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  2. Are there marbled cray in australia,and are they able to be a fairly uniform blue with no marbaling effect?
  3. I'm trialling barebottom at the moment in my ycs tank with the aim of being able to make better selections. But I'm hating that the crap flies everywhere whenever I cull. I haven't sold any yet and I imagine customers won't appreciate a bag full of mulm and neither will the shrimp enjoy the transit too much either. I thought the sponge would be good due to the large surface area for biofilm. Ostracods and shrimplets can get a little ways into this particular sponge and pick out most of the food but as someone pointed out to me the risk is that too much muck could get trapped.
  4. Thanks for all the input. Now that i have a starting point i guess i can start the process of multiple years of frustration and hopefully at the end success. I will update this thread when i start/ when any interesting developments happen, with plenty of pictures. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  5. Yesterday
  6. , I have new shrimplets As the black & white beauties have no more eggs, I bet these are black & white shrimplets. Now I'm excited
  7. Unfortunately, that's the society we live in these days. Everything for nothing. Perhaps people don't realise that 100% of any funds generated here go back into the running of the site. Without the support of our sponsors the site would have shut down years ago. What I struggle to understand is that we have a majority vote to keep the forsale forum but hardly anyone wanting to actually use it? If it wasn't clear before, the poll is about the sale sub forum only, the wanted to buy would still exist.
  8. A great cause and love the new packaging.
  9. Not much longer to go till the end of Feb folks.
  10. If you don't want to use tap water to cycle a tank (and I have heard of people using tap with ADA during the cycle process only), then use pure RO water only. Don't remineralize it. I understand your reasoning for not wanting to use tap. If you had soft or medium water, use tap. If you have hard water, maybe dilute it with RO? It's hard to speed up the ADA cycle because it keeps leaching ammonia. In other words, you'll have to wait weeks. As far as bacteria goes, I've seen people recommend Tetra SafeStart (plus) for cycling a tank, and to a lesser degree, the Marineland Aquarium Bacteria. I don't know what you have available to you though.
  11. Agree with above comment. It's possible and know the risks. Too much CO2 is deadly for shrimps for sure. I've added a small group of shrimp in a small tank where the CO2 had run quite hard a few hours before, but closed it. So did not think that it would harm them. Came back 10 minutes later to find them all dead. One of the most stupid mistakes I've made, but to learn the risks of a CO2 overdose the hard way.
  12. Sadly my BM group were eaten by a Fighter Fish put into my tank without me knowing, I have none left, so now I'm in the planning stages of doing a small nano to house some more BM.
  13. I'm no expert but i find it hard to think you would have such a low TDS and a super high GH. Have you tried a LFS for a comparison? That is my go to before i purchase more of something i already have.
  14. Last week
  15. No, dont do that. The powder, being smaller will just fall between the gaps. Just go with the Amazonia (normal). It's the most versatile, and will cover a huge range of use cases.
  16. Thanks for that, have you used this soil before can i ask and only cycled with it only, so i wont need to add or do anything just wait and test, im thinking ill be using something like 9 to 12 Litres of soil, i thought i,d have to add ada bacteria or something under the soil any help regarding this please thanks
  17. Looking good, will look well nice when its finished m8
  18. Not me. I have not needed to cycle a tank from scratch for many years. But I know someone on SKF has tried it. Cannot remember who. I have heard good things about Dr Tims products however.
  19. Update: I guess I figure it out. So I added 2% tap water (gh13, KH7) and the PH spike to 6.0 in seconds, then I stopped adding the water. Next morning, wtf PH 4.5 :D. Added tap water again and it raised fast to 6.0 again. The next day, it was 5.3. Add a little tap water again etc. Now I guess about 5 - 10% is tap water and the KH must be somewhere 1-3. The PH is stable now or gets lower very slow. So it's probaly that simple. The KH buffers the PH as I already learned on school long ago and because of the Inert soil with Osmose water + minerals of GH6 and KH0, the PH could drop that low. It was not really acid I guess, since I just needed a little tap water to raise it, but just because the lack of a buffer. The active soil must do something like it, because I never saw a tank with active soil below PH5.5. So when doing WC I just add a little tapwater from now on.
  20. A few weeks ago I was flooding the floor of my bird aviary and came across 3 other legless lizards, I tried to rescue them but the quail got at least one of the lizards. Actually because I am a stickler for not poisoning everything I come across my yard has quite a diverse range of undergrowth critters. One of which is a species of Banjo frog that many people mistake for cane toads and kill the innocent (and beautiful) frogs. I have even often found at least 2 other species of native frog/ toad hunkering down and living in the same hidey hole as pest cane toads.
  21. Hi all, been awhile, just thought I'd put a photo up. Unfortunately, due to events beyond my control, a Male Fighter and some Neon Tetras, Zebra Danios were introduced to the tank, which now means I have 0 Bloody Mary and Crystal Red Shrimp left, was not impressed!!! So, I'm going to start a smaller little nano so I can get my Shrimp fix. Anyway, here is a photo taken today, just needs a glass clean and trim, but the tank it self is going really well.
  22. Would be interested in seeing a picture! Upgrade membership? Make image smaller? Or load to an image hosting website?
  23. journal

    Just a quick update video of my Blue Bolts.
  24. journal

    So @Ronskitz Came over the other day to help me with some canister maintenance. He even took a quick video. Since I havent done a update for awhile here it is.
  25. Thanks Jayc - I am very lucky to have 3 girls that look the same when they are berried- not quite as dark when not berried - these are even more remarkable because they come from my Taitibee line rather than from my TB line.
  26. As Zoidburg has already confirmed, yes, you can use straight rain water for your wild tank, much like our Zebra shrimp here, that like very low TDS. For RCS, CRS and fish, you will need to remineralise to a suitable TDS level.
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