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Found 2 results

  1. Flynn002

    Divided tank

    I am doing an experiment with my cherry shrimp on temperature dependant sex determination and I need a divided tank obviously the tank won’t need to be too big as I am just housing 1 male and 1 female in each section. ideally, I am looking for a rectangular tank divided into 3 sections so that I can breed 3 pairs at once. The sections will need to share water as I only want to use 1 set of equipment. But if they’re sharing water, I am concerned that after breeding, shrimplets will be able to move into each section through the holes which would ruin my experiment. Does anybody know where I can get a divided tank suitable for my experiment that isn’t too costly or anything I could use as an alternative? Thanks
  2. So, after my spectacular fail to reduce my shrimp numbers at the last live auction (I sold 11 shrimp, bought 10 from @ineke , who very kindly sent 13: resulting in a +2 from my previous shrimp total PLUS a 2nd tank I'd had set up for breeding now stocked with the new shrimp), I thought I'd start a post to track my breeding efforts/mishaps of the new inhabitants in my little nano tank. So far, they've seemed pretty happy in their new home, no losses, plenty of sheds and at least two berried females. Then looking in earlier, I saw 2 tiny juvies as well, so everything is tickety-boo. I also realised why I've not been able to see the babies, they're a pretty similar colour to the substrate. Here is a (poorly shot) photo to demonstrate - adult at the bottom, baby is the blur on the glass in the middle near the top: So now I'm following on with my plan of breeding them with some of my blue bolts from my main Taitibee/Taibee colony. I'm just drip acclimatizing them now to be released later tonight. Will I succeed in my plans to breed blue Taitibees? With the blue bolts survive long enough in the new colony to add to the gene pool? Do I have any idea what I'm doing or is this just a random experiment with no real understanding of shrimp genetics? WHO CAN SAY? (Probably me in a few months - I'll keep you all updated)
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