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  1. Yesterday
  2. This is why we end up with MTS (Multi Tank Syndrome). One tank is never enough. You need one for Pure Lines, cause you need to keep some pure genetics. You need another tank for experimenting with hybrids. One for culls. Then one tank again for each variety of shrimp ...
  3. Last week
  4. Linden

    I found the snails I was looking for!

    I'm on the search for snails now. Everything listed here. Very excited. I love snails.
  5. Baccus

    Has any body else seen?

    Im guessing some creeks around Vic could stay cool enough in summer for even the fussiest of crystal and tiger shrimp to survive. Of course there is always the possibility that there is a local chameleon type species to be found down that way. Not enough is known about our natives, nor bred commercially enough with dedicated colour morphs being stabalised.
  6. fishmosy

    Caridina babaulti ?

    The shape of the rostrum looks different to babs, I’d say it was something else. You can not rely on colour when trying to ID shrimp.
  7. fishmosy

    Caridina typus?

    Could be. Could you provide a few more details about where they came from?
  8. jayc

    My tank

    Since you have no shrimp yet, then straight into the tank up to the level you want is fine.
  9. nicpapa

    My tanks

    my shrimproom.. 🙂
  10. Earlier
  11. Betbet1992

    Cherry red shrimp

    Hi guys. One of my cherry red girls is carrying light blue eggs? Never experienced this before and when I look on google people seem to have only experienced green eggs being carried. Help, please. Working on getting a photo of I can but proving difficult These are the photos I could get off her. But hopefully, it shows. Very blue in real life. Camera isn’t good Sent from my iPhone using Shrimp Keepers Forum
  12. I've seen baby shrimplets 6mm big eat Shrimp Kandy Feast. Any shrimplets smaller than that usually only eat biofilm. If you already have powdered spirulina, mixed a bit of it with tank water and spray it with a pipette (pic below) over your mosses for the babies.
  13. Guppy_Guide

    Shrimps are dying :(, advice please

    I’m curious to know the Chlorine level, if 1-2 drops of Prime was sufficient enough to remove that. 1 gal is too small for anything really and you’re going to experience drastic and unstable water parameters because of it. 10% water change isn’t much considering it’s only 1 gal of water and this can also affect oxygen levels in the water as well... don’t be afraid to change 90% of the water 1-2x a week. Whatever water you add in make sure that it’s within 4F degrees of the tanks current temp as to reduce temp shock. Other things to check.. diet and perhaps additional research on the type of shrimp in terms of temp, filtration, etc.
  14. A great little fish, his swimming reminds me of either a person doing breast stroke or a frog swimming, and then he glides like a hand glider. Very lucky to be able to get a nice goby that can tolerate fresh water.
  15. ckbernie

    Fungus in cycling tank

    What shrimps do you keep? Have you try Amano shrimps? They are very hardworking worker shrimps that will clean this in no time. Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
  16. jessaweeshrimp

    Newly started tank running into problems

    It depends in your water quality. Do you know its parameters? TDS and GH and KH and pH are good to know. You can add liquid Beneficial Bacteria to help process the Ammonia and Nitrite
  17. shrimps

    Cross breeding

    Thank you for your input! Sent from my XT1710-02 using Shrimp Keepers Forum mobile app
  18. Yeah, thanks for pointing out the obvious. 😄
  19. jayc

    First time shrimp keeper

    Around 200. When it gets to 250, you know it's time for a water change. Shrimps can be escape artists. They climb out where the filter pipes come in / out. Just make sure the waterline is an inch or two below the top.
  20. Cesar

    Easily Grow Moss Emersed

    sent pm to @Kingo and @jayc
  21. Caridina max

    New member

    My favourite shrimp
  22. Caridina max

    Uk members

  23. jayc

    WhySoCRS Journal

    Your tank is back in a cycle. Don't be tempted to rush things and make wide scale changes.
  24. WhySoCRS

    HELP! pH 4.8!

    OK, just did water tests. pH 6.4 Nitrate 5.0 Nitrite 0.25 kH 2 gH 6 Ammonia 8+ TDS Pen 154 (to be honest I’m starting to not take the readings from the pen, temp is set to 22c in the tank but says 19c). Sent from my iPhone using Shrimp Keepers Forum
  25. WhySoCRS

    I bit the Bullet

    Could well be the path I head down the way I’m going. The Blues are stunning aren’t they, I also like the Bloody Mary but the Blue Dreams go BANG! Sent from my iPhone using Shrimp Keepers Forum
  26. JonRon

    What is Biofilm?

    @fishmosy Lab grown marine Phytoplankton is biofilm correct?
  27. Baccus

    New SKFA Members

    When you first mentioned the red with the clear I was thinking along the lines of Rilli shrimp but they usually have a red head and red tail with clear in the middle with possibly more red lines also scattered along the body over the clear section. But the one with just a red tail is very interesting. Sort of reminds me of a type of fairy shrimp you can get from Asia. - Stereptocephalus siamensis but they are entirely different to normal shrimp.
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