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Should I put baby shrimp in breeding box

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Hi, I’ve got a 55 litre tank with some guppies, cardinal tetras, panda and peppered cories, amano shrimp and cherry shrimp (oh and a few unintentional snails). I’ve just discovered that there are maybe 10 tiny cherry shrimp (less than 2mm) underneath a piece of wood in the tank. Will they survive with the other species in the tank or should I put them in a breeding box at the top of the tank (I already have one) to stop them becoming fish food! Never had anything breed in the tank so far, so not sure what’s best.

Thanks, Chris 

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5 hours ago, Chris0zx6r said:

cardinal tetras, panda and peppered cories

They will be fish food unfortunately, if discovered by these fish.

Do what you can to help them survive. Separating them into a breeder box is probably a good idea, but there will be no biofilm for them to graze on in the breeder box ( I assume it has not been in the tank long enough to grow biofilm).


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    • Dashrimp
      By Dashrimp
      Hi all. I'm a newbie. I'm keeping a 90 litre tank with cherry shrimp and daphnia together. I'm feeding them spirulina and commercial shrimp food.
       Does anyone know what else I should be feeding them? Anyone else have this mix of tankmates?
    • YoloDaBolo
      By YoloDaBolo
      PLZ HELP 🙂 
    • BID
      By BID
      I found today the smallest of my 6 shrimp dead and can't figure out why and am hoping for help. They seemed generally less active in the last week or two, and I have noticed that they fan their belly flaps quite a lot (though none of my shrimp are berried, at least I am pretty sure, the eggs always seem pretty obvious on photos). Is it maybe too little oxygen? 
      The dead shrimp appears completely normal to me, and I found it lying on its side in the middle of the tank, still flapping it's belly fins. I put it in a glass with tank water where aber about 15minutes it stopped moving completely, even if prodded. 
      It shouldn't be a shedding issue, as I think this shrimp has shed about 4 days ago. It's the smallest of the 6 (almost half the size of my biggest) so I figured it must be juvenile and it shouldn't be age.
      I do have some worms in there that I can't seem to get rid of, but I'm quite sure none of them are planaria. Seems to be some sort of white flat worm that usually sticks to the glass and very thin hair like ones that float around. 
      All my cherry shrimp are solid red, so I can't see if they have bacterial infection. There always seems to be one of two that are paler/mottled but as they shed I think it's that? I have a hard time keeping them apart tbh
      I did a 50% water change and removed most of the floating plants in case there wasn't enough aeration.
      My goal with making this post is to maybe find out what might have killed it/how to avoid further deaths. I'm happy for any advice!
      This is my first aquarium, just as a disclaimer, so I'm gonna list...everything, not that I oversaw sth stupid.
      I got 6 cherry shrimp and 5 MTS(that have made about two dozen babies by now) approx. 5 weeks ago. The tank had been set up and running w/ plants and filter 4 weeks before that.
      It's ~25L, running a sponge filter with air pump, have some java fern and moss, wood, flourite black sand, and dwarf grass(?) and a lot of tiny floating plants on top. The light sold with the aquarium (very bright) and a desk lamp (less bright) that I use sporadically.
      They get fed JBL 'Nano Prawn' pellets (which they don't seem to be fond of) and sometimes blanched spinach/peas/lettuce (which they will fight eachother for). Would they starve themselves for not getting the beloved spinach&peas???
      Measured half an hour ago upon finding the dead shrimp:
      PH: 7.2  
      Ammonia: 0
      Nitrite: 0
      Nitrate: ~5 (now probably 2.5 as I just did a 50% water change)
      Temp: 22-24C
      I do use dechlorinator (tetra tap safe).
      I currently don't have a gh/kh test but it's on the shopping list. They have a small piece (2x2cm) of cuttle bone permanently floating around the tank, as Glasgow water is supposedly soft and between snails and shrimp i figured they'd need it.
      It has been stable like this for at least 3 weeks now, before that, week 1-2 of having the shrimp, the ph was a little lower and small amounts of ammonia/nitrite.
      From what I read this should all be fine? 
    • sky99
      By sky99
      Hello everyone!
      I bought some pintos, and i did put them with my other bees (some panda, some king kong, some blue bolts).
      However, i can't seem to find if pintos do breed true (in that case, should i separate them? or will those mix with the others
      to make cool new paterns, colors, etc?)
      I have a hard time figuring what bee breed true if any.
      I've read that bee are a mutation of CRS/CBS, but do they produce  similar offsprings or is it more random as an interaction of
      multiple genes?
      Thanks in advance for the help!
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    • Steensj2004
      I really want one now, lol. I’ve looked at pictures and I want one!😂   Side note, but related, I joint an all shrimp group on FaceBook. The shrimp these people are breeding are breathtaking. 
    • sdlTBfanUK
      Don't worry about Crystal browns as they are so rare you are unlikely to get one, but if you do you won't want to cull it or give it away (just treasure it, I would), that would be madness.................. (scroll down for picture)! Simon
    • Steensj2004
      Thanks. I’m not too concerned, if I get some browns, I’ll cull them into the cull tank. My buddy has a 75 gallon he wants to stock up with anything I don’t want, so the culls have a permanent home. I’m not looking to develop a super straight or pure line anyway, I just like the shrimps. Besides, I already have both in the tank😂 Top off is done with pure RODI, this is something I learned from salt tanks. Thanks for the advice, but I assume it has to do with feeding ETC since I’ve been using pure water for top offs. Ah, I gotcha. Thanks for the response. I’ve really noticed the creep increasing since I’ve started dosing the Shrimp Fit. While it isn’t a lot, it’s more than when I was dosing just BacterAE. Previously I saw less of an increase. My main concern was how it may affect the shrimp.     With the mix of CBS/CRS, what ratio of browns might I end up with? Will they have similar patterns to other crystals, but with the colored portion being brown? I actually don’t hate that.... Based on my reading, the brown should be somewhat the odd one out, correct? And if I’m not mistaken, somewhat of a generational dependent mutation. 2-3 generations in or so?
    • javierhnb
      Really? Why bb x red panda? Have YOU got good results? I AM surprised Enviado desde mi iPhone utilizando Tapatalk
    • kms
      I finally setup my chiller, although it's ok, I find the temperature display a little messed up (not sure if its the controller or the chiller, I have a temperature gun on order to get a more accurate reading), when compared with my temperature controller, the figures are off, even when adjusting them, sometime it's 0.1c, 0.2c, 0.3c, 0.4c faster or slower, some times its the same, but either way, it's consider accurate, and reaches the same figures at the end with 25c kicks off and 26c kicks on. May be I should use the same sensor/probe then it could be more accurate, the temperature controller used a metal end sensor, whiles the Hailea used a plastic. it takes about 8 minutes from 26C to 25C. it takes about  49 minutes after the chiller reaches 25C to 26C. But the weather is a lot better than a few months ago.
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