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Any successful Ellobiopsidae Treatments?


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Tried doing a search, came across people mentioning a cure, but did not see recommended guidelines. Just wondering if I might be missing any possible treatments?


So far, I've seen people use...

  1. Tank Blackout
  2. Salt Baths/Salted Aquarium
  3. Paraguard
  4. Malachite Green/Formalin Products (Ick Attack, Maracyn 2, JBL Fungol, Sera Mycopur..)
  5. EM Erythromycin (heard of it)
  6. Kordon Herbal Ich Attack
  7. Personalized Treatment Plan
  8. Herbal Treatments (heard of it)
  9. ???


I don't have any shrimp who are infected, so I'm not asking for myself. I did have one shrimp that had the infection and was quarantined. Never made it out of quarantine, unfortunately. Someone else has at least 12 infected shrimp and they are trying products by Fritz (Mardel) to attempt a cure.

The best treatment I've heard of is a combination of malachite green (copper) and formalin (formaldehyde), which is not recommended for inverts. Formaldehyde may no longer be available after this year (at least not on the shelves), so other treatment options would be great!

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I've moved this topic to the Shrimp Health & Care section, as it is appropriate to this topic.

There is some discussion this thread I am maintaining.

More detailed discussion in this thread...

Unfortunately, Geoff's shrimp were too far infected and didn't make it through treatment.


The only treatment that I know of that has worked is medication with Formalin & Malachite green combo.

Some off the shelf products with Formalin that also includes malachite green include

  • Fritz Mardel QuICK Cure is one such product.
  • Aquasonic has one too.
  • Kordon Rid Ick Plus also uses the same ingredients.

Not sure about #6 Kordon Herbal Ich Attack, as we can't get that readily in Aus, but the rest won't work.


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Thanks. I wasn't entirely sure the best place to put the thread.


I've seen both those threads that were mentioned, didn't find any information in it to add. I've come across much the same thing. Actually, thinking about it, I forgot to mention API Melafix and Pimafix. But, like you, the best success seems to come with the malachite green and formalin mix.

I don't know about Australia, but in the USA, products that contain formalin may no longer be on the shelves, thus making treatment that much more difficult. I'm hoping to find other treatments that don't require the use of formalin.


The black out method I've heard works best if done for a minimum of 2-3 weeks. Seems the best course of action, regardless of how it's treated, is to use a bare bottom tank with frequent water changes. The Kordon Herbal Ich Attack (does not contain malachite green, nor formalin), actually suggests not doing water changes until at least 3-4 days after the infection disappears... so that's treating the tank, daily, until it's gone. If the shrimp I was treating didn't die, I would have tried this product.


I'm not even sure if Aquasonic is available in the USA, but we do have plenty of products we can get.



I have some links to pages where treatment was successful using different methods, but I don't know if it's alright to post all the links, and I think some might end up getting blocked?

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20 minutes ago, Zoidburg said:

I have some links to pages where treatment was successful using different methods, but I don't know if it's alright to post all the links, and I think some might end up getting blocked?

Melafix and Pimafix don't work either, apparently.

I've not met anyone first hand that has cured it. Mostly, someone has heard of someone else type of stories.

If you send a PM to me with the links to those pages where people have documented successful treatment methods, it would be appreciated.

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  • 1 month later...

Someone had success curring his shrimp (from appearances so far) of this parasite. They used a hospital tote with paraguard, 1ml aquarium salt to liter of water and no light. They also fed some food made to help kill the parasite (made by a vendor who sells shrimp products, but the food itself is currently not for sale through the vendors site).

Started treatment around September 19th, didn't feed for at least 1 1/2 weeks, posted update on October 3rd of the disappearance of the parasite, but the shrimp is still in this hospital tank for at least another week to be sure it's gone.


Someone else swears by Potassium Permanganate as a 100% cure, stating that a University did a study, and it was part of a bigger study. Other people have also used PP to treat the parasite. I asked for references/info, person has refused to give any.

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