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Found 3 results

  1. GotCrabs

    Stem Plant Suggestions

    I bought two large glass bowls today at the local cheap store, I'd say about almost 20l each, am looking to put a small layer of ADA Amazonia in the bottom of each and plant some stem plants and have them grow and eventually grow out the top of the bowls. I'm after some nice suggestions of stem plants to consider for these two bowls, some of the stem plants I will also use in making a Wabu Kusa as well. At the moment I am thinking of the following stem plants: Limnophila repens 'mini', Alternanthera reineckii 'mini', Hemianthus glomeratus, Ludwigia arcuata x repens, Persicaria sp. Sao Paulo, Rotala colorata, I am also looking at using Hydrocotyle tripartita 'Japan', Hemianthus callitrichoides. Any opinions on these plants for a planted bowl? Any other stem plants I could also consider? Cheers all.
  2. GotCrabs

    Thoughts & Suggestions

    OK, started playing with a Iwagumi scape earlier, not sold on this, kind of happy with it, but not quite sure. What ya think?
  3. GotCrabs

    Plant Suggestions

    OK, so I'm looking to do a hair grass carpet in a small Aqua One Horizon 35 tank, I'm looking to add 1 plant and 1 plant only to the tank, I'm going for a minimalistic look, so wondering which plant I should look at, thoughts are Alternanthera reineckii 'Mini', Crypt Wendtii, any other plants I should look at? Also looking to kick this off as a DSM tank, so the plant must be able to be grown emersed.
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