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Found 2 results

  1. Hello - I am firing up my planted aquarium and during the setup of my co2 regulator/solenoid I noticed a couple leaks that I am having troubles stopping. There was a very small leak at the connector from the needle valve to the solenoid. I unthreaded and cleaned it up but upon reconnecting leak is still there (worse actually). My question is how do you seal these connection? I hear teflon tape is not a good idea as it can cause some internal issues if small pieces break of. Since this connection is past the regulator maybe less of an issue but still. Is this an ideal application for teflon tape? or is there some other method? (edit, this is pic from the web. My reg is a JBS but connections are the same) Thx, Merlin
  2. Josho

    Leaking CO2 Regulator

    Today I just got my CO2 tank refilled at my LFS and at the end the guy told me 'not to loose this' and handed me an o-ring and says it was on my tank when I gave it to him. I got home and placed the O-ring around the nipple on the regulator and screwed on the tank. Immediately I could hear a loud hiss and could feel the gas leaking around the connection. I tried to tighten the connection but no go. I then tried to pull get the o-ring out (I thinking that it may had been installed upside down or the wrong location) but it won't come out of it's recess. From the gauge it shows that it can only hold just under 500psi. Having not really noticed this o-ring before and cannot find any manuals online, is the o-ring the problem and how do I get a replacement (or even get it out)? Note: Regulator is an Ista Twin Mini Gauge Vertical CO2 Controller (with Solenoid) http://www.istaproducts.com/product/co2-controller-mini-gauge-vertical/
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