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Found 7 results

  1. Damien

    A DIY Aquarium chiller

    A few months ago, I lost a lot of shrimps due to high temperature (around 32°C). So I decided to make an aquarium chiller for my nano (20L). My requirements were : - Noiseless - Able to reduce by 5-7°C a 20L aquarium - Economic electrically - Part of the canister filtration system (no visual inconvenience) - Not pricey (under 100$) - Shrimp compatible (no copper used) Becarefull : Aluminium is used to "exchange" the heat. It can be toxic if used in pH below 5.3 During my initial research, I found this interesting article : http://www.shine7.com/aquarium/chiller.ht
  2. Hi Everyone, I was inspired to make the stainless steel immersion tubes found in the following thread: https://skfaquatics.com/forum/topic/9455-cooling-multiple-tanks/ I made mine with the following materials - x metres of annealed seamless stainless steel tube grade 316. Outer Diameter 12.7mm, Wall Thickness 0.9mm, ASTM 269. I got mine from Midway Metals in Sydney for $5 per metre. - A hand bender, rated to bend thin walled stainless steel. Got one from ebay for $99. - A tube cutter, again make sure it will cut thin wall stainless steel. I got mine from ebay for
  3. revolutionhope

    opinions on new plumbed setup

    Hi all, I am in need some advice, I've no experience with plumbing whatsoever (with the exception of using canister filters with chillers if that counts) so please bear with me if my questions seem silly or obvious! I came across 2 cheap 4 foot tanks with holes drilled already in the base of them that I am hoping to use. There are only a couple of minor scratches here and there and the only damage is on a back corner where the bezel is chipped - I intend to silicone this inside and out to be safe. Anyway I have a few points that I'd really love help to address. - How best t
  4. We are blessed with a beautiful climate here in Australia, arguably mild summer and winter seasons compared to other continents around the world. However, we experience the infrequent heat waves and harsh summer days which inevitably require hobbyists who keep heat sensitive shrimps to explore cooling options for their tanks, perhaps more so for those living in the warmer regions. Shrimps require a consistent environment to flourish and temperature is one of such parameters that can be easily controlled with a chiller. I will endeavour to outline easy-to-follow steps on how to select a ch
  5. al4n

    Adding a chiller

    Hey guys, With summer around the corner, what is the best way to add a chiller to a simple tank where there's only a sponge/hob filter in place? Apart from adding a canister/internal pump is there a neater way? Thanks in advance
  6. Matuva

    Aquarium chiller

    Hi all might interest all DIY. Enjoy! : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n5s8Cu59-NM
  7. winnalit

    Chiller advice

    Hi everyone Its summer now and i think its time to finaly invest in a chiller for my shrimp. I have a 100L tank that i want to keep at 22-23 degrees. Currently choosing between the Resun CL280 and the CL450 models. The CL280 is probably the perfect size but considering i can get the CL450 for the same price maybe i could save power with the larger unit. However it would be hooked up to an eheim 2213 canister which i believe doesn't reach the minimum flow rate of the cl450. Will this be a problem? Also the retail price for the cl280 ($599) is more than the cl450 ($439) even though it is s
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