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  1. Squiggle

    My new rack & tanks

    I just thought I'd start this thread about the new rack I'm going to build, it will be two 5x1.5x1.5 tanks divided into five 1ft sections with a 5x1.5x1.5 sump. As some of you may know I had to move house this weekend & I spent all of today moving the tanks & Bettas. All went well, only three fish didn't make it :( but three out of a few hundred isn't a bad percentage, all the shrimp made it so I'm stoked. Anyway, here's a pic of my new fish room, it's a 10m x 3m tiled room with air conditioning, YEEHAA!!! This is a few hours ago & now all the existing tanks are setup & a new rack for the Bettas, the new shrimp tanks will be setup across the back wall & the lounge & tele will be setup where I'm standing, all I need is a bed & I'll be right, lol
  2. Mihai Kovacs

    Shrimpscaping journal

    Hi , My name is Mihai Kovacs , live in Arad , Romania . I love very much shrimps and aquascaping and I try to combine this hobby . I have 1 year experience of ADA ( I worked at ADA Showroom in Europe ) . My first experience with shrimps was in 2012 , which ended beacuse i moved to Budapest , Hungary . Now I'm back in Romania and will present my shrimp project . Shrimp tanks : - 45x30x30 - 40 litres - Lighting - T5 osram 6500 Kelvin 80w - 1449 cm - Substrate-JBL Pro Scapers shrimp soil beige - Mineral - Salty Shrimp GH+ , Bacter AE , Minorekuton powder - Dennerse 190 Osmose adult photo sharing free upload pictures screen shot pc greenshot imagur
  3. Hi all shrimp freaks, I have been convinced by Disciple to start a shrimp rack build journal.....so, here goes!!!   I was an 'ol salty for a few years, but money put the mockers on that...after a hiatus I decided to resurrect my old 900mm cube and turn it into a planted tank......I love moss, so I decided to begin some propagation of a few types, whilst on my search for moss, I came across shrimp...BANG!!!!!!......I was hooked, dunno why, just am.....I bought a small tank with some Rillis of Gumtree, now its on for young and old....so, my thinking....   Basic design:   3 tiers of 900mm x 450 x 350 tanks with 2 Divs - a total of 9 tanks.....well!!!.... more is good right??? housed on a shelf rack I built for a clients shop some years ago..!!! A sump with matrix, noodles and some filter mat. each breed bay will have a sponge filter which I have modified to turn some K1 style media(H1 or something, from Aquotix). lighting - not sure, probably some 5w cool white flood lights!! I am pretty handy, being a trade,  but do have some heavy financial constraints from the 'social secretary' so, I'm having to experiment alternative products, buying overseas and eBay, so let me know where you find the margins please boys.......     I would welcome some feed back, so, let me know your thoughts on the set up      The Twisted Fishy....  
  4. inverted

    Pandoras Rack

    Time to start a journal of my new rack. Rack: Custom made timber rack. 90x35mm pine and plywood construction. Painted in matt black. Tanks: 12 x 30cm cubes (3x2fts divided, 2x3fts divided) Lighting: 90cm works LEDs Substrate:benibachi normal Filtration: 3ft sump with k1 chamber and filter mat chamber Heating: 2x150w eheim Cooling: Hailea hc300a The base rack before painting Plywood shelves installed and rack in final position Rack bolted to floor and strapped to wall as its only 300mms deep to prevent falling Foam mat from Bunnings for under tanks First set of tanks and sump after being made Tanks sprayed black First sump build....spot the mistake Top row of tanks drilled and in place All tanks drilled and in place sump no2 in place That's it for now another update tomorrow.
  5. So we started on the first bench for my new shrimp room today. The frame work was 90 x 35 pine, the bench is 19 ml flooring chipboard. It has all been made to accommodate my height and injuries to make it easy for me to reach over tanks and behind tanks. The uprights will allow drawers to be positioned in the middle 2 sections and a shelf will be put into the other bottom sections. Everything has been painted black to keep it all matching- even the tanks have Black silicone:D The bench will go all the way around three sides of the room with the bench under the window giving me work space for packing and water testing etc. I will have 10 x 24 " tanks = 5 each side (8 are Blue Planet and 2 just basic 24" with black silicone. At this stage the lighting will be individual lights but a bench will be made over the top of the tanks which will have LED lights but not sure what type just yet. Each tank will be separate with 2 sponge filters and an airstone except the TB tank which will also have an Eheim 2213 as well. I am using Beni Bachi soil for the Crystals and TB's and also trying out some Elos (think that's the name) which I was given to try -it works similar to Beni Bachi in the buffering and looks very similar. For the Cherries I am using Fluval Stratum which they seem to do well in. My plants are basically moss, java fern and some Sword plants- the swords only because my large plant has sent off so many plant-let runners it seems a shame not to use them. Water is RO and salty shrimp for all tanks (Sulawesi for the cherries until that runs out). Hopefully tomorrow the other side will be completed and then the window work bench. I need to find something to sit the tanks on and will see if one of the rubber stores has something useful, any suggestions would be great. The flooring in the room has been reinforced with steel beams sitting on concrete footings as this part of the house has wooden floors sitting on dwarf walls which have started to collapse so Alan replaced them with the steel framework. I am a tad excited and hope I can put some pictures up of the room finished and empty tanks insitu by the end of the week.If there are any glaring faults with this plan please let me know before we make any big mistakes. The reason I haven't gone for a normal rack is due to back and neck injuries that don't allow me to work with my arms above shoulder height or continous bending and because I'm short the height of the bench makes working easier for me. The room has ducted air conditioning and ducted heating plus there will be a ceiling fan installed so hopefully I won't need a chiller. It works in my other room but I didn't have TB's or Crystals last summer [url=http://s1293.photobucket.com/user/ineke24/media/2013-12-16140719_zps26d1ee3c.jpg.html][url=http://s1293.photobucket.com/user/ineke24/media/2013-12-16152022_zpsf9d43ca7.jpg.html][url=http://s1293.photobucket.com/user/ineke24/media/2013-12-16155720_zps34f0ef7e.jpg.html]
  6. So the other day i scored some dexion pallet racking for cheap cheap. So now all my tanks in my house are being moved into my garage. It will be a long and slow process as i'm also planning a wedding and just got a new fulltime job and still working 2 casual jobs. The racking is 45cm deep and almost 3 meters long. My plan is to have a 4ft tank and my normal 2 2ft tanks on the bottom shelf then the top shelf i will have 4 2ftx18inchx18inch tanks. Hoping to get at least 2 divided but still deciding on what to do. At the moment i only have Cherries but yellow, red, red rillis and blues. I'm not dipping my toes in CRS just yet as much as i want to the garage will just get too hot in summer in Canberra. With lighting my top 4 tanks will have the Up aqua pro led Z hanging from the roof. So all up it shall cost me a bit but i will do it slowly. So this is the shelving unit Any advice at all for planning and figuring out what i need would be a real help.
  7. greenhorn

    New kid on the block

    Gday all, thought I should introduce myself as I have been lurking for about a month now trying to get as much info as possible on my new little obsession - shrimp!! Thank you for all the knowledge shared on this site, it has definitely helped me get to grips on these awesome little animals. I have kept fish for about 10 years on and off, never been majorly serious with just a 3 foot community tank that originally held a skink for many years, one day I put some water in it and some fake plants and some random fish (a cichlid, some neons, a guppy, and an angel from memory - neons lasted about a week with the cichlid ) and through the years it evolved into having some real plants and a canister filter and some more appropriate tank mates. Then a couple of years ago my wife saw some cherry shrimp at the LFS and wanted to bring them home, I told her we better do a bit of research first before buying them as they will probably become dinner for the fish! Yep I was right, that didnt deter my wife though so with her birthday coming up I bought her a Fluval Ebi tank which had pretty much everything we needed to get started except the actual shrimp! After setting up and cycling it for a couple of weeks we went back and bought our first shrimp, 5 cherry shrimp came home and some java moss and an anubias on driftwood. After a couple of days watching their antics I got the bug as well haha theyre pretty cool critters!!! After a couple of months one of the females finally got berried and we had our first shrimplets!! Yippeee! All was going well for about 6 or 8 months and summer rolled along, we hadnt thought about it much at the time but 4-5 mid 30 degree days was enought to fry the poor shrimp into oblivion We kinda gave up for a while and let the tank sit in darkness for ages until about a month ago we had a great idea to build a bookshelf in the entranceway to our house and have 4-5 nano tanks on it as a bit of a feature. We rescaped the fluval and got some more cherries and had intentions of moving to something harder like CRS eventually in one of the other tanks. We had to get more tanks and my wife wanted to stick to the fluvals as they work and are pretty easy as you don't need to get much extra except livestock and plants. We went on the hunt to a few aquariums to see if they had any in stock, unfortunately we weren't having much luck until we spoke to the guys at subscape who mentioned that it is probably because fluval no longer produce them - bummer!! He said try looking online which we did and even then there wasn't a whole lot of local places that had them, a few had the "flora" version but none had the ebi. We decided to give the flora a go (same specs but instead of shrimp net and mineral supplements etc it has tweezers, a mini co2 set and some ferts) and try some carpeting plants for something different. We ordered 2 from AOA and found one on the other side of town in Glen Waverley. We also got some ADA Amazonia which is still cycling in one of the tanks, another one I used the fluval substrate which is up and running after a 2 week cycle and the last tank is still in the box awaiting the shelves to be completed. The shelves should hopefully be done in the next couple of weeks (waiting for some hardwood panels to be manufactured) but I will post that once completed as well. For now here are our tanks: The original tank: Cherries and CRS Some residents: Also have a dozen week old CRS shrimplets and another female berried so fingers crossed I can get them past the first month happy and healthy. Cherries still haven't bred yet. Tank 2: Still cycling and needs to grow in a bit... No livestock. Tank 3: Choc cherries, glass shrimp, ottos, chilli rasbora, clown killis. Little bit of an algae problem at the moment but got a couple of ottos today so hopefully that helps. Tank 4: Cycling at the moment but hopefully be a breeding tank once I get some moss in there. 2 footer with some leftover bits and pieces and rocks out of the garden lol Tank 5: My community tank Currently has neons, black widows, corys, ottos, peppermint bristlenose, glass shrimp, and a guppy. I'm eventually going to rescape this and use proper soil/co2 but for now it does the job.
  8. Shrimpscaper

    Shrimpscape Journal

    Decided to start a journal for the new tank I'm doing. Tank - 20L Nano Tank Substrate - Ocean Free Planting Soil Light - 12W LED 10 Hour Photo Period CO2 - DIY CO2, 2 BPS Fertilizer - Ocean Free Absolute Plant Fertilizer, Weekly Filter - 190 L/H HOB Filter Flora - Blyxa japonica, Eleocharis parvula, Staurogyne repens & Christmas Moss Planted on 27th November I haven't decided on whether to keep the co2 active after adding the shrimp.. But hopefully the plants will be rooted and growing well by then.. I'm planning on using this tank for Red Rilis..
  9. Hi all, As some of you know, my currently my set-up looks like this. With enormous amount of help and encouragement from my fiancee, we have now got the fishroom to this state. It feels awesome walking in there to play with water :o Amazingly for me things have not stop improving here! We are in the process of building a new house and getting a purpose build fishroom in it. The construction started just before Christmas last year. In this fishroom I wanted to have some of the things I wished I had or I had done in my current set-up. 1st Priority: Insulation I wanted to be able to keep the room warm in winter and cool in summer with minimal power consumption. Living in Canberra we get cold winters (nights especially) and a week or two of extreme heat every summer. We decided to build the the whole structure; house and fishroom, with a relatively new building material suggested to us by our builder. It is a thermal facade system called 'Exsulite' it is manufactured by Dulux. It is a system that uses foam, foil, airgaps and various boards. It provides a lot better thermal protection than regular bricks for example. Between this system and the gyprock regular insulation batts are fitted. The whole house including the fishroom and the garage has insulation batts on the ceiling as well. I also decided against a door that opens to outside and windows to minimize heat loss through these. 2nd Priority: Access to water I wanted to make sure I had all that I needed within the room in terms of access to water as well as getting rid of waste water. I decided to have a 42L laundry tub fitted into the room to provide all important 'cleaning' station. I no longer need to take over the laundry or worse the kitchen during certain maintenance of various fishkeeping related items. I have also got a separate tap installed next to the laundry tub to have my water reservoir line to be permanently connected to this tap. I won't need to connect and disconnect this line unnecessarily in the future. A center drain in the middle of the room was also a must. 3rd Priority: Access to power As with almost everybody that is in the aquarium hobby, I always found I needed more power points than what is available around the tank/tanks. This always inevitably leads to using of powerboards, but even with using quality ones there is always potential to overload or something to go wrong. As much as possible I wanted to avoid using power boards and double adapters in the fishroom, though I know resistance is futile and I might resort to these at some stage. To ensure I have access to power where I needed I decided to get 20 quad power points installed in the room! That is 80 power points!!! I had to show photos of my current set-up to the builder and the electrician when their eyebrows were raised when I requested this. They were wondering why I need this much power? :anonymous: I am getting the power points put in two lines; one over the other. One line is going to be connected to a wired timer. These power points are for the lights. The second line is ordinary points for various other equipment. The electrician have put another box and 3 circuits in this room alone! 4th Priority: Lighting and ventilation As already mentioned, will be lighting all my tanks relatively well by fishroom standards. I do not see the point of having a fishroom where you can't see the inhabitants of the tanks very well. Each row of tanks are to have LED lights fitted above them. I have recently been replacing my T8 fluoro units with these. I am finding this is saving me a lot of energy. As I have been known to leave smelly things in the fishroom; like a bucket of blackworms that have died, it was super important for my fiancee that the room can be easily ventilated! This was something I wanted anyway as the room has no windows and no access to outside aerating the room is not possible. We are getting a toilet/bathroom style exhaust fan installed in the room. Its a type of model that has flaps that close when not in operation providing no gap for heat loss. The room is getting two ceiling flouro lights as well, for the times I might walk into the room when the tank lights are off. That's about the progress so far. We are still couple of months away from completion.
  10. shrimpAquatics

    shrimpAquatics tanks

    Hi all, This is my tank setups at home, would love to get your thoughts and some feedback, advice etc as I am new to this. My questions would be for each tank and are as follows and I hope you guys could please advise me on: 1. What is the ideal temperature for my tanks? I currently have all tanks at 22-24'C, should they be different since I have different species? 2. What should the pH, Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrate numbers be for my tanks? (will do testing over the weekend and hopefully have some feedback to compare with) 3. What is the ideal TDS for my water, and would they differ as each tank has different species? (will do tests when my pen arrives) 4. What foods do you guys find works very well? I am currently using Sera pellets, Hikari algae wafers and mini pellets 5. How often do you guys clean your tanks? Do you guys vacuum or clean your filters/sponges, and percentages of water changes each time would be great 6. Any general tips on baby shrimp survival rate, I have many shrimp-lets on the way and wanted some advice on how to increase survival rates If you guys could advise me these questions for each tank that would be so much help, thanks guys! 130L running black pinto mischlings I believe(please ID and let me know if i am wrong) with a few that are berried!, I've found it hard to find food they like, they only eat Sera... 120L running RCS and CRS, colony is establishing and doing very well. 20L, currently testing out selective breeding (first time doing this) (have just put a berried red pinto mischling in) My apologies on the photo quality and shots, have not had much time and these were pictures taken about 2 months ago, I will get better photos posted in the next few weeks hopefully 130 L pics 120 L pics 20L Cheers guys!
  11. Time to redo my 4ft tank. I'm sticking to only 2 or 3 plants this time. Stone is going to come out and cholla/driftwood is going in. The fissden will go as well in the new scape. Current mess:
  12. keego

    My first rack

    I'm currently setting up 10 tanks I purchased second hand a couple of months ago. They are 900(L) x 450 (D) X 460(H), pre-drilled with 1 hole in the back. They were from a LFS that closed down and still in the original wrapping. I planning on dividing them into 3 segments. The hole is near the bottom of the tank, so I have decided to patch over the hole, never done before, but been researching how to do it. So on the weekend, I started on building a timber rack with designs from another forum & also to keep cost down, I can build with timber, but can’t weld, so timber was the obvious choice & cheap. The timber is 90 X45mm The tanks cost me $450 & the timber & fitting $165. Having recently read Squiggles journal, tanks look very similar ????. I planning on keeping a number of different cherries & see where it leads, very interest in some of the work of member of SFK of “line breedingâ€, don’t understand it, but looks interesting. I love a good challenge In a nutshell, I thinking of running sponge filters / air pump???, borrowing LED lights ideas similar to the ones Squiggle showed in his posting. Like all trying to keep cost down, but like other have stated, the right choices now will reduce ongoing maintenances & more time watching shrimp LOL. Next job is to patch hole. [ATTACH]5970[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]5971[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]5972[/ATTACH] Sorry couldn't rotate photos, will try again
  13. so i just think, it's the time to put 1 floating plant each tank and compare them later i focus on the nitrate and how easy is it to grow, how faster it multiply journal will be finish in 6 months and no stem plant, i hate stem, no offence guys
  14. Hi everyone! Have been lurking around for awhile now digesting the vast amount of information on the internet and trying to make sense of all the mumbo jumbo. I had setup a tank earlier this year with the same tank however due to unknown reasons the 50 cherry shrimp inhabitants started twitching and jerking as the tank reached the 2 week mark from the point where ammonia and nitrites were 0. I could only save the larger ones by putting them into a larger community tank (only has neon tetras, juvenile guppies and lots of plants) before the younger ones passed. The tank become quite cloudy 3-4 days before the incident I only can think of three things I have changed prior to the twitching. They were: Swapped the filter floss in the Ista mini canister (had no issue with the floss, have been using it in existing 2ft tank) Used a copper/bronze drill bit to widen the spray bar holes to lower the flow (Did give it quite a rinse before putting it back in the tank) I had rinsed old filter wool in the tank before to help kickstart the tank cycling but for some unknown reason I decided to do the same with the tank in hopes of clearing the cloudy water The tank had ADA Amazonia and ran off an ISTA 360L/H Canister Filter with everything else the same as below. If anyone has any experience or idea if above changes might have caused the deaths please let me know I still haven't really figured it out. I feel (3) did it T_T ANYWAYS onto the new tank. The specs are: Tank: Aquarel Shrimp Smart 30 Set (roughly 30L) Filter: Eheim 2213, Mr Aqua Large Sponge Intake cover and Ista Spray Bar Filter Media: Eheim Substat Pro, Eheim Biomechanical, Filter Floss Light: Aquarel Leddy Smart LED Light Substrate: Benibachi Fluvic Soil Heater: Aquaone 25w (26 Degree Celsius) Plants: Subwassertang moss, Monte Carlo, Java Moss, Frogbit and Duckweed Shrimp: Set up as CRS Tank Driftwood: Malaysian and Cholla Accessories: Benibachi Crimson Bee Balls, Tantora Almond Leaves and Alder Cones Addictives: Boss Booster, Benibachi Mineral Powder, BorneoWild Enlive, API Tap Water Conditioner and API Quickstart I'm a Canberran and from testing the tap water (after de-chlorinated) we have extremely soft water with GH: 2-5 and KH: 0-2. But I'm not sure if that is just my tap or the region in general, I have a buddy who just puts aged water into his shrimp tank and he's had no deaths with CRS, Mischlings, Cherries and Bluebolts. Curious to know if anyone has similar experience? Current Status: Still cycling nearing 2 weeks mark still have shocking ammonia levels but 3 cull shrimps and a juvenile guppy have survived and appear to be grazing now. Started using API Quickstart to help promote bacteria it seemed to work when setting up my 2ft. Pics: BorneoWild Enlive before adding substrate. Everyone knows this :p Boss Booster and Mineral Powder (Forgot pic). Approx 4cm Height. It be cloudy. Cholla Wood and Almond leaf took 2 days to sink. How it Currently Looks :) CRS courtesy of HeavyD that I've been trying to keep happy while the tank is cycling. They are currently in a breeder box in my 2ft tank that also has the surviving RCS (outside the breeder box) :p Any questions or advice would be greatly appreciated and welcome. I've only started picking up the shrimp hobby this year so still relatively new and has been quite learning experience. This Forum helps alot XD Cheers :)
  15. I am cycling a 55 gallon (208L) tank. It is divided into 3 sections using Poret foam. There is also a Poret foam corner filter acting as a pre-filter for the canister filter. I haven't seen a tank setup like this so I thought I would share my experiences with all of you :o). Here is the equipment I am using on the tank: 3" thick 30PPI Poret Foam Dividers 2" thick 45PPI Poret Foam Corner Filter CaribSea Flora Max Panted Aquarium substrate (inert) 48" Current Satellite+ Pro Light Aqueon 250W Heater Fluval 306 Canister Filter with Marine Pure media Tunze Osmolator Top Off System Pinpoint pH monitor The tank has been cycling for about 2 and a half weeks. I am using RO water with Shrimpy Daddy products and following the tank cycling procedure on his website. The Ammonia and Nitrite levels were 0 by the end of the second week. If everything continues to go well, I should be able to add shrimp in 2-3 weeks. My current plan is to have a neocaridina and tiger colony in each section. Snowballs with Super Tigers Yellow Cherries with Red Tigers PFRs with OEBTs Here are a few pictures of the tank's progress. This pictures shows the tank after I painted the back. These pics show the equipment being added. I used wire ties to hold the air lines in place. Here is the tank after SD's products were added. This one was taken right after the tank was filled. The corner filter has more than enough room to hide the canister intake, the heater and the pH probe. Added some teddy bear cholla wood. Here it is after I added a few plants. I will add a few more plants this week. I will post a picture afterwards. I would love to hear any comments or suggestions. Thanks.
  16. I thought I would share my experience setting up my first shrimp tank. My hope is that it may help other newbies as well as provide a tank history for those that are willing to help me with the problems that I undoubtedly will have. I have spent a lot of time reading threads here so hopefully there won’t be too many mis-steps. My plan is to establish a healthy colony of red rilis. Assuming I can manage that, I would then like to try a more difficult shrimp. I tried to setup a tank that would give me options down the road. My Tank Setup Tank: 20 Gallon High Substrate: ADA Amazonian Heater: Eheim 100W Heater HOB Filter: 2 x AquaClear 50 Filter Sponge Filter: Jardin Dual Lights: Current USA Satellite Freshwater LED Plus 24" Digital Thermometer: General Tools AQ150 Digital Aquarium Thermometer Day 0 12/28 I sprinkled Benibachi Mineral Powder and Bee Max over the bottom of the tank. I then carefully added the Aquasoil on top. Finally, I filled the tank with RO water. I ran the water into a cup that rested in a large petri dish so as the tank filled the substrate was disturbed as little as possible. Even with this precaution the tank was pretty cloudy. Day 1 12/29 The tank cleared up quite a bit by the next day. I checked the WPs and did an 90% water change using RO water with SS GH+ in it to raise the TDS to 160ppm. Water parameter before WC TDS: 58ppm Temp: 78.4°F GH: 2 KH: 0-1 Ammonia: 4.0ppm Nitrite: 0ppm Day 2 12/30 I forgot to plug the heater back in after yesterday’s WC so the tank got colder than it was supposed to. No harm done this early in the process. The digital thermometer I have has temp alarms so once I set it up, I should catch this type of problem if it happens again. I checked the WPs and added a few plant clippings from my 65G community tank. I did a 60% WC using RO water with SS GH+ in it to raise the TDS to 160ppm. Water parameter before WC TDS: 130ppm Temp: 69.4°F GH: 6 KH: 0-1 Ammonia: 4.0ppm Nitrite: 0ppm Day 3 12/31 I added a piece of spider wood as well as several pieces of cholla wood to the tank. They are slowly becoming water logged. Hopefully they will all sink by tomorrow. I received some mini pellia moss in the mail today. I placed some of it on a rock and some on a piece of cholla wood. I then wrapped them in fishing line. This is my first attempt with anything but java moss. Hopefully I will have some luck it and the other mosses I have on the way. I checked the WPs and did a 50% WC using RO water with SS GH+ in it to raise the TDS to 160ppm. Water parameter before WC TDS: 137ppm Temp: 77.7°F GH: 7 KH: 0-1 Ammonia: 2.0ppm Nitrite: 0ppm That's where the tank stands as of today. I should be getting some more moss in the mail Friday so I will probably post an update then. I would appreciate hearing any comments or suggestions you might have. Thanks.
  17. inverted

    3ft low tech tank

    After an impulse by on eBay 3 months ago I'm finally starting to make some progress with this new set up. So far I've just done a basic layout. Tank: 90cm x 36cm x 50cm Substrate: ADA Amazonia , 5mm gravel and pool filter sand Hardscape: river stones collected and wife's stolen ornament( some type of manzanita tree) Plants: Low light species. Java ferns, anubias, mosses maybe a few bucephalandra. Filter: tba I have a cycled worx canister I think I'll use Lighting: tba either a 3ft pro z led or makemyled. Livestock: tba I haven't decided yet but some caridina that I won't be selective breeding
  18. This tank has much more of a focus on the planted side of things, but it contains some Chameleon a Shrimp and hopefully soon it will have a group of DAS and maybe Darwin Red Nose Shrimp, just waiting for the weather to be a bit warmer for them to be posted. Here's the latest full tank shot: and a photo of it on startup, the substrate has since been changed and the rock work altered some. The plant list is currently: Ammania Senegalensis (just been trimmed and not visible as it is in the back right corner) Anubias Nana 'petite' Hemianthus Callitrichoides 'Cuba' (HC) Hydrocotyle Tripartita 'Japan' Hygrophila 'Araguaia' Java Fern 'Windelov' Java Moss Ludwigia Inclinata 'Cuba' Ludwigia Repens x Arcuata 'narrow leaf' Ludwigia Repens 'Rubin' Alternanthera Reineckii Mini Mini Pellia Persicaria Sp 'Sao Paulo' Pogostemon Helferi Pogostemon Stellatus (new addition and hasn't grown into visibility, back left corner) Rotala Colorata (just been trimmed and only barely visible back/middle) US Fissiden so quite an extensive plant list for a small tank like this, but I love the overgrown jungle look and like the challenge of growing so many different plants that all have different needs, trimming requirements and growth rates. at the moment there is about 10 Chameleon Shrimp in there, although I've started spotting Shrimplets in amongst the moss so hopefully there is a few more now. as for fish, there is a school of 6 Rummynose Tetras with a rescued Cardinal that tags along, a Neon Blue German Ram, 2 Siamese Algae Eaters and a couple of Bristlenoses. some livestock shots:
  19. GotCrabs

    Aqua One Horizon 50

    Aquarium: Aqua One Horizon 50 (50cm x 29cm x 29cm, 39l) Filter: Eheim 2213 Canister (3 Course Pads, 1 Fine Pad, 1 Carbon Pad) Light: Ista 60cm White LED (180 Bulbs) Heater: Aqua One 50w Glass Heater (22c) CO2: None Substrate: ADA Amazonia Soil Hardscape: Pisces Seiryu Stone (13) Flora: Hemianthus callitrichoides (6 Pots) Fauna: Crystal Red Shrimp (10) Water Treatment: API Tap Water Conditioner, API Bio Chem Zorb Fertilizer: AquaGreen Dinosaur Pee Aquascaping Tools: Paint Brush, Curved Scissor, Planting Tweezer Notes: Dry Start Method (DSM), 10 Hour Photo Period, Misted Twice Daily Substrate Depth Front: 3cm Substrate Depth Back: 8.5cm Planted On: 1st October 2015 Flooded On: Shrimp Added:
  20. My little rack consists of 3 600x300x200 tanks, for the moment I’m only going to be running cherry variants. I don’t have a chiller and the I don’t like my chances of getting one any time soon, the room there in isn’t the most stable for temp so I’m not taking chances with big $ shrimp ATM I might play with some a/s grade CRS later on when I’m happy with the system. the 3 tanks are filtered with a very basic sump that adds 1/3 extra water volume. I also have a big sponge filter in the occupied cell, I’m aiming to replace it with the stick on the side sponges soonish. I’m using fluval pre filter sponges to stop my babies going out the bulk head. ATM I only have yellows in the fare right and I’ll be getting some snow balls for the centre tank very soon, I’m still undecided what I’m going to get for the left tank. I’m thinking Carbon Rili atm I had a little break from shrimp since my move, but the yellows did better in their transition tank then they did in my scape . so I’ve taken that as a sign to not bother trying to breed shrimps in aqua scaped tanks and just put them in tanks designed for them. I’m not being fussy about cleaning the glass of algae, just keeping water quality tip top. trying not to put my hands in and just letting them do their thing.
  21. Guest

    Shrimp MANIA!!!

    So the Shrimp bug has got me bad! Started out wishing to get some shrimp again, after previously keeping RCS I was hoping to fill (the old tank)140l which we upgraded to a 450L Juwel Rio. Before I got the shrimp for the 140L I was already keen to start a 60L nano display tank inspired by the same tank on display at Aquotix Aquariums. After setting up the 140L to keep shrimp and finding them currently difficult to source in Perth WA I joined this forum. Thanks to Disciple who gifted me twenty or so of his Red Rili/Blue Gene culls the tank is not so empty. Infant no more, in less the a week i already have shrimplets, + three berried females. While this colony has begun to thrive my mind has been focussed on setting up the 60L. Thanks to Disciple and other forums members I have been eagerly researching and absorbing information about the best WP to keep shrimp as well as the different shrimp available and the conditions they require to live, thrive and multiply. I had planned the 60L tank as my display tank for the Rilis and the current 140L for the rili culls, a practice which I've only just become familiar to. However I now wish to keep the new tank with Snowball and Blue Tiger Shrimp and will sort out an alternative option for keeping my Rili culls when that opportunity finally comes :) (I'm really looking forward to having a healthy crop to weed out, so to speak!) I just really want to develop my current Rilis into a higher grade of Rilis, something i never got into when previously keeping RCS. Sooooo! a nano tank setup can be just expensive as a larger setup , but Im having a lot of fun preparing for the tank which I have ordered from Aquatix, the tank should be here in a fortnight, yeah!!! So far I have purchased the Benabachi powder as a substrate, a Sicce Space Eko external filter and a hydro 200w external heater. Now I require help with selecting the lighting. I am thinking to go with 2x Ista LED light as setup with the current Aquatix tank however I really am keen on the Fluvial LED which has been discontinued and awaiting a replacement/newer model, I can purchase the older model online but am hesitant to purchase something thats discontinued + the price comparison between the fluval and the ista is quite considerable. I wish to purchase whats going to be be the best for my future planted/shrimp tank in the future, also there is no rush in making a decision as Im currently happy spending my time with the Rilis's and our larger tank which I'm seriously considering purchasing a C02 setup for. As far as Aquascaping goes i have really been inspired by JacksonL's Journal to use a DSM with the new tank. I'd also like any advice on wood vs rock or a mixture of both when it comes to hard furnishing the tank. Substrate Im unsure If Benibachi with a laterite base is good or if I should use, benibachic alone with root tabs for the plants ore one of the ecoplant or sachem substrates as a base layer and the benibachi on top as i do wish for this to be a planted/shrip tank. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. This may be a boring first post but be assured to watch this space! Once I have the 60L tank Illl begin to post photos of the setup, and once the 140L Rili tank starts producing some more exiting produce Ill post picture of that to, opposed to a "one shrimp (rili cull) hanging out next to a berried chick in 140L of water". "its a deep tank for twenty semi mature shrimp" its like Wheres Wally when I first go in there. Thanks again to Disciple who not only took the time to reply to my posts on this forum but also offered to get me started with my first Rili family HUGE THANKS! Im sure after spending some time with you in person your shrimp keeping enthusiasm has fed and multiplied my current Shrimp MANIA! Thanks guys! Peace out, Astro
  22. isaacongwl

    My shrimp tank

    http://images.tapatalk-cdn.com/15/09/24/29565ae09f7ee70a8899b4d5df4140cf.jpg Their dinner time.[emoji1] Y is my image not uploaded in here?
  23. So, after much procrastination and time wasting, I am finally getting my rack together! Many Thanks to Jay, Marcus, Dean, Serkan for sharing their setups and how-to's. I am not handy and would not have known where to start without you guys. Jay, thanks for answering the multitude of questions, you are a legend. So this was the base I had to work with (mess warning) [ATTACH]6629[/ATTACH] I am not confident cutting glass, so had five 24x12x18 tanks made and drilled (lazy option) I have just silicone in the substrate divider/feeding area.(Thanks Jay & Dean) [ATTACH]6630[/ATTACH] Have many plumbing pieces to measure, cut & assemble (It's like lego for adults!!) [ATTACH]6631[/ATTACH]
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