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    • Crabby
      By Crabby
      Hey everyone,
      I was recently (meaning today) given the opportunity to set up a breeding tank for some native inverts (or some harder to breed fish I guess, but I want to go for shrimp) in a fishroom I help out in. I've been trying to decide what native shrimp I want to try breeding, but then I remembered that it's not as simple as exotics. Can I get some input from the 'experts' (@Grubs, @NoGi, @Baccus, @fishmosy, @jayc of course, I know most of you aren't very active anymore, but I would appreciate your help if you see this message) on what native invert you guys think is easiest to breed (for a semi-noob who hasn't kept natives before). I can set it up as brackish I think, we have an archer fish tank there and are setting up a saltwater as well so should have access to those tools and materials.  
    • YoloDaBolo
      By YoloDaBolo
      PLZ HELP 🙂 
    • sky99
      By sky99
      Hello everyone!
      I bought some pintos, and i did put them with my other bees (some panda, some king kong, some blue bolts).
      However, i can't seem to find if pintos do breed true (in that case, should i separate them? or will those mix with the others
      to make cool new paterns, colors, etc?)
      I have a hard time figuring what bee breed true if any.
      I've read that bee are a mutation of CRS/CBS, but do they produce  similar offsprings or is it more random as an interaction of
      multiple genes?
      Thanks in advance for the help!
    • Chris0zx6r
      By Chris0zx6r
      Hi, I’ve got a 55 litre tank with some guppies, cardinal tetras, panda and peppered cories, amano shrimp and cherry shrimp (oh and a few unintentional snails). I’ve just discovered that there are maybe 10 tiny cherry shrimp (less than 2mm) underneath a piece of wood in the tank. Will they survive with the other species in the tank or should I put them in a breeding box at the top of the tank (I already have one) to stop them becoming fish food! Never had anything breed in the tank so far, so not sure what’s best.
      Thanks, Chris 
    • edishrimp
      By edishrimp
      Hey guys!
      I've had my CRS for close to a month now (bought about 20 juvies and adults on 30th June) and they seem to be really happy and healthy in their tank with the painted fire reds. So far the PFRs have been berrying and breeding like crazy but I've yet to see any berried CRS 😕
      Tank Parameters:
      Size: 14 Gallon Long Ammonia , Nitrite 0ppm Nitrate 20ppm pH 6.3 dKH 2 dGH 7 TDS 170 Temp 23-25c Diet: Bacter AE (1 scoop once a week-mainly for the PFR babies), Bornoewild Frenzy (once a week), Indian Almond leaves and aldercones for when they get the late night hunger pangs 😄
      So my question would be, do my CRS require some additional protein in their diet? I've been told breeding is quite a energy intensive activity for shrimp. And if so, would feeding some frozen blood-worms help to supplement this? 
      Thanks for reading!!
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    • jayc
      If you purchased Salty Shrimp GH+, that is a premixed mineraliser. That means the manufacturer has premixed Calcium sulphate and Magnesium sulphate together at a ratio of around 4:1. If you want more control over the Ca:Mg ratio or if you want to make GH/KH+ you can purchase these ingredients and mix your own.  I have a sticky post in Water Parameters, if you are ever curious of making your own remineraliser.   If you want a bit more control over the parameters you get from Salty Shrimp ... mix it into a plastic water bottle. Fill 1/4 or 1/3 of the bottle with SS GH+ and add RO water. Dissolve the SS GH+ and drip only as much as you need from the bottle for each water change.
    • jayc
      It is normal glass unless specified. I have one of these too, and they are perfect for shrimps.
    • Able
      Like making the mixture from the powder?
    • sdlTBfanUK
      I will try and answer this as best I can............ The commercial GH+ or GH/KH+ powder is made to create a set level of parameters and minerals that suit the shrimps requirements perfectly, to help them stay healthy and moult etc! Using RO water it will produce a certain preset ratio of TDS/GH/KH/PH, dependant on which product you use. Think of it as if making a cake, you need certain ingredients and the right proportions of each ingredient for it to work well, too much (or too little) of something means it won't work properly? Some people prefer to make their own mixture of minerals rather than buy the commercial products! Hope this helps you understand? Simon
    • Able
      What do you mean by a premixed Mineralizer?
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