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Found 6 results

  1. Flynn002


    Hi, I am doing a project for my college course: How does temperature affect the number of fry a cherry shrimp produces? I have setup a small 18L nano tank and it’s currently cycling. When ready, I am planning on taking 1 male and 1 female cherry shrimp from my main shrimp tank and putting them in the new tank. and waiting until I see eggs. I will then remove the male and when the eggs have hatched, or when the babies are big enough to see, I will count them. I will then repeat this with different temperatures. it seems like it will all work in theory and I have 1 year to do this so time is not an issue. The only issue I see is that I’m unsure how Will I accurately count the fry? This is vital for my project and if anybody has ideas I would greatly appreciate it. cheers :)
  2. So the whole temperature dilemma in my tank has been driving me crazy and I don't know which reading to believe. I have: 1. ADA Thermometer 2. Up Aqua Digital 3. Cheap thermometer All give me different readings! How can I go about getting an accurate reading, 100%, so that I can calibrate my Eheim Jager heater correctly? Should I need to calibrate my heater?
  3. revolutionhope

    heat tolerant shrimps

    Greetings good folk of SKF, I'm interested to know what people's experiences are with keeping shrimps at higher than normal temperatures? My cherry cull tank had to endure temperatures between 28-35 for several days in a row this summer. All remaining berries were dropped at this time but some of them seem to be in good health still, while others have perished. There are a few batches of juvies in there at the moment and as they mature I am just curious whether the survivors were to breed again and then later generations were forced to survive the summer again and the process repeats over the course of a few years etc etc then to what degree might it be possible to breed a cherry shrimp at is "built for aussie conditions"? Keeping shrimp cool can be an expensive and/or hobby-killing exercise and in my opinion it would be a great thing for them to comfortably survive temps in the low 30s (or higher). I also know that the person i got my CRS from have told me that they had handled 28C safely at least for short periods. The ones that I got from him coped with several afternoons that reached 27 even briefly reaching 28 - and breeding didn't seem to be effected at all. Could anyone guess how much further the envelope may be pushed? love n peace will
  4. hey all, i'm just hoping to get some quick feedback/advice on what is the ideal temperature to keep bee shrimp aquariums to facilitate optimum health and frequency of bonking and baby survival :-) cheers :-) love n peace will
  5. revolutionhope

    Thermometer advice

    Hi all, as subject says - i want advice on what are good thermometers and where to get them please :-) the most important thing for me is to get an accurate room/ambient temperature thermometer (actually i want 2 - 1 for either end of my room. advice on a good "in tank" thermometer would be appreciated too but i am on a budget so this is less of a priority. thanks :-) love n peace will
  6. Matuva

    Water temperature

    Actually, it's pretty cold here. During the day, temperature is around 23°C, and drops down to 12-14°C during the night. In my tanks, temperature swings from 15 to 20°C A breeder told me I should not let my temperature swing that way, that I should use heaters to maintain a study temperature with a 1°C max swing. What do you think? I thought this should be a good thing to have this gap of several degrees between night and day, same as in nature? Am I wrong?
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