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Found 9 results

  1. Damien Dyer

    Is zero KH affecting PH

    Hi I signed up awhile back but this is my first post so I hope I'm in the right section. I've been keeping crs/cbs for a couple of years now, starting with a dozen and now have approx 200. I have a large 200lt tank and use fluval stratum. My parameters have always been pretty steady, tds 130-150, ph 6.7-6.8, GH 3-4 and KH 1-2 and have had great sucess but over the last few months my KH is reading zero and the PH has gone from 6.8 to 5.9!! All shrimp are still doing well and no noticeable deaths but the ph drop is concerning. Is this directly related to zero KH? (No buffering) Any advice on the cause and any action that I should take would be very much appreciated. Thank you
  2. I have had a 20 gallon RCS tank for 3 years now. I have moss balls and some JAVA moss, drift wood, and mineral rocks. Only RCS in the tank and some soft shell snails I have in there I breed for my fresh water puffer fish in another tank,. My issue is that the shrimp live 1-2 years and they breed just fine but I never see babies. I see plenty of eggs but never babies. (Well 1 or 2 a month maybe but they disappear) The adults keep going just fine until they die off of old age or something else. I keep about 100 shrimp in the tank and have to replenish 50 every 6 months about. Water Temp I keep about neutral. PH- 7- 7.2 I use distilled water or sometimes Reverse Osmosis water because our tap water goes through a water softener which puts a LOT of salt in it which makes TDS very high so I try not to use tap water at all. I feed every 2 days with Azoo or other good food and not much. Its all gone by the time I feed again. I do add some powder food for the babies and a shrimp bacteria powder (just started that about 6 months ago but has not helped or hurt) Someone told me due to the distilled water my issue is LOW TDS. So I bought TWO different meters. I tested the distilled water and its about zero which is correct. I then tested my water and its about 700. I do top offs and just did a 20% water change last weekend with distilled water. So is that the issue? Should I pull out the mineral rocks? I am thinking tonight to take about 8 gallons of water and drain the tank down about 40% and then fill with the distilled water. I can repeat the process in a week and once I get the TDS under 150 I can add a little shrimp mineral to get it to the 200 range. The reason I am saying that is the TDS could be bad TDS and not the minerals they needs. I ordered some Salty Shrimp Mineral which I heard was good. Should I just give up? Jeff
  3. NoGi

    EOI: Filter Media

    One of our sponsors, @Filter Systems Australia are seeking an expression of interest regarding a range of filter media they are considering carrying. If interested post here. Current prices are as follows: Mafian Stone: $15/Kg Tourmaline: $25/Kg Neg ion: $30/Kg FAR : $25/Kg But this will change (go lower) subject to demand and our SKF discount.
  4. Hi All, In addition to the RO unit FSA generously donated to SKF for the Christmas comp, they are willing to offer a 5% discount on purchases for SKF members. You just need to place the order by phone and mention the discount. For online orders use the following code: SKF5. Any issues let me know. FSA are also very keen to get feedback on their products. I encourage any FSA product owners to write up a review here: http://skfaquatics.com/forum/articles/product-reviews/
  5. Source: http://www.fsahome.org/uploads/4/8/5/9/4859831/gt1-70_di_brochure.pdf
  6. Source: http://www.fsahome.org/uploads/4/8/5/9/4859831/gt1-70_di_brochure.pdf View full article
  7. Can anyone confirm if seiryu stones increase ph ? Tanks been running for about 2 months. Last fortnight ph has gone up to about 7.4 from 6.6. Added few IAL and still not lowering ph
  8. Filter Systems Australia

    Water Filtration Systems

    Hi everyone, Cody from FSA. Here at FSA we have been working on some new additions to our Aquarium Product range designed to produce a higher volume of Aquarium water at a much faster rate. As always we are looking to the experienced SKF members to work with us in designing new and improved systems to fit the requirements and desires of not only Shrimp keepers, but Aquarium owners in general. Filter Systems Australia is run by 'the go to man' in water filtration with over 30 years practical experience dealing with problem water scenarios and has lead the way to design and manufacture high quality, affordable filtration solutions for the retail customer. Unfortunately Shrimp keeping is not our strong point which is where all of the SKF members come into the picture. You all have the knowledge of what you want in your filtered water and its up to us to do our best to create a system that achieves the functionality you desire. So long story short, we are looking for suggestions on what you as a shrimp keeper require from a filtration system which can range from but not limited to: Auto Shut Off, Tap Timing to control Vol/Day, Custom Solutions and water production. We look forward to working with everyone as a community and producing some specially designed Shrimp Water filters in the near future. As always you can find the systems at the link below, and help is only a phone call or a quick email away. https://www.filtersystemsaustralia.com/store/index.php/reverse-osmosis-water-filter/aquarium-systems.html Cody - Sales And Tech Support Filter Systems Australia [email protected] 1300 888 008
  9. Hi all, I recently won the FSA RO unit through one of the competitions here on our forum and have promised to do a short write up/review of the product :) However, there is a bit of a delay as I had a bad start to the year health wise so have not felt like doing anything really haha. Feeling mostly better now so here is my short review of a fantastic product! :) Here is a link to the exact model I got from FSA: https://www.filtersystemsaustralia.com/store/index.php/reverse-osmosis-water-filter/aquarium-systems/aquarium-alkaline-drinking-water-combo-r-o-filter-system-di-resin-1-70dialk.html Firstly, I opted to go with the GT1-70DIALK which is the normal aquarium RO filter system but comes with an included attachment for drinking water because my family doesn't like the taste of the tap water so I figured two birds with one stone! No regrets so far. I'll start with the drinking water section, basically the water tastes much "fresher" than the tap water. PH comes out at 7 with a TDS of about 50 from memory (been a while since i set it up and tested, sorry), compared to 7.4ph and 80-100 TDS from the tap. I didn't do any further tests beyond this, and even those were just for fun really... Next up, the thing you actually care about! :D The aquarium RO section! My water to begin with is pretty good, however I wanted to have the ability to adjust pH easily and control TDS in different tanks. i.e. ~100-150TDS in my shrimp tanks, ~50-100 TDS in Dwarf Cichlid tanks, and so on. I will be doing this using Salty Shrimp GH+ minerals for now, but I do plan to use JayC's DIY re-mineralisation mix which he has posted up for us on the forum here. TDS coming out of the RO unit is always 0, with a ph of 7-7.2, gh/kh of 0 so easy to adjust up/down, etc. Airating the drum for a few hours brings the ph down to low 6, and if i drip the water through a handful of peat in a cup I can get the ph down to 5.8 while it fills up while the TDS remains < 5 with gh/kh of 0. I use the straight RO for the shrimp, and peat filtered for apistos. Both are remineralised to desired TDS using Salty Shrimp GH+. The FSA unit is quite easy to set up, and is literally plug and play which is fantastic as I was worried about set up especially since I live in a rental property so was not keen on messing with plumbing and so on. It comes with several attachments to connect to a tap, laundry tap, outdoor tap, etc. I keep mine in the laundry as this is where my breeding rack is. It was quite easy to set up, I had to use one of the adapters to get it to connect to my faucet in the laundry properly but this was not a problem. NOTE: There is a small bag which comes with an o ring or two (cant remember exactly) which needs to be inserted into the adapter prior to connecting to the tap. I did not see this initially and had water leaking through the connection, easy fix and my fault entirely for rushing setup (I was keen to get it going!). My tap in the laundry has a temp of approx 24 degrees most of the time (no hot water line in there) and I get approx 10L of good RO water per hour with a waste ratio of approx 1:1 or so last time i measured it (first 2-3 uses only). At the moment i just let the waste water run down the sink but I plan to hook it up to the washing machine or something eventually so it isn't wasting so much water. Haven't had the time/ability to work this out yet though. It is very easy to use and overall a great quality product, it is stable on its "feet" and so on. It sits on my washing machine which would move a fair bit when on, but it hasn't budged yet haha. (knock on wood i dont jynx myself now!). The taps in the above photo are set to release aquarium water but not drinking water, you cannot have both on at the same time (i assume this would cause issues as stated in the info booklet). When the blue tap is pointing in the direction of the tubing then that is the one that will release water. NOTE: One more thing that took me a bit of time and some questioning (and youtube watching) was getting the grey plug off... There is a small circle which you must press down with one finger (finger nail really) and then pull the plug out. It is quite easy once you know how to do it, before that was not quite easy to figure out having not used RO unit before! haha. I'll get a few photos of the process if anyone needs it! Also don't forget to let all the water run out of the tubing before putting the plug back in to prevent bacteria build up in the tubing. I have only one recommendation for FSA which is to add a little more info on the specs, etc on the website. At the moment it seems to be fairly generalised info between the different RO units which made it hard to figure out the exact details of the model, etc. Apart from that the unit is fantastic and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants one. They are well priced and do a great job. Thanks for reading and I hope you find the information useful! Sorry about the lack of photos but that really shows how easy it is to set up and use! @NoGi - Feel free to pass on my review link to the guys over at FSA :)
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