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Found 4 results

  1. So my new project: Breeding some chameleon shrimp in order to get some first hand experience before I write another "Ultimate Guide to...." Also another great excuse to get another tank in the house, and to buy a new tank! Bonus. So this tank is not a biotope as such as I really want to set up a hard scape tank and utilise some interesting pieces that I've had lying around. In particular I plan on including some Melanoides sp. snails. But more on that later. So first up, the tank. After using an Aquamanta Xanti 40 for a setup in the past http://shrimpkeepersforum.com/forum/index.php/topic/5827-aquarium-xanti-40-by-aquamanta/ and it would have been my first choice, but there wasn't enough space. So I went with the Xanti 40's smaller size, the Xanti 26. Luckily I had some store credit and got an extra discount for reasons you'll see below, but the Xanti 26 usually costs around $120. So why was the tank discounted.... Somebody screwed up. Thats right, the base is completely misaligned. Luckily it was an easy fix as the base it held on by what is essentially double sided tape. Then like the 40, remove the garish stickers. Test the LED, and its ready to go.
  2. That's a question I'm always wondering about: do the typus hatch juveniles like Neo, or do they release larvaes (Zoe) which would need brakish water to develop?
  3. Time to post up some of the pictures from my recent trip to Cairns with Northboy aka Bob. Once again massive thanks to Bob and Linda for putting me up for the extended weekend. I flew into Cairns at around 8.15am and by 9am we were at our first location sampling some typus and longirostris. When we got there, we were quite worried that there might not be enough water (or shrimp). Our worries were not justified though. Some habitat shots The typus were found in their greatest numbers hanging onto the white roots of the surrounding trees that grew down into the water. And here it is Unfortunately I wasn't able to get good pictures of the variation in colour of these shrimp. We were also able to find lots of longirostris. Below is a small sample after about 15 mins of netting. And here is why you need to keep a lid on your buckets. Typus and longirostris are very good climbers! Also found this little guy. Further upstream Through the culvert was a moss wall And after grabbing some moss samples, we headed off to the next spot in Cairns. And the result of this trip - a shot of my typus in my tank at home today.
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