOO! no up to date photos.... Hahaha :D
  7. I ended up organising a group buy from Kens Fish in the USA. I can't find a cheap local source unfortunately.
  8. Shrimp in Planted Tanks

    Correct. Water softeners remove Calcium and Magnesium by replacing it with sodium. Too much sodium is not good for aquariums. Trace elements are optional, and only a very small amount is required. So if you already have some, this can be added. If not, leave it out. Yes! The RO filter has removed most minerals, metals, dissolved solids, fertilizers, pesticides, fluoride, chlorine, etc - all the stuff that is added to our tapwater, for better or worse. The primary focus is on re-adding the correct amount of Calcium and Magnesium back into the RO water for your aquarium inhabitants., without all the other unwanted chemicals and minerals. Read the pinned threads in Water Parameter. https://skfaquatics.com/forum/forum/93-water-parameters/ You can buy premixed remineralising products like Salty Shrimp GH+ products, Glasgarten Liquid Mineral GH+, Mosura Mineral Plus Ultra, .... Or you can DIY it if you feel like saving some money - I have a thread on it in Water Parameters too.
  9. Breeding towards blues

    Mine still throw more Blue -I've separated some chocolates out and although I get an odd red I mostly get blue and chocolates.
  10. Earlier
  11. Breeding

    How hard is it to breed fighter fish love fish Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Micro organisms?

    Don't stress too much over it. If you want a cheap solution, Remove your plants Drain 99% of the water, including the water in the filter/s. Wash filter in the old tank water. Pour hot boiling water on the substrate till it is all under hot water. Drain and refill the tank. I only suggest this since you have no inhabitants in the tank.
  13. ID on these?? (photo fixed???)

    Aww snap no clue how to put one up then
  14. @samcha, crossing tigers, be it super or regular, is not new. Many have already crossed them successfully, but patterns are random and not a guarantee you will like them, at least of the F1 or F2 generation. The offspring of the cross are called Tibee.
  15. Bacter AE possible issue?

    Gotcha, thank you. The smell... can't really describe haha. It's more like plastic burning / something. I thought maybe its the bacter finally decomposing, but i poked the substrate real fast to see if bubbles came out, and it didnt.
  16. Can Shrimp carry disease

    The answer is not a straight forward "Yes". There is always some risk of any newly introduced fauna that will carry a disease. The shrimp and snail in the quarantine tank will have a higher risk of carrying a disease. Will they infect something else in the main tank, is anyone's guess. Then again they might not. Without knowing what they might be a carrier of, just use a multi purpose medicine in the quarantine tank for a week before moving the shrimp and snail. But follow the medicine's directions for invertebrates. Why were they in the quarantine tank in the first place? Only sick fish, shrimps or snails, should be in the sick tank. I have culled shrimps and hardy fish in my quarantine tank to keep the bacteria alive, so that the hospital tank is ready to go at any moment. But those will never get reintroduced back into any other tank. Personally, I wouldn't risk moving them. Can they stay in that tank?
  17. Oxydators

    Mine doesn't give off bubbles after a while. So I don't think yours has a problem in particular. It might be giving off bubbles too small to see. If anyone else has any ideas, please chime in.
  18. Its been a while since posting last but thought a new year and lets kick off with a bunch of gear ideal for SKF peps. Yes you still get your SKF discount off that too.. Here is the link.....lights, filters too https://www.thetechden.com.au/SKF_s/2464.htm Here are just some of the specials......... $19.95 now $9.90 Ista Shrimp Substrate Soil 2l $4.95 now $3.30 Thermometer - Easy Read $9.90 now $3.30 Dake Acrylic Tubes (3 Tubes per Unit) $12.95 now $3.30 Dake Acrylic Cubes (1 Cube per Unit) $15.40 now $5.50 Dake Acrylic Tubes (6 Tubes per Unit) $15.40 now $5.50 Dake Acrylic Cubes (12 Cubes per Unit) $7.95 now $5.50 Dake Acrylic Shrimp Feeder Tube - 22cm $9.90 now $5.50 Dake Acrylic Shrimp Feeder Tube - 37cm $11.00 now $5.50 Dake Acrylic Shrimp Feeder Tube - 41cm $9.90 now $3.50 Sudo Clay Pipe Mini $8.50 now $4.40 Ista 5cm Ceramic Plant Cultivation $11.00 now $4.40 Ista 5cm Square Ceramic Plant Cultivation $11.00 now $4.40 Ista 6.5cm Square Ceramic Plant Cultivation $11.00 now $4.40 Ista 5x10cm Square Ceramic Plant Cultivation
  19. My new Bettas

    My dragon scale plakat have the same fate with you although he did because He is already old I think He is already 2 years old, betta lifespan is just 2 years
  20. Shrimps in my Pond in Ecuador

    I just left mother Nature feed them
  21. Is this a parasite?

    It's on both sides of the shrimp's head? Looks more like a discolouration. The shrimp looks healthy otherwise.
  22. The most common tests for a shrimp tank are pH, KH, GH and TDS. Temperature is also important and needs to be constant cool 22-24degC (not sure what that is in F, but you can convert it). Ammonia and Nitrite is another important test, but is done less frequently after the tank is cycled. Hmm. Then the only other way is to replace the pump with a lower flow one if you are concerned it is too strong. The SeaEvo tank is built for a marine setup, hence the high flow, as corals like the high flow. Nah, not you. The forum is only as good as the people on it. SKFA has the most friendly of people on any aquatic forum that I have been on.
  23. Purple Cherry Shrimp .....

    @BlueBolts How is it going? So beautiful! Pls post some new purple cherry!!!
  24. Decommissioning video - Last Days

    LOL this only happened today, talk about a false start. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  25. And so it begins.... Unleashing the Beast

    Sad day today when i stripped down the old tank, but glad work has finally begun in earnest to see this project out. Stand under construction Leveling in position - floor was out 31mm side to side and 18 front to back.... that's a lot of packers 19mm AA grade marine ply cut and scribed to unsquare wall. Will be lime washed and sealed Mark out for tank so we can begin plumbing layout. I'm still not sure on how to drill this, right hand side, rear panel or base. Or the size but I do have a local glass guy I can use for the job. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  26. That orange dragon variant looks amazing. I hope you'll get it stabilized.
  27. Wise choice.
  28. Breeding room build.. finally ..

    Started to put some lights in. It's a pretty time-consuming affair trying to figure out placement and measure it up etc. I tidied up the airline situation and have tanks in place for purpose of measuring light positions so here is a pic! Love and peace Will
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