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egg colors


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Hey guys, just had a question on egg coloring. I have two fem. red cherry, but one w/ yellow eggs, the other w/ darker eggs, what  would the difference be? Thinking it may have bred w/ another type of shrimp, (is that possible to change the egg color?).

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    • Crabby
      By Crabby
      Okay, so the title pretty much says it all... One of my berried tts just moulted, and she left the eggs in the moult. What happened, and why? 
      I'm going to try to save the eggs with some sort of extraction, and I'll be very careful. She was pretty far along. I think I'll use the net over bubbler method. Does anyone have experience with this, and particularly the extraction? I won't do anything until I have some idea to go off. 
      Thanks in advance.
      Oh and the moult is under like 2 hours old. Wasn't there when I started watching a movie, was there when I checked back after.
      Going off this video: 
      Hoping the process will be similar. 
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      An up close look at neocaridina at 10x under the microscope.  
    • Dimos
      By Dimos
      Hi folks,
      I recently got new shrimp from SoShrimp and I noticed some small blue little balls hanging from the moss included with the new shrimp. The color matches the blue velvets I got... I thought eggs grow in mother's belly and then once they are shrimplets they get out. How does it work?
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