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EOI: Filter Media

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One of our sponsors, @Filter Systems Australia are seeking an expression of interest regarding a range of filter media they are considering carrying. If interested post here. Current prices are as follows:

  • Mafian Stone: $15/Kg
  • Tourmaline: $25/Kg
  • Neg ion: $30/Kg
  • FAR : $25/Kg

But this will change (go lower) subject to demand and our SKF discount.

Neg ion.JPGFAR.JPGMafian Stone.JPGTourmaline.JPG

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Is there any info about the media?  Like perhaps the company's blurb about each.

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More info needed.

All these stones are used in the water filter industry to filter drinking water.

How does this benefit the Aquarium industry?

1.Maifan Stone Ceramic Ball

Increase plenty of  K,Ca,Mg,Si,Fe,Zn,Cu,Mo,Se,Mn,Sr,Ni,V,Li,Co,Cr,I,Ge,Ti,ect...   
Possibly a strong absorber of heavy metals as well.

2.Far infrared Ceramic Ball

Contain more than 10 kinds of minerals; 
Emits of far infrared rays* ;
Activation of animal & plant metabolism; 
Diminution of heavy metal;


3.Negative ion Ceramic Ball

Discharge high capacity of negative ion ( above 800/cc )   
Natural healing ability & increase immunity   
Emits of high far infrared radiations  

The stone will absorb as much of the good stuff as the bad stuff out of the water with out distinguishing between the two. 


4. Tourmaline ceramic ball

Tourmaline ceramic ball is mainly made of the natural nonmetal mineral tourmaline and Porcelain clay.

Said to eradiate more than 90% FIR (far infrared ray).Generates above 350p/cm³ anion. *

Make water alkaline (PH is 7-7.5), anti-bacteria and deodorization, release mineral micro nutrients. 


* one generates FIR (FAR InfraRed), the other eradicates FIR. ??? Don't know much about this.



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Good questions guys, I've asked FSA to come back to us. If suitable, would be good to get some reviews up here on the media.

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Filter Systems Australia
On 14/10/2016 at 10:27 AM, Kaylenna said:

Is there any info about the media?  Like perhaps the company's blurb about each.

Hi Guys,

Unfortunately I do not have as much information on the aquatics side of things for these media as we deal predominantly with drinking water. However we have conducted some market research and found that these products are used mainly for aquarium filtration in Australia. 

All of these filter media are used in some way for drinking water.

The Mafian stone and Tourmaline is the most used in aquarium filtration due to the minerals they add back to the water and also the heavy metal reduction ability

These products are not currently listed on our site but I am working on that today.

Please refer to the below link to view them when they are live, all information is sourced from the manufacturer.

UPDATE: Listings are active




Regards, Cody



Edited by Filter Systems Australia

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