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Found 3 results

  1. stlcopperhead

    Parasite ID?

    Hi all, I’m confused about the ID on this parasite/infection my neo has. She has nothing on her head/rostrum at all...it seems to be mostly around her eggs, with some on her shell, off to the side. I’ve done one salt dip on her already, and no change so far. I have some great pics of it, but even a single pic is apparently much to be posted here. Can someone help me out with that? Newbie, here. ?
  2. Ludwiggg17

    Shrimp id

    So I have a bunch of these wild/native shrimp i caught a few months back and i have been dying to know if these were neos or caridina. Shrimp characteristics: They don't have a lot of defining characteristics but some do have white spots on their tails and red-colored antennae and some have small spots. (will be posting pics later cause its night right now) Habitat characteristics: So these shrimp were found in an area which was packed with java moss, riccardia chamedryfolia, wild swordtails, many big MTS-like snails, and freshwater crabs. This area is also connected to another site where there were wild swordtails and crabs too, and a species of halfbeak, and freshwater clams. I also live in the philippines if that would help. Thanks, Ludwiggg17
  3. LaxLogic

    Help IDing this shrimp!

    Hello everyone! I am new to the fourm, and returning to the hobby! I recently setup a new tank and believe it is cycled but wanted to be sure, before I put in my more expensive shrimp order so I got three of these guys to try and see how they would fair. I paid about 3 dollars each for them. The pet-store is clueless and said they are pinokio shrimp but that couldn't be farther from the truth. It is some kind of Neo, but I can't tell what exactly. My guess is perhaps a cherry got busy with a blue velvet of some kind. Otherwise this is actually a very low grade carbon rili. You be the judge!
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