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Found 5 results

  1. Flynn002

    Divided tank

    I am doing an experiment with my cherry shrimp on temperature dependant sex determination and I need a divided tank obviously the tank won’t need to be too big as I am just housing 1 male and 1 female in each section. ideally, I am looking for a rectangular tank divided into 3 sections so that I can breed 3 pairs at once. The sections will need to share water as I only want to use 1 set of equipment. But if they’re sharing water, I am concerned that after breeding, shrimplets will be able to move into each section through the holes which would ruin my experiment. Does anybody know where I can get a divided tank suitable for my experiment that isn’t too costly or anything I could use as an alternative? Thanks
  2. revolutionhope

    opinions on new plumbed setup

    Hi all, I am in need some advice, I've no experience with plumbing whatsoever (with the exception of using canister filters with chillers if that counts) so please bear with me if my questions seem silly or obvious! I came across 2 cheap 4 foot tanks with holes drilled already in the base of them that I am hoping to use. There are only a couple of minor scratches here and there and the only damage is on a back corner where the bezel is chipped - I intend to silicone this inside and out to be safe. Anyway I have a few points that I'd really love help to address. - How best to plumb these 2 sitting at the same height and integrate a sump. - Is it feasible to use 2 eheim canisters with a my chiller connected to a sump? When I only ran one canister the flowrate was not quite enough and the chiller was turning on and off too frequently as a result. Do I have to just bite the bullet and fork out money on a pump instead? - Opinions on how best to divide the setup into several bays for different colonies. Currently I am looking at following Paul Minett's lead using tropical flyscreen which has less than 0.4mm aperture but he has told me there is still the occasional fugitive baby. Thanks in advance, once I actually start doing anything on this setup I will post the progress in a journal here. Once again NB I am totally clueless so I'd appreciate it if you could dumb down your suggestions for me :-) Love and peace Will
  3. I am cycling a 55 gallon (208L) tank. It is divided into 3 sections using Poret foam. There is also a Poret foam corner filter acting as a pre-filter for the canister filter. I haven't seen a tank setup like this so I thought I would share my experiences with all of you :o). Here is the equipment I am using on the tank: 3" thick 30PPI Poret Foam Dividers 2" thick 45PPI Poret Foam Corner Filter CaribSea Flora Max Panted Aquarium substrate (inert) 48" Current Satellite+ Pro Light Aqueon 250W Heater Fluval 306 Canister Filter with Marine Pure media Tunze Osmolator Top Off System Pinpoint pH monitor The tank has been cycling for about 2 and a half weeks. I am using RO water with Shrimpy Daddy products and following the tank cycling procedure on his website. The Ammonia and Nitrite levels were 0 by the end of the second week. If everything continues to go well, I should be able to add shrimp in 2-3 weeks. My current plan is to have a neocaridina and tiger colony in each section. Snowballs with Super Tigers Yellow Cherries with Red Tigers PFRs with OEBTs Here are a few pictures of the tank's progress. This pictures shows the tank after I painted the back. These pics show the equipment being added. I used wire ties to hold the air lines in place. Here is the tank after SD's products were added. This one was taken right after the tank was filled. The corner filter has more than enough room to hide the canister intake, the heater and the pH probe. Added some teddy bear cholla wood. Here it is after I added a few plants. I will add a few more plants this week. I will post a picture afterwards. I would love to hear any comments or suggestions. Thanks.
  4. shrimpy1547

    How to filter a divided tank

    Any suggestions on how to filter a divided tank using a canister filter? If the intake is at the end of one side, then the rest will not be as filtered? I'm hoping to use canister filter, so I can use a chiller..
  5. Good evening! This one has been in planning for a while now and finally it's starting to come to fruition :) A while back I purchased a twin tier 3ft setup for bristlenose, but since MTS is taking over I've found myself wanting a divided tank so I could have more sections for my shrimp. I'm like a parent with a newborn at the moment, constantly checking it to see if it's alright, taking pictures of it, planning it's future, lol With the new tank there's been a slight change to the layout in the room, with the new layout I've found myself wanting to name the room, so I'd like to dub this room and it's contents within as "Warehouse 13" Lighting:: 2x 39W Sylvania Aquastar 10000K bulbs CO2:: Via three Ista basic diffusers connected to one disposable can Filtration:: 2x Eheim 2213 Canister filters, 3x Air Driven sponges Substrate:: 10L Cal Aqua Lab's Black Earth Premium Substrate In this pic I'm taking my baby home from the hospital for the first time, one last look back to see if it was sitting comfortably before driving at grandma pace to get home The holes in the dividers are being plugged with filter foam donated by the ever-generous Twellsy! This is the position it's going into, I had sold off the previous bottom tank, then dropped the top tank to the bottom. My new tank is taking the pride and joy placement at the top (plus works better for canister filters) Note the 2ft, stuck almost hidden on the left side new layout, allowing the 2ft to be accessed and viewed MUCH easier! Compared to my other tanks, this thing is BRIGHT! All tanks had their lights on in the following photo, I dropped the exposure so the whole picture wasnt washed out Beemax and Benibachi mineral layer, as all good tanks should have :) In goes the Substrate The bits and bobs
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