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Found 2 results

  1. Hey Guys, I'm hoping someone will be able to help me out. I am a first-time shrimp owner. Four days ago I came home to find that one of my poor ghost shrimp ladies has this weird blue/white moldy looking coloration on her head, primarily on her rostum. She is otherwise still moving around, eating normally, and not hiding. I've done some internet sleuthing (I was leaning towards possible vorticella or bacterial infection), but haven't yet found anything that fits the description and was hoping someone may have run into this before. Link to pictures Tank: - 5 gallon, long. Fully cycled, 2.5 months old - Houses 4 ghost shrimp (all female), 1 betta, and approx 9 baby shrimp in a breeding net. - Filter (sponge) + Heater. Shrimp have been in the tank with no problem for about a month Water Params (as of November 8, 2020) - PH 8.2 - Amm: 0-0.25 - NI: 0 - NA: 5 ppm - Temp: 78 Treatment so far: Day 1: 50% WC, and dosed 6ml of 3% hydrogen peroxide (with filter removed). Day 2: Did the same hydrogen treatment, with no change in the shrimp. Day 3: Removed all of the plants from tank and dosed 4.5tbsp aquarium salt, with plans to do a PWC later in the week to slowly phase out the salt. Day 4: 60 second salt dip (ratio of 1tbsp/cup) for all my shrimp and the above hydrogen peroxide treatment. I fear that whatever the white-ness is has spread to at least one other shrimp due to a noticeable color change in her legs and pleopods Anyone have any idea what this is? I'm not sure if I should quarantine the sick shrimp or just treat the whole tank at this point, as I'm not sure if it's contagious. Thank you in advance!
  2. Over last a couple months I have been frustrated over unknown cause of death - CRS, panda even toughie - cherry. Prior that unwilling to breed (now I have few pregnant maybe it's spring?) plus also unknown death too. I cannot understand as my WP is always spot on and I even use shrimpydaddy's products - totally can't understand. WP always maintain as suggested parameters and I feed them once every 2 days. I just dissect a pregnant CRS, took her eggs out and tried to revive by pointed the air pump outlet as suggested somewhere in this forum (or in other forum - can't remember where I read before) I thought maybe bacterial infection? I was thinking to purchase a UV (eheim) and Genchem immuno (to boost immunity despite I already have Glasgarten glucan) as my very last attempt. I suppose after this very last attempt if my unknown cause of death still persists - I might want to wind up this shrimp hobbying. Only give me heartache so far when scoop out the dead ones and burn a big hole in my pocket. Guys, do you reckon I should grab Eheim UV? Or other recommended brands? I cannot afford to purchase the high end UV (more than $500 one) Any input are welcome though
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