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Found 2 results

  1. I recently acquired a couple of 3D moss ledges from @newbreed Aquatics (https://newbreedaquatics.com.au/planted-tanks/aquascaping-tools) with the thought of trialing them and organising my moss collection neatly. When I received them, I was impressed with the quality of the mesh and didn't want to use them for the 'common' moss like java, peacock, flame, etc. so I kept them aside and told myself to look for a 'worthy' moss for it when I get a chance. Fast forward to this week, I was fortunate enough to be offered some rare cameroon moss from a generous SKF member. That's right... you can see where this is leading to. The mesh is made of a thick plastic material and feels really sturdy, unlike typical stainless steel mesh which is flimsy and bends easily. This makes holding and working with it easy and comfortable, especially with my big clumsy fingers. The mesh can be detached from the suction cup by twisting it 90 degrees and pulling it out. This means the suction cup could be left on the glass if you want to only remove the mesh for trimming/propagating the moss. Perhaps this would prolong the lifespan of the suction cup. Only time will tell. The edge of the mesh has notches which makes tying the mesh extremely easy and neat. I really like it. I generally do not trust suction cups... e.g. heater suction cups, metacube suction cups, etc. and this is no exception. While the suction cup is of a typical size (wish it is larger), it is soft, supple and feels quality, unlike some hard rubbery suction cups that come with cheap heaters. The suction cup stuck on to the glass without any issue, and time will tell if it will hold up well. I am reserving my verdict for the suction cup at this stage. Overall, I am quite pleased with this moss ledge, especially how easy it is to hold, work with it, and tie it guided by those notches. Aesthetically, I would have preferred a white or transparent suction cup.  A suggestion perhaps is to sell replacement suction cups separately should they are required to be replaced, especially since the suction cup is designed to fit the rectangular groove of the mesh. A well thought out product, quality made and well priced.
  2. I took some inspiration from @Disciple 's tank and bought some moss ledges. I do not put any stainless steel in my tanks at all as I am concerned about chromium, nickel and manganese ions seeping out of it in a vat of freefloating ions that we call tanks...I found metal-free 3D-printed plant ledges at www.aquakitz.com.au for $4 each ( Elevate Shrimp brand). They come in a printed resin that does not smell of plastic at all and is stable in water. I am extremely impressed with the large, robust, super-grippy suction cups- I do not think I have ever come across better ones. Will highly recommend to anyone looking for moss ledges.
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