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Found 3 results

  1. Zebra

    Good algae.

    Hello, just wanted to show another food source I grow for my shrimp and snails. Algae. Just how it looks, a plastic tub filled that gets lots of direct sun, I usually fill it with old water from my planted tanks to help the process. Its a bit full ATM lol but there's a second tub underneath for extra strength. I just grab a small pinch and put it straight in my shrimp tanks, they all go nuts for it. Alternatively you could remove excess water then dehydrate it on baking paper to make a dry feed. An hour or 2 later:
  2. Hello, so I was going to put this in diy but figured anyone can make food so its not really a diy, the more important aspect I guess I want to share or discuss is the nutrition side of things. Heres my diy shrimp/ fish food, Especially great for getting meds into your beloved critters. I in no way copied instructions on how to do this so I'm taking aaaaalll the creds lol. "Narcasist" What you'll need: (buy organic where possible but doesn't really matter) A blender(or preferably stick blender) Baking paper An oven and fan(preferably a dehydrator if you or nana has one) Garlic (preferably fresh-not minced) Nori Seaweed sheets for sushi Spirulina powder dry yeast(preferably nutritional yeast) Soybean husk(shrimp snow) Boiled sweet potatoe First blend up all your dry ingedients one by one into a course power. Then blend your garlic with a little bit of water, before adding it to your dry ingedients. Mix everything together well and add enough water to reach a "wet toothepaste" consistancy. Keep track of the quantities you've added and write them down for next time. Preheat your oven to about 160c and place a large room fan in front of you oven with the door open just slightly, your oven is now a ghetto dyhydrator lol Spread your mix out on a sheet of baking paper. Place another sheet on top and use a rolling pin to flatten it right out. The thinner you make it the faster and better it dries- this needs to be fully 100 percent "cracker" dry as it is high in protein and will foul very fast if not dried properly- drying temps we use come close to pasteurisation temps so it is actually quite a sterile way to make clean food that won't go bad fast. Once it's dry enough- (You will be able to easily peel away the top sheet of baking paper without much sticking.) Start breaking it up into smaller pieces so it dries more efficiently. When it's fully "cracker dry" and crumbles between your fingers it's done, this takes only 1-2 hours and can be done without having to check it if you use a proper dehydrator. (Great investment if you plant to do this often.) Store in air type bags to reduce moisture and oxygen exposure. First introduction to my RCS: (the tanks a mess right now "shame" 10min later.... gone. Haha they showed massive interest so have all my Bettas. Hope you guys like it.
  3. zn30


    I have been feeding my shrimp, Shrimp Sticks from the Tropical range, since I have been keeping shrimp they love them the CRS swim away with the sticks to feed on them in peace. This link will take you straight to the information for Shrimp Sticks. http://www.tropical.pl/en/products/aquarium/foods/premium-line/bottom-feeders-foods/shrimp-sticks/ The link is self explanatory. I feed my fish a variety of foods from this range, my fish are healthier than they ever have been after using this product for the last three years. Have a look at the link and browse all foods available for your own needs. I am lucky enough to get mine from a LFS that keep the prices affordable for this brand of foods.
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