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  2. richiep

    rust spot

    hi to all a friend of mine as had a load of shrimp die and didnt know why he sent me photoes and said these red spots appear and a few days later they are dead, all water perameters have been checkek and are fine.before they die they lie on their side an just move theis swimmers also the red patches go clear like an ulsar ive looked at these shrimp and believe it is rust spot but would like a second oppinion third or fourth, i thank you in advance Richie
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  4. beanbag

    underground tunnel network

    No, because you would never be able to clean it out.
  5. I don't think most people measure GH or KH in parts per million, I think your results would be KH 0-1 and GH 3-4. You don't need to remember the colour the drops should change too, as, as you say the colour in the test tube should match the original drops colour to get your reading. You may need to get some GH/KH+ for cherry/neocaridina shrimp, as your results are nearer caridina shrimp parameters. Cherry shrimp though are a lot tougher than bee shrimps so they may even survive in the parameters you have but not do as well? Anyway, if you are still cycling you can come back to that nearer the time that is done. The best shrimps to get are juveniles as you know you will have them longer (you can't tell how old an adult is) and they are better suited to adapting to new water parameters etc. You may find the below video interesting and useful as it covers virtually all you need to know at the start:- Simon
  6. jayc

    shrimp food covered in slime or mold

    HI Welcome to SKFA. Are your shrimps eating the crab cuisine at all? I don't blame them if they are not eating it. There are much better alternatives out there. Crabs will eat any junk, but shrimps are a lot pickier in their choice of food. Have a read of the numerous choices in the "Food & Nutrition" subforum. And remember, you don't have to limit yourself (and the shrimps) to processed foods. Look at leaves, flowers, vegetable off cuts or even frozen bloodworms.
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  8. sdlTBfanUK

    White tiny substance in Shrimp aquarium bed

    My photos were below 500kb so you may still be a bit large???? Thats only a guess though!!! A real stab in the dark but if it is a recently set up tank, it may be fungus, that isnt a rare occurance with new tanks. There is a photo on this recent post if that helps?
  9. Zoidburg

    Parasite ID

    Might not be a parasite. See this thread.
  10. Photo fish

    Cherry Shrimp (Neocaridina davidi) Profile

    Good article for general information. Do wish that it went into some detail on water conditions. kH, gh, calcium level.
  11. wwtan5917

    White film on my substrate

    Awesome thanks for the tips!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Thanks! Great to hear it’s not harmful [emoji38] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. One full day might not be enough, if the parameters are very different. Use your TDS meter as the guide, not the clock.
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  14. TheLordOfTheFish

    PH at CO2 peak at 5.4 too low for CRS?

    And just like on command, I spotted a berried crystal! Let's hope the babies make it!
  15. Franquixote

    Neocaridina davidi - Colour Variations

    I know how old this thread is, I got here with a Google search for "blue shrimp lose their color " which has happened to me at least a half dozen times- they literally molt into natural brown and gray. Anyone solve this mystery in the last few years? Anyway on this topic, the general consensus of the general aquarist with other species bred for minute color variations is to label them with a batch number which acts almost like a sku... so for example on something like a cichlid or pleco you get the morph name followed by a number indicating the last few generations. Example "green dragon pleco 242" which tells us the breeding stock on both sides and can be used to ID at least the morphs going back to the point where they split from another subtype/name.
  16. sdlTBfanUK

    Betta Water Parameters

    Sorry to revisit this after so long but I am about ready to take this leap now! The taiwan bee tank filter was leaking water onto the piece of furniture it would share with a betta tank so I slammed the brakes on the betta idea, but the leak doesn't seem to have affected the wooden unit? I have decided I would get a 25 litre tank (just 1 betta, male or female) and use the JBL proscape soil that I have a spare bag of! Q1 - I do weekly maintenance on my tanks so how much water should I change on a weekly basis, it will have a sponge filter system (may need to reduce the flow somehow?), some snails and cull cherry shrimps? I plan to use dechlorinated tap water and can add GH+ and KH+ to alter (increase if necessary) to the aforementioned JayC parameters, would use Indian Almond Leaves and the soil substrate and catappa bark/logs, plants etc.One problem here maybe the inconsistency of the water parameters:- current, PH7.5, GH4-5. KH2-3, TDS 167 October 2018 PH7.5, GH5-6, KH4-5, TDS 185 October 2017 PH7, GH5-6, KH3-4, TDS 162 Q2 - Do you think this water will be ok to use as is, I assume the PH will be lowered by the soil and IAL etc, or do you think I should adjust the GH & KH with drops? Or is this water too fluctuating in parameters to be even tried, and should go the remineralised RO route? I have mastered the taiwan bee shrimps so now this will be my next 'project'. I apologise for what may seem silly questions but before I get started I need to feel confident it will work, especially as I have failed numerous times to keep betta, which are supposed to be EASY/HARDY and I have no idea why they died before??????? Q3 - I was planning to set the soil going in a bucket (no filter etc) for the first 2 weeks with the recommended water changes every 2-3 days (keep it in the bathroom etc) before it goes into the tank. Can I just use straightTapwater, or do I need to use dechlorinator for these water changes? Simon
  17. jayc

    Super soft PH, how to get it up

    Much better option. At least the plant can make use of the Potassium.
  18. jayc

    My tanks

    Lovely tanks as usual Nic
  19. resistivity and conductivity are just inverse quantities, like frequency and wavelength, representing the same thing. Water at 0ppm has a conductivity of 0.056 uS. But ok, I guess it makes sense to set a boundary between conductor and insulator.
  20. That is why I wanted Taiwan bees and it was worth the years of trial (though didn't think so at the time) and many errors. Not only do they produce other Taiwan bees but mine have produced ones I never even expected, started with a few red ruby, red wine, blue steel and blue bolts and now have: Red bolt, blue shadow panda, panda, all black, all red, red mosura, black taiwan bee, black king kong, black mosura. Some have dodgy, jazzy markings which some may consider culls but they are still beautiful to me! not to mention some have part pinto patterns as well. I am well happy but never expected such a variety from the first dozen mixture, ie I didn't start with any shrimp that had ANY black at all! I don't know what may happen longer term with them but am super happy so far. Iput a few pictures in the gallery if anyone wants to see them (I don't want to hijack someone elses thread)? Simon
  21. jojowhisky

    A shrimp molted, got eggs, and died

    Oh really? Never did hear somethig like that. Guess its good to learn new things. Hope everything is looking up for you. Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
  22. jayc

    My snail doesnt like warm water

    Could it be water parameters of the new (colder) tank?
  23. Zoidburg

    Crystal red shrimp keep dying. help please

    Yes, that's true of many shrimp species/type. Some breeders are able to get around it by using heaters in the winter (either in tank heaters or just heating up the room), while others, no matter what they do, breeding slows down. Some speculate that it may have to do with the barometric pressure in the atmosphere. I have a small 2g tank of opae ulas. I've got 2 berried females in that tank right now, and I'm not sure if they were berried before I moved the tank (a week ago this saturday) or if they became berried after moving the tank. I drained *some* of the water out so there wouldn't be any spillage moving the tank (didn't even look in it closely), then moved the tank to it's new location (~10 minute drive) and filled it back up using the same water I took out. (snagged a few babies, too!) All the adults were in hiding and I didn't feel like disturbing the tank too much so I let them settle in. (they are brackish water shrimp) Did a huge water change on another tank a few weeks back now... maybe about 80-90% water. No berried anything.... Neocaridina and Caridina alike. Have done two ~20% changes since then, still nothing. Heater, no heater. Doesn't matter.
  24. beanbag

    New to shrimp, what to feed them with little prep time

    If you want the pre-made food, e.g. Shrimp King, GlasGarten, Mosura, etc, you can usually get them off ebay. Throw in a few pellets, and be done with it.
  25. Well, I dosed the tank with Prazipro and didn't see the things for a couple of days but now they are back. I used a magnifying glass to look at them. They are still super small. The fast mover definitely has a tail. I can't tell if the slug thing has an arrowhead, it's still too small.
  26. sdlTBfanUK

    neo breeding rate

    I know what you mean about wanting lots, but patience is the answer. My Red cherry shrimps took a while to grow but now for years they have found 'maximum occupancy' to the point where the tank (and my feeding etc) probably can't support anymore and it always looks the same number of shrimps. If everything is good with your setup it won't take long to reach saturation point, if it is a small tank it will probably only be a matter of a few months? Be cautious when feeding though as it is far too easy to overfeed and that can cause many problems? I assume you already know that the mix you have will almost certainly interbreed with each other? Simon
  27. chongkt

    seachem replenish

    sorry. didn't buy Equilibrium. friend gave one seachem replenish for free.
  28. jayc

    Bamboo shrimps

    Hi Welcome to SKFA. Firstly, nice choice in shrimp. It's fun watching them in a tank. Bamboo shrimp are not difficult to keep. They just need a cool 22-24 deg C temp and pH of 7. However, when it comes to breeding, they are extremely difficult to breed, and I have not known of any successful breeding. Bamboo shrimps need brackish (salty) water in the lifecycle of the baby shrimps. And as for feeding, they need powdered foods as they are filter feeders. So any premade food that is powdered is fine.
  29. jojowhisky

    New tank setup for yellow shrimps.

    Agreed! Happy days are here!! Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
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