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Found 3 results

  1. Gading of Caridina logemanni, Caridina mariae and Taiwan Bee Shrimp has been a hot topic recently on various groups and there hasn't been a consistent application of grading across these shrimp. There is a lot of hearsay but nothing documented anywhere. As a result, to ensure we maintain a consistent approach to grading here and on our Facebook group, I'm putting forward draft gradings for feedback from the SKF community. Grading TableGradeDescriptionExamplesHigh> 90% total body coverage of the identifying colour the shrimp looks crisp and perfect to the naked eye may still have some small imperfections under magnification. Medium70% - 90% total body coverage of the identifying colour the shrimp is not as crisp also has some slight imperfections in the overall appearance with the naked eye. Low35% - 70% total body coverage of the identifying colour the shrimp has the appearance of being patchy and imperfect the overall appearance with the naked eye is poor. CullThe shrimp has reached a point that it is barely recognisable as belonging to the intended group also genetic and physical deformities etc that mean the shrimp should be removed from the general population. Championship: The shrimp must appear perfect and under magnification show no imperfections or blemishes. The perfect example with full body coverage of colour and pattern for the given variant. If anyone has examples that we can use in the final grading information, please attach your watermarked images here. Also, should the quality of the offspring be representative (or better) of the parents grade?
  2. After some initial problems with my setup and a couple of losses of expensive Taiwan Bees, I have some baby shrimp to show for it all. These are probably from Mischling to Mischling crosses - I do have some male Taiwan bees in the tank again now, but have not gotten around to removing the male mischlings yet. I've read about blue eggs from Mischlings delivering Taiwan babies, but I can't comment on the egg colour personally. What I can say is the bluish colour of the babies is really obvious, when they're small at least. The black and the white areas are both tinted blue - I've attached some pics to illustrate. Sorry for the very poor quality - in some cases I was shooting through nearly 18" of water and nearly always on an angle to the front glass. My camera/lens combo doesn't cope well at all in those conditions. The shots are all heavily cropped too, which doesn't help either. Baby KK: Panda: Another KK: A couple of CBS types from the Mischlings - note the lack of blue compared to the others Another KK baby: and another Panda: There's quite a few of these little Taiwans, so now the fun should really begin for me. Of course I'm hoping to get away from Mischling based lines and start breeding Taiwans to each other, at which point I'll be looking to supplement my stock with more sourced from the legends of Aussie shrimp keeping here at SKF. Please, wish me luck on my journey!
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