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  2. sdlTBfanUK

    bee shrimps with eggs

    I had bought some blue bolts and blue steel. The blue bolts were bluer (like your first blue bolt photo) and various patterns but the blue steel were a greyer blue (probably why they were called steel) and just the head with white/cream coloured body. I don't know whether that is the 'official' name or distinction but as you say I am sure they all originate from the same. The crystal reds ad blacks are good enough quality that they may even be Pure red line and Pure black line - they were my first unsuccessful attempt at Caridina shrimp. Hope you don't have to wait too long for the chiller? Simon
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  4. kms

    Help with dying shrimp

    sdiTBfanUK introduce me to shrimp king, I also got the mixed package, and two snow flake tubs, out of all the mixes, the snow flakes is the one it eats the most, and does get eaten until they are gone. there is one it does not eat, but since I mixed them together, I don't know the which shrimp king it is.
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  6. sdlTBfanUK

    New Shrimp Keeper

    Good to hear it is going well. Both my tanks are 26 degrees also due to the warm/humid weather here in UK at present. Keep a close eye on the temperature of the small tank this week as a smaller tank will warm up quicker when the surrounding temperature warms and they are saying possibly 30+ later in the week in the UK......... It is difficult to not disturb everything in a small tank when you do anything but that should soon be a thing of the past! You don't have to do everything in one day, for instance I would transfer a few fish each day from now so the cycle can adjust gradually to the increased load and then you will just have the plants and shrimps left in the old tank by the weekend? I plan to do one more 8L water change on thursday (I have got the water ready already) then if the nitrates come down I will start thinking about getting some shrimps? Simon
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  8. sdlTBfanUK

    Here we go again!

    Update Not much to report really. I have added some new plants today. I still have no ammonia or nitrite but 25 nitrate. I will probably see if that continues until thursday (that tanks usual maintenance day) and if it does I have bought some Tetra nitrateminus so may try a bit of that but not totally committed to that idea yet??? All the parameters are in the ideal range otherwise. IF (note the capitals and bold) I can get 8L of new water ready for then I will do that (one third) water change - it is supposed to be hot here this week so I may not be up to that though? As I said, not much to report otherwise, it is that really annoying period maintaining and looking at an empty tank, but I am not rushing in this time - still grieving from the last lot of stunners I killed accidentally so having a problem getting enthused! Simon
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  10. Thank you. Yeah they are great quality discus of German lineage. Due to family and young kids, I was not able to devote my time to them as much as I would like to so I have since sold them back to the person who sold them to me in the first place. He has been a discus breeder for many years so I know he will look after them well and keep their progeny going within Australia. Thank you. This rack is still running but I am planning to strip it all down, move it to the garage and set it all up again.
  11. Thank you both so much! I have struggled. I will change out the substrate. Thank you again!
  12. jayc

    Red Cherry shrimp?

    You don't need to separate them. It's not a disease.
  13. jayc

    Coloured Ramshorn snails

    Knowing @Baccus, he probably has a thousand of them by now.
  14. sdlTBfanUK

    Starting up a Shrimp Tank,Need Some Advice

    I hear what you are saying and can see that for saltwater tanks which have a much brighter/whiter appearance you don't want to be able to see all the working equipment. I started with 3 very small (admittedly) versions of this hidden back section type of tank and they do seem to be becoming more popular nowadays and bigger ones are probably better than the smaller ones. The small ones I had suffered mainly from the following, They had slots in the back where water was drawn through to the working back area and these slots were too large for anything other than fully grown adults to be safe as the others could get drawn through or wander through the slots. If you put sponge behind the slots it solves this problem but it restricts the flow and soon gets blocked with detritus and as the tanks have slots at the top (as well as the bottom usually) they obviously realise this can happen. The ones I had, because of this, meant the water level in the back was always lower than the tank level even on the lowest pump speed setting and this was partly due to the heater being in the back causing evaporation, as the back sections had no cover either. With this 'problem' in a smaller tank it is very risky as the level could drop low enough that it affects the heater (this probably wouldn't happen with bigger versions IF you make sure the heater is as low down as possible in the back). It did mean that I had to keep a careful eye on the level at the back which isn't easy if kept in a recess or piece of furniture that surrounds the tank. The largest one I had (only 15L admittedly) was actually the worst design, as it had 2 small sponges right in the bottom of the back sections and how the f**k they thought that was a good design still eludes me to this day, years later. After a good hour of trying to get them out as they were so oversized so even turning it over and bashing it (never a good idea with an aquarium, but I was almost at the I'm going to get a hammer stage) wouldn't get them out, there were 2, one normal sponge and one carbon sponge - A definite WTF moment and how you are supposed to do/get that out when the tank has water in it???????. I still have, and use this one as an emergency and I got around the sponge problem by getting a large sheet of sponge and cutting it to fill the whole rear section to the top so I can then get hold of it and it does make maintenance a doddle but probably also doesn't help the flow and level in the back. Again, it is a small tank so the divisions at the back were a lot smaller than a larger one, but even a large one must be tricky to get your arm down the back if the sponge is at the very bottom if you don't have clear access to the back. My heaters have temperature leds on as well but thats a waste of time if you can't even see the heater hidden in the back so you have to be able to keep checking it is working which again can be difficult depending on where the tank is, so if the heater sticks on (and I am probably the wrong person to say this as I recently cooked all my shrimp in an aquarium that didn't have the back sections) you won't be able to see easily? OK Enough here I think! There are many reasons listed above (and others) that I would and don't use this type of aquarium any more for keeping shrimps. I do not doubt they are really good for bigger inhabitants, and especially saltwater setups where you don't want to see the workings as it is a lighter setup, and as long as you have the tank somewhere where the rear is easily accessible and viewable. It is pretty logical that if the equipment is in the main aquarium it is easier to get at/maintain /see, but the latter may not be a preference to some people I appreciate that, and that is why I started out with the built in back sections. Now the easier access/maintenance is preferable and by using black background with black filter and heater it reduces the equipments visual impact. To summarise , would I recommend this type for small shrimp (this is a shrimp first forum after all) is a definite NO (also most shrimp peoples tanks are small in size, unless they are serious breeders), but it doesn't mean it isn't doable and you shouldn't get one if that is what you want and that is my opinion based on my EXPERIENCE from the 3 small tanks I started out with. Most things I have found in life, the theory is way better than the reality! Hope this answers any queries sufficiently, if not just ask, but be prepared for another mega reply? It is a cold and wet day here is the UK, so typical summer here so I have nothing better to do................
  15. sdlTBfanUK

    Filter for shrimp tank

    Most of your technical questions are a bit over my head, but this is what I use on all the tanks: https://www.pro-shrimp.co.uk/internal-filters/1826-superfish-aqua-flow-50-8715897041747.html I use 2 in each tank and some come with cartridges of carbon, those I remove the carbon and just cut a bit of bigger sponge to fill the whole space. It is super easy, no carbon or ceramic etc, just the sponge, nothing else. There is a cap on the bottom which I permanently remove so there is more area exposed to the water and then to clean all I do is turn the whole thing about 120 degrees, pull out the sponge through the open bottom, squeeze it in removed tank water, put the sponge back in through the bottom and twist back into place. There is no taking anything apart as the bottom cover has been left off and the whole maintenance takes about 60 seconds if not less???? Having the 2 per tank (30L) makes it easy when you get a new tank as well as you can remove the dirty sponge from one and replace it with the other ones new sponge etc and you have immediate BB in both tanks, and any way they are so cheap why not have 2? It is ALL super cheap, super easy and super basic. I very rarely change the sponges either but again as there are 2 it won't upset anything if you change one sponge or if one of the filters breaks. Incidently I have had some 5+ years and not 1 has failed yet. This is what I have done/used for years, sorry I can't be of more help on the specific technical questions you pose but as you see we really are talking a basic system of muck sucked into sponge and that is it, and the spray bars aerate the tank when the water comes out the other end. Simon
  16. jayc

    CRS food preference?

    @supermansteve32, have a read of the Food and Nutrition forum. I'm sure you will get lots of ideas there. My best tip is ... don't stick to processed/bought foods. Vege scraps, flowers, leaves, prawns, frozen bloodworms. The list is huge. I only feed bought foods on lazy days.
  17. jayc

    Betta Water Parameters

    That's just one of the use cases.
  18. inverted

    prodibio biodigest

    Bit late to this thread. I must have missed it at the time however the fastest way to cycle active soils is to lift the ph temporarily to rapidly establish nitrifying bacteria. If in a rush I do this using potassium bicarbonate. The residual byproduct is a fertiliser.
  19. sdlTBfanUK

    CRS Tank Log

    Another great photo. I can see you have the whole range of sizes, and some red cherry. The red cherry don't look to be adults yet so I assume they are breeding well also? Keep it up and you might need a bigger tank....................... always good to hear of a success story! Simon
  20. sdlTBfanUK

    REDBEE : ADA soil

    That tank looks very smart! More great photos as well. You may get some unusual colour and pattern shrimplets when the tiger cross breeds. Simon
  21. jayc

    Fresh Dandylion Leaves?

    Absolutely try flowers. Don't even need to blanch them. As long as you know they are clean of pesticides, it can go straight into the tank. I've fed roses, hibiscus, nasturtiums, dandelions (those are the ones I have in my garden). The shrimps love them and they colour up nicely after a few feeds. The colour is not permanent however, just a caveat.
  22. jayc

    What are your top 5 shrimp?

    You're not wrong. The supply and demand along with the rarity in Aus has made Sulawesi very expensive.
  23. Shrimp the world

    RESET TANK, D'oh!

    All good mate .. let me know how it goes ..any issue with it send a message thanks connor
  24. Shrimp the world

    Sötching Oxydator Mini Reveiw.

    Yah idk if it would do heaps of added extra for a tank ... I would add more air via a pump before I spent $15 on the device
  25. sdlTBfanUK

    Disaster has struck

    Thanks guys for the advice and support, it is much appreciated. Yesterday, luckily a friend was round so we got to empty the tank, very sad to see so many dead shrimps, so all the plants etc are in a bucket with the old water. I fished out 10-20 shrimps that seemed ok (not got the courage to look yet today) and in the process of getting those into the old 15L temporary home for probably a week. I ordered the substrate 'shrimp king' and that was sent yesterday and should arrive today, and a thermostat to stick on the outside. I will look at what you recommend JayC at some later stage when it is all back UP and RUNNING again, and I can relax a bit! You are right JayC, although it is a disaster, it is good to KNOW what caused it and as you say heaters break, though before when they have broken to where they didn't work, which just meant the occupants just got a bit cold and caused no problems, but it is a valuable lesson learnt. I will get thermometers for the other tanks as well, but only ordered one at this stage to see if I like it and it works etc. I have ordered 2 x 4L shrimp king soil as they say that needs no preparation and very quickly the shrimp can then go back. I was planning to put double the amount I used previously (so thats 6L, though that was a different substrate) so it will be about 1.5 inches. Any advice on that would be appreciated? And as you say JayC I will pretty much use the plants etc from before. I appreciate the advice and thoughts a lot, thank you both! edit - Total wipeout as the ones I fished out still died! It does mean I don't need to hurry to set everything up at least and I will need to go shrimp shopping sometime in the summer. Simon
  26. If you want to avoid heaters being stuck on and overheating the tank or failing and not heating, then you need a Temperature Controller Thermostat. ITC-308 Digital Temperature Controller thermostat I have one of these, clearly the plug type is for AU since I'm in Australia. I use one of these for single tanks or in sumps. The thermostat is placed in the tank to keep track of your tank's temps. The controller controls power to the "Heating" or "Cooling" power plugs. You are no longer reliant on buggy heater thermostats. With this unit, you can use the cheapest heater and feel safe in the knowledge that it will never cook your fish or shrimps. Your heater is plugged into the socket labelled "heater". Preset the controller to turn on heating when temps are below, say 20deg C and turn off at, say 24 degC. You can plug a chiller or a fan into the socket labelled "Cooling" as well. I bought this off ebay from Inkbird https://www.ebay.com.au/usr/inkbirdau?_trksid=p2047675.l2559 They even have a wifi version now for control over your smartphone. A quick search on ebay for the keywords " ITC-308 WIFI Temp Controller Thermostat" brings up the same controller in various different plug types that will fit what you use in your own country. It costs roughly as much as a medium quality heater here in Aus. BUT it's cheap insurance knowing that I will never cook my fish or shrimps. To offset the cost of this controller, I can now buy the cheapest heaters off ebay and still be confident that I won't overcook the tank's inhabitants. Other uses: More over you can use it to control fish room temps as well, it's not limited to measuring water in tanks. Turn on/off AC or fans or room heaters. People use it for home brewing. There are so many practical uses. Note: there is a very similar temp controller called the STC-1000, but this unit requires you to add your own cabling. Whereas the Inkbird is a lot more convenient. Hopefully this helps someone and their pets.
  27. TotalNewb

    Shrimp dying every day for weeks

    @beanbag I will do - thank you! Fingers crossed
  28. Zenplay,thailand

    Shrimp Tank Photo Thread

  29. My guess is a fungus, so remove it as much as possible and do water change (slowly). The common causes of fungus are overfeeding (left over food), something that is decaying (plants or animals), or something emitting sugars, like driftwood.
  30. Hi all. I'm new to the group. I'm desperately hoping someone can help me? I am trying to acquire 200 or so post larvae Giant Freshwater Prawns. If I lived in the states, it would appear I could order them online from one of many online aquatic retailers and have them delivered to my door. However I live in Canada and cannot seem to find anyone, either inside Canada or outside the country that can help. Is there anyone in here who could point me in the right direction? Regards Ben
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