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  2. Hi has anyone found a trusted method of using fertilizers in planted tanks that require heavy dosing without raising TDS to extream levels. I am finding single doses of micro's or macro's could tip TDS value into the mid to high 300's. Before I got shrimp I had a religious dosing routine which followed the Tom Barr method of heavy dosing of macros and micros for every day for 6 days and major water change on day 7 to reset your parameters. The seachem Aquavitro range I found to be the best and have had great success in growing great looking plants, but has its fall backs like raising TDS to high levels. I am keen to know how others have found the perfect line of ferts Vs TDS
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  4. I would also highly recommend getting a GH/KH test kit so you can determine if GH/KH was an issue.
  5. https://vimeo.com/200290524 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  7. Yeah you can feel them picking too Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk
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  9. That's all good, they enjoy a fresh feed. I'm not interested in breeding them at all. Just don't what them to die because of negligence on my part.
  10. Can i ask how could you tell that the pack had gone bad? Thanks!
  11. Yeah mine sinks straight away. All my fish and shrimp love it. Going to add different stuff next time and bulk it up a bit more, you could probably even use stuff like dead plant matter from planted tanks too. As well as specific amino acids etc. My main reason for making it is for medication but it's hard to find shrimp food that doesn't contain copper too.
  12. My sump blew out , Some quick plumbing and $11.50 from bunnings managed to keep my shrimp alive. This is day 3 of the emergency sump running and I have suffered no stock loss. New sump will be built and ready for the new rack.
  13. I haven't tried or read of such crosses, generally speaking, if you really want to end up with rubies from a less constrained gene pool, it might be better to just do RRxCBS. CRS is already a small sub-group of CBS and super reds are a small subgroup of CRS. I'm not sure you'd get much from using super reds vs normal CRS either. You will very often end up with a decent range of whiteness in things like WR, RR, KK etc (for example, I did not have any extreme KK's or RR in my starter colony, but I have progeny that are RR and extreme KK) and will just have to select from those. I hope you realize your proposed project would likely run several generations - a couple of years. It'd be fun to do and know the results, but it's a fairly big commitment of time and tank space. oops, I go afk and come back to see it's posted itself twice!
  14. Philips core pro led t8 tubes come in 4000k neutral or 6500k cool white. I went with the neutral. Think they will be a good little investment.
  15. Yeah it's probably the recessive traits showing up then. You'll need to remove the red spot shrimps so they don't keep breeding with the good shrimp.
  16. Arrived today, Very well packed, neat little unit. Easy to understand instructions with 3 modes for different tank sizes. Could have asked for a little bit more chord between the controller and unit itself but that's ok. They are supposed to increase survival rates for baby shrimp so we will see how it goes. I keep my tanks well balanced so don't really have issues with algae, other then like gsa on wood which my shrimp and otos love.
  17. That would depend on what you wanted in the first place. If I already had mischlings and really wanted pure CBS, then yes, I would be unhappy. What you got are not CBS and you could never sell them as CBS. If you don't have an issue with that, then that's no problem. The principal of the sale however is a different story. Deception is never ok. It's rare, that mischling x mischling produces TWB, unless the TWB genes are strong in the mischling - which means they are several generations old, and have been mixed back with pure TWBs. So yeah, the original seller cannot plead ignorance in this case.
  18. ALways glad to help. "Hinterfeld and chihiros give me free stuff" haha
  19. Yes, very nice setup, I like the soil, and green contrast.
  20. The only report i heard of interbreeding was between dennerli and holthuisi. Those reports are as always to be taken with a pinch of salt. Have a look at this link http://www.shrimpism.com/caridina-dennerli.html. Never heard first hand reports though, but i dont know too many breeders having more than one sulawesi specy per tank except from people keeping dennerli and spinata together
  21. Thanks Jayc After reading you review I went ahead and purchased some azoo max bio balls. And it works. Affectively reducing my nitrate to almost 0 (which always sat at around 10ppm) Amonnia 0 from 0.25ppm. My bee shrimp went absolutely mental after just a few hours. But Azoo now states, replace balls every 2 weeks. So works out about $2.50 every 2 weeks But really worth it. Thanks again for the review.
  22. Wow i did not know that, i believe i have some oats lying around in the cupboard somewhere. Yeah, i am gonna wait for my tank to fully cycle, dont want to take any risk since im still new. Small steps before taking big strides. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N910A using Tapatalk
  23. Inside tank water gets down to about 12-15 (maybe less on stupid cold nights), pond about 9 so not exactly warm. I guess it wouldn't be good to have a population explosion during summer only to have a mass of snails dying and fowling the water.
  24. thanks heaps :) I ordered some today cost about 25c each. cheers
  25. G'day @John. A couple of tips for you. With the power board and timers. Go for a power board that has more sockets than what you think you will need and get one with switches for each socket. I bloody hate unplugging leads. Also go for a timer that is electronic and has battery backup. We just had a 5 hour power outage and it is a pain having to reset my manual ones.
  26. I have not lost an oto yet, apart from old age. Lucky me. You can try CRS or Caridina Iogemanni in that case.
  27. Very similar for sure. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  29. Hi guys, I am currently doing the remineralisation experiments that Ineke is referring to that she is currently testing on her shrimp. As soon as I am completely finished tweaking the regime, I will post it in an article. It takes time as I a not afford to kill shrimp in haste, let alone other peoples livestock that they put their hearts and souls into- that is why Ineke is unable to provide details at the moment. The experiments are based on ShrimpyDaddy's principles that shrimp need trace minerals and nutrients from the water column as well as dietary inorganic and organically-complexed minerals to have a mirror-like shine, great colour, high level of activity and breeding success. I have no affiliation with his business, but would highly recommend having a look at his work and recommendations as he has a wealth of knowledge. The reasoning behind using Dr Tim's Freshwater probiotic is that it is a completely clear water-based bacterial solution. This means that there are no additional water-fouling agents added to the bacterial supplement that could potentially affect shrimplet survival. It contains mostly beneficial bacillus- type bacteria that outcompete vibrio. It is not a food source based product. I briefly mentioned the product in the write-up on the difference between BT-9, Bacter AE and Biozyme.
  30. My spawn tank 😁 The night light. The day light. My girl.
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