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Found 1 result

  1. Damien

    A DIY Aquarium chiller

    A few months ago, I lost a lot of shrimps due to high temperature (around 32°C). So I decided to make an aquarium chiller for my nano (20L). My requirements were : - Noiseless - Able to reduce by 5-7°C a 20L aquarium - Economic electrically - Part of the canister filtration system (no visual inconvenience) - Not pricey (under 100$) - Shrimp compatible (no copper used) Becarefull : Aluminium is used to "exchange" the heat. It can be toxic if used in pH below 5.3 During my initial research, I found this interesting article : http://www.shine7.com/aquarium/chiller.htm I changed the peltier module used, here are the calculation : For a 400W Peltier, if I have 4.9V in input, and the local temperature is 32°C, the temperature of my 20L aquarium should be 24°C for 40W used. Here are all the needed parts : - Peltier module : TEC1-12726 (50x50mm 400W) around 20$US - Aluminium Water cooling block (76x68x8mm) I prefer this one over the classic 50mm one because it's bigger so better thermal exchange - 12V 240W Power supply (transform AC to DC) - 100W LED driver (0.8-28V output) (adjust the tension on the peltier module) - 2 Fan speed controllers (3A DC-DC step down converter) - 12V Thermostat (the chiller is working only when it needs to) - Heat sink (Noctua NH-D14) Based on http://www.frostytech.com/articleview.cfm?articleid=2789&page=4 , this heat sink is perfect - A 50x50mm copper sheet to make the connection between the heat sink and peltier module. The peltier is bigger than the heat sink base, so I thought it's better to have this sheet to reduce the heat of the Peltier - 6mm silicon pipe (it's the diameter of the water cooling block) - 6=>12 water pipe coupler - Thermal paste - Electrical cable All the parts together : The total cost is around 100$US (greatly depends on the heat sink, i bought mine 2nd hand) The final build : Just started to make some test, it's working perfectly! The only drawback is that it reduce the outflow of my canister filter. If you have any questions :)
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