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  2. sdlTBfanUK

    Blue Bolt - 30cm Cube tank for a beginner

    Glad we can be of some help and I agree you are doing the best thing by thinking it out thoroughly before you get started. It is very frustrating when you spend a lot of money on a small setup to then have to go and do the same again for another setup because it isn't big enough, way more economical and cost effective to get it right first time, though as you say you are starting with some of the stuff! I'm also sure that when I closed down the small one and moved the shrimps to the new tank that I probably lost half of the shrimplets as they were too small/young to be moved in reality but I really didn't want to have to run 2 tanks for a few months whilst I waited for them to grow - I had way too many anyway. I can't be much help regarding the 'chiller' as we don't have hot enough weather here, in fact even the humans don't get that over here (except in expensive cars)? A lot may depend where you are placing the setup as well, mine is in a dark corner that doesn't get any direct sun. If it isn't likely to get too hot there for a while you can of course come back to that as a separate issue as it won't mean disrupting anything in the tank anyway should you decide to get one later! You are probably best steering away from the CO2 as it is one less thing to set up and, as you, I have read a lot of reports saying it isn't good with caridina shrimp setups, though I have no actual experience with it, but why risk it. Hope you will keep us informed/updated. Simon
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  4. sdlTBfanUK

    Betta Water Parameters

    I 'suspect' my Betta may have Popeye, he is quite small so difficult to see but he seems active and chasing food etc! Is there an easy treatment that I can use in case? I am guessing using Epsom salts will affect the shrimps and plants? I also read (partly on here,but elsewhere as well) that Melafix doesn't work and can actually injure the fishes air breathing organ??? I do have an old 15L tank that I MAY be able to setup/use in the kitchen with no substrate etc, so can do multiple water changes (if needed), but it won't be 'cycled' or have filter running but I do have a spare heater and light (I think). Please bear in mind my physical abilities are extremely limited. Also any medication etc will have to be through the post so that will cause some delay? Anyway all advice will be gratefully received? Simon Update 17/4/19 - I have decided to try 50% dosage of melafix for 3 days (then review to maybe doing a further 4 days) at next water change/maintenance on friday! This is based on a whole day reading on internet and 3 days is recommended as 'preventative' dosage, but most seem to think full strength is too much for Betta? He seems spunky enough and active?
  5. DKC

    Is this a moulting issue?

    I actually have two filters in the tank. A sponge filter and a HOB. Will get much from another tank and put it in and see. Luckily the RCS are not the most expensive but nonetheless upsetting when they die.
  6. keep up the good work
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  8. sdlTBfanUK

    PBL has a golden hue to it?

    As JayC says, they don't look the best quality but I assume the photos were taken when you just got them as they are in a container so they may colour up better in time, and especially if they are juveniles as you indicate. Having said that though I have had PRL and PBL in the distant past and even the shrimplets did have very good colour from the start so if they have lost colour a bit and they really are PBL they probably are lower quality or it is just down to the move? Simon
  9. sdlTBfanUK

    New Shrimp Keeper

    Hope you have a great trip (or had if you read this after your return)? As JayC says you could make smaller pieces of mineral stone, but with such a small tank I would probably remove it all, unless you want some in the tank for appearances. Having some in the tank though, as JayC says it will slowly increase the TDS so it will make it more complicated to get to the TDS you want, and stay there! It is a shame about the duckweed and if you have cleared 15% then I imagine the tank will be 100^% covered by the time you return. Great news though that everything has settled down and you haven't lost any shrimps recently. Enjoy your trip. Simon
  10. jayc

    Shrimp Diseases and Diagnosis

    Not that I can confirm. You can try Oregano Oil (Carvacrol), can be bought at health food stores around Aus. Dilute one drop with 2 drops of water. Soak food pellets in the oil and drop it into the tank. Oregano Oil is strong stuff that will kill bacteria. Since it's internal infection, we need the shrimp to eat it. Once you can see it like that, the infection is in it's advanced stages, and the shrimp doesn't have long to live. If you have H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) add 3 drops per 20L every 6 hours for 3 days. See you you go there.
  11. sdlTBfanUK

    Hydra outbreak

    This is an old thread I know, but I have set up a new tank for a betta and filled with plants from my usual supplier a few weeks ago. I noticed a few days ago that there are some (not many at this stage) hydra which must have come with the plants, grrrrrr. I managed to find on ebay 1 person selling 1 SL AQUA - Z1 so have grabbed that instantly and it should arrive by the weekend! This may be a new product that wasn't available in 2017??? It is supposed to be a natural plant product and looks like you just add it once and after a week all is done AND it is supposed to be shrimp/flora/fish/bacteria safe. I may retreat for a second week to 'make sure' especially as it is a natural product and harmless to everything EXCEPT maybe snails (I am over run with them in another tank anyway so can soon add some later). I think the only thing I have seen that you need to do is remove carbon? The tank has a few cull shrimp and a few assassin snails at the moment and MAYBE a fighter from sunday! I assume it must be virtually unheard of Planaria/hydra in the UK as nowhere seems to stock any of the VARIOUS treatments for these (I think the others are chemical based, and there are videos on youtube of people using Dog worming treatments??), including my shrimp specialist who very generously must have , ie everything in that tank came from them, supplied the hydra?? I plan to update this in a few weeks/month with how good/successful this product is, though it may not be easy to get hold of. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p0pLd7BcqzA Simon ps another related article on here https://skfaquatics.com/forum/forums/topic/12330-hydra-and-shrimplets/?tab=comments#comment-126062 EDIT - Have put this in the tank today 12/4/19! EDIT 19/4/19 - I cannot see any evidence of the hydra so a big thumbs up for this product, and so easy to use with just one dose. I will only do a further update if there is any change to report! I have seen shrimp and an assassin snail so it does look to be safe for those as it states.
  12. ShrimpNewb

    Shrimp Food Reviews

    I'm upgrading Shrimp King Complete to 4/5. The shrimp like it enough to eat it in proper portions. It does appear that my idiocy in putting too much in the tank the first time was the problem in my initial review. As for other Dennerle products in the sampler... Name - Dennerle 5 Leaf Mix Shrimp Acceptance - ZERO interest. The entire chunk was there almost 24 hours later and I removed it from the tank. Rating - 0/5 - useless if they won't eat it...
  13. Myola

    Salifert Nitrate Test results

    Right, I know how my Saturday morning (and potentially Saturday afternoon too) is going to be spent! I'll give you an update next week. Thanks again for your help JayC!
  14. jayc

    making shrimp food

    Yes, exactly right. Add that to what you are making and the shrimps will have all the nutrition they need. In fact, it will be better than any shrimp food you can buy.
  15. Photo fish

    wary of cholla wood due to fungus issues

    So far I have not experienced some the problems other people have had. I have the cholla wood in 4 aquariums not seen the fungus they are talking about.
  16. Zoidburg


    Must be honest... there are some FB groups where plenty of breeders can be found with great shrimp and fast shipping. I'm in Nevada but have purchased from a breeder/importer in California and another in Florida. Ohio is also a big place for *many* hobbies.... bird breeders, pinball enthusiasts, shrimpers.... I dunno what it is about Ohio. Florida and California as well, which makes sense, but I don't know about Ohio! lol I have a BN pleco in my shrimp tank. I can't say it's eating any of the shrimp... unless it just goes after Bloody Mary! 😉 Neos seem to be the only ones disappearing, but the Caridina sp seem to be doing okay. It's from my understanding that plecos don't typically hunt for food, but they might accidentally "suck up" a shrimp every now and then. If one dies, of course they'll eat it! But they aren't hunters.
  17. keep it i for one think its a great step nice one Ceaser
  18. Thanks for the comment, at present I have these extra large like duckweed and red root floater, they grow so fast that they don't look nice in the tank, the amount triple every 2 weeks, and the extra all get put into my turtle tank.
  19. kms

    Madagascar Lace Plant

    It may be late, but I also have these, infact I have three different version, not know the differences when I purchased it, as they are normally sold a one variation. 1st one I purchased was for my nano tank, a 16 litre tank, they grow so long over 18 inches long and is rather thin, similar to yours and covering the whole tank, so I gave it to my friend, and he likes it very well. 2nd one I purchased, it was a small variation, as the leaves is about 2-2.5 inches wide and spread out sidewards, leaves are paddle shaped. 3rd one grows to about 13 inchs long and fits in between your's and my paddle type being about 2 inchs wide. right now I have them in my nano tank with shrimps. I use ADA soil, and a fluval HOF. Friends tank my tank
  20. anthonyd

    Natural Shrimp Food Reviews

    Name - walnut and cherry leaves Type of Shrimp fed - softwater caridinas to sulawesi Price - free, grows on trees 😋 Preparation- air dried for storing in boxes then left for 30 sec in boiling water to kill parasites before adding Breakdown Time - (terrible, poor, average, Good, excellent) excellent Shrimp Acceptance - (terrible, poor, average, Good, excellent) excellent Rating - 5 * Pros/Cons - only pros Comment - Have been a staple food in my tanks for years, pretty similar to dry mulberry leaves but last longer.
  21. If you live in Australia, you might have heard about this before in the news: Taiwanese student jailed for illegally importing crystal red shrimps https://www.couriermail.com.au/news/queensland/taiwanese-student-jailed-for-illegally-importing-crystal-red-shrimps/news-story/f735730cdafd30cfb23f319bbe29215d?sv=d06fddccb50ab7281cfc7e74da630b8f
  22. ShrimpNewb

    RO remineralizer for Neocaridina

    So, to get to Gh 6, Kh 2, and pH 7.2 using the Sera product I end up with a TDS of 178ppm. That's around 50ppm lower than with Seachem Equilibrium. I guess that makes sense, since there's something like 2.5x the potassium in that product that there is calcium. We'll see if switching to Sera Shrimp Mineral affects the plants in some negative way, but as I am having to clear out salvinia and dwarf water lettuce every week, that may not be a bad thing. 😉 The tank is, after all, for the shrimp.
  23. jayc

    I thought I was doing so well...

    Oops did I mix them around? <edit> - I did mix the names around. Fix it now in my post above.
  24. beanbag

    Crooked antennae means what?

    I just noticed that one of my red wine pandas also has the crooked antennae, although it's not so much crooked, as really soft at the ends and flops around. None of my other shrimp (some Taiwan bee, neos, and amanos) have this problem. Would it help if I bumped up the GH a little bit (currently at 5) or fed them more food with calcium. (Their main food is algae + biofilm + indian almond leaf, plus every 2-3 days I throw in some random food like jayc's agar recipe, oats, barley, soy husk, Shrimp King Protein / Mineral / complete, etc)
  25. update: it sort of works Initially the shrimp will pick at it because of the dust layer on the outside. Then when they can't pick thru the shell, they give up and leave. Eventually a shrimp will notice that the shell is hard, but the cut surface is edible, and will slowly eat at it. After a few days, it gets hollowed out. I think whether or not it works depends on if your shrimp are smart enough to eat the insides.
  26. I'm not sure what they recommend as per 1 stick per ?? shrimps as I don't have the packets. I smash them all up (need a hammer though as they are very tough) and keep them mixed in a container, then use an old shrimp lolly stick dipped about 1 or 2 mm in the tank water, quickly in the food, tap off excess and then into the tank. I do this about 3 times each other day (I alternate with other foods). One thing is for sure though, I have 100+ shrimps and the total of doing the above is definitely less than half a complete stick in total, probably nearer a third of a stick. This also means the food gets spread around the tank better and they don't all have to fight to get to it, though there will still be some squabbling. With everything though I use less than the manufacturers recommend as they are in it for the profit firstly............. oops I may have repeated myself somewhat on some of this! Simon
  27. sdlTBfanUK

    TAP WATER-Taiwan Bee-UK-(zerowater)

    I have noticed that the PH on my tank has been rising and was quite happy about that as it was then getting into the perfect parameters. I set up the tank June 2018 and the Ph was 5.5, then end september it had got to Ph6, then by end december it had got to 6.5, the last 2 weeks it is registering 7. Mathematically if I up the water changes each week from 2L to 4L, that should reduce the Ph from 7 to 6.7 so I will probably do that as I should be able to manage that! The PH tests of coarse only register at half a PH intervals so I can never be 100% sure what it is beyond that. The zerowater, even after 10 days in a bottle is Ph5 as I tested that today. I haven't seen any evidence of any problems in the tank, other than there are too many shrimps in there (that maybe part of the problem). No weird behaviour or deaths that I have seen so far. The only unknown is there are a few geodes in the tank and I will 'consider' taking them out but I do like them in there............ 1) Is it safe to drop the Ph by that much in a day, over 8 hours using a dripper? 2) Is there anything else I should do, but bear in mind my health is seriously crap so anything big like changing the substrate etc is completely out of the question, but all thoughts will be gratefully received? I am not over bothered at this stage as all is fine with the shrimps but I would rather keep on top of it rather than wait until some disaster happens. You never know, there may even be a plus side to it being Ph7, ie it might reduce breeding? Simon Update 21/3/19 - Just in case anyone is interested, I removed the geodes and have done a 3L water change (about 12%). I will do 3L water change weekly from now on (instead of 2L) and I replaced the geodes with what I can only describe as a stripey/marbley type rock from my oldest tank, so I don't think that will (hasn't so far, as far as I know anyway) alter the Ph??? Fingers crossed anyway! Simon
  28. jayc


    List all the water parameters for whatever test kit you have. pH, Temp, TDS, GH, KH. It will be GH and TDS parameters that impact water hardness and the shrimp's ability to moult properly.
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