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Found 6 results

  1. TL;DR - I had a shrimp become paralysed and die with no obvious red flags and stable water parameters. I found about 10 hydra and would like to know if I can treat with LCA Planaria Fix without harming my shrimp, particularly my berried shrimp and new shrimplets. Hi everyone, First, let me say thanks to everyone for all the info on this site, especially Jayc and sdITBfanUK for your many years of patient advice, you've already helped me more than you know! I am a new blue cherry shrimp keeper and everything had been going pretty great for me shrimp-wise. I have a 41L/9 imp
  2. Hi everyone, I have a bit of a problem (i think...) I seem to have added freshwater hydra into my tank somehow and have noticed massive population increase at the same time as I have had blue dreams, tb, pinto and crs mischlings all release babies. For a bit of perspective, the tank is only about 3 months old but was started with mature substrate and filter media so I could cycle it more quickly as I had to get my shrimp in there asap. I am new to keeping all of the variants in this tank but have kept an RCS colony for 3-4 years so wanted to try new things in a shrimp only tank. So my que
  3. Peeps who keep riffles, do you find they prey a lot on shrimplets from other species? I'm thinking they'd eat larval-form babies that float into their fan-hands, but wondering, do they hunt around for non-larval shrimplets? I'm trying to decide whether to continue keeping them in their own dedicated tank or whether they can find a home with my yellow cherry tank, which is currently very understocked. I keep them out of my dedicated native tank because I don't want all the larval paratya to be eaten. I think they'd look quite nice together with the yellow cherries, but I'm leaning towards that
  4. That's a question I'm always wondering about: do the typus hatch juveniles like Neo, or do they release larvaes (Zoe) which would need brakish water to develop?
  5. Thinking of using organic Chlorella powder to feed new born shrimplets. The powder is very very fine and would defiantly be manageable for the littlest of shrimp. My only concern is that it will foul the water faster then my current baby food, Biozyme so care would be needed not to over feed. Thoughts?
  6. Disciple

    Shrimplet Care

    I just found my first set of shrimplets and it is very exciting (just after my son had his 3rd birthday) My question is what is the process from here? I have been feeding once every two days but have been rotating between pea's, shrimp snow, fish flakes and algae wafers. Thanks in advance. Man i thought I was staring at my tank too much before I think I'll be up all night straining away now.
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