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Found 4 results

  1. Green shrimp I looked at one of my green Neocaridina under the microscope, and I'm trying to determine if all green shrimp are like this... or just mine. Any insight from other green or jade shrimp keepers?
  2. OzShrimp

    Green algae

    Just wondering what people do to deal with their green algae? Scraped the front of my tank clean yesterday and one side. I attempted to scrape it off the back but it was so freakin hard i ended up giving up lol I am attributing it to running 2lights instead of 1 so cut back to 1 (unconfirmed). Slowly need to start cleaning it up though as my tank will be packed up in 4 1/2 months. Anyone know of any shrimp safe stuff to use other then bit of elbow grease!
  3. KeenShrimp

    Green body Orange Rili

    I have just noticed while feeding that one of my female Orange Rilis have a lime-green body. I have some with light blue bodies as well among the colony. Does this happen often, or is it something special? She is saddled at the moment. Do I breed her with a regular orange Rili or a blue body one to see if I can get more green ones? Anybody out there with green body orange rilis?
  4. rui kid

    Are these green?

    Hi, I was offered these shrimps as being green shrimps (Caridina Babaulti). They are not what I was expecting, since they look very diferent from some that I had before. My problem is that I wanted to join them with red cherrys and I'm afraid that they might crosbreed. Can someone please help me ID this species?
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